Jessie Lee & Jillian

At some point in my life I met a guy named Matt who is one half of a nightlife photo blogging team out of Chicago called Darkroom Demons. Matt eventually introduced me to his partner Tyler who introduced me to his friend Brad when I was in LA. Back in NYC Brad introduced me his friend visiting from Chicago. Her name is Jillian and the night I met her she got naked for me in a bathroom.  I was pretty much in love.

I was no the only person who fell in love with her.  My friend and Burning Angel Jessie Lee also started crushing on her.  So Jessie Lee and I did what we do.  She got naked and I took photos.

We climbed up onto Brads roof and then climbed over a wall to the next building and did a quick photo shoot on the roof. Clearly a tripod would have been nice and maybe we should have just shot it during the day, but let’s get reasonable, who gives a shit, these girls are fucking babes.

Seriously how fucking hot is Jillian. Those boobs are changing lives. And you have seen Jessie Lee a million times on this site so you know all about her. You just need to look at the NSFW pictures of them naked.

So yeah. Click here to see Jillian & Jessie Lee naked on a roof!

Update: Sadly Jillian no longer wants to be naked on the internets so these pictures have vanished. Amazingly I have only met two people named Jillian in my life and both of them took naked photos with me and then asked me to take them down later. They both also had really rad boobs. Coincidences… 

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