LA Update & Back Home

So I was in LA for a while and I didn’t update because I didn’t really have access to the internet. Most of the time I was staying with my friend Abella Danger and she just moved and didn’t have internet yet. I did get over to my brother’s house to do some work but didn’t have time to update. So now that I am back home I am just gonna give you a quick recap and let’s just move on with life.

Day 1 in LA I shot this girl Eden Sin that I met in Vegas and a make up artist I met through Bryan Gozzling named Alondra. I shot Eden in public near Echo Park lake and we caused some big traffic jam of people taking photos of her which was kinda great. Alondra I shot at her place which wasn’t quite as exciting but she played Misfits records while we shot which was rad. I didn’t really shoot much digital of either girl because I was primarily working on my Instaxxx book but I got a few shots.

Day 2 I shot my friend Kyle for the Instaxxx book. I shot some 35mm too but no digital at all. That was the day I spent some time at my brother’s house working and I didn’t have anything else set up until I Tweeted about a canceled shoot and a total stranger named Whitney Wright hit me up on Twitter and we took some awesome shots of her climbing a fence completely naked except for these insane pink high heels. I didn’t shoot any digital but I got some GREAT stuff for my book. Thanks Twitter!

Day 3 I shot Lily Lane and again I didn’t shoot any digital. Then I finally checked into a hotel but didn’t get much work done anyway. I had this idea to just invite everyone over to my hotel and see if I could shoot like 6 girls at once. Alondra and Eden and Kyle showed up again as did my friend Alex and I shot some more stuff for my book. It was pretty cool.

Day 4 was my final day in LA. I randomly found out my friend Selina was in town and she wanted to get naked near a palm tree so we drove around Hollywood trying not to get arrested. Not sure we got anything good but maybe the 35mm film I shot will come out. I will find out tomorrow. After that Selina and I went over to shoot Missy Martinez. Selina jumped into some shots and I actually shot a full set of Missy which was great since I didn’t really shoot any other digital stuff while I was in LA. Missy rules and signed a bunch of Instax to give away for my Kickstarter.

After that I drove back to Vegas where Bobbi Dylan let me crash with her for the night. I got in late and had an early flight home but we took a handful of 35mm pictures because I needed to kill a roll. Really awesome of Bobbi for letting me crash with her given that we didn’t really know each other before this trip. Thanks Bobbi!

And that’s it. I flew back to NYC and got sick for two days. Finally feeling better and got to update. Check the main page for all the stuff from Vegas going up tomorrow. And we out…

Missy Martinez


Eden Sin

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Vegas Update #2

I’ve been to LA for a day and a half but just gonna give you these Vegas updates because I meant to post this two days ago and didn’t have any time to finish it/Wifi until now.

First of all I shot the AVN Awards and a ton of my friends won and it was awesome. I posted like 50 photos on Twitter so you can just look at this post and read all the replies to see a ton of photos from the AVNs. Check out the rest on the LA Weekly.

I am not posting any photos from the AEE right now because I wouldn’t even know where to begin but the LA Weekly has a gallery of that as well. I will get to that stuff myself when I get back home a week too late. Sorry.

Now for the fun part… the girls I got to take photos of while I was in Vegas…

Since the last update I got to take photos of some fairly attractive humans. I shot Blair Williams who was sick but I brought her DayQuil and shot her in her hotel room taking medicine, eating food and getting her make up done. Fun BTS stuff with a super babe. She also happened to have a really hot make up artist/best friend.

I finally got some one on one time with Keisha Grey who I am sort of obsessed with. She goes from super adorable to super sexy in an instant and she fucking climbed out of her window onto the wall of the hotel several floors up. It was amazing and then she just took a bath and we took photos and we watched Billy Maddison until she had to go to a party.

Saturday I got to shoot Moth who is an unreasonable babe. She was staying with my bff Lucy Everleigh and two other girls and they managed to destroy their room in a way that was formerly only reserved for British rockstars so of course I shot her in their room. Oh, and speaking of Lucy, her and I and our friend Hunny all got terrible $10 tattoos on Sunday.

After my shoot from Moth I met up with another super cute cam girl named Holly Beth. I took Holly’s photo at AVN last year and this year I got to shoot real photos of her. We didn’t have a place to shoot but I ran into Hunny (see previous paragraph) and Hunny said we could shoot in her room if her roommates didn’t mind. They didn’t so we went up stairs and on the way ran into two other cam girls and they wanted to be in photos so I shot some solo stuff with Holly and then more stuff with all four of them. And then the roommates showed back up and I finally shot six cam girls together. It was pretty magical.

Sadly during the shoot my Instax camera broke so I sort of didn’t shoot anyone else after that. I did get a few shots of my friend Charlotte Sartre cause we were hanging after the AVN Awards but we didn’t shoot much.

Anyway, I left for LA and I will update you on that shit later, until then here’s some highlights…

Blair Williams


Keisha Grey

Holly Beth

My Free Cam Girls


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Vegas Update #1

Day one and two of my trip to Vegas are in the books and I feel like I have taken a million photos and not sure I like any of them because that’s just how I roll. I have been mostly focused on my assignments for LA Weekly, Mass Appeal and Vice and of course taking photos for my book so I have only really done one full set of babe photos.

I shot a few digital photos of Abigail Mac, Stefanie Joy, and Melissa Moore but I was mostly focused on my other work that aside from one or two pictures the digital stuff is fairly useless. I did a quick set with Bobbi Dylan in a stairwell but we didn’t wanna get caught so it was really fast and then last night as I was leaving to head back to my hotel I shot a few photos of Ramona Flour in the parking garage. All this stuff will probably end up in a Girls of AVN 2016 gallery pretty soon.

The one shoot I did for real was of Jillian Janson. I actually shot her for the Showtime AVN broadcast. I guess they put in little features between the awards and apparently I am going to be in one of them. We shot in this amazing penthouse suite and then went on the roof and finally snuck into a kitchen where we immediately got caught. I took 300 photos so there’s gotta be one good one.

So while I was updating this my friend Taurus just showed up and we took some photos in my hotel room so I guess I will add that to this update too! Not sure if there’s a full set in there either but we got some nice stuff. She’s so fucking pretty.

I should also mention that my Instaxxx photo book Kickstarter hit $11,000 today which is fucking insane and Abigail Mac and Jillian Janson signed some Instax for the Kickstarter so if you haven’t donated or want to raise your pledge you can get one of the signed outtakes. Wow that was a long sentence.

Anyway, I am headed back to the AEE and I am sure I will have plenty of that stuff for you soon.

Jillian Janson

Abigail Mac

Bobbi Dylan

Ramona Flour

Taurus Angel

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Headed Back To Vegas

Leaving for Vegas right now. AVN Awards madness starts today (well it probably started yesterday but I am late). I am shooting stuff for a few clients which pays for the trip but I am mostly in town to work on my Instaxxx book. I can’t tell you how many wild photos I have taken in Vegas and with every porn star in the world in one hotel it’s pretty easy to get some decent shots.

Since I am not actually there yet I can’t give you any new content yet but here’s a few Instax I have shot the last few years during AVN week.

I will be back soon but in the mean time go buy a copy of my book Instaxxx! All of these photos will probably be in it!

Bonnie Rotten & Malice McMunn

Keisha Grey & Abella Danger


Asphyxia Noir & Skin Diamond

Babes In A Bed


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Back Home!

After three weeks on the road I am back in NYC and should be for the rest of 2016. I got a lot of stuff coming including the launch of my Polaroid book Kickstarter, new merch, shows from my punk band and some other stuff I am excited about.

Head back to the main page for new updates including the AVN Pre-Party photos that I am uploading as we speak. I kinda totally forgot about them.

Now let’s move on to what I have been up to since I left LA.

My first stop was DC for Thanksgiving. I was only there for two days so I didn’t have time to do much but hang out with family. My dad’s Cowboys beat the local R*dskins and I got to hang out with my parents weird but lovable dog Mac (see below). I also got to go see a Washington Capitals game with a few members of the NYC Caps Crew. The Caps won and Alexander Ovechkin had a hat trick so that was awesome. With the Dolphins wins I saw in LA and San Diego that made me 3-0 for the trip which brings me to Miami…

I headed down to Miami on Friday for a thing called “Web Weekend”. I run the NYC Dolphins fan club, Dolfans NYC and we were up for a few awards at Web Weekend and we came away with the Community Award and the Social Networking award. The community award means a lot to us and we made a donation to the Miami Dolphins Foundation while we were there and made the announcement that Dolfans NYC has filed paperwork to become a non-profit group.

We got to meet some Dolphins players including one of my favorite players Jarvis Landry (see bel0w) and we did a tour of the training facilities and the newly renovated Hard Rock Stadium. It was all pretty cool even though this is my 13th Web Weekend! The Dolphins won which makes my road trip record 4-0. I am seeing the Caps and Dolphins in NY this month so hopefully I can go 6-0 on the year.

Anyway, that’s enough of all that. Let’s get back to normal. See you guys on the main page with new updates later today and later this week!


NYC Caps Crew

Jarvis Landry

Web Weekend

Hard Rock Stadium

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LA Part 2

In a few hours I am gonna be leaving LA for DC and a few days with the family for thanksgiving. I figured I would update you guys on the last few days and give you a few photos before I skip town. Since I left you last I have done a handful of pretty good shoots AND I got to see the Dolphins beat the Rams in one of the worst and best games I have ever seen. The first 55 minutes were terrible and it was raining and miserable and the Dolphins were down by 10. And then suddenly the rain stopped for a few minutes and the Dolphins scored 14 in 4 minutes and won the damn game. It was glorious.

Anyway, you wanna see some babes. Let’s get to that…

I was watching hockey the other day at my brother’s place when Ivy Aura decided she wanted to hang out. I met her in Portland in June and she was in LA making adult movies but had the day off so she came by. We didn’t do a full shoot or anything but I did shoot a few photos of her on the wall with the projector I was watching hockey on. We played one of her Porn Hub videos on the wall and I shot her in front of it. It was kinda funny.

The next morning I went and shot this girl Kasey Warner who has this adorable place not to far from my brother’s and we shot in her back yard. Like everyone in LA she has an adorable dog and we did a few photos with it. The dog hated me at first but we bonded and I spent like 30 minutes just petting her dog after the shoot. It was great.

Later that same day I went to shoot Dahlia Sky. I am kinda a huge fan of Dahlia’s existence and we had never done an 1 on 1 shoot before. We finally had a chance and it was sadly too dark in her place and I had to use a flash which I hate but I think we got some good stuff anyway. Honestly Dahlia is fucking amazing so it doesn’t really matter how good my photography is.

The next day was the Dolphins game and then I went and hung out with Abella Danger who I kinda feel like is my little sister because all we do is talk shit to each other whenever we hang out but it’s fun anyway and I occasionally take photos of her butt. Wait, scratch that sister thing.

Today I went out to Santa Monica and shot Jillian Janson under the boardwalk and on the pier. Most of the pictures are safe for work but we shot some naked ones quickly too and Jillian is so fucking hot it’s kinda irrelevant if she’s wearing clothes or not. You are gonna really dig the photos.

That brings me to right now. I had plans tonight but they got canceled so instead of hanging with babes for one last night I am updating my website which is probably for the best anyway. Besides I need to repack after two weeks on the road.

Now go look at some photos…

Jillian Janson

Ivy Aura

Kasey Warner

Dahlia Sky

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LA Part 1

I have been in LA all week and I have shot a bunch of babes and a ton of instant film for my new book and it’s been a pretty good time. Last night I went to the AVN Nomination party and shot that for the LA Weekly, but more on that later. I have four more days in LA and a few more shoots planned so hopefully Part 2 of my LA Road Trip blog will be as filled with babes.

Let’s do a quick run down of the shoots…

I shot Riley Nixon with her dog Pig. She’s a fantastic model and her dog is my new best friend now. You are gonna dig these photos.

I shot Daisy Ducati in my rental car. I got this huge SUV for some reason even though I wanted a compact so I figured I should shoot it. Glad I shot in it right away because on Wednesday I opened my car door and a woman drove right into it.

I shot Cassidy Klein and Melissa Moore in this shitty hotel room I was staying in for a couple days. The light was hideous but I took a bunch of good flash stuff using film but I shot almost no digital so you won’t be seeing a set of this but probably a bunch on my Tumblr.

I shot Heather Vahn at the place she rents in Beverly Hills when she’s in LA. I really like these photos. Heather is a great model but we have never done a proper shoot before. It’s always just been us taking random shots in her hotel room. Glad we did a proper shoot.

Lastly I shot Joseline Kelly at my friend Dave’s house and unfortunately I got stuck in horrible traffic so by the time I got there we had lost all the light and then Joseline got way too stoned. I got some decent photos and some really good Polaroid stuff but I feel like her and I can do much better at some point.

But yeah, so far so good and hopefully I got a bunch more to shoot so keep checking back!

Riley Nixon & Pig

Daisy Ducati

Melissa Moore & Cassidy Klein

Heather Vahn

Joseline Kelly

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Goodbye Mother Road, Hello LA

I am a week into a three week trip got a late start to the Road Trip Blog because I had actual updates to get to and then an election happened and maybe I didn’t feel like blogging a whole bunch. Anyway, let’s give you guys an update into my life.

As I mentioned on the main page I ate a giant steak and I won a god damn t-shirt and a free steak in Amarillo, TX. It was heroic. From there I continued across the country along as much of Route 66 (aka The Mother Road) as possible. My friend Alex was with me and we stayed in the Wig Wam Motel which was fucking insane and we went to the greatest town on earth Oatman, AZ where we had wild burros try to get into Alex’s car. One of them turned her car’s lights on with it’s mouth. That was delightful.

We finally made it to LA Saturday morning and I went straight to LAX Airport to rent a car and then drove to San Diego. I hung out with my friend’s Brian Street Team and Lucy and their two insane dogs. Sunday we went to see the Chargers vs Miami Dolphins game which was pretty much my reason for taking this trip in the first place and the Dolphins won and I was jubilant.

Today I finally drove back to LA and had lunch with my friends Will and Dave who do a terrifying cartoon on Adult Swim called Mr. Pickles and then I had dinner with my friend Evan who hooked me up with tickets to the Dolphins vs Rams game because he is a fucking hero even though he can’t go.

After that I took it easy at my hotel, wrote this post and plotted three photo shoots for today. Will any of them happen? Who knows. LA is the worst. But hopefully next update will be filled with tons of photos of babes, but until then enjoy a few photos from my trip so far…

Igor Vs Big Texan

Wig Wam Motel



Losing My Mind

Mr. Pickles

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Day three of the Juggalos was pretty productive. Most of the day was spent following professional wrestler and viral video sensation Jeff Hardy around for a profile the LA Weekly. We followed him from his hotel room to the Gathering and took shots of him getting ready for his headlining fight at Juggalo Championship  Wrestling’s yearly event Bloodymania. It was a lot of fun since he was one of my favorite wrestlers as a kid and I found out he’s only a couple years older than me. Apparently he started wrestling on TV at age 16.

But before we met up with Jeff I also got to shoot part of WolfPac’s annual juggalo fight club. I saw two matches, the first of which was fairly brutal (see face below). The winner of the day goes on to fight the previous champion Nebraska Warrior who I have spent a few years documenting for different outlets. I hope to catch that championship fight today. I haven’t seen Nebraska yet and I kinda love that guy.

Yesterday was also a fairly nudity filled one. I got to do a proper photo shoot with Sydney Krey, one of the Busey Beauties I met last year. She is such a babe and we shot behind some toilets which is a pretty classic Driven By Boredom vibe I think. I also randomly stumbled into one of the tents last night where they were apparently having a foam party but it was mostly just some naked girls on stage. Good times.

Oh, I should also mention that the wrestling event Bloody Mania was kinda amazing. One of the longest tenured JCW wrestlers (and one of Violent J’s best friends) Rude Boy announced that he was diagnosed with dementia from wrestling head injuries and had to retire. It was heartbreaking and I did not expect to be tearing up at a juggalo wrestling event. Violent J also wrestled for the first time in 8 years. He gained a ton of weight and lost all of it since last year. He did a moonsault off the top rope and was honestly impressive. More on all this later in a separate post so only the wrestling nerds have to read it, but for now links to my coverage in other outlets.

Oh, wait. Did I mention I saw fucking Slick Rick?!

And now 5 random photos…

Jeff Hardy


Juggalo Fight Club

Violent J  @ Bloody Mania

Sydney Krey

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I got down to the Gathering pretty late yesterday. One of the writers I am with from the LA Weekly decided to make his own juggalo toy out of a Big Boy bank he bought at breakfast and it became a whole thing. I actually built a fake website for the toy today and he actually sold it at the Gathering. Incredibly stupid but it might make for a pretty good article (that I will post once it’s up).

When I got there a documentary filmmaker doing something on juggalos convinced me to do an interview and by the time that was over I only had an hour or so of good light. I still got some pretty decent shots before Gwar went on. Gwar did some insane political show where they murdered Obama, Trump and Hillary and sprayed a lot of pink blood on everyone. Good times. Violent J of ICP also preformed his solo album Wizard of the Hood with the help of Shaggy and Twiztid and a bunch of dwarves. Real weird.

Late night I shot some wrasslin’ because the LA Weekly is doing a story about wrestling at the Gathering. There will be a lot more of that tonight. Unfortunately I am kinda terrible at shooting wrestling and didn’t bring a long lens so all of that stuff will probably be horrible, but I am sure I will get enough decent shots for the article.

Very last thing we did was head to the Busey Beauties party which was a fucking insane but pretty much everything they do is nuts so yeah.

This is an incredibly boring update but I am unreasonably exhausted and I still have two more days of this. I am pretty sure I am going to die soon.

Here’s some of my LA Weekly coverage posted since yesterday:

And now here are five random photos from the day…Gathering Of The Juggalos

Wizard Of The Hood

Gathering Of The Juggalos

Gwar @ Gathering Of The Juggalos

Gathering Of The Juggalos


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Gathering Of The Juggalos Day 1

Yesterday was fucking exhausting but I managed to take 700 photos and didn’t at all die which is a success no matter how you look at it. I have no idea how I am going to make it through four days of this with four or five clients but I gotta make a living somehow and it’s better than a real job right?

I didn’t get to see much music yesterday because I was mostly out shooting juggalos but I got to see Rittz and Tech N9ne. Tech is always fucking amazing and he plays every year so I always make sure to pay attention to his set. Today Gwar is playing which should be cool but over all there isn’t a ton of music this year I am excited about.

Mike Busey and his Busey Beauties are back and I hung out with them a bit last night but didn’t shoot a ton of photos. Will make up for that today since everyone seems to fucking love those shots. I did shoot a bunch of naked juggalettes which everyone also seems to love so there should be bunch of weird nudity this year if that’s important to you.

Here’s some links from my LA Weekly coverage so far:

And now here’s some random photos for you to look at…

Gathering Of The Juggalos Day 1

Gathering Of The Juggalos Day 1

Gathering Of The Juggalos Day 1

Gathering Of The Juggalos Day 1

Tech N9ne



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Juggalos Start Today…

Today I am going to  jump on a plane to Columbus, Ohio and then drive another hour to Heath, Ohio where my hotel is and then finally drive another 25 minutes to get to Thornville, Ohio home of the Gathering of the Juggalos. This will be my 7th straight trip to the most insane music festival on the planet and while I tell myself every year that this is my last year, I keep coming back.

If you do a Google Image search for “juggalo” I have taken nearly half the photos on there. Seriously, it’s wild. I have taken every juggalo photo I ever need to take, but somehow the Gathering keeps calling me back. Part of it is that I am one of the only photographers who will go to this thing so I can pick up a bunch of clients really easily and make a bunch of money for the same amount of work. Another part is that juggalos kinda make the internet explode so it’s pretty good for my social networks and hits and shit like that I have to care about. But I also go cause it’s actually a lot of fun. It’s completely lawless, totally fucking mental and there’s always a few rad bands that play.

So yeah, get excited for this shit. I know I am. In the mean time, I gotta give you some content….

Back in 2013 I shot a “Girls of the Gathering of the Juggalos” feature for Hustler Magazine. Well I took so many fucking photos for them and the article was only 8 pages or something. I meant to post those photos many years ago but I just never did for some reason. So today when I was trying to find something to post I ran into like 7 unpublished sets shot at the Gathering including a pretty amazing set of Pepper Kester and this really fun shoot I did with a girl named Kinky Carnival on actual carnival rides! She was with this band Wolfpac that goes to the Gathering every year and I shot a bunch of their girls for the Hustler article. This one was my favorite though.

So here are three free NSFW photos and I put the full set on Girls of Driven By Boredom. Eventually I am going to do a big dump of all these photos from 2013 but keep the sets as Girls of DBB exclusives. That seems like a good way not to overload my site with juggalos but also give my paying fans some weird bonus content and get all these photos up finally.

So go to Girls of Driven By Boredom for this pretty large set of Kinky Carnival photos and then come back here for hopefully daily 2016 Gathering of the Juggalos updates. By the way if you don’t already follow my Snapchat you probably should for this one…

Kinky Carnival

Kinky Carnival

Kinky Carnival

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Road Tripping With Lucy Everleigh

So yeah I am actually back in Brooklyn and my epic 15 day road trip is over and I barely updated the Road Trip blog. Sorry about that but I probably averaged about 5 hours of sleep at night and the rest of my time was spent sleeping, eating and taking photos of naked babes. Not a lot of time (or quality wifi) to update stuff.

I just wanted to give you a quick wrap up of the last week and a few photos before we head back over to the main blog.

After dropping off April O’Neil in San Francisco I headed straight to SFO airport and picked up Lucy Everleigh. We headed up to Portland where we met up with my friend Chelsea and she helped us sneak some nudes in a oddly populated rose garden. It was raining and the middle of the day, I am not sure why it was so crowded but we managed a few shots.

The next day we met up with a couple of babes for breakfast and made plans to shoot Amanda Pemberton AKA Apneatic. Luckily for us the breakfast babes (Ivy Aura and Artemis Moon) wanted to come shoot with us and we all got naked in a forest and by we all I mean them. Later Lucy, Amana and Amanda’s boyfriend all went to an hourly rate hot tub because we are fucking creepy.

After that Lucy and I drove up to Seattle and got food with my friend Steak aka Rachael Finley who made this feminist juggalette documentary for Broadly that I have photos in (and am also in if you look carefully). We checked out Seattle for a bit but I didn’t see a single fish and then I drove to a hotel in the suburbs to shoot Lucy, Romance and our friend Hunny. We then ate a bunch of crabs and had a weird hotel party.

From there I went and hung out with my favorite human Kimberly Kane and one of my favorite people to shoot Lily LaBeau. I helped them shoot some custom video for someone which might technically finally make me a pornographer and then we went hiking (driving mostly) on Mt. Rainier. It was pretty rad and I took some lovely photos of Lily which aren’t in this update but you will probably get to see them soon.

I met up with Lucy again the next day and we drove back to Portland and got matching bath tub tattoos (we share a love for warm water and poor tattoo choices) and then got the fuck back to San Francisco where I dropped Lucy off before heading to meet up with my friend January Seraph for dinner and a movie like some sort of normal human who hadn’t just spent two weeks on the road. The Lobster was worth seeing.

I finally left the west coast and after a nightmarish travel experience I ended up in bed back in Brooklyn. The end. Enjoy a few photos of Lucy and assorted babes. Much more soon!

Lucy Everleigh

Portland Babes

Lucy Everleigh & Apneatic

Lucy Everleigh

Seattle Babes

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  1. Nico Phillips
    July 3rd, 2016 | 8:03 am

    Just when I thought pleasure was dead. . . 🙂

    Greetings from Taos, Sir Nate Igor Smith. Been more than a little while. 🙂

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On The Road With April O’Neil

I realize I am way behind on my road trip updates but better late than never. Since we last left I spent another day or two in LA and shot some random photos of Aiden Ashley, Draven Star and Abella Danger. All of them were shot with my on camera flash so I am not psyched about them enough to post them right this second but you will see some of em sooner or later.

So on Monday I took off towards San Francisco with April O’Neil. We took the Pacific Coast Highway and had a blast and took tons of photos on rocks and cliffs and fun stuff like that. We ended up in San Louis Obisbo, CA at the famous Madonna Inn and ate cake and went swimming and took photos in our pioneer themed room. I honestly can’t wait to find a reason to go back.

The next day we went to Santa Cruz and played pinball and hung out with a giant dead whale statue. Then we finally made it to San Francisco and played even more pinball. April is so into pinball that I have a pinball related injury now. We eventually got locked out of the place we were staying and April picked the lock because she is my hero.

The next morning April and I split up and I headed to the airport to pick up Lucy Everleigh. I have spent the last few days hanging out with Lucy and am currently in Seattle but I will post more about that shit later…

Until then here’s a few photos of April.

April O'Neil

April O'Neil

April O'Neil

April O'Neil

April O'Neil


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Three Days In LA

So I finally had a chance to look at some of the photos I have shot so far and do a quick update. I have been so fucking busy in LA between photos of babes, pool parties, exciting trips to the hospital and hanging out with my family. It’s been a fun and productive trip so far.

Day one I got to shoot Samantha Rone pretty much straight from the airport. Then I met up with Abella Danger who let me crash at her place and we went to visit my friend Frog aka Dances With White Girls in the hospital. Some drunk asshole hit him with a car while he was waiting for a fucking Uber. He seemed in good spirits and Abella and I brought him food and her butt so it was a good time.

Oddly enough I haven’t really taken any good digital photos of Abella while I have been in town but I have shot a bunch of random 35mm snap shots so hopefully I will get something good out of that.

On day two I spent most of it with Riley Reid. I have wanted to shoot her forever and we took a million photos and most of them were fucking awesome. I shot her at her place getting ready and then we shot in this terrifying tunnel we found and then on a bridge where she caused a traffic jam. Seriously I am not even joking about that. And then after that we shot in the trunk of my rental car which was one of my most liked Instagram photos of all time.

After that I went to dinner with my family and then met up with Abella at my homie Carter Cruise’s spot. I didn’t take many photos there but I did take a couple of Abella and a babe named Blair Williams. The best digital shot is one of her texting (seen below) but we did take a couple polaroids and some 35mm shots too.

Yesterday I went to a mini pool party at Bryan Gozzling’s house. I shot a pretty fun set of Lil Brown Eyes in and around the pool. It was a lot of fun, made for some good photos AND she cooked us some delicious food. So yeah, awesome. After the party I ate with my family again and then shot Belle Noire for a second in her hotel room before she had to bounce. The light sucked and we only shot for a minute but there might be a few decent photos in there somewhere.

Today I don’t have much going on but I am going to a Dodgers game for some weird reason and then later I hopefully am gonna shoot another babe or two. Who knows? One more day in LA tomorrow but I am spending it with my family again for Father’s Day. But my road trip starts for real on Monday so there should be a ton of good shit coming!

Samantha Rone

Riley Reid

Blair WIlliams

Belle Noire

Lil Brown Eyes


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Headed Out West

So tomorrow, as I mentioned on the main page, I am headed to LA for a mini family vacation that is going to turn into a lot of road tripping and photographing and fun times and all of that. My parents are visiting my brother in LA and they wanted me to hang out with them for my birthday and Father’s Day and stuff so I turned their plane ticket into a road trip and thanks to my friends over at Wood Rocket (NSFW!) I am actually gonna make a little money while I am traveling.

After I leave LA next Monday I am gonna be heading to San Francisco and shooting photos along the way but I won’t mention of who yet. Gotta keep some stuff a surprise. I am gonna be in the Bay Area for a couple days before picking up Lucy Everleigh and we will be headed north until we get to Portland or decide to murder each other after 15 hours in a car. From there we are hitting Seattle and then I am gonna to Tacoma for some unexplained reason. From there perhaps head up to Vancouver? Who knows?

Eventually I gotta get back to San Francisco where I booked my flight home. For some reason it was actually cheaper to drop my rental car off in SF and it saves me a few hours of driving so I’m not complaining.

Anyway, it should be a fun trip and I will hopefully posting a lot of fun stuff along the way. Check back soon!

Road Trip

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Oh Right, SXSW…

So I have done a terrible job of updating this while in Austin for SXSW. Don’t blame me. I have been busy making money so that I can pay my rent and continue photographing fun stuff that you want to look at. This is life.

So SXSW is over and I am headed home at 6am tomorrow. Since I last left you guys I shot two more days of FloodFest and I shot a little bit of the Levitation showcase at Hotel Vegas. I think. I also got a tattoo that says Chow Hound and hung out with some babes at Red Lobster and at a lake. It’s been a good trip I think.

Thanks a bunch to Sailor Jerry and Original Penguin for having me out and here’s a few photos from the last couple days before I get home and update this site properly.


FloodFest Crowd

Erica & Friend

Thee Oh Sees

Carter Cruise

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SXSW Day 1 & 2

So holy shit I haven’t had time to do anything so far. I can’t really explain it except to say I got old somehow. Normally at SXSW I sleep 4 hours and somehow just function perfectly fine but this year I am struggling. I started out on the wrong foot when I landed in Austin after sleeping a total of three hours over the last 72. That first night I crashed early because I had to hit FloodFest at 11am.

Here’s some highlights…

The Heavy. They were great.

The Heavy

Deap Valley. Rock and roll babes that I kinda want to describe as the White Stripes with more bluesy female vocals but that seems like kinda bullshit. Whatever the case they wore fringe and were hanging out with an actual human baby.

Deap Valley

This guy who got a fucking SXSW 2016 tattoo on his knuckles. That shit is so wild. He was in a band called American Bombshell playing their first ever SXSW and he saw that Sailor Jerry was doing free tattoos. SXSW 16 is not actually a Sailor Jerry tattoo but it had to be done.

SXSW Tattoo

After FloodFest I randomly got hired to shoot a dinner for Atlanta hip-hop legends Organized Noize which was awesome. They have a documentary out in the film fest and were celebrating. So thanks to my buddy Chris for putting in the good word. It makes up for that time we split a hotel room at Art Basel and his sleep apnea machine lulled me to sleep to the sounds of Darth Vader snoring.

Organized Noize

After the Organized Noize dinner I went back to edit photos and called it a night.

Day two started back at FloodFest. My friends Ho99o9 are destroying SXSW for the second year in a row and they came by to get some Sailor Jerry tattoos and then I took em over to Original Penguin for some button up shirts which is kinda a great look on some punk rock scumbags.

Ho99o9 Tattoos

Band wise I really dug the September Girls. I hung out with them most of the day which was an ideal way to spend St. Patrick’s Day given they are all actually Irish. Rad babes with cute accents that make good music? Totally down to be their groupie if they need me.

September Girls

My favorite band of SXSW so far is Sir The Baptist. They are a mix of gospel, hip hop and R&B and they put on a hell of a show. You should see them if you get a chance. This photo isn’t even of Sir.

Sir The Baptist

After FloodFest I went over to Hotel Vegas to check out Thee Oh Sees at the Levitation showcase which makes the millionth time I have seen Thee Oh Sees in Austin. They are fucking great though so it’s a yearly SXSW requirement. Also there were a ton of cute babes at Hotel Vegas (including the September Girls!) which is the most important thing.

Hotel Vegas

I left Hotel Vegas kinda early to edit photos and take a shower before going back out again but it’s now midnight and I am working on this post and haven’t even showered yet so I kinda have a feeling I am in for the night. Fuck it. We got a lot more SXSW to go!

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2016 SXSW

Headed to South By Southwest for my 13th straight year tomorrow. This will be my first year in ages where I am not covering the Film & Interactive parts of the festival. I love Austin and the Film Fest is one of my favorite things to cover but I forgot to get credentialed because I am an idiot. Whatever, life goes on.

This year I am covering Floodfest, the Flood Magazine (formerly Filter) takeover of Cedar Street. As always I will be working for Sailor Jerry but this year I will also be shooting for another Floodfest sponsor the menswear brand Original Penguin. Should be fun and only slightly stressful.

I am technically only working the day parties, but with some of the bands on this lineup I have a feeling I will be sticking around for the night parties as well. It’s totally free  and you don’t need to RSVP or have a badge or anything from 11-6 so if you are in town stop by and say hi… if nothing else I can probably score you some free rum.

Check out the flyer with all the info and I will be back soon with daily updates from SXSW 2016!

SXSW Floodfest

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Home From Vegas

I did a real shitty job updating this, but it’s okay cause I am home already and I have some photos from the Adult Entertainment Expo up already. What are you gonna do? AVN photos will be up tomorrow and then a series of naked photos from my gig working for AVN director of the year Greg Lansky. Plus there’s a Vice article coming soon and everyone will have tons of stuff to look at.

I just wanted to post here as a half ass apology in case anyone is looking at the road trip blog months from now. Plus I figured I can just throw up some AVN images I already posted on Twitter and will post again on the main page tomorrow. Sorry and stuff.

Riley Reid

Joanna Angel & Anika Albrite

Waka Flocka Flame

Waka Flocka Flame

Hannibal Buress

Abella Danger & Carter Cruise

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Vegas Part 1

I have been in Vegas for less than two days and I am pretty much dead already. I have been shooting a bunch for & and I spent a lot of time at the Adult Entertainment Expo yesterday for Vice and the Village Voice/LA Weekly. I have also done a couple of shoots just for fun. I haven’t seen natural light since I have been here and I kinda hate flash these days so I honestly hate pretty much every photo I have taken over the last two days. That being said I have shot a TON of 35mm film and I think that stuff could be fucking awesome. But then again it could be terrible, so who knows.

Instead of going into the pit of despair and madness that is this and every Vegas trip, I am just gonna throw some photos at you guys. Enjoy the preview of what is much more to come…


Cadence Lux

Leya Falcon, Jessabella Marie & Ray Fox

Amarna Miller

Abella Danger


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LA Trip Part Two

So things have been slightly more photographically productive since the last update. As I mentioned in the last post I took a few photos of my old friend Roxy the other day but they were kinda drunk party in a hotel pictures. She hit me up the next day to ask if I wanted to take some real photos at her place. I came over and we took some shots before my cat allergies took over and I had to bounce. Still we got some nice shots for someone who doesn’t really model ever.



Yesterday I got to shoot Gabriella Paltrova at her place. We shot for several ours and shot a ton of film and polaroids and I even took some photos of her with an insane samurai sword for some reason. All of it was great. She has instantly become one of my favorite models. She killed it. Here’s a preview.

Gabriella Paltrova

Gabriella Paltrova

Now I am headed to Vegas for the AVN Awards. So much crazy shit to come. I have a feeling you guys are gonna be really happy with the upcoming madness.

Oh, did I mention Gabi has a really rad butt?


Gabriella Paltrova


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LA iPhone Update

So this has been kinda a weird LA trip in that I haven’t really done any photo shoots. I have one planned for tomorrow and one that probably won’t actually happen today, but it’s been a productive trip nonetheless. When I got in on Thursday I tried to rush over to Ash Graham’s place to shoot her because she had a cool black eye but the light beat me and it was too dark by the time I got there. We took a few photos with my on camera flash of my 35mm point and shoot camera but that was it. After that I got dinner with one of my all time favorite humans and soon to be porn hall of famer Kimberly Kane and then went to sleep because I had none the night before. I took zero digital photos all day.

Friday I had a lunch meeting and then went shopping for a wedding present for the webmaster of this website that you are looking at right now. I cannot tell you how overwhelmed I am in a Bed Bath & Beyond. Just thought you should know these things. Then came one of the main reasons I came to LA. I finally got to see my best friend’s human baby Rowan Simone. Two of my four closest friends had babies and so now I have to hang out with babies. She was cool though and mostly just failed to eat my hand.

Two Men & A Baby

Saturday was my friend Thadd’s wedding. As I have mentioned he is a hero and he runs this website. I brought Carter Cruise so we took a few sexy photos before the wedding, but tried to keep it fairly classy throughout. One of my best friends and designer of all my zines Teddy Blanks was the best man so I got to hang out with him and Carter all day which was great. After the show Ho99o9 was playing a house party so I went over there and jumped into an insanely sweaty and fairly violent mosh pit in my wingtips and suit pants. It was a pretty good look. Ho99o9 are so much fucking fun and seeing them in a house party environment was a lot more appropriate than say the last time I saw them… Great time and I ran into a bunch of friends which was extra fun.

Wedding Party USA

Yesterday I sort of relaxed all day. I hit the motel hot tub, watched hockey, got a bunch of bullshit emails and stuff done and ate a bunch of food. Super boring day that I don’t need to tell you much more about. But, I did hang out with fellow juggalo photographer Devin Doyle and my friend Roxy who I last photographed naked in 2007. They were super drunk and I took some funny photos of them but all 35mm photos except a couple iPhone shots for Instagram.

Party Forever Roxy

Hopefully today or tomorrow will take some digital photos I can share with you guys but until then you get this super boring post with some shitty iPhone photos. Sorry. On the bright side I have so much shit going on in Vegas starting Wednesday and that should be fucking insane.


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LA & Vegas Trip Starts Tomorrow!

Right now I am packing up a bunch of shit so that I can leave town on the annual Vegas/LA trip I take every January around the AVN Awards. The webmaster of this very website is getting married on Saturday in LA so I am gonna go disrupt his wedding while I am out there. I got a couple shoots lined up in LA and I am taking Carter Cruise to the wedding so I am sure we will get some fun photos there too. I will be posting on here as often as I have new stuff to give you guys.

Also I just got a Leica M6 so I am gonna spend a lot of this trip shooting film and getting used to one of the best 35mm cameras ever made. I have only shot half a roll so far but it’s fairly counter intuitive. I have been shooting Nikon SLR’s for 20 years so everything seems like it’s in the wrong place. I am fairly hopeful that I am gonna get the hang of it real quick though. Should be fun.

Anyway, enough of that. Time to finish packing.

Just to keep you entertained until my next update, here’s a Polaroid of Jasmine Jae from AVN last year

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The 2015 Gathering Of The Juggalos Is Over

Yesterday was the final day of the Gathering of the Juggalos and it was a pretty fun one. Gotta make this update quick though because I drove to Indianapolis instead of editing photos and now I am about to photograph a really hot lady and then go get food with my friend and then edit four days of photos so I can get them to Rolling Stone and Noisey by the time my editors get into work tomorrow. Let’s go.

They day started off with a fantastic surprise. One of my favorite people, Angel Beau, just happened to be performing her strip circus act in Dayton, OH the weekend of the Gathering and so Freakshow Deluxe, one of the sideshow acts at the Gathering, drove to Dayton and grabbed her and had her perform with them. Their sideshow was rad and it was so awesome to see her there even if she was only around for an hour.

Day four also featured more fighting, more Busey Beauties and more bands. Mushroom Head was totally silly up close. Their masks look like mid level halloween masks and there are far too many people running around on their stage. Really weird. Waka Flocka on the other hand was fucking amazing. Juggalos started throwing shit at him and instead of leaving stage like other acts have done at the Gathering he just jumped into the crowd and played several songs while moshing and hugging juggalos. It was awesome. One of the best performances I’ve seen in my life.

Machine Gun Kelly was next and he puts on a great show even if I don’t love his music. Waka Flocka came out for his first song which was pretty great as well. I’ve photographed him backstage at the Woodie Awards, at the AVN Awards and now at the Gathering of the Juggalos. Pretty random. He did leave with all the Busey Beauties I was flirting with, but I guess I can’t blame him…

ICP ended the music portion of the night and as always they put on one of the most insane shows possible. I don’t care what you think of their music or their fans; if you ever get a chance to see them live do it. You will be blown away. They ended with a slow song instead of their usual closer and I guess they gave out Chinese lanterns because during their last song everyone lit them and the sky was filled with them which was fairly epic. Plus someone shot one down with a fire work which was fucking impressive. Juggalos do fucking shit up very well.

After ICP I saw Judah Friedlander’s comedy set which was mostly crowd work and very funny. I think rolled over to the wrestling matches for a second but it was crazy over there so I visited the mythical burrito man one final time and dipped out.

Here are a few photos from yesterday and then starting Monday I will start dropping several updates a day on the main site until you get to see everything I shot at the gathering. Get excited.

UPDATE: Noisey ran my juggalo fight club photos! Go look at them!

Angel Beau & Freakshow Delux

Waka Flocka @ Gathering of The Juggalos

Mushroom Head

Juggalo Dog

Machine Gun Kelly @ Gathering Of The Juggalos


Judah Friedlander @ Gathering Of The Juggalos

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Gathering Of The Juggalos Day 3

Day three of the Gathering of the Juggalos was my take it easy day. There wasn’t anything I actually really cared about photographing. I slept in and got some work done and even published my first article ever that was more writing than photos. Check it out over at Noisey:


So that was cool. I wish people would give me money to write sometimes, not because I am good at it or that it pays well, but writers get a lot more credit for articles. Whenever I collaborate on an article with a writer it instantly becomes their article even if it was my idea and their name is always bigger, etc, etc. Then again they have to do actual work and for the most part get paid even worse than photographers do so maybe fuck it. I don’t know.

Anyway, back to yesterday… The highlight was definitely another bare knuckle boxing match. If you remember Nebraska from last year, he was back and absolutely destroyed a huge dude who looked like he could throw down. They fought two rounds with gloves and any sane ref would have called the fight pretty much instantly but the Wolfpac are not exactly sane and made them take the gloves off after two rounds and the other dude took a hell of a beating. I got some crazy shots.

I only shot one band, Twiztid and I only took like 10 photos of them because I have shot them a million times and only juggalos care about them although they did a collab with Mishka and I sat in on an interview with them and they seem like pretty good dudes.

One of the reasons I didn’t shoot any bands is because I finally got the Gathering of the Juggalos tattoo I have been talking about for years! It was my first tattoo that I ever got while bugs were flying all over me. I just got Whoop Whoop! tattooed to my leg and the guy basically just did it by hand and jammed it in some random spot on my leg. I kinda love it even though some dude on Instagram told me he was unfollowing me because of it. Gonna miss him. 🙁

After Twiztid I went to one of the weird after parties because this insanely hot girl told me she was gonna be dancing there which is one of the few reasons I do anything in life. I took a handful of photos there and then decided to leave so I could get some work done since I gotta be down there kinda early today. On the way out I caught a few minutes of Big Jay Oakerson’s comedy set but he was doing vaguely homophobic sexist and racist jokes which isn’t really my thing cause I am not a bigot. Maybe that’s what he though juggalos would think is funny but he wasn’t exactly killing up there.

I can’t think of anything else interesting that happened yesterday so here’s some random photos of juggalos…

Juggalo Boxing



Big LA & Busey's Beauties


Big Jay Oakerson


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Gathering Of The Juggalos Day 2

Today I woke up at 2pm which would be more impressive if I didn’t go to bed at 7:30am. The Gathering is beating me but I won’t let it win. I feel almost functional this morning afternoon. Luckily I don’t really have anything I NEED to shoot at the Gathering today. Obviously I need to get down there soon anyway but let me give you a little run down of yesterday.

Since I spent most of Wednesday following around Ho99o9 I didn’t take a lot of photos of actual juggalos so that was a big part of yesterday. I think I got some really nice shots yesterday. After the sun started to go down the light was really nice for a few hours. I also brought a 35mm camera loaded with black and white film out and left my flash in the car.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find my car when I went back to get my flash and ended up missing the first few minutes of Flosstradamus which normally wouldn’t have been a big deal but they kicked all the photographers out of the photo pit before I got there. I have shot Flosstradamus a bunch of times, but never in front of thousands of juggalos. Their set went very well save for one asshole who hit Josh in the face with a rock. Made for a nice visual though…

After Flosstradamus I decided I didn’t need to photograph Dark Lotus for the 6th time and met up with the mythical Burrito Man for a burrito and then went to hang out with Mike Busey and his pack of strippers at the DJ Clay after party. Clay and I seem to have very similar tastes in hip hop and believe it or not I always look forward to his DJ sets. My friend Steak is filming a show for Vice’s new women’s vertical Broadly and apparently one for the HBO Vice show at the same time so she had two camera crews following her around so I hung out with those kids a bunch too.

I said goodbye to the Vice crew and went over to shoot Twista and when I got there they were already there again. Twista was fucking awesome although he didn’t seem to know he was at the Gathering of the Juggalos. He kept giving shout outs to Ohio as if we were all from Thornville.

Oh, I also saw Puddle of Mudd for some reason and I am pretty sure I am falling in love with about 6 of Busey’s Beauties. Perhaps it’s the body glitter… Everyone likes shiny things.

Here’s a few highlights and will be back with much, much more soon.

Gathering Of The Juggalos

Flostradamus @ The Gathering Of The Juggalos

Gathering Of The Juggalos

Twista @ The Gathering Of The Juggalos

Gathering Of The Juggalos


Gathering Of The Juggalos

Gathering Of The Juggalos

Gathering Of The Juggalos

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Gathering Of The Juggalos Day 1

Day one of the 2015 Gathering of the Juggalos is in the books and man was it exhausting. I had to leave for the airport at 6am yesterday which is my normal bedtime so I had this idea that I would take a ton of sleeping pills and go to sleep at 1am. I of course woke up at 2:3o am wide awake. After a flight delay I get to Columbus, OH around noon and after a couple stops to get supplies I get to my hotel around 2. I wanted to be at the Gathering by 5 so I decided to take a two hour nap. I wake up after 20 minutes. I decide to get some work done since I can’t sleep and around 4:45 I start getting ready for the Gathering. Oh shit.

I realized I left my fucking flash at home. Normally for the Gathering or any big event I pack two of everything and somehow while packing on two hours of sleep I forgot both my flashes. Apparently they weren’t that important to my brain. There are almost no lights at the Gathering after the sun goes down so needless to say I would be fucked without a flash. Fortunately there was a camera store only 5 miles from my hotel! Unfortunately they closed in fall of 2014. Fuck.

I found a camera rental place in an old church in a residental neighborhood in Columbus. It’s nearly an hour away and it closes at 6. I managed to make it there by 5:50 and got a semi functional version of my flash for only $60 for the week. I drove back to the Gathering and after standing in the press/vip/artist line for 45 minutes I was finally in the Gathering around 7.

Sorry for the three (now four) paragraphs you didn’t care about. Let’s get into the important shit.

Day one was mostly about Ho99o9. If you are a regular reader of this site you know I have written about them a few times. They are this electronic punk/rap group that makes music that sounds a lot better than that description. In my mind they just feel like a really good punk band even if that doesn’t really do them justice. They put on a great show and they were coming to play the Gathering for the first time.

I am shooting for Noisey this week and they wanted me to embed with a band to tell a visual story of a bands trip to the Gathering and Ho99o9 made perfect sense so I followed them around all day yesterday. It’s always awesome to be around for someone’s first moments at the Gathering and they seemed pretty blown away.

We walked around for a while until we ran into the insane Mike Busey and his gaggle of strippers. If you remember from last year he has some giant house in Orlando, FL that he fills with strippers and a giant fat man and an assortment of freaks and weirdos and brings them all to the Gathering to entertain the masses and collect a lot of $1 bills. We took a bunch of photos with them and of them and then I went to photograph Hopsin while they loaded in.

Ho99o9 was doing their sound check after that so I roamed around a bit until it was time to shoot Tech N9ne. He’s at every Gathering and always one of my favorite acts. Ho99o9 went on shortly after him so it was time to make my way back to them and shoot their set.

They opened the second stage so when they started there wasn’t a big crowd except but by the time they finished a fairly big mosh pit had been created. Ho99o9 are best when they are in the crowd so the festival set up wasn’t ideal for the band but they put on a hell of a show anyway. Everyone I talked to loved the show which was awesome to see from juggalos who aren’t always the most welcoming of new acts. Even the security guard that Eaddy licked seemed to have a good time.

After the show we went back to the strippers and hung out there until Ho99o9 had to head back to the airport. I headed back to the second stage and caught the controversial Instagram famous rapper Stitches who randomly gave $500 to a juggalo and poured flour over everyone that I guess was supposed to be cocaine. Not sure that guy is a very good rapper but compared to a few of the bands at the Gathering he is 2Pac so I actually watched his whole set.

It was three am by this point and I had now been awake more than 24 hours after sleeping 2.5 hours so I was getting delirious. I was planning on leaving but I ended up talking to some people back stage until DJ Paul from Three Six Mafia went on and so I of course had to shoot some of that.

Finally around 4:30am I left the Gathering and made it back to my hotel. I hadn’t eaten since 9am so I ate a gas station peanut butter and jelly sandwich and passed out pretty much instantly. I ended up getting about 6 hours of sleep so now I am ready to fucking go. Tonight should be fun.

Here are some photos. Much more coming soon.

Ho99o9 & Mike Busey




Mike Busey & Busey Beauties

Tech N9ne

DJ Paul - Three Six Mafia



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The Gathering Starts Tomorrow!

12 hours from now I will be headed to the airport and on the way to the 16th annual Gathering of the Juggalos and my 6th straight Gathering. If you don’t know what the Gathering of the Juggalos is I don’t even know what you are doing with your life but The Gathering Of The Juggalos in reverse chronological order. We are talking 10s of thousands of photos. Good luck.

Juggalos are my favorite subculture of all time and I am slowly working on a book with a painter named Jenn Rockwell who has been painting my photos. I hope to release it around this time next year but I we are going to start in earnest on it in January but I am sure after I get back from the Gathering I will be ready to kick it into gear.

Headed to the Gathering to cover it for Rolling Stone as always, plus I picked up work from Vice’s music blog Noisey and I am also spending tomorrow with my friends band Ho99o9 documenting their first trip to the Gathering. The Village Voice isn’t covering it this year which is a total bummer but maybe I can send them a gallery anyway for old times sake.  As always hoping to pick up a few new clients on the road so I guess we shall see…

Anyway as always these photos are gonna be fucking crazy with a bunch of weird people, naked fat girls, huge bands and a lot of great people I have met after doing this for six years. I will be posting on this Road Trip blog every day and then once I get back I will start updating full galleries on the main site again.

Until then I will just leave you with this…


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Home Again, Home Again

Back from SXSW and I got to sleep in a real bed for 8 straight hours and it was amazing. The road trip blog is shutting down again until the next time. I hope to get all my SXSW stuff up on the main blog starting later tonight and going through the weekend. There’s a lot to get up.

In the mean time I wanted to end the blog with a preview of the shoot I did with a girl named Isabel who I met randomly at Hotel Vegas after photographing Thee Oh Sees. She ended up coming to the party I was shooting later that night and hit me up to apologize for her friend who got too drunk and got kicked out. I told her that it wasn’t a big deal and also mentioned that if she every wanted to take photos I was down.

So on my last day in Austin I went to the fucking rodeo, which was insane, and then I got back to my friend Mike’s place at around 11pm and Isabel came over an we took a bunch of photos in the vintage trailer that Mike’s roommate owns. I think they came out pretty well especially for photos of a girl who’s never really modeled and considering it was midnight and we were using just the ambient light of the trailer.

Here’s a nice reasonably safe for work shot, and a few naked ones on my Tumblr.


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The End Of SXSW

It’s finally over. It’s really fucking finally over. I ended my SXSW in ideal fashion last night by seeing just my third band of the whole festival when I shot the amazing Ho99o9 last night. I am still in Austin for two more days but I am just gonna be relaxing and eating BBQ. Perhaps going to the rodeo? Yeah that’s a real thing.

Anyway, I can finally talk about the parties I was shooting this week. I was working for Sailor Jerry as per always and they threw a bunch of secret parties that had more of a lounge vibe than the rest of SXSW. They had bands DJ instead of playing music and there were a lot of couches and free drinks. It was sort of an ideal way to deal with the madness that is SXSW.

The last two nights we had Lust For Youth, the Spits, Ice Age and Andy Animal Djing and we had some good people stop by. In between the two parties I got to shoot my friend and muse Erica for the first time in years time which was amazing. Plus the photos are way sexier than the really fun ones we took at Disney World!

I was really glad not to have to see a billion bands at SXSW because I always get completely burnt out, but I did miss the chance to find that one or two bands that blow me away every year. Fortunately my buddy Eaddy’s band Ho99o9 was playing right next to the Sailor Jerry house at the We Are Family showcase. I kept hearing so much great shit about them and they completely lived up to the hype. Eaddy is honestly one of the best frontmen I’ve ever seen and the other dude is fucking great too. I wanna go on tour with these dudes. It would be amazing shots every night but I am 100% I would break my camera because when they covered Attitude by Bad Brains I totally forgot I had my camera in my hand and just got in the pit.

Anyway, here are a few highlights from the last two days. I will probably update this Road Trip blog once more before returning to reality and updating my site as per normal. I got a lot of images to get up…


Andy Animal


Sailor Jerry Gallery


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SXSW Continues…

Music week is in full swing and I have been working parties I can’t really talk about until after they are over. Whatever the case, last night was a ton of fun and I have a feeling tonight is going to be a blast as well. Plus I have legitimately nothing to do until 9pm tonight and that fucking rules.

I did take some pictures of Thee Oh Sees and my friend Justin’s band the Residuals at Hotel Vegas yesterday but other than that I have completely managed to avoid seeing any bands this week which is precisely the plan. Not that there aren’t a few bands I want to see but every year I get so burnt out from SXSW so it’s nice to try to just chill out a bit.

Anyway, here are some highlights from the last two days… Pics from the Sailor Jerry gallery, Hotel Vegas and two parties that aren’t that secret but I would get yelled at for talking about. If you want to come by tonight though just let me know and I can list you.

Thee Oh Sees

King Tuff & Some Art

Hannibal & Some Ladies


Erica & Sarah

Sailor Jerry Original Drawing


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SXSW Day 4 – 3.17.15

St. Patrick’s Day is probably my least favorite holiday for all the reasons that are obvious. Luckily yesterday was a good time despite attempts by drunk morons in all green.

I spent most of yesterday working for the Robert Duvall film Wild Horses. It was pretty good timing since I didn’t have anything else going on yesterday. I shot the red carpet for them and shot the after party which was a lot of fun. Robert Duvall and Josh Hartnett took photos with nearly every single person there and there were a ton of cowboys there which was pretty amazing. Matthew Mcconaughey’s brother Rooster was the star of the party though and is a pretty hilarious dude.

After that I moved all my stuff across Austin so I could check into the Sailor Jerry house. They are doing a pop up art gallery featuring original art from Normal “Sailor Jerry” Collins. It opens tomorrow but I get to go over there in a bit and I am excited to check it out. Check out the flyer below for details.

My friend Erica then picked me up from the SJ house and we got some tacos and caught up. She is pretty much my favorite person to photograph of all time and honestly one of my favorite people to hang out with and it sucks that I haven’t seen her in years. Fortunately she moved to Austin so I get to take photo of her face again.

We also saw Hello, My Name is Dorris which was great but then I had to get her to bring me back to the Sailor Jerry House to write captions for 84 photos for my 2015 “Famous Faces of SXSW” gallery on the Village Voice and LA Weekly. I also noticed my SXSW Gaming Convention photos are up too so check out both galleries!

And now here are a few highlights from yesterday plus the Sailor Jerry Gallery flyer…

Wild Horses After Party

Wild Horses After Party

Wild Horses After Party

Wild Horses After Party

Wild Horses After Party

Sailor Jerry SXSW Gallery

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SXSW DAY 3 – 3.16.15

Yesterday was my chillest day at SXSW in probably 6 years. I even watched some hockey and took a nap. It was magical.

I awoke feeling exhausted and fucking horrible and the coffee, energy drink and caffeine pill. I had within an hour of being awake didn’t help very much. I got a Lyft over to the Gibson guitar showroom where they were setting up a Tower Records themed party to promote the documentary All Things Must Pass about the downfall of Tower Records. There I photographed director Colin Hanks and producer Sean Stuart.

After that I went back down town and shot Jason Schwartzman for the second time this week. This time for his movie 7 Chinese Brothers. Then I walked over to the Intercontinental Hotel for the third straight day, this time to shoot the cast and crew of Manson Family Values headlined by producers the Duplass Brothers Mark and Jay. It’s actually the third time I have photographed Mark Duplass at SXSW and the second time I photographed him laying down. Finally I ended the day shooting the cast and director of the film Babysitter.

I had a few hours to kill before I was supposed to shoot the Get Hard red carpet but I hadn’t slept in days and I was feeling horrible. I had a head ache and felt like I was getting sick. I decided to go back and start editing photos and rest. I started watching some hockey and fell asleep and woke up about an hour later feeling so much better. It was sort of spectacular.

I went back out but the whole thing was pretty uneventful aside from eating pancakes with Quinn Cornchip and taking a few random topless photos of her before she dropped me off.

Just one more day of film left and then it’s on to music week. Enjoy some highlights from yesterday.

Collin Hanks & Sean Stuart - All Things Must Pass

Bob Byington & Jason Schwartzman 7 Chinese Brothers

Duplass Brothers

Manson Family Values

Danièle Watts &  Max Burkholder Babysitter

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SXSW DAY 2 – 3.15.15

Hopefully this update is going to be a lot shorter than yesterday because I need to watch the last episode of Jinx before the internet ruins everything for me. Anyway yesterday was a pretty good time. I saw a couple of good movies, took some photos, photographed a gaming convention and went to a pretty fun party.

First up I shot the cast/ crew of Fresno which happened really quickly in a slightly too cold place. I loved the film and I love all the actresses involved and I am fairly bummed that I didn’t kill it like I should have. But Natasha Lyonne did Tweet a photo of me taking a photo of Aubrey Plaza which was kinda fun. I would also like to mention that I think Judy Greer is an incredibly underrated actress. She is brilliant always.

From there I had the super low key assignment of photographing two Oscar award winning actors in ten minutes. First I shot Adrian Brody for his film Stone Barn Castle (a documentary about the 7 years it took him to restore a castle!) and then Robert Duvall for his new film Wild Horses. I have shot Duvall now three times and it doesn’t stop being amazing and I actually got hired to shoot photos at the Wild Horses premiere and after party.

I then shot the red carpet for the film Love & Mercy about Brian Wilson. I actually had seen a bit of the film because my friend Teddy did the credits and it looks really great. I didn’t get to see it but I did get to photograph Brian Wilson and John Cusack (who plays older Brian Wilson) so that was awesome.

Next I hit the SXSW Gaming Convention and saw over a hundred people watch some kids play Street Fighter. It was insane. They had announcers and everything. I just had never shot the convention and I love photographing hardcore fans of anything and nerds go all out. I honestly had a great couple of hours doing that weirdness.

Finally the moment I was most pumped for, I got to see A Wonderful Cloud the film edited by my brother. It was directed by my brother’s friend Eugene who is a really intense and awesome dude and it stars Eugene and Kate Lyn Sheil who I have sort of become friends with after photographing her so many times at SXSW. The film also featured credits by Teddy because Teddy kills it always. The movie was great at the most accessible thing I have seen from Eugene. I would very much recommend it unless you get offended easily and since you are on my website that is probably not the case.

I ended my photographing by hitting the red carpet for Paul Feig’s new film Spy featuring Melissa McCarthy. Jason Statham, Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale were on the carpet as well. I got to see Spy since I was done for the day and it was pretty fucking hilarious. But you don’t need me to tell you to see it.

The night ended with the after party for A Wonderful Cloud and that was a lot of fun but I didn’t really take any photos so yeah. Look at a few highlights below. All my film stuff should be up on the Village Voice/ LA Weekly on Wednesday.

Adrian Brody - Stone Barn Castle

A Wonderful Cloud

Brian Wilson - Love & Mercy

SXSW Gaming Convention

Robert & Luciana Duvall

Aubrey Plaza, Judy Greer, & Natasha Lyonne -  Fresno

SXSW Gaming Convention

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SXSW Day 1 – 3.14.15

My SXSW trip got off to an interesting start when I got to the airport and they needed volunteers to fly a day late. I didn’t have too much going on Friday and they were offering a ton of money so I took it and left on Friday instead of Thursday. That meant I got to sleep in a bed one more day and go with my lady to get Friday the 13th tattoos in NYC. When I go to Austin Friday night my friend Keith Underwood was still doing HIS Friday the 13th tattoo and I got a second one. Two in one day. Not bad.

I had some catching up to do and the film fest was in full swing. I ended up shooting portraits of the cast/crew of seven films and I shot three red carpets.

I started out shooting the Ross brothers, directors of the documentary Western who I had missed on Friday because of my delayed flight. After that I shot Judith Godrèche and Jason Schwartzman for the film The Overnight and shot the cast of Creative Control in the street across from their premier at the Ritz. Creative Control starred two musicians I run into all the time, Reggie Watts and the homie Heems formerly of Das Racist.

Heems and I both needed our SXSW badges so he and I hit the convention center and then I shot some more photos of him before I left him to go visit my friends at Indie PR to grab shots of three of their movies Ava’s Possessions, Excess Flesh and Lamb.

From there I hit the press junket for The Final Girls and got to shoot the director and a ton of the cast in the bar/restaurant behind where they were doing press interviews. It was quite the challenge to find eight different looks in a restaurant with almost no natural light but fortunately the cast was made up of nothing but hilarious and/or pretty people. Seriously, it was an impressive group of people.

After that I was done with my set up shoots and hit the red carpets. I went over to the premier of Michael Showalter’s new movie Hello, My Name Is Doris. It starred Sally Field and she seems like the nicest human ever. After the carpet I left to say hi to my brother and when I came back 20 minutes later she was still outside signing autographs. I didn’t get to see the movie because I had to head to the Fresno red carpet. I didn’t want to shoot the carpet so much as just see the movie since I have a shoot scheduled with them this morning. The film was great and starred nothing but hilarious babes in Judy Greer, Natasha Lyonne and Aubrey Plaza. More on that tomorrow.

Lastly I ended the night shooting the red carpet for Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut Lost River and then eating a massive amount of Taco Bell and heading back to my buddies couch to edit pictures and write this stuff that you are reading right now.

I have (at least) four films and two red carpets today plus I get to see A Wonderful Cloud which was edited by my little brother and hero Benjamin Moses Smith.  Got some good stuff coming so get excited.

Here are some shots from the day. More will be posted on my Tumblr… 

Alia Shawkat - The Final Girls

Ryan Gosling - Lost River

Judith Godrèche & Jason Schwartzman - The Overnight

Creative Control

Adam Devine- The Final Girls

Max Greenfield & Sally Field - Hello My Name Is Doris

Heems - Creative Control

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SXSW Starts Now!

Okay, technically SXSW starts Friday but I am packing and getting my shit together so I can leave tomorrow. It’s my 12th year in a row in the Austin festival and I seen it change in ways I cannot imagine. The film festival is still my favorite part and I will be shooting portraits of actors and directors and stuff from Friday until Tuesday. Hopefully I will get to see a bunch of movies too.

Every year I do a “Famous Faces of SXSW” gallery for the Voice Media papers (Village Voice, LA Weekly, etc) and this year I have a bunch of great shoots lined up. In preparation for the trip I put together a gallery of my favorite SXSW Film portraits from the last few years.

Check out the gallery and then come back every day starting Friday for daily updates with the new photos from my SXSW trip!

Click here to see my favorite SXSW Film Portraits!

Sillicon Valley

Danny Trejo

Brie Larson & John Gallagher Jr

Snoop Dogg

Mike Birbiglia


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Love//War Photos

Last night I had photos in Love//War the art show about conflict at MAMA Gallery in LA (Curated by Mint&Serf and Paperwork NYC). It was an amazing show with amazing artists and there was an amazing turnout. When the gallery first got really packed I looked at my phone and it was 7:03pm. The show started at 7. It was packed all night long and I assume people who didn’t hang photos of dead birds and crackheads probably sold some artwork. I of course only like putting completely unsellable work in galleries so I have a feeling I wasn’t so lucky.

When I get back to NYC expect a full write up but for now you can just look at photos. I didn’t shoot a ton because I had a lot of friends there and I was just hanging out, but I took enough that you can get the idea of the thing.

Oh, and this blog Drunken Stepfather ran a bunch of my Vegas photos. I uploaded most of the stuff I shot in Vegas to Girls of Driven By Boredom and you can get 10% with the code “stepfather” for the next week.

Now click here to check out the photos from the Love//War opening at MAMA Gallery in DTLA.


Dana DeArmond & Greg Mishka

Packed All Night

Mike Krim Of Paperwork NYC

My Terrible Photos


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LA Art Book Fair & Love//War

If anyone is in Los Angeles this week I am going to be at the LA Art Book Fair at the Geffen Contemporary at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. I realize any sentence with contemporary in it twice and Los Angels in it thrice can’t be good, but I am actually pretty excited.

I will be there tonight for the opening party and will be releasing the new super limited zine “Fuck LA” that I mentioned yesterday. It features some of my craziest photos taken in Los Angeles. A lot of nudity and drugs and total madness. It’s limited to only 50 copies and each comes with a signed print.

For those who can’t make it to LA, I put a few on my etsy last night but they sold immediately so I added two more so that you guys have a chance but get em NOW cause they should be gone by tonight.

I will also of course be selling/signing Dinner With Igor, Food Tattoos and my insane Vegas photo album as well.

I will be at the Paperwork NYC both most of the time so come find me!

On Saturday as an after party to the book fair I am in a show that Paperwork NYC and my friends Mint&Serf curated called Love//War at the MAMA Gallery in DTLA. It’s a show about conflicting forces and nearly everyone in it is either from NYC or LA. It’s Biggie vs Tupac all over again except not at all.

I have two 20″x30″ photos in the show and am hanging with a bunch of artists I love. I am actually really honored to be in the show. Ed Templeton, Boogie and Sean Maung are three of the best photographers around as far as I am concerned and we got downtown NYC royalty like Leo Fitzpatrick, Eric Foss and the whole Mint&Serf #PPP crew. I am showing for the first time with one of my favorite people Slutlust and I am really proud of all that dude has done. Plus Norman Reedus from Walking Dead is showing so that also rules.

If you can make it out that would be amazing but if not I will be taking a ton of photos.



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AVN & AEE Galleries

I need to make this update super fast. I am going to do a proper update on the main DBB page with a write up about the AVN Awards and the Adult Entertainment Expo but I just wanted you guys to have the galleries now because it’s taken me way too long to get them up. They are already on the Village Voice though…

In other news the LA Art Book Fair is tomorrow and I got copies of my super limited zine “Fuck LA” today. I put just five copies online so if you want a copy buy one right now or come to the LA Art Book Fair!

Okay now click here to see the gallery of 2015 AVN Award Pictures!

And click here to see the 2015 gallery of Adult Entertainment Expo pictures!

Bonnie Rotten @ Adult Entertainment Expo

AVN Awards Hosts Tommy Pistol & Alexis Texas

Fuck LA

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More AVN Madness

I have slept about 3 hours a night for the past five days. I haven’t exactly had a ton of time to update this, even quick blasts. I took the day off and tried to get a little sleep and have been editing (and captioning) photos for the past four or five hours. Good times. I want to get all my photos from the Adult Entertainment Expo and the AVN Awards up as soon as possible but I don’t think I am going to be able to do it today. So here are some more previews of upcoming stuff…

My trip got sort of fucked up because my friend Ronen got pick pocketed by a couple and their chihuahua puppy. I spent one night filing reports and then the next day trying to get the phone back. Ronen tracked the phone down to this mildly terrifying project and there were cops arresting someone as we were pulling up. Apparently they were on their way to a domestic disturbance in the complex while someone robbed a convenient store. They told us they couldn’t help because they had five cases in that area to deal with. They told us to call the cops.  We actually saw the people who stole it and Ronen confronted them and after a bunch of back and forth they actually told us to look under some rocks and the phone was there. Slightly damaged but working. Fucking insane.

Aside from that I have been shooting a ton of girls. Unfortunately I didn’t have a lot of location options so I shot pretty much everyone in the parking deck of the hotel or this one lockable bathroom I found. I did shoot Ava Dalush at my hotel so that stuff is really lovely but the rest is mostly just kinda grungy fun stuff in public places. Here are some highlights… more coming soon obviously.

Rae Sremmurd @ AVN

Ava Delush

Anya Amsel & Lucy Everleigh

Anikka Albrite & Mick Blue

Girls On A Roof

Jasmine Jae

Lily LaBeau

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AVN Thursday – 1.22.15

I have been in Vegas for about a day and I have taken some pretty fun photos. Unfortunately it was all after dark so it’s been all flash stuff. No natural light really. Still, I think you are going to dig some of this stuff.

I headed down to the Adult Entertainment Expo and I took a few photos there after I got my credentials and then I went to check in to my hotel. By the time I got back down to the Hard Rock it was getting dark but I ended up shooting my old friend Samantha Bentley. In the middle of our shoot Dahlia Sky showed up so we took a bunch of photos with her too and then my friend Ronen took photos of the three of us.

After that I tried to shoot Adriana Chechik again but she was doing a podcast so Sam and I went up there and ended up on the Porn Directors Podcast. When it was over I took a few photos of Sam, Adriana and Belle Noire who actually retired from porn but was in town with Adriana and doing make up for girls at the convention.

By the time that was over it was pretty late but I ran into some Burning Angels  and snuck out to the parking garage to shoot a handful of photos with Veronica Rose and Taurus.

After that I put my digital camera away but took some more film stuff at parties and around the Hard Rock so I might have some more cool stuff.

Here are a few preview images to hold you over!

Bonnie Rotten AEE

Samantha Bentley

Samantha Bentley & Dahlia Skye

Veronica Rose & Taurus Angel



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Off To LA & Vegas!

Today is day one of my yearly trip to Vegas for the AVN Awards aka the porn Oscars. A porn conference in Vegas believe it or not brings out some of my craziest photos believe it or not. I hope to get some wild stuff this weekend.

Vegas has been so good to me photographically that a few months ago I made a special super limited Vegas print collection called What Happens IN Vegas. Pick one up here or at the LA Art Book Fair but I only have four left!

After that I head back to LA for a week to shoot an album cover for one of my favorite bands and then I am doing a bunch of stuff for the LA Art Book Fair with the crew over at Paper Work NYC.

The Road Trip blog is one of my favorite things on my site cause I can do little daily updates with a few of the best photos from my extended trips, so check back here for a bunch of naked porn stars and info on the LA Art Book Fair stuff I am doing. There should be some cool stuff.

For now here are a few photos from the AVN Awards last year!

2014 AVN Awards

2014 AVN Awards


2014 AVN Awards

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SXSW Day 9 – 3.15.14

SXSW is over! I survived! I took the last day pretty easy as it was raining in the early afternoon and I think everyone in Austin was taking it down a notch after an insane couple of weeks. Residuals, Cosmonauts and White Mystery played again and I ate a donut burger with bacon and eggs.

The big thing of the day was Oliver Peck tattooing 3/5ths of the Dum Dum Girls. Those kids are pretty rad and we took a bunch of fun photos. I shot them live too of course!

Another highlight was seeing Cheetah Chrome of the Dead Boys do Sonic Reducer live.

The night ended with some darker music with bands like Sisu (featuring some Dum Dums) Youth Code and King Dude. I also stopped by Hotel Vegas next door to see my girls in Habibi.

It has been an exhausting and fun week. I am glad it’s over but I can’t wait to do it all over again next year!  Now it’s time to take a few days to enjoy Austin without the SXSW madness. Should be fun…

Dum Dum Girls Tattoos

White Mystery

Youth Code

Residuals & Cheetah Chrome

Hollywood Holt

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  1. Sunshine
    March 18th, 2014 | 10:58 am

    Will you be putting up more South By photos on your site?

  2. March 19th, 2014 | 11:00 am

    Yup. Tons. Starting today.

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SXSW Day 8 – 3.14.14

Today is the last day of SXSW. Nine days that I was pretty sure were going to destroy my life. I am still alive but I still have one more 14 hour day at the Sailor Jerry House before it’s all over. I also don’t get back to NYC until Tuesday and I am not exactly sure where I am staying or what I am doing until then. Should be interesting.

Anyway, yesterday was another fun day at Gypsy Lounge. Lot’s more free tattoos with Keith Underwood and Philip LaRocca doing dozens and dozens of small Sailor Jerry tattoos. Oliver Peck tattooed a ton of people as well including Big Freedia and my girl Alysha Nett.

On the music side there was good stuff all day including the night time Cultist/Blundertown party that was pretty punk rock all night long. The day party highlight was Fat White Family that featured a dude getting pretty much naked and rolling around in the dirt. My kinda jam. At night I got to see my girls the Coathangers again and it was headlined by a Coach Whips reunion. Coach Whips (fronted by Thee Oh See’s John Dwyer) haven’t played in nearly 10 years and they fucked shit up so hard. It was amazing and I got to shoot the whole show from on stage right behind them as they played in the crowd.

Here are a few photo highlights. One more of these wrap ups tomorrow and then I will start getting this stuff organized so that when I get back to NYC I will be able to start getting the thousands of SXSW photos I have taken over the last 10 days or so…

Big Freedia

The Fat White Family

Alysha Nett & Crew

Cerebral Ballzy

Coach Whips

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SXSW Day 7 – 3.13.14

I have no time at all today to write about yesterday but the Black Bell records party happened at the Sailor Jerry House so let’s see how few words I can explain yesterday in. Don’t worry, there will be more on this once I get back to NYC.

I started the day by getting a big tattoo from Oliver Peck. After that took the afternoon a bit slow but things insane by the end of the night. The day time highlight was Team Spirit but the madness really started in the evening with The Lovely Bad Things. They were fantastic. This super weird two man male model band The Garden played shortly after them and kinda blew my mind. See them if you get a chance. There was some punk rock awesomeness with the So So Glows after that and then in perfect closing fashion Diarrhea Planet destroyed everything.

Diarrhea Planet is a pretty horrible name (who am I to judge, my band is called Fucking Bullshit) but they were fucking amazing. They have four guitar players and to open the set they brought The Lovely Bad Things on stage and to close it they had the So So Glows join them for Fight For Your Right To Party. They also had a stage diving contest in the middle of their set. As per usual I crowd surfed with my camera because I am an asshole. Whatever the case it was amazing.

Also we tattooed some cute girls who are famous on the internet and comedian TJ Miller came by and was hanging out. All in all a good time. Today should be fun too… hope to see some of you there!

The Lovely Bad Things, So So Glos, Boy Toy, The Garden & Diarrhea Planet

TJ Miller

Christina Cardona & Oliver Peck

Cassie Ramone

The Lovely Bad Things

Diarrhea Planet

Diarrhea Planet


Comments (2)


  1. March 14th, 2014 | 1:01 pm

    Holy shit. I just realized what a boring life I lead! This sounds so awesome. I have seen the So So Glos, The Garden and Lovely Bad Things numerous times but not Diarrhea Planet but need to. Awesome pics!!

  2. Kate
    March 14th, 2014 | 4:23 pm

    PURE AWESOMNESS!!! Lovely Bad Things and Diarrhea planet! Two of the best bands out there and they NEVER disappoint! Nice shots too!

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SXSW Day 6 – 3.12.14

Sailor Jerry House in Austin kicked off in ernest with it’s first full day event. The Grandstand day party featured a headlining set by my pals the Coathangers and a bunch of rad rock and roll bands. I really dug the band Soft White Sixtes particularly.

The Third Man Rolling Record store was parked at our Gypsy Lounge location and it fueled speculation that Jack White was going to show up. He clearly did not, but it was a fun rumor. Keith Underwood and Philip Larocca did free tattoos all day inside the bar and Oliver Peck tattooed bands in the airstream trailer out back.

The night party was the She Shreads magazine party and it was nothing but awesome bands with rock and roll ladies killing it. My buddies Alex and Francis from White Mystery played late but I had to take off early because I slept less than three hours last night and needed to get to bed. They are playing again at the Sailor Jerry House on Saturday so I will get to see them soon.

I was exhausted all fucking day but I had a good time anyway. I finally got some sleep last night so today should be even better. Hope to see some more friends and I hope everyone is okay after the insane car accident in Austin last night.

The Coathangers

Soft White Sixties

She Shreds

Buff Monster & Oliver Peck

Boy Toy

Comments (2)


  1. Cloke
    March 13th, 2014 | 9:01 am

    What’s the first band shot?

  2. TitoP
    March 13th, 2014 | 11:09 am

    The Coathangers, woot!

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SXSW Day 5 – 3.11.14

Day five consisted of a few SXSW Film gigs and then moving over to the Sailor Jerry house stuff I am shooting. I am so damn tired I don’t even know how I am going to finish this post.

I started out shooting Michael Peña, Rosario Dawson and Gabriel Mann for their movie Cesar Chavez. I had less than a minute to shoot them which was sort of absurd. Peña talked to me about my tattoos for longer than I was able to take their photos.

After that I went and shot Tobe Hooper who directed Texas Chainsaw Massacre. There is a new restored print of it for the 40th anniversary and I can’t wait til it is shown in NYC. It’s in my top five horror films of all time and the sequel is up there too. He was running late but I got to talk to him for a few minutes about the print and TCM 2.

Then I got a chance to watch the Take Me To The River press conference. The movie is a documentary about the music scene in Memphis and features Snoop Dogg himself. I got to take a couple photos of him after the press conference and R&B legend William Bell ask me to text him the Instagram I shot of him and Snoop.

For my last SXSW Film gig of the year I shot Peter Vack and Natalia Dyer from the movie I Believe In Unicorns. Natalia got stuck in traffic so I talked to Peter a lot and turns out he lives pretty close to me. Good dude. Natalia is adorable and they look very cool together. Now I just need to see the movie…

So now my life takes a turn and I move to SXSW Music stuff. I am shooting all day every day at the Gypsy Lounge which is the Sailor Jerry House for the next few days. The kick off party was a total blast with a line down the block. Free tattoos, cheap rum and a secret Kurt Vile show brought in a ton of people including a bunch of cute girls. I had a blast and took photos and flirted with babes to a sound track of lo fi rock and roll from bands like Destruction Unit, Cosmonauts and the Residuals.

Come by today for a day party featuring my favorite rock & roll babes the Coathangers and the Third Man Records rolling record store! I actually have no idea who is playing the night party but I am sure it will be awesome. Now look at some damn photos from Day five of SXSW 2014!

Cesar Chavez

Snoop Dogg

Tobe Hooper

I Believe In Unicorns

Kurt Vile

Sailor Jerry House

Side Boob USA

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SXSW Day 4 – 3.10.14

Yesterday was the last full day of Film/ Interactive for me. Today I start my work for Sailor Jerry. Come by if you are in Austin! We will be at Gypsy Lounge all week. I might not survive that long but I am going to try.

So yeah, let’s run through day four. It was fucking exhausting. My day started out at 10:15am which meant I was up at 8:30am which means I got three hours of sleep. I shot portraits of the cast crew of Late Phases and Starry Eyes. The terrible thing is I don’t know anything about the movie yet. I did a terrible job of figuring all that out but we took some cool photos.

After that I got to shoot the cast of Mike Judge’s new HBO show Silicon Valley. I saw Mike Judge while I was waiting for the cast but I didn’t get to shoot him. I did however get to shoot the rest of the cast including one of my favorite dudes in comedy Kumail Nanjiani. The first time I saw that dude do stand up I knew he was going to be huge. TJ Miller, Martin Starr, Thomas Middleditch, Zach Woods and Amanda Crew. The only one of them I didn’t know was Amanda Crew and she impressed me by pulling out a 35mm camera and shooting me while I was shooting the rest of the cast. I tried to talk a little smack saying she had a kit lens on her camera but it was pretty much the fastest 50mm lens that exists and I was defeated. Turns out she is a bad ass photographer. These are some funny motherfuckers and I cannot wait for this show to come out.

After that I got to shoot Robert Duvall! I shot him once before with Bill Murray and Sissy Spacek for their movie Get Low but this time I got Mr. Duvall alone and think I got some pretty nice shots of him. I shot some black and white too so I can’t wait to see how that stuff turned out.  I got to see his film A Night In Old Mexico and it was pretty great. Well worth watching if you get a chance.

My last film work of the day was to shoot the Cesar Chavez red carpet but unfortunately I didn’t see the movie. I was on so little sleep I almost passed out during Old Mexico so I decided to skip the film and get more coffee into my brain. I get to shoot the cast later today so I hope to see the movie soon!

I took a break and got some food and coffee before heading over to this AT&T/Vice “Mobile Moment” party because Reggie Watts was going to be there. I have been a Reggie Watts fan for many years and it’s awesome to see that dude get all the attention he deserves. Fun fact, his photo has naked photos I have taken saved on it.

Lastly I went and got my final coffee of the day with my old naked model friend of mine. She stopped getting naked but she still rules and it was awesome to see her. Plus I got a ride home!

Highlights below. Much more coming soon!

Robert Duvall

Silicon Valley

Alexandra Essoe

Diego Luna

Reggie Watts

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SXSW Day 3 – 3.9.14

So right now it’s 2:40am and I have to wake up at 8:30am so I am gonna make this wrap up really quick even though day three was total madness.

Step one: Show up 15 minutes late for my shoot with the cast of the movie Two Step because Austin is a nightmare during SXSW.

Step two: Shoot the cast of the Heart Machine including John Gallagher Jr. who at SXSW last year convinced me I should watch the West Wing. I finished the entire series in less than a month.

Step three: Book three shoots in 30 minutes and completely frantically fly through all of them hoping I got at least a couple shots. I shot the cast of Before I Disappear which features a sexy vampire, a Son of Anarchy and one of the most attractive women I have ever seen in real life. After that I shot the cast of Wild Canaries who I had previously partied with the night before. And then finally I got to shoot Tom Savini and the director of Doc of the Dead. I am not a huge horror/zombie nerd, but I am a huge George Romaro zombie nerd and meeting Savini was awesome.

Step four: Shoot Jemaine Clement eating a sandwich. The Flight of the Conchords star is in a movie called What We Do In the Shadows. Might have been the funniest five minutes I have spent taking a photo.

Step five: Shoot the Supermench red carpet. Mike Myers directed a documentary but he also happens to be in Wayne’s World my favorite movie of all time. So taking his photo was really important to my life even if it was just on a red carpet.

Step six: Watch Two Step. My brother edited what turns out to be a brutal fucked up and fantastic film that if nothing else should garner James Landry Hebert a lot of work. He was fantastic as a violent low life. I will talk about it more in the future but if you get a chance to see it, you must. And read the Variety review cause my brother got a mention at the end!

Step seven: Go to a dance party. IHeartComix threw a party at Empire Garage and AraabMusik and Just Blaze DJ’d and I met some cute girls and took a few photos and then left early because I have to be up in fucking five hours.

Step eight: Write this blog post and fucking go to sleep. Photo highlights below. Goodnight.

Two Step!

The Heart Machine

Before I Disappear

Wild Canaries

Tom Savini

Jemaine Clement




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  1. Jessica
    March 11th, 2014 | 8:27 pm

    Omg I lobe the picture you took of us thanks!

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SXSW Day 2 – 3.8.14

Day two got a bit busier for me and it was fucking raining all day. First thing when I got to Austin I headed over to the Intercontinental where I shot Leslie Bibb, Thomas Sadoski and director Liz Tuccillo. Their film Take Care was co-produced by my friend AJ so I was glad I got to shoot it for the Village Voice/LA Weekly slide show I am working on.

After than I headed across the street to the Driskill hotel to photograph Juliette Lewis and Jonny Weston to promote their film Kelly & Cal. I have had a lifetime crush on Juliette Lewis and I have now met her three times and each time I am more smitten than the last. I shot her band a few years ago at SXSW and they were fantastic as well. I hope I get a chance to see the film soon!

Next on my list was walking over to Red 7 where it had been turned into the bar Titty Twister for the new Dusk Til Dawn TV show. I got to shoot Robert Rodriquez, Danny Trejo, Robert Patrick and a whole lot of people in front of the sign. It was pretty fucking cool.

My last photo shoot of the day was with Jeremy Sisto, David Walton, Vincent Ventresca and this rad kid Joshua Rush who was prank calling pizza places in Alaska using Siri. It was pouring rain the whole time so I kept them dry on the porch but I got pretty soaked.

It only got worse when I shot the red carpet for Neighbors. I sort of hate the red carpet stuff and I wanted to see Neighbors and shooting red carpet stuff is better than waiting in line. Still I got pretty wet but at least I was slightly under the marquee. The movie was pretty hilarious and I think I shot some pretty good shots of girls losing their minds over Zac Efron. I gotta wait till the roll of film gets developed though.

Lastly I hit the Heart Machine/ Wild Canaries after party at Cheer Up Charlie’s. I didn’t take any photos but I had a lot of fun and got to hang out with AJ and my friend Teddy and my little brother. I am shooting Heart Machine and Wild Canaries tomorrow so I it’s gonna be funny shooting people in a professional setting that I partied with the night before. I also get to shoot (And see!) the film my brother edited tomorrow. It’s called Two Step and I am pretty excited.

Here are a few shots from yesterday!

Juliette Lewis - Kelly & Cal

Dusk Til Dawn

Take Care

Break Point

Zac Efron & Ike Barinholtz

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SXSW Day 1 – 3.7.14

Day one started SXSW slow. My friend Moni Love was in town for some SXSW fun so we did a quick photo shoot before either of us did any fun SXSW stuff. I shot Moni in this guest house/ motorcycle repair garage in the back of my friend’s apartment. It was quick and easy and I am glad I got another chance to shoot her.

After that Moni gave me a ride downtown and we met up with a photographer friend of mine and checked out Robert Rodriguez’ new museum. He was showing some Frank Frazetta art work as well as some other stuff. It was all pretty awesome. There were a couple Drew Struzan pieces which were awesome to see after watching the fantastic documentary on him. I didn’t take any pictures (well, almost none) but it was pretty cool to check out. I get to photograph Rodriquez later in the week too!

Finally I got to do some proper work. I shot the red carpet for “Chef” the opening film of SXSW. Jon Favreau directed, starred and wrote it and it’s probably my favorite of all his films, and I loved Iron Man (and Swingers but don’t tell anyone). It’s about a Chef who quits his job and starts a food truck with his 10 year old kid and John Leguizamo. Honestly I really dug the film a lot. It combines my love of Top Chef with my love of Twitter. You’ll see…

After the film I rushed to meet my brother and my friend Teddy Blanks who did the credits for a movie called Ping Pong Summer. We hurried way over to this movie theater way north of the rest of SXSW and I bought a ton of shitty candy and popcorn because I hadn’t eaten all day and then the movie ended up getting canceled but we didn’t find that out until I had eaten a ton of terrible food. Evidently the projector broke so they did a midnight screening across town.

Ping Pong Summer takes place in 1985 and looks very much like a film from 1985. It’s sort of like an 80’s summer comedy meets the Karate Kid or something. Nothing I will say about this film will do it justice. You need to see it for yourself. I can’t promise that you are going to like it, I certainly did, but even if you don’t like it it’s well worth seeing. PLUS Teddy’s title sequence is nominated for an award and is up against films like the Lego Movie and Pacific Rim and TV shows like True Detective and Black Sails. Super proud of him.

By the time the movie ended it was after 2am so I called it a night. Today is a much more action packed day with four film portraits booked and the premiere of Neighbors plus a party! Good times! For now check out Teddy’s Ping Pong Summer credits and a couple shots from yesterday!


Jon Favreau & John Leguizamo

John Leguizamo

Moni Love

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South By Southwest is here! I will be in Austin until the 18th covering the 2014 SXSW Film, Music and Interactive festivals. It will be my 11th year in a row at SXSW. I spent the first few years there with the band I managed and then in 2008 I switched to covering it as press. It’s by far my favorite festival and I should get some amazing shots over the next two weeks. Here are a few highlights from last year…

Keep checking back for daily updates!

Trash Talk


Coathangers & Oliver Peck

Paul Walker

Danny Brown & Mr Motherfuckin Exquire

Incredible Burt Wonderstone

Brooke Candy

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Gathering Of The Juggalos Part Two

So it’s 5am on Saturday night/Sunday morning and I just left the Gathering of the Juggalos for perhaps the last time. I am skipping tomorrow and heading to St. Louis early so I can edit and get ready to post real updates and huge galleries and start sending images to clients. With deaths, less major acts, low attendance and a split between ICP and Twiztid it seems like maybe the Gathering has run it’s course. I hope it comes back better than ever next year, but if not this might be my last year. I had fun and took a ton of crazy photos but something was ominous about this year’s Gathering.

Whatever the case I will have TONS of photos next week and I shot a ton of full sets of naked juggalettes for a Hustler spread on the Gathering. I won’t get those up any time soon but once the Hustler comes out I will have a ton of fun stuff for you guys.

Anyway, this road trip blog is over and I will be back soon with real posts but until then here are a few shots from Friday and Saturday at the Gathering of the Juggalos.








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  1. Barbara Shawboose
    August 11th, 2013 | 7:31 am

    I hope it happens again next year, so I can see you again! Take care and I look forward to the pics to start rolling in. <3 MCL!

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Gathering Of The Juggalos Part One

So promising road trip updates from the Gathering of the Juggalos was a huge mistake. I haven’t had any internet except shitty and expensive WIFI that I only got on my phone. Tonight I drove into a small town about 15 minutes from the Gathering to use the internets to send images to clients and update this blog.

I will do real updates later and I will try to do one more of these tomorrow, but this Gathering has been a bit smaller and a lot darker than normal. Less big acts, less people and a lot more drug overdoeses and weird things happening. At least one person died and there have been rumors of some crazy shit happening like someone biting off their own tongue.

Anyway, pictures and updates will come soon. Here are a few pictures for now….










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  1. August 10th, 2013 | 8:33 am

    Wheres the tits?

  2. August 11th, 2013 | 5:52 am

    Soon enough…

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Headed The Gathering!

The road trip blog has returned only a few weeks after I ended my Route 66 trip. This time I am headed to my favorite place on earth, the terrifying and amazing Gathering of the Juggalos! The Gathering is a horrifying music festival in the middle of nowhere filled with insane clowns, naked fat girls and Faygo covered drug crazed juggalos. Photographically there is no place better in the world.

This is my fourth year in a row and today I am flying to St. Louis before hitching a ride with Jason Shaltz as we head into the middle of no where. Cave In Rock is on the bank of the Ohio River in southern, IL on the Kentucky border. It’s three hours from any major city and the closest town with a hotel is an hour away. They are cutting back on press again this year and there is no press tent and no cell service so I might only be able to update the world when I get back to my “hotel” every night. I put hotel in quotes because I am staying at a cabin in a religious retreat 45 minutes away from the Gathering. Good times.

Hopefully I will be able to update this every night Thursday-Saturday with a few pictures and things before getting some serious posts up next week. Here are some highlights from years past. Get excited!

Gathering Of The Juggalos 2010

2010 Gathering Of The Juggalos


Gathering Of The Juggalos 2011

2011 Gathering Of The Juggalos


Gathering Of The Juggalos 2012

2012 Gathering Of The Juggalos

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Crash And The End Of My Road Trip

Well that’s it. I got back home yesterday and spent most of the day napping and watching TV. I answered a few emails and got some posts ready for later in the week. Today, I am going to drop off nearly 70 rolls of film and see what the hell I got on this trip. It was pretty awesome shooting 90% of the trip on 35mm, but also a bit terrifying. This trip was one of the most amazing things I have ever done and I can’t wait to show you guys the results.

I enjoyed doing this road trip blog and I plan on bringing it back next time I go out of town for more than a few days. Then again, if I ever get my damn website redesign done I won’t even have a need for a separate blog like this because updating from the road will be so much easier. Whatever the case, it’s been fun.

Now to celebrate the end of my trip I decided to post a gallery of Miss Crash on The Girls of Driven By Boredom App.

The first time I shot Crash was one of my favorite shoots ever and I really wanted her to be part of my road trip project. She ended up my Route 66 trip by going to the end of Route 66 with me and shooting under the boardwalk and on the ferris wheel at the Santa Monica pier. After the shoot I dropped her off at her place and we did a two minute photo shoot right after she signed release forms.

We only shot about 30 pictures and I put about 20 of the best ones on the app. You should check it out, just sign up for a month and cancel if you don’t think it’s worth it. I think you are going to dig it and stick around. If nothing else you get to look at some naked photos of Miss Crash which is totally awesome.

Now check out the main page of Driven By Boredom tomorrow for real updates and full galleries. Until then, I hope you have enjoyed my road trip. I certainly did.

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Cobrafest Day 3

Today has been insane. I was in completely stopped traffic for well over two hours on the way from Chicago to Detroit where I am now. I found out that I had to get my rental car returned by midnight or my insurance wouldn’t cover the little ding I put in the fender because they only protect car rentals of 30 days or less for some reason. I made it to Hertz by 11:45pm and then had to take a rental car shuttle to the airport and then a hotel shuttle from there to my hotel. This insane trip is all over tomorrow when I fly back to NYC. I cannot fucking wait to get home.

Now, in other news, Sailor Jerry Cobrafest day three was awesome because there was a Yacht Rock party with a water slide in the back. Bands still played (Nones, Rainbow Gun Show, King Dude and my friends White Mystery) and Keith Underwood and Jason Hoodrich from Taylor St Tattoos did free Sailor Jerry tattoos and all that was clearly awesome, BUT the most awesome was a water slide and a LOT of Hall and Oates being played.

If you aren’t in the know, Yacht Rock is my favorite thing on the Internet, it is also a genre of smooth sailing music from the likes of Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald, The Doobie Brothers, Christopher Cross, Toto, etc. The Yacht Rock video series unearths the strange tails of very smooth hit songs of the 70s and 80s. The homie Hollywood Holt was DJing and he killed it. He and Francis from White Mystery got tattooed along with some hot babes I made friends with. It was all a really fun time.

I will get a TON of really fun water slide shots up with all the other Cobrafest at Cobra Lounge Pitchfork after party photos up in a couple of days. I just need a day or two to chill out after 31 days on the row. See you soon NYC!

Update: Click here for day 3 photos!

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Cobrafest Day Two

Day two of Sailor Jerry’s Pitchfork after parties continued at Cobra Lounge last night. The Growlers headlined and got a bunch of tattoos by Keith Underwood. They have done several Sailor Jerry events and keep getting more tattoos. Always a good time with those dudes. Also performing were Toxie, Heavy Times and Denney & The Jets. Denney got a tattoo of his girlfriend topless with a rebel flag behind it. Well, it had her name in it at least. Heavy Times are a Chicago band and they brought out a good local crowd and Toxie was probably my favorite band of the night.

It was a good party and was still going when I left around 2:30am. There was a sweet dance party and Jason Hoodrich was still tattooing anyone who wanted to sign up for Sailor Jerry flash tattoos. It was a wild time and it all starts again tonight! One more day of Cobra Fest with King Dude headlining and my pals White Mystery rocking the fuck out as per always. If you are in Chicago come out!

Anyway, the full gallery will be posted next week when I get back, but until then here are a few shots for you to check out!

Update: Click for Cobrafest day two photos!

Sailor Jerry's Cobrafest

The Growlers

Denney Gets Tattooed By Keith Underwood

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Cobrafest Day One

So right now there is this Pitchfork Music Festival happening in Chicago. I went last year. I didn’t have a super great time so I don’t think I am going this year, although if someone gave me a pass it would be hard for me not to make an effort to see R Kelly. Anyway, not the point. The point is, my favorite client, Sailor Jerry Rum, is throwing after parties again. Cobrafest at the Cobra Lounge happened last year and it was a blast. Things kicked off last night and so far so good.

My girls Habibi were playing for the second year in a row and I love them. They all live in my neighborhood and they are all babes and they make awesome music. How can you not love them.

Sailor Jerry was giving out free tattoos again so Keith Underwood gave three of the four Habibis tattoos. He also hooked me up with one. I had him take a sweet drawing Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins did of a parrot and cut it’s head off and then tattoo that to my arm. I am pretty psyched about it.

The Bronx headlined and I was pretty psyched about that because I am friends with two of the dudes in that band but I have never seen them. I did see their Mariachi band once but never their proper punk band. They were fucking awesome and destroyed the place. There was crowd surfing and moshing and total madness for a full hour.

The People’s Temple and Thing also played and they were awesome but I didn’t really meet them or anything so I can’t tell you pointless stories about them. But yeah, rock and roll and stuff.

Here are a few photos for now, but I will post the full gallery when I get home next week.

Update: Day One photos here!

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Back In Chicago

I spent the last several days driving straight across the country from San Francisco to Chicago. I spent the night in Denver a couple nights ago and then in Newtown, Iowa last night. I was trying to get slightly farther but I ended up picking up a hitchhiker at a gas station in Nebraska and had to drive her all over the place when she couldn’t contact the people she was staying with. She was from Germany and pretty nice and didn’t murder me so overall it was a good experience.

Also on the drive I got pulled over by cops twice. That makes 5 times I have been pulled over for speeding. Three male cops pulled me over and gave me warnings. Two female cops pulled me over and both gave me tickets. That is sexist. The scariest part was when one of the cops made me get in his car with me. He just gave me a warning but it was mildly terrifying to sit in a Nebraska State Trooper car. I did get a ticket in Wyoming for only going 13 MPH over the speed limit which is way less dangerous than the 30 over I was going over in San Francisco when they let me go with a warning… None of this is important. Moving on.

Today I woke up only five hours from Chicago and got here right in the middle of rush hour which was a pleasure. I got some ribs with a photographer friend of mine and then met up with the Chicago band White Mystery who were shopping at some sort of giant Hot Topic for some reason but I got a text from tattoo artist Frank William who I met at Cobrafest last year. He had some free time to tattoo me.

Great Lakes Tattoo just opened and the space is fucking awesome. Everyone had left but Frank when I got there and he proceeded to tattoo The Bunyon Giant aka Tall Paul on me. Paul is my favorite Route 66 attraction. He is one of the three famous Route 66 Illinois Giants that include the Lauterbach Tire Man and the Gemini Giant. I got Sidney Scarlett naked in front of all of them. Pictures soon! Tall Paul happens to be holding a giant hot dog so he is extra awesome. He lives in Atlanta, IL now, but he used to live just outside of Chicago.

Long story short, I am in Chicago for the next few days shooting Cobrafest and now I have a really awesome tattoo to memorialize my Route 66 trip. I need to sleep, but thanks Frank!

Route 66 Bunyon Giant Tattoo

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San Francisco Vs Driven By Boredom

I spent another day in LA and I ended up shooting Arabelle Raphael in her new messy apartment, meeting up with Ash Hollywood and Charlotte Stokely to do post road trip interviews for the web series I am working on, and then I ran over to Donald Glover’s place where he was working on the new Childish Gambino album. I love all four of those people so it was awesome to see all of them again, especially Arabelle’s boobs. They are awesome.

The next day I headed off to San Francisco. I had never been there before and I was pretty excited about it but I was quickly turned against the city. My first night there I had plans to meet up with two people who both blew me off. I ended up in the Castro at three in the morning eating pancakes across from some friendly gay dudes, but it was not exactly how I wanted to spend my first night in SF.

The next day I had four shoots booked including a 10:30am shoot with Dylan Ryan. I wasn’t super happy about the timing and Dylan’s schedule opened up so we moved it to later in the day. Perfect, I could sleep in. Unfortunately I hadn’t heard from my noon shoot so I woke up early anyway to text her. Evidently she got in a fight the night before and might have to go to the hospital. She said she could probably shoot anyway but then I never heard from her again. I was supposed to shoot with Krysta Kaos at six but she texted me saying she was sick. Two shoots down already. My Bay Area anger was rising.

My next shoot was with Finch Linden but it turns out it takes a fucking hour to get from where I was staying in Berkley to San Francisco because everyone in the Bay Area drives well below the speed limit because they are fucking slow moving hippie assholes. I ended up being super late for the shoot and ready to poison all the US granola reserves. Fortunately Finch Linden was all ready for me and had a well lit apartment to shoot in. I shot Finch naked in public in Brooklyn and I was psyched to get to shoot her again but I had to do the whole shoot in 15 minutes before a bunch of her friends came over for a game of Dungeons and Dragons. Party forever.

After my shoot with Finch I texted Dylan and she was only a few blocks a way and on her way to shoot with me. I loved shooting Dylan the first time we shot and I was really excited to see her again. We bonded in a tattoo shop in Austin a couple years ago but I hadn’t seen her since. As I was waiting, I suddenly got a text from Dylan. She had been in a car accident. She was thankfully fine  and it was the other drivers fault, but she had to deal with the police and get her car towed and suddenly three of my four shoots had been canceled and one was tragically cut short by slow drivers and dungeon masters. I had lost my mind.

I just sat in my car with no idea what to do and was sort of just seething, ready to kill the next person I saw wearing sandals or a tie dyed t-shirt. I drove around Mission Hill to check out the view and kill time until I figured out what the fuck I was supposed to do. Suddenly I got a call from Krysta Kaos. She was off work and Theresa Manchester had randomly shown up at her work. What were the chances? I guilt tripped her about flaking on me (We had previously tried to shoot in Vegas, LA and NYC and every time something came up) and she told me to just come out and we would see what happened. I drove out to Oakland and suddenly as I drove over the bridge my luck started to change.

When I got to Krysta’s work she was missing and didn’t pick up when I called her. I was about to lose my mind when I got a hold of Theresa. Evidently they had all gone to let out Krysta’s dog and she grabbed a change of clothes and was down to shoot with me. I interviewed Theresa about my day in St. Louis with her for my web series while Krysta changed and then we went back to her place for a shoot. Krysta fucking killed it and we shot pretty much inside a billboard on her roof. The photos turned out pretty fucking amazing and the whole thing only took 20 minutes. I was so pumped to get to shoot with her after all this time and to have the shots come out so well.

At this point Tori Lux showed up. I had talked to her earlier and she was going to meet and try to shoot with Krysta but she didn’t make it in time. Krysta had to bounce so Tori and I went to her place, shot in her back yard and then ate some delicious foods at some random diner in Oakland. So suddenly I had photographed three girls in one day and was feeling pretty good about things. I also ran into Roxy Rage at Krysta’s work. I had met Roxy with the Bombshell Brats at a Philly tattoo convention and a photo of her Slayer butt tattoo became one of my most popular Tumblr posts of all time. She had moved to Oakland and was down to shoot when she got off work.

I killed time with Tori until Roxy got off work and we ended up at some super weird Oakland bars and I decided that while I might hate Berkley and San Francisco, Oakland seems like my kinda town. I met up with Roxy and I shot a bunch of 35mm photos of her. I didn’t shoot any digital shots and I am not even sure why at this point, but whatever the case they will be developed at some point and that will be exciting or something. Sorry this is getting so long.

The next morning I decided that instead of going 9 hours north to Portland I would just start moving towards Chicago. I need to be there on Friday so I decided to get a head start. I drove 12 hours to Salt Lake City where I am now. I have no plans on doing anything but sleeping in this town and then getting the fuck on. Gonna try to hit Denver tomorrow and see an old friend or two and then keep it moving. I probably won’t have anything exciting for you guys until I get back to Chicago. Until then, here are some NSFW photos. Enjoy.

Ps. Don’t forget about my sexy mobile app!

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Charlotte Stokely In Hustler

Charlotte Stokely is pretty much my favorite model on the planet and I just spent four days with her on my Route 66 trip, but I didn’t get to shoot her until January of this year when I shot her for an article about the AVN Awards for Hustler Magazine. That quick 20 minute shoot while she was getting ready for the AVN Awards turned into a day road trip and then finally into this Route 66 road trip.

A bunch of photos from the first time we shot, and a bunch of photos from our first road trip to Joshua Tree National Park ended up as a massive 10 page spread in the newest Hustler Magazine. I am actually really proud of it and you guys should get a copy if you can find one. It’s the October issue even though it’s out now. I wrote the interview too!

In celebration of the magazine coming out I am going to be releasing the full set of photos I shot with Charlotte at her hotel before the AVN Awards exclusively on the Girls of Driven By Boredom Mobile App. Once the Hustler issue has been out a while I will post the other sets I shot of Charlotte on our road trip, but for now the only way you can see my pictures of Charlotte is in Hustler or on the app.

Here are a few shots to get you excited… now go sign up for my damn app!

Charlotte Stokely

Charlotte Stokely

Charlotte Stokely

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The End Of The Trail

Yesterday I drove down to Santa Monica with my friend Crash and ended my Route 66 journey at the pier. I traveled Route 66 from the 23rd of June until the 10th of July and it was an amazing, amazing trip.

I haven’t really had time or Internet since I left Vegas so I wanted update you guys a bit. In Vegas I shot my friend Angel Beau and Coco Velvett. I have been trying to shoot Coco forever so it was cool to finally shoot with her. Not only did I shoot her but I convinced her to drive to LA with me from Vegas. We drove back down from Vegas to Route 66 and hit a few things along the way including a bottle ranch and a giant orange. It was pretty rad although once you get close to LA the Route 66 sort of just becomes being stuck in LA traffic.

I dropped Coco off at her brother’s and picked up Crash and we took Route 66 down to the pier which, of the three different Route 66 endings, is the only one that is really celebrated in anyway. There is a Route 66 booth on the pier and an End of the Trail sign which is a replica of one that was put up by a movie studio in the 30’s and lasted until it disappeared in the 50’s. I got Crash naked on the ferris wheel and under the boardwalk and that was that. The end of Route 66.

It was a bit anti-climatic, especially since I have almost two more weeks on the road but it was still a great accomplishment and I am very glad I did it.

Today I shot a girl named Catie Parker who is adorable and I might try to take on the road trip to San Francisco but I haven’t actually figure out when I am going to leave LA yet. It’s all a mystery but here are a few NSFW photos of the few girls I mentioned in my write up above. Enjoy

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Ash Hollywood Day Three

I have arrived in Las Vegas, a two hour drive north from Route 66. Ash Hollywood left last night and I am here for a few days to relax, photograph some girls, and give a ton of video footage to Wood Rocket, who I am doing this web series for. Tomorrow I will drive  back down to Route 66 and taking that all the way to Los Angeles where my Route 66 journey will end and part two of my road trip will begin.

Yesterday with Ash was a lot of fun. We checked out Grand Canyon Caverns which is pretty much just a giant hole in the ground, but it was pretty awesome. After that we went to a giant tiki head in the middle of nowhere and then made our way to Oatman, AZ. Oatman is an old gold rush town that somehow has survived along Route 66. They play up on their roots with wild west type shows and things. It was 115 degrees out and we missed all the fake gun fights, but still spent 45 minutes there. Why? Because the whole town is filled with wild donkeys. Seriously. They just walk around town and you can feed them and hang out with them and show them your ass. It was super weird and kinda amazing.

After Oatman we stopped off in a small down on the border of Arizona and California. It was getting close to 120 degrees out and we were hungry so we hit a dive bar/ restaurant called the Silver Dollar Chuck Wagon where they served breakfast all day. I had steak and eggs and a pancake and bacon and a coffee and it was like $10 and the best breakfast I have had on this whole trip. We hung out with some locals and then finally got on the road to Vegas with only a quick stop in Needles, CA.

So Ash is gone and I don’t know if I can find any girls to make the trip to LA with me, so I might finish Route 66 alone, but I am going to have someone meet me in Santa Monica for one last shoot on the pier where Route 66 ends. After that I am headed to San Francisco and maybe Portland before heading back across the country.

For now enjoy this photo of Ash Hollywood that I took on one of the insanely windy roads you have to drive through in Arizona on Route 66.

Ash Hollywood Route 66

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Ash Hollywood Day Two

Saturday was pretty amazing. I not only got to see four of the Route 66 icons that I have seen in so many books but I also go to see the Grand Canyon which despite some rainy weather was everything you would imagine. Truly incredible experience.

Ash Hollywood and I awoke in Holbrook, AZ and headed to the Rainbow Rock Shop which is filled with giant fiberglass dinosaurs. It’s one of the most photographed places on Route 66 and of course I got Ash to flash me infront of the dinosaurs. On the way out of town we stopped by the Wigwam Motel which is famous for giant wigwam’s that open up to hotel rooms. Right outside of town I got ash completely naked in front of the famous Here It Is sign. We then headed down Route 66 and we passed Twin Arrow, an abandoned trading post with two giant arrows next to it. Unfortunately it’s fenced off, but we parked the car on the shoulder and hopped the fence and once again Ash got naked.

After all the roadside nudity we got some food at Granny’s Closet in Flagstaff and then headed to the Grand Canyon. It was pouring rain as we drove up 64 towards the canyon but this was going to be my only chance to see the Grand Canyon so I decided it was worth the three hour round trip drive even if I had to see it in a huge storm. Fortunately the weather cleared up a bit and I got to see the majesty of the Grand Canyon. On the plus side it was still sprinkling and that meant less tourists so it was relatively easy to find a spot a way from people for a photo shoot. We were still very close to tourists but we were able to shoot for almost ten straight minutes without getting caught. It was an amazing experience.

We left the Grand Canyon and made a few stops on the way to Siegelman, AZ but nothing exciting. We are staying in an old motor lodge tonight and did a pretty awesome hotel photo shoot that I am thinking about making exclusive to my DBB Girls App. I mean I gotta give you guys some reason to sign up right?

Anyway, it was an awesome day and in a few hours we are going to head as far as we can on Route 66 before taking a slight detour in Las Vegas. Vegas is just slightly North of 66 so I am going to stop there for a few days, check into a nice hotel, and try to recover a little. Ash will be leaving me and hopefully I am going to be able to pick someone else up in Vegas and finish up Route 66, ending up in Santa Monica, CA with a boardwalk photo shoot and a Route 66 tattoo.

In the mean time, check out this NSFW shot of Ash Hollywood naked at at the Grand Canyon!

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Ash Hollywood Day One

So I picked up Ash Hollywood from the airport in Albuquerque but her plane was delayed because of a crazy storm so we got a late start. We managed to get lost on several frontage roads, dead ending on one and having to back track a couple miles, but we made the best of it, shooting under Interstate 40 and next to a Cracker Barrel billboard. It was pretty awesome.

By the time we got to Galup, NM it was really too dark to take photos, but there wasn’t much I wanted to see between Galup and Holbrook, AZ so we booked it to Arizona and crashed at a HoJo. Holbrook is home to the famous Rainbow Rock Shop and has more fiberglass dinosaurs per capita than any place on earth. I was so excited to see the Rock Shop on the way into town that I drove over to it and in the dark backed my rental car into a giant geode. I can’t wait to explain that to the rental car place. The HoJo was pretty awesome because it had a hot tub and a coupon for a free half pound of petrified wood from a petrified wood store down the road.

Tomorrow is going to be a much busier day and amazingly awesome because we are going to get to explore Holbrook and hang out with plastic dinosaurs and see the famous “Here It Is!” sign. Oh yeah, and we are also going to the Grand Canyon… but it’s not quite as exciting as dinosaurs!

Below are a couple NSFW shots of Ash on the I-40 frontage roads that we accidentally got on while trying to find Route 66.

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Into The West

I have been MIA for a few days, mostly because I was on my own and instead of using it as an opportunity to get work done I used it as an opportunity to sleep. I got 7 hours sleep the last two nights so I am good to go again. I was starting to fall apart…

At the moment I am in a coffee shop in Albuquerque, NM, which seems like a pretty rad town. I got her last night and explored the hip Nob Hill area because Route 66 runs right through it. It seems like my hipster brethren could get along here well. I have to kill a few more hours here until Ash Hollywood arrives. She was in Vegas for the 4th and we found out you could get a super cheap flight here from Vegas so I am gonna pick her up today and over the next three days drive her back to Vegas with stops in two of the towns mentioned in the song Route 66 and we are going to take a detour to the Grand Canyon tomorrow. Pretty exciting.

The last few days have been really fun but it’s a shame I didn’t have a naked girl with me because New Mexico has some of the best signage I have ever seen and it would have been awesome to have had a girl to take her shirt off in front of a giant teepee or giant sombrero.

I did luck out in Amarillo, TX where I found a babe named Annalee Belle on Model Mayhem who was familiar with my work and was totally down to get topless at the Cadillac Ranch, the insane art project by noted millionaire pedophile Stanley Marsh 3. I was super excited to see the ranch, as it is one of the top three stops on Route 66 in my mind, but less psyched to find out Marsh was in jail for sexually assaulting teen boys. We took some awesome pictures and did it with people all over the place. We got caught by one guy, but he didn’t seem to mind so much…

Yesterday I also had an amazing experience at the exact middle of Route 66 in Adrian, TX. There is a restaurant there called the Midpoint Cafe and it used to be owned by a woman named Fran who was the basis for Flo from the Pixar movie Cars. I got food at the cafe but then another Route 66 traveler told me about Fran and how she sold the cafe but now owns the place next door called Sunshine Station. I headed next door and it was pretty much your standard gift shop along the route but Fran instantly asked me about my trip and was one of the nicest people ever. When I picked out a few items and headed to the register I realized that they only took cash. I asked Fran if there was an ATM near by since I didn’t have any cash and she told me the nearest ATM was 30 minutes away. That’s when Fran just handed me my stuff and wrote down her address. She told me to just send her a check when I got home. I was blown away that someone could be that trusting and awesome. I went to my car and got one of the polaroids I took of the Blue Wale and wrote her a nice thank you note on the back. I took a few photos of her and told her I would send her another photo when I got back home. It was pretty awesome.

When I was in Kansas I also met the inspiration for Mater, the tow truck from Cars so last night I rented the movie on iTunes. I am not a big cartoon fan but it was good to relax a little and get all the details that are in the movie that most people who haven’t traveled Route 66 wouldn’t understand. In Cars there is a line about Route 66 wasn’t about making good time but having a good time and it’s really true. Unlike massive highways Route 66 is an absolute pleasure to drive and it’s really tragic that this part of our culture is disappearing.

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Theresa Manchester

Yesterday I mostly hung out in Oklahoma City with my old friend Heidi. She was a really good friend when she lived in NYC but I haven’t seen her in ages so we got food and she showed me her city and we found out that a bus ticket back from Amarillo, TX was pretty cheap so she ended up coming on a day of my road trip, but because we left so late and I ended up with some car trouble we only made it about two hours outside of OKC before we decided to stop. So really nothing exciting happened today although Heidi did jump in a pond at some point.

BUT, what did happen is that I edited a full set of Theresa Manchester getting naked in public in St. Louis. She got naked at the St. Louis Arch and then again in front of this giant bottle. I won’t be uploading the set until I get back from my road trip, BUT you can see the whole thing NOW if you sign up for the Driven By Boredom Girls Mobile App.

If you sign up for the app you will get exclusive content and photo sets before they go online and starting with this gallery of Theresa, higher resolution images. It’s all pretty exciting and really cheap. So sign up now and see a lot more of this!

Theresa Manchester Naked In Public

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Charlotte Stokely Day Two

I just dropped Charlotte off at the Oklahoma City airport and I am trying to get a few hours sleep before I get on the road again. Today was pretty awesome despite my exhaustion. We made terrible time yesterday and had to skip a few bits of Route 66 for I-44 just so I could get to Catoosa, OK so I could see the big blue whale before it got too dark. Fortunately we made it in time and I think we got some awesome shots at the whale, which is pretty much my favorite stop along the route thus far. They also sold fireworks there so Charlotte bought some sparklers and I bought some smoke bombs which we set off before we went to the airport.

Today we also visited and got her naked in front of some giant praying hands, a giant solo cup, a giant bottle, an some more insane shit I am too tired to remember at the moment. I have taken 22 rolls of film already on this trip, it’s pretty ridiculous  I have had to buy new film three times already. I also went through 60 Polaroids and I don’t even know where to get more Instax film on the road. On the other hand I have only shot one roll of black and white film and only a handful of digital images. Route 66 just makes sense on physical film and in vibrant color. I just wish Kodachrome still existed for this adventure.

I just want to say I have been so fucking blessed to be able to go on this trip and I have had so many rad people help me along the way from the people who donated to my campaign, to the girls like Dixie Comet, Caprice Capone and Theresa Manchester who showed me their town to all the people I have met along the way and especially Sidney Scarlet and Charlotte Stokely for making a serious commitment to this project and being fucking awesome and beautiful and crazy and fun.

I need to get some sleep but here is a quick snap shot I took with my phone of the polaroids and rolls of film I have shot so far…

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Charlotte Stokely Day One

Charlotte Stokely and I got into way too much insanity today. We got naked in a cave (well she did) we hung out with wild beasts and she drank a half of a bottle of cake flavored vodka and almost poured BBQ sauce on a short order cook.

The highlight of the day was definitely this wildlife sanctuary we visited where they let us play with snakes and alligators and they had tigers and a lion and one of the tigers clearly wanted to murder our tour guide but fortunately there was a cage preventing a gruesome death. The lion seemed super friendly though. They also had emo emu’s and a super neurotic jackal. At the end we asked them if Charlotte could hold an animal while topless and they were super psyched about it and we all took naked photos of her with an albino boa constrictor like she was in a Crucial Taunt video.

The Jesse James wax museum was pretty awesome too, as were the caves and the world’s largest rocking chair and the hot tub at our hotel. All and all a pretty awesome day that I would go into more if I didn’t have to be awake in a few hours because I realized I only have Charlotte for one more day and I need to get her to Oklahoma City by tomorrow night.

After the break is are NSFW photos of her in a cave and her and I hanging out with a snake.

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St. Louis Part Two

Day two in St. Louis started with me meeting up with Theresa Manchester again to get her to fill out some paperwork since she hadn’t the night before. She was staying with a friend who was house sitting in this giant partially empty house so we took some more photos and then all three of us got lunch. At some point a man with face tattoos hugged me.

Later Charlotte Stokely flew to St. Louis and I picked her up at the airport and made her go directly to the zoo with me even though it was raining. We hung out with hippos and elephants and stuff and a peacock rolled up on us and I got in his face with a camera. It was pretty rad. The monkey house was by far the best although the hippos were a close second. Charlotte got topless a few times including around the penguins and then we had BBQ for dinner.

All of it was a good time but we called it an early night so we can set out on my road trip again. Charlotte is going to be with me for a few days and she flys out of Oklahoma City. Should be a good time.

Here’s a quick video of Charlotte hanging out with a lemur.


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St. Louis Part One

My St. Louis adventure isn’t over yet, but I had a few hours to get some stuff up so I wanted to take that chance to update you guys. I arrived in St. Louis yesterday with Sidney Scarlet and we immediately hit the pool. It was an airport Econo Lodge pool so it was pretty ghetto, but it was like 100 degrees out so it was pretty fucking awesome. We hit a BBQ spot for dinner and I took her to the bus station and she went back to Chicago.

At 5am Theresa Manchester showed up at my hotel door. She is from St. Louis and was home for her grandmother’s 85th birthday. We had planned on taking photos super early in the morning and my hotel was right by the airport so when her flight got delayed she just came straight to my hotel and napped for a few hours before our shoot.

We had a pretty epic day. She took me to some gross/delicious breakfast diner and then we hit the fantastic St. Louis City museum. That place is one of the coolest places I have ever been and I have no idea how to begin to explain it. It’s a massive building that was taken over by artists who turned the whole thing into a giant jungle gym/ art project. You should probably just google it. There were summer camp kids everywhere crawling on everything. We went on the roof and checked out the Ferris Wheel. She flashed me when we were at the top for pictures and evidently someone saw us because we seemed to have a guy following us around for the rest of the day.

We went on a bunch of slides including a 10 story one and Theresa cut her butt on one of them. It was pretty brutal. We took a few more topless photos in the museum but we got pulled aside and asked nicely to stop doing it. They were really cool about it, but I felt bad because the last thing I wanted was kids to see that and if somebody complained, clearly at least a parent saw it. We checked out the sideshow exhibit and the human hamster wheel after that and then headed to the St. Louis Arch.

Clearly I couldn’t go on some sort of crazy, getting people naked in public, road trip without getting someone naked in front of the arch. It didn’t make any sense to do it right under the arch but we found a park a few hundred feet in front of it with a perfect view of the whole thing and I set up my camera and whenever people would walk past us she would give me a quick flash, I would take a few photos and then we would go back to regular photos. Eventually we got some nice shots and no one was the wiser.

After that I photographed her fully naked in front of a giant Vess soda bottle while cars on the highway honked at us. They could see us but not get to us. We were in some industrial neighborhood. Somehow the video I took of that got fucked up but there are some awesome photos.

Finally she took me to Ted Drewes Frozen Custard for desert. It’s a Route 66 classic and the perfect last stop in St. Louis. It was delicious and decidedly wholesome compared to the rest of the day. I dropped her off at her grandmother’s house and came back to my hotel and took a nap and did some much needed work on my website.

I might go hang out with Theresa and her local friends later tonight so there could be some additional adventures and I am meeting Charlotte Stokely here tomorrow and we are going to try to go to the St. Louis zoo so I am sure this time tomorrow night I will have some new stuff to show you guys. Until then check out a couple NSFW shots of Theresa Manchester from the arch and the Vess soda bottle. They are pretty funny…

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Sidney Scarlet Day Three

I made it to St. Louis. Just one state down and many more to go to get to the end of Route 66. But with the end of one state comes the end of my time with Sidney Scarlet. I dropped her off at a bus station on the way back to Chicago. It took us three days to get here but it only takes 5 hours to get back.

Today was a ton of fun and I took a ton of 35mm photos and a bunch of video. We met the son of Bill Shea who is running Shea’s Gas Station while his dad is recovering from an injury in a nursing home. He told us all about the history of the place and his dad. It was a pretty amazing experience. We went to Lincoln’s tomb and rubbed Lincoln’s nose for good luck. We got Sidney naked a bunch and checked out another of the Illinois Muffler Men as well as a Giant rocking chair, the Ra66it Ranch and went antiquing for a bit. We even saw the worlds largest catsup bottle and an antique store with an ice cream store in front that is shaped like a giant ice cream cone. I was sort of in heaven.

We got to St. Louis a few hours before I had to take Sidney to the bus station so we hung out in the airport Econo Lodge pool which was disgusting and awesome at the same time which describes all the food I ate today as well. I ate at Charlie Parker’s in Springfield where I consumed a pancake the size of a pizza and a breakfast “horse shoe” which is some sort of ungodly sandwich that is just two pieces of bread covered in meat, cheese, eggs and hash browns. It was amazing. For dinner we had some St. Louis BBQ at some chain restaurant by the airport. It was pretty damn delicious.

Unfortunately the internet at my hotel isn’t working very well so I can’t upload any more of the video I shot today but here is a video that I uploaded the other day to the secret blog for people people who donated to support this trip. It’s pretty hilarious and there are some boobs so be warned.

The video was recorded at a Target in Joliet, IL when the power went out while Sidney was shopping for a swimsuit.


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Sidney Scarlet Day Two

On day two of my adventures with Sidney Scarlett we awoke in Pontiac, IL where we immediately headed to a restaurant with a giant bull sign in front. It was pretty awesome. I had a bunch of meat and eggs and stuff in a skillet. I tried to put Sidney on the bull out front but it was too tall and she sucks and climbing. We stayed in Pontiac a bit longer so we could check out the Illinois Route 66 Hall of Fame. It was very worth it and there is a war museum upstairs where we talked to the son of the man who founded it. He told us stories of his father in WWII and his horrible experiences in Vietnam. It was very moving.

We then headed straight for the Beer Nuts factory where all the Beer Nuts in the world come from. Then we ate Beer Nuts. It was pretty awesome. Then we went to Funk’s Maple Sirup and bought maple sirup and yes, that is sirup with an i.

From there we went to Atlanta, IL which is pretty much the best town ever because they have a Paul Bunyan statue that is holding a huge fucking hot dog. Seriously, it’s my favorite thing ever and there is like a 60% chance I am going to get it tattooed to me by the end of this trip… perhaps tomorrow. They also have a water tower that has a smiley face on it and we ate at a really awesome diner that had amazing pie and a bacon wrapped filet mignon.

After that we hit Lincoln, IL for the watermelon statue that commemorates the time that Abe Lincoln toasted the town with a glass of watermelon juice. It was amazingly unimpressive. The world’s largest covered wagon on the other hand was fucking awesome and Abe is riding it.

Sidney got naked in front of a lot of this stuff so there was a lot of pulling boobs out and then running away. You’d think I would be the one convincing Sidney to do this stuff, but on a few occasions I was the one who didn’t want to risk it. When we ran into an FBI office in Springfield, IL we recorded a pretty hilarious (and NSFW) video of Sidney trying to convince me to take photos of her naked infront of the FBI. Check it out after the break.

Our night ended with a trip to Cosy Dog the birthplace of the corn dog. It was fucking amazing and really delicious and I bought two stuffed animal hot dogs that hug each other. Best shit ever. We then checked into a Travelodge with the promise of a swimming pool but it was broken so Sidney took a bath instead and I took photos. I mean why not right?

Check out the video of us at the FBI and I am gonna get some sleep so we can make our way to St. Louis tomorrow. There is another Giant, a lot of Lincoln stuff and a rabbit ranch on the way! Get pumped!

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Sidney Scarlet Day One

So my road trip continued when I picked up one of my favorite Burning Angel babes Sidney Scarlet in Chicago and started out on Route 66 in earnest. She picked up some booze and I picked up some coffee and we drove as much the original Route 66 as we could South through Illinois. We had a bit of a hiccup along the way when Sidney managed to break her brand new phone in the middle of a movie about Joliet, IL at the Joliet Historical museum so we had to go on an adventure to the Joliet Mall where we met an AT&T salesman who told us about his homemade porn collection and wanted to get high with us. Sidney gave him her number.

After that we made moves to Target because Sidney forgot to pack underwear. Amazingly the power was out in Target so we shopped using the flashlight app on my phone. Sidney tried on a swimsuit top in the middle of the store and I video taped the whole thing. After that we finally got back on the road where she proceeded to flash me in front of every roadside attraction we could find. We also fed sheep or goats or something. And by feed I mean we threw food at them and they ignored us. I doubt they even said hi to their mother for me.

Unfortunately I only shot video and 35mm stuff while we were on the road but we did do a digital photo shoot once we got to our hotel in Pontiac, IL. I will post a preview of that below the fold. More adventures on Illinois Route 66 tomorrow!

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Chicago has been pretty fucking insane. It started out pretty chill after I drove to Chicago from Detroit and got dinner with two of my friends director Joe Swanberg and photographer Clayton Hauck. I made plans with them separately but when I introduced them they had actually already met as two days previous Clayton shot Joe for an article in Chicago Magazine. Wild coincidence. After dinner there was hangs in Joe’s weird Tiki themed basement that I may have mentioned yesterday and then I updated this site and crashed out.

In the morning I met up with porn babe Caprice Capone and we went to the Navy Pier and I got her naked on the Ferris Wheel. We rode it twice and I am pretty sure they caught us the second time but instead of going to jail and becoming sex offenders we just got laughed at. After that we went to a beach where we attempted to get her naked in the water but two kids saw her in her tiny bikini and kept lurking so we sort of gave up. It was fun to swim in Lake Michigan even if we didn’t get any rad photos. (We may have snapped a few…) As I was driving her to the train station a crazy storm/tornado hit and I was pretty sure my car was going to get thrown into the lake, but fortunately I made it to my friends Jillian and Madlab place alive.

I watched the first period of the Blackhawks Stanley Cup playoff game with them and then ran over to a comic book store to shoot Rizzo Ford in front of a huge wall of golden era comics. It was a pretty cool shoot although the light was a little weird. Right as I was leaving the comic book store the Hawks won in a dramatic come from behind historic victory to claim the cup and Chicago was just completely insane after that. Total madness everywhere.

I then headed over to Evil Olive to shoot the insane Porn N Chicken party. Check out the first time I shot it. It was a pretty crazy time and there will be a ton of pictures from that soon. I took almost 600 shots. Bananas.

Anyway, I am fucking about to pass out and I have to be awake in 4 hours to get on the road again. This time with Sidney Scarlet. It should be fun. Pics of Caprice, Rizzo and PNC after the jump. NSFW.

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So my road trip is off to a great start. I flew to Detroit and I managed to get upgraded to first class which made our hour delay a lot more bearable. I got to stay in a pretty sweet Red Roof in that just mildly smelled like death. I had the Insane Clown Posse’s former publicist take me out to some extremely weird bars and and ate some sort of cream puff from Coney Island which is kinda bullshit that I have to eat food in Detroit named after a place in the city I live in.

The next morning I woke up and met up with a girl named Dixie Comet. She is a fetish model and just moved to Detroit. She had randomly Tweeted at me a couple days earlier and I really wanted to shoot someone in an abandoned building so I asked her if she was down. She had a building in mind but I had heard about this massive Packard Plant that had been abandoned in the 90’s. I thought we were going to have to jump a fence or something but you could just walk in because most of the walls were gone. There were plants growing on the second and third floors. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. We only explored one building and there were dozens of them. I could have shot her for months and never shot in the same place. Unfortunately it was insanely hot and we called it a day after about an hour.

The only downside was when I stepped on a nail that went right through my shoe. I haven’t gone to the hospital yet but I am sure when I get lock jaw I will go to the ER in whatever city I am in. Let’s pray for my health. I also almost hit a pheasant with my car.

After the shoot I drove to Chicago where I am now in my friend Joe Swanberg’s Tiki themed basement that was like this when he bought the place. Super surreal. Joe directs movies for a living and when his movie Drinking Buddies comes out you need to see it. I saw it at SXSW and it’s amazing.

After the break is a preview from my shoot with Miss Dixie Comet. I would say it’s NSFW but its probably too late at this point.

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Welcome To My Road Trip!

The road trip has begun! As we speak I am on the way to the airport (at least I hope I am, if not I am probably going to miss my flight, but I wrote this yesterday so who really knows). I am headed to Detroit, Michigan where I will rent a surprisingly cheap rental car, hopefully hang out with some juggalos and then drive my ass to Chicago. I am shooting the infamous Porn ‘n’ Chicken party Monday night and then I begin my slow trip across the United States via as much as the old Route 66 as possible. I will be taking multi day stops in St. Louis, Las Vegas and LA before heading up the coast to San Francisco and Portland. After that I gotta somehow get my ass back to Chicago and finally fly home from Detroit on July 23rd. It should be pretty insane.

I will be updating this site as often as possible with tales and photos from the road. Hope you are at least 1/15th as excited as I am!

Here are my VERY tentative dates incase you are wondering:

  • June 22-23 – Detroit, MI
  • June 23-25 – Chicago, IL
  • June 27-29 – St. Louis, MO
  • July 1st – Tulsa, OK
  • July 2nd – Oklahoma City, OK
  • July 3rd – Amarillo, TX
  • July 4-5 – Albuquerque, NM
  • July 6th – Flagstaff, AZ
  • July 7th – The Grand Canyon
  • July 7-9 – Las Vegas, NV
  • July 10-12 – Los Angeles, CA
  • July 12-15 – San Francisco, CA
  • July 15-16 – Portland, OR
  • July 17th – Seattle, WA
  • July 18-19 – Driving non-stop back to Chicago
  • July 19-21 – Pitchfork Music Fest – Chicago, IL
  • July 22-23 – Detroit, MI
  • July 23rd – Back To Brooklyn!
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