Introducing Igor 35

I have spent an unreasonable amount of time organizing every photo I have ever taken. The ideas is to create a series of portfolio sites that I can gain new clients with and keep being able to pay for food to go in my face. The problem is I still have more than three years of digital photos to go through still. But fortunately (or unfortunately for my career) I have already finished organizing my 35mm photos and I have launched my first portfolio site: Igor 35.

The site is a very small selection of my 35mm photography. Primarily snap shot work taken over the last 7 years, it contains a dozen small galleries of work, each representing a project or body of work. It is still a work in progress but I figured I would finally show it off to more than the people who follow me on Twitter.

The main problem with the site is that it’s incredibly bi-polar and features everything from soft black and white work to some of the most graphic and horrifying  images I have ever posted. That brings me to the second problem with the site… no one who sees this site will ever hire me for anything. It’s extremely fucked up and very NSFW. You have been warned.

Igor 35 has a ton of unpublished work on it, as well as shots from my first book, Get Your Kicks, my new book Dinner With Igor and my infamous unpublished book Drink Fight Fuck. I hope you dig it.

Click here to visit Igor 35! 

Igor 35

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Road Strip With Coco Velvett

The penultimate episode of my Route 66 web series Road Strip came out yesterday almost exactly a year after I released my Route 66 book Get Your Kicks. It stars Coco Velvett and Angel Beau. After the last episode I had to drop Ash Hollywood off in Vegas, which isn’t on Route 66 but only a few hours north. I had been staying in terrible motels for the last two weeks so I decided I would take a quick break at a nice hotel in Vegas and hang out in the pool for two days.

I hit up my pal Angel and she happened to be hanging out with Coco who I had been trying to photograph for years but shit kept not working out. I shot both of them in my hotel room and then we hung out at the pool all night. It was a pretty good time. I didn’t have a model planned for my last leg of Route 66 and Coco needed a ride to LA so it worked out and I took her with me.

The drive to LA is only four hours from Vegas but once we hit Barstow and got back on Route 66 the trip took a lot longer than that. We hit some cool spots like the Bottle Tree Ranch and the Wigwam Motel in San Bernardino and I also shot her at the World’s Tallest Thermometer in Baker which while not on Route 66 is still one of my favorite roadside attractions.

The shoot I did with Coco I decided to make exclusively available on the Girls of Driven By Boredom app. It’s a small set to begin with and some of the images are a bit graphic for this site, so I just uploaded everything in high resolution to the app. So you need it if you want to see the pictures. Also, there are a bunch of unpublished photos of Coco and Angel in the super limited What Happens in Vegas photo album print series I did.

Lastly, I should mention that my Kickstarter hit $2500 yesterday passing its second stretch goal. That means everyone who orders a copy of Dinner With Igor will get a free 5″x7″ print from the book! I still have a long way to go before I make money on this book, so please get your preorders in! Both Angel and Coco are in the book!

Now go look at the second to last episode of Road Strip starring Coco Velvett! NSFW!

Coco Velvett

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Hannibal Buress @ Madison Square Garden

Last week I got a text from Hannibal Buress. He was opening up for Aziz Ansari at fucking Madison Square Garden and asked me if I could come hang out and shoot some photos of the occasion. I was on my way to watch hockey at a bar a few blocks from MSG anyway, I had to miss overtime but it seemed worth it.

I didn’t shoot a ton but I think I got some cool shots of Hannibal throughout the night. The worst photos are the shots of him on stage because I didn’t bring my 70mm-200mm with me and I was shooting from behind the stage. Still, I think the shots reasonably capture the enormity of the situation. The backstage stuff and after party shots are more fun anyway.

I am not one for being star struck but it was pretty insane to have Chris Rock just hanging out all night. A lot of comedians aren’t funny in normal conversation but that dude is apparently hilarious at every moment. Just listening to him talk to Hannibal for a few minutes made my night.

Before I get to the photos I just want to say how amazing it is that Aziz and Hannibal got to play not one, but two shows at Madison Square Garden. Aziz has come so far from the funny dude I’d bring to random dance parties in the LES and Hannibal is doing such big things since I met him at the Gathering of the Juggalos where he was performing because they couldn’t get Rob Schneider. Hannibal and Aziz are both so fucking funny and very solid dudes. Watching them kill at one of the most legendary venues on Earth was pretty special.

Now click here to see my shots of Hannibal Buress at Madison Square Garden.

Aziz Ansari & Hannibal Buress

Hannibal Buress @ Madison Square Garden

Hannibal Buress & Chris Rock

Hannibal Buress & The League

Hannibal Buress

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2014 NYC Zombie Crawl – 10.11.14

Once again I photographed another zombie crawl. I keep telling myself that I am going to stop taking photos of zombies, yet I keep going to these things. I mean how many photos of zombies can you possibly take? But they again they are always fun to look at…

NYC Zombie Crawl does two crawls a year, on in Brooklyn during the summer and one in Manhattan around Halloween. This year the Manhattan version happened around the NY Comic Con. It was a bit rainy and Comic Con stuff was still going on so when I got to Twins Pub the crawl seemed under attended but as the zombies walked up 8th avenue new zombies kept joining the hoard.

The zombies headed to Times Scare for some zombie burlesque from the Peek-A-Boo Review but right outside the bar NYC Zombie Crawl leader Doug Sakmann got detained by police after he climbed a sign post directly above a police check point. Fortunately he only got a ticket and the crawl was just mildly delayed.

After the burlesque a ton of zombies had joined up and they headed through Times Square and over to Bowlmor Lanes for the after party. A bunch of bands played and Disgraceland Hook Squad & Family Sideshow did horrible things that you might not want to look at if you are squeamish. The sound sucked at the venue which was a bummer because I was pretty excited for Murder One and Girls Girls Girls who are Motorhead and Motley Crue tribute bands. I am a pretty huge Motorhead fan and Motley Crue was probably my favorite band when I was 11. Luckily I have seen Motorhead a half dozen times and I think I am shooting Motley Crue’s last NYC show later this month.

Danse De Sade, Gash and The Deafening played as well. Danse De Sade were super creepy and featured a half naked lady which I appreciate. She got my card and we talked about taking photos at some point and I wouldn’t hate that. Gash were pretty punk rock which I enjoy and their front lady was badass. The Deafening also feature a badass front woman, Lena Hall, who won a Tony Award for her roll in Hedwig & The Angry Inch on Broadway. She was awesome and sang on the bar, made out with audience members and poured beer all over everything which is pretty much exactly what I do when I front a band except that she can sign her ass off as well.

That’s enough rambling. Go look at the massive gallery of photos. There are about 300 of them and they are reasonably NSFW.

Click here to see all the photos from the 2014 NYC Zombie Crawl.

2014 NYC Zombie Crawl

Lena Hall Deafening

2014 NYC Zombie Crawl

Girls Girl Girls Motley Crue Tribute Band

2014 NYC Zombie Crawl

2014 NYC Zombie Crawl

2014 NYC Zombie Crawl

2014 NYC Zombie Crawl

2014 NYC Zombie Crawl

2014 NYC Zombie Crawl

2014 NYC Zombie Crawl

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As you may know I have been making my way through every photo I have ever taken, trying to pull the best images, and somehow organize everything a little better. The goal in the end is to make a series of different portfolio sites highlighting several types of work I do because it doesn’t make a lot of sense to show all my work to every client. I launched a rough version of my new very NSFW 35mm site yesterday and it’s a bit bipolar already without involving any of my event or commercial work.

For a while I was editing a month a day but things slowed down recently as I worked on Dinner With Igor and my Vegas photo album, but I finally finished going through all of 2010. Since people seemed to love my “Best of 2009″ gallery I figured I should do a 2010 version. It’s pretty much just event work, I decided to leave the naked babes out of this, but the gallery is still NSFW.

2010 was interesting because I really stepped up my game as far as camera gear. I upgraded from the consumer camera the Nikon D-300 to the pro full frame D-700. I also stopped using kit lenses (I was always worried about bringing a $1700 lens into a nightclub) and bought a couple serious lenses including my standard event lens the 24-70mm 2.8. The odd thing is I think my event photography actually got worse as a result. My portrait work got a lot stronger but as I went through 2010 I noticed that I started slacking on my party photos. Looking back has made me want to up my game a little bit. I think this whole thing has been a great experience despite the tedium.

A few highlights from 2010 include:

I got laid off from my last real job in December 2008. Most of 2009 I was still thinking about getting a real job, receiving unemployment and trying to figure out what the hell I was doing next. By 2010 I was all in. Aside from spending a quarter of my income on camera gear I also started traveling a lot more including a month long trip where I photographed SXSW Film, SXSW Music, Winter Music Conference and then hit Slaughterama on the way home. It was a pretty good year.

Click here to see a massive gallery of the best of 2010 event photos!

Jon Stewart

Hole Reunion Show

Juggalos! Always Juggalos!

RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman

Aaron Paul & Jack Novak

Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg & Billy Crystal

Iron Maiden

Happy New Years


Grace Dunham, Lena Dunham & Laurie Simmons

Major Lazer

Furries Vs Draven Star

Bill Fucking Murray


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Naked At The Grand Canyon

A new episode of Road Strip came out last week! It’s one of the best ones yet and stars Ash Hollywood. It’s really fun and in it we go to the Grand Canyon. I had never been to the Grand Canyon and it was really foggy and rainy and I was worried it wouldn’t be amazing because it was so cloudy. Turns out a big hole in the ground is fucking amazing no matter what the weather is like. Seriously, it was as impressive as people say it is. Plus the rain allowed for a bunch of public nudity!

We didn’t have to walk far to get away from people, but as we shot we could hear people walking the trail a few feet from us. We also could see people across from us the whole time we shot. If they just looked over they could have easily seen us. It was a lot of fun. I even made Ash take photos of me to send my mom.

The video has a lot of other public nudity in it and some hotels that look like tee-pees and another giant hole and a bunch of other fun stuff, but the Grand Canyon is certainly the highlight and I have all the pictures for you to check out too! I already uploaded em to the DBB Girls app in high res, but if you are impoverished and can’t afford my app they are here too now.

In other news my Dinner With Igor book Kickstarter is about $200 from where it needs to be for me to break even and not lose money so that fucking rules. There are some stretch goals too so you get a free print if it hits $2000 and a bigger print if it hits $2500. Got big ones for $3000 and $3500 too so get your money in now!

Now click here to watch the new Road Strip!

And click here to see all the NSFW photos of Ash Hollywood naked at the Grand Canyon!

Ash Hollywood Naked At The Grand Canyon

Ash Hollywood Naked At The Grand Canyon

Ash Hollywood Naked At The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon

Ash Hollywood Naked At The Grand Canyon

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Dinner With Igor: The Kickstarter

I just launched the Kickstarter for my second book, Dinner With Igor! All the info I could give you is on the Kickstarter so I am going to try to make this short. If you are a long time DBB fan you might remember the Dinner With Igor posts I was doing a while back. Part of the reason I stopped posting the galleries is because I started working on a Dinner With Igor book! It’s over 100 pages with an insane amount of photos of my friends eating.

Believe it or not but this book has no nudity in it! But it does have a ton of hot babes eating food. I tend to take models out for food after shoots since I don’t pay people unless it’s for another client. Buying them a cheeseburger is the least I can do. So yeah the book has porn stars and celebrities and stuff, but it is really about this massive collection of my friends eating. The book gets really interesting when I started plotting out spreads with four photos per page. I actually think it turned out better than I thought it would.

The book is 95% done and I hope to finish it this weekend. Teddy Blanks of CHIPS is designing it and they did my last book too so if nothing else it’s gonna be flawlessly designed. It should be in your hands within a month from when the Kickstarter ends!

I am trying to raise at least $2000 to pay for the full print run, but the Kickstarter is set to $1000 because I know I can hit that number. So please donate and tell your friends and get cool stuff like prints of Dana DeArmond and Bobbi Starr and signed 8″x10″s from Stoya & Charlotte Stokely!

Okay, enough bullshit, go to the Dinner With Igor Kickstarter now!

Dinner With Igor

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River Stark

I was hoping to post my new book Kickstarter today but apparently I am having issues convincing Amazon Payments that my LLC actually exists and now I have to find a fax machine to fax them tax documents because the largest e-commerce website in the world employees a technology that has been out of date for twenty years.

But my problems are your windfall as I now have to post some naked photos instead. It’s only fair right? The other day I shot this girl River Stark who has done very little nude modeling but was a delight to shoot. I was introduced to her by a friend several hours before she was leaving NYC to head back to her home in NOLA and she came over to my apartment around midnight before her red eye flight.

We didn’t have a place to shoot so we just took to the streets and shot a bunch of public topless stuff because #freethenipple and all of that… or just because you can be topless in public in NYC and neither of us really felt like getting arrested. We didn’t shoot very long so it’s a pretty small set but I think there are some nice photos in there anyway. River is a babe and she has amazing boobs so I think you will be psyched no matter what.

She has almost no web presence as a sexy model but you can go follow her on Instagram after creeping on all her photos. Oh, and the photos are available in high resolution on my Girls of Driven By Boredom app!

Lastly, I just wanted to apologize to the 20 or so girls waiting for their sets to go up… Rivers just lucked out because her set was super short and on the same roll with some photos I was already editing. I swear your photos will go up one day!

Now click here to see all the photos of River Stark topless in Brooklyn!

River Stark

River Stark

River Stark

River Stark

River Stark

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2014 New York Art Book Fair

I have a mild problem with art books. I don’t spend a ton of money on the shit most people do. I wear the same pair of pants until they fall apart and most of my clothes I get for free anyway. I have fun and travel and get paid to do it. I don’t really drink or do drugs, I prefer fried chicken to fine dining and I haven’t moved in 8 years so my rent is surprisingly affordable. But, I have a real problem with art books.

I know whenever the Printed Matter New York Art Book Fair comes around I’m in trouble. I knew going in I was gonna spend too much money on too many books and zines so I tried to keep my budget under $250. It worked pretty well on my first day there on Friday but by the time I left Saturday I had gone over by at least $100. Fortunately, the Village Voice to asked me to photograph zine covers for them so while I didn’t exactly break even I still did okay and got a ton of amazing books and zines.

The two days at the fair were a lot of fun and I feel like I got a lot done. Aside from spending money and taking photos I met and reconnected with a bunch of publishers and hopefully I found some people I can work with in the future. Plus when my new book comes out I found a few people who seem like they will help me sell it.

As far as my book haul goes, Dead Beat Club took a bunch of my money for the second year in a row and I got a couple of insane zines from Pogo Books and traded a copy of my Route 66 book for a third zine. I got Sean Maung’s two newest zines and my friend Chelsea’s first zine. She put it out with Paper Work NYC and I hope I can do something with those guys one day. They are doing awesome stuff. Speaking of people doing awesome stuff I picked up an issue of Hamburger Eyes with a bunch of my photos in it. I didn’t even know they had been published. My favorite book at the fair was probably Harrison Freeman’s book “Food Boobs” which was a hit on my Instagram.

I got so much shit I can’t list it all, but thanks to everyone I met and all the artists I was glad I could support. Print is not dead. Keep making amazing shit and I will keep buying it!

And I hope you guys buy my amazing shit too… the Kickstarter for my new book should launch Monday or Tuesday! Be on the look out!

Now click here to see some of the zine and book covers I photographed at the New York Art Book Fair at MOMA’s PS1!

Another Juggalo Book!

Paper Work NYC

Fuck You Dude


Currency Exchange

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