Sidney Scarlet Day One

So my road trip continued when I picked up one of my favorite Burning Angel babes Sidney Scarlet in Chicago and started out on Route 66 in earnest. She picked up some booze and I picked up some coffee and we drove as much the original Route 66 as we could South through Illinois. We had a bit of a hiccup along the way when Sidney managed to break her brand new phone in the middle of a movie about Joliet, IL at the Joliet Historical museum so we had to go on an adventure to the Joliet Mall where we met an AT&T salesman who told us about his homemade porn collection and wanted to get high with us. Sidney gave him her number.

After that we made moves to Target because Sidney forgot to pack underwear. Amazingly the power was out in Target so we shopped using the flashlight app on my phone. Sidney tried on a swimsuit top in the middle of the store and I video taped the whole thing. After that we finally got back on the road where she proceeded to flash me in front of every roadside attraction we could find. We also fed sheep or goats or something. And by feed I mean we threw food at them and they ignored us. I doubt they even said hi to their mother for me.

Unfortunately I only shot video and 35mm stuff while we were on the road but we did do a digital photo shoot once we got to our hotel in Pontiac, IL. I will post a preview of that below the fold. More adventures on Illinois Route 66 tomorrow!

Sidney Scarlet

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