LA Part 2

In a few hours I am gonna be leaving LA for DC and a few days with the family for thanksgiving. I figured I would update you guys on the last few days and give you a few photos before I skip town. Since I left you last I have done a handful of pretty good shoots AND I got to see the Dolphins beat the Rams in one of the worst and best games I have ever seen. The first 55 minutes were terrible and it was raining and miserable and the Dolphins were down by 10. And then suddenly the rain stopped for a few minutes and the Dolphins scored 14 in 4 minutes and won the damn game. It was glorious.

Anyway, you wanna see some babes. Let’s get to that…

I was watching hockey the other day at my brother’s place when Ivy Aura decided she wanted to hang out. I met her in Portland in June and she was in LA making adult movies but had the day off so she came by. We didn’t do a full shoot or anything but I did shoot a few photos of her on the wall with the projector I was watching hockey on. We played one of her Porn Hub videos on the wall and I shot her in front of it. It was kinda funny.

The next morning I went and shot this girl Kasey Warner who has this adorable place not to far from my brother’s and we shot in her back yard. Like everyone in LA she has an adorable dog and we did a few photos with it. The dog hated me at first but we bonded and I spent like 30 minutes just petting her dog after the shoot. It was great.

Later that same day I went to shoot Dahlia Sky. I am kinda a huge fan of Dahlia’s existence and we had never done an 1 on 1 shoot before. We finally had a chance and it was sadly too dark in her place and I had to use a flash which I hate but I think we got some good stuff anyway. Honestly Dahlia is fucking amazing so it doesn’t really matter how good my photography is.

The next day was the Dolphins game and then I went and hung out with Abella Danger who I kinda feel like is my little sister because all we do is talk shit to each other whenever we hang out but it’s fun anyway and I occasionally take photos of her butt. Wait, scratch that sister thing.

Today I went out to Santa Monica and shot Jillian Janson under the boardwalk and on the pier. Most of the pictures are safe for work but we shot some naked ones quickly too and Jillian is so fucking hot it’s kinda irrelevant if she’s wearing clothes or not. You are gonna really dig the photos.

That brings me to right now. I had plans tonight but they got canceled so instead of hanging with babes for one last night I am updating my website which is probably for the best anyway. Besides I need to repack after two weeks on the road.

Now go look at some photos…

Jillian Janson

Ivy Aura

Kasey Warner

Dahlia Sky

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