Aria Rae

Hi kids! I am in LA and hopefully very busy so I might not be updating too much over the next 9 days, but I also might shoot some parties while I am out here in which case I will be updating. I mean I really don’t know but whatever the case I am sure I will shoot a bunch of naked ladies that you will eventually see photos of which is obviously important to your life.

Speaking of naked ladies, here are some pictures of the adorable Aria Rae who I met when she was a Burning Angel a long time ago but we never took any photos. A couple years later we did a photo shoot in my kitchen. I have a pretty big kitchen but I also don’t cook anything so it’s very often used as storage space but I was between roommates so my kitchen was relatively box free and shooting her in my kitchen seemed like a way better idea than finding an actual location for a shoot.

Anyway, I am gonna go do LA things like get stuck in traffic and talk about my screen play with someone I am pretending to be friends with. So go look at these photos. By the way there are a bunch of exclusive, significantly more graphic, photos from this shoot on the Girls of Driven By Boredom app. Just saying…

Click here to see the NSFW photos of Aria Rae in my kitchen!

Aria Rae

Aria Rae

Aria Rae

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More Black & White Portraits

A couple years ago I put up a bunch of my 35mm black and white portraits and today I am updating that gallery with a bunch of new pictures. I don’t shoot it very often, maybe 10 rolls a year, but from time to time I shoot some b&w film to keep me in touch with my roots or something. I learned to shoot on b&w film and spent countless hours of my life in the darkroom developing it. I have no interest ever stepping back in a darkroom but shooting in b&w makes you think about light a little differently and it’s a refreshing look compared to black and white digital which in my opinion looks fucking terrible.

Since my last update I haven’t shot that much film. I shot a few rolls on my Route 66 trip and I shot a couple rolls of Charlotte Stokely during our Joshua Tree adventure and there were a few other rolls in my archives. Recently though my friend Mike gave me a few rolls so I was inspired to shoot a bunch of film at SXSW. I mostly shot portraits of actors at the festival when doing my film portrait gallery for Voice Media but I also shot a roll and a half during the music week.

I think there are a few nice shots in here and I figured I would give you guys a chance to look at something other than digital photos parties and naked babes. (I also posted a nude b&w portrait update a couple years ago btw.) I also wanted to give you guys something before I left town for a white.

Headed to LA tomorrow on what was supposed to be a vacation but after destroying my computer and having to pay my taxes I am pretty fucking broke and will probably be working a bunch while I am out there (If anyone needs a photog for a Coachella party this weekend get at me!). I got a couple Hustler gigs lined up and might even shoot a party or two. Not sure how much I will have time to update while I am out there but I have a pretty nice girl gallery ready to go so you will at least get that soon.

Anyway, I got a bunch of work to do before I leave town so I am gonna shut the fuck up and let you look at pictures.

Click here to see some new (and old) black and white 35mm portraits!

Charlotte Stokely

Snoop Dogg

Sidney Scarlet

Danny Trejo

Alia Shawkat

Caroline Gottlieb

Kumail Nanjiani

Krysta Kaos

Nate "Igor" Smith


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Rizzo Ford

Many months ago I shot Rizzo Ford in a famous comic book shop in Chicago. I was asked not to mention the name of the store specifically but it was a pretty cool opportunity to shoot her there after hours. Any nerds in Chicago will be instantly familiar with the book wall that we used as a background. There are rare times when I wish I shot with studio lights and this is one of those occasions as the light was pretty god awful, but I wasn’t exactly going to NOT shoot her in a comic book store just because the light sucked.

I don’t have much more to say about the shoot but I am glad I finally got it up! Also Rizzo has a really rad butt and an even radder Steve Buscemi tattoo. Also you can see more of her from the last time we shot here. If you want to watch her have sex with people you can do so over on this website. And if you want higher resolution images and a few extra exclusive shots (and help me pay for my broken computer!) you can do so over on the Girls of Driven By Boredom app!

Lastly, I should mention that while we shot these photos the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup and when I left the entire city turned into some sort of insane comic book universe where instead of Joker freeing everyone at Arkham Asylum he freed a bunch of drunk midwestern hockey bros. It was actually kinda great.

Now click here to see all the NSFW photos of Rizzo Ford naked in a comic book store in Chicago!

Rizzo Ford Comic Book Store

Rizzo Ford Comic Book Store

Rizzo Ford Comic Book Store

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Miley Cyrus – 4.5.14

I photographed Miley Cyrus’ concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Saturday and fortunately I edited all the images right after the concert because late that night I managed to spill a pint glass of water onto my computer. The worst part is that I didn’t realize what had happened until I picked up my computer and water came pouring out of it. I took my computer to Apple and they can fix it for about $1300 but they won’t restore the data so I went over to Tekserve and they will hopefully get my data back for a relatively reasonable $300. The problem is that it’s going to take a week and by the time I can give the computer back to Apple I will be leaving for LA for 10 days so basically I am not going to have a functional computer until the 26th of this month. Fortunately my old MacBook sort of functions and I can use it to update my website and answer emails… I just can’t do much else.

So before I get to these Miley Cyrus photos I wanted to mention that I put a 20% off sale on everything in my Etsy store. Tons of signed Polaroids and even a few copies of my Route 66 book! I also put up one of my favorite photos of Charlotte Stokely for significantly less than I would normally sell it. All proceeds will obviously go directly to paying to get my computer working again or to pay for my funeral after I die of internet withdrawal. You can also sign up for my app if you want to help out in a small way that also let’s you see extra boobs and stuff. Okay, enough fundraising, let’s get on to some weird photos of pop stars.

The Village Voice asked me to shoot Miley Cyrus for them because I think they think it’s hilarious to have me shoot shit like this. In six years of working for them they have given me maybe 5 total assignments (the rest I assign myself) and those have included shooting One Direction and Britney Spears. They just like fucking with me. They think it’s funny to send a borderline pornographer to shoot a teen pop star, but fortunately I was in good company because I ran into fellow creepy photographers Kirill Was Here, Nick Gazin and saw Terry Richardson inside. Part of the gig was to shoot fans outside and shooting over sexed children did make me extremely uncomfortable but what are you gonna do?

The show started with openers Icona Pop who do that song I Love It which is about crashing a car into a bridge and not caring because you are a 90′s chick or something. I remember seeing a 7 year old girl in a bodega singing that song loudly while her mom was buying cigarettes and thinking how fucked the next generation is going to be. I spent most of Icona Pop’s set thinking about how this is probably how my grand parents felt about Elvis and about how fucking old I am.

Sky Ferreira went on next and I have enjoyed her set both times I have seen her and it was nice to have someone somewhat reserved in between Icona Pop and Miley Cyrus. (I mean that’s reserved in comparison… this is the woman who made this video.) Unfortunately she stayed at the very back of the stage in the dark corners for most of her set so I couldn’t get very many good photos from where they stuck the photographers. I’ve photographed her before in the small room of Public Assembly so I think I got my shots. Pretty cool to see her play in front of a billion teen girls after seeing her there.

So now that I have gone out of my way to seem old and somehow bothered by the sexualization of teen girls (despite my career being based on naked women) I want to mention that I am a Miley Cyrus fan. I mean not of her music because before yesterday I had only heard that Wrecking Ball song, but as a human. This is a girl who spent her entire childhood as a Disney Channel start and decided she needed to get the fuck away from that stuff and become her own woman. She’s clearly a talented singer and has spent the last couple years pissing people off by over sexualizing herself and being a “bad” role model for young women. Personally, I think that female pop music needs bad ass women who carry on the tradition of the Go Gos and Joan Jett and Madonna letting girls know that they are in control of their sexuality and shouldn’t be slut shamed by a male dominated music industry that has been singing about sex and marginalizing women for years.

Okay, I feel like I haven’t had enough coffee to clearly express myself right now and I have used the word sexual way too many times in this article. My point is that I don’t hate Miley Cyrus and I do think there is something artistically valid what she is doing in regards to subverting her Hannah Montana image.

Whatever the case her show was fucking awesome. I only was able to photograph the first three songs and then they kicked all the photographers out but I would have stayed and watched the whole thing if they let me. She is a fantastic front woman and put on a fucking super weird show that comments on sex, race, pop culture and her own celebrity in the first 10 minutes and features her sliding down her on tongue, dancing with furries, slapping a large black woman’s ass and essentially masturbating on top of a low rider. Also, the music is not bad.

In conclusion, I am pro Miley Cyrus, pro Sky Ferreira and I feel like Icona Pop might be the worst thing to happen to humanity since crack cocaine. These photos were shot from pretty far away but I think there are some nice shots anyway, especially of Miley Cyrus. I just wish I got a chance to see her whole set and take photos of her without a ton of people holding up cell phones in between me in the stage.

Click here to see all the photos from the Bangerz tour at the Barclays Center featuring Miley Cyrus, Sky Ferreira and Icona Pop.

Miley Cyrus @ Barclays Center

Miley Cyrus Fans

Icona Pop

Icona Pop

Leave Miley Alone!

Sky Ferreira

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus @ Barclays Center

Miley Cyrus Fans

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Audi A3 Launch With M.I.A. – 4.3.14

On Thursday I checked out the launch party for Audi’s new A3 over at SIR Stage 37. Audi is apparently going after a younger demographic and they had M.I.A. perform. My dad’s mid-life crisis car was an Audi and I remember giving him a hard time for spending so much money on a tan sedan that might as well be a Honda Accord although in his defense I got it up to 140mph when he let me borrow it. But still, I understand why Audi would want to rebrand a little bit…

The party was pretty cool with a lot of free food and cocktails provided by Dobel Tequila. The space was pretty cozy so it was a cool experience to see M.I.A. perform for such a small crowd. She also performed with a hologram which theoretically would have been cool except to project the hologram there was a large clear plastic sheet hung at a 45 degree angle between the crowd and the stage which meant the crowd had to be about 30 feet from the stage. The last time I saw M.I.A. she was pretty much in the crowd performing so I am sure it was weird for her to have to be so far away from the audience. She made a joke about it being a really intimate show except she was separated from us by a huge condom. And all that for one half of one song where a hologram Janelle Monae did one verse of Bad Girls (Monae performed at the LA launch party with an M.I.A. hologram). It was kinda cool but I think it would have been a lot cooler without a giant plastic sheet. It certainly would have made for better pictures.

After the performance people stuck around for the free Dobel and there was a pretty good dance party. All in all it was a great event and I am glad I got a chance to check it out. I just don’t think I can quite afford an Audi yet…

Click here to see all the pictures from the Audi A3 NYC Launch party featuring M.I.A. at SIR Stage 37.

M.I.A. & Janelle Monae Hologram



Dobel Dance Party

M.I.A.'s Dancers

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Sexy Etsy Updates!

I updated the Driven By Boredom Etsy store with some fun new stuff! We have nude signed Polaroids featuring Ash Hollywood, Janice Griffith and Mabel Wolfe. They are all signed by both me and the sexy ladies on them and numbered out of five. I took the Ash Hollywood Polaroids in Vegas after I photographed her for an issue of Hustler. Ash is one of my favorite models and I dig these photos. I shot the Mabel Wolfe shots the day we met in Richmond, VA. We are pretty good friends now so that day was an important one! Lastly the shots of Janice Griffith were shot in her apartment in LA in January. Janice is adorable and brand new girl and she’s totally blowing up. She is so new that she had to practice her signature a few times before she signed the Polaroids because she had never signed anything using her stage name before!

I also added some stickers and buttons to the Etsy store and there is a bunch of things already up there! There are a couple Skin Diamond Polaroids and even an Alysha Nett one left! Plus the last few copies of my book are in the store with exciting inflated prices!

So yeah! Go buy some stuff from my Etsy store! It helps me pay for dumb shit like food and shelter! 

Ash Hollywood Nude Polaroid

Janice Griffith Nude Polaroid

Mabel Wolfe Naked Polaroid

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Trash Is Dead – 3.28.14

Last Friday night I went to Trash for the last time. Trash was one of the first parties in NYC I ever photographed. I remember lying to the door guy to get in cheap on New Years Eve in 2006-2007. I didn’t know anyone back then but I knew Trash was a fun party. I photographed Trash at Rififi, Home Sweet Home, 40C and finally the Studio at Webster Hall. Every party was different and in my opinion none of the locations were as fun as the original, but after 12 years of a party shit changes.

I threw probably five birthday parties at Trash and I even threw a party for the 10th anniversary of me losing my virginity! I met so many good friends, made out with so many cute girls and did an amazing amount of regrettable things at Trash. Man, I loved that party.

DJ Jess decided to call his party quits because he wanted to move on and travel and do things that he couldn’t do with a weekly party that he was responsible for. I completely understand and as sad as I am to see Trash go, it’s probably time. No party can last forever, even one as legendary as Trash.

Trash went out with a bang too. Jess brought back Alex Malfunction who had gone off to get married and have a family. Twig The Wonder Kid was there of course except he actually let me take his photo for once. The burlesque numbers from Albert Cadabra, Go Go Harder and Dangerrr Doll were extra NSFW with all three of them getting completely naked at some point. My old friend Apathy Angel was gogoing and tons of old friends came out to say good bye. It was lovely.

The party went way later than four am and probably would have gone on even longer with DJ Jess spinning encore after encore, but I decided to unplug everything during the fifth tribute to Trash. Like Terry Schiavo before it, Trash needed to be put to bed once and for all.

I ended up at a diner at 6am with everyone just like back in the day. It really was the perfect way to end Trash. I will miss it but from it’s ashes something else will rise. That’s just how NYC works.

Click here for the extremely wild photos from the last ever Trash at the Studio at Webster Hall.


Death To Trash

Death To Trash

Lady Valtronix

Anna Kickarse

Apathy Angel

Go Go Harder

This Is The End

Death To Trash


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Back To The Enchantment Under The Sea – 3.23.14

A few months ago I went to see a very interesting screening of the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. The screening took place inside the lair of the Foot Clan. There were breaks in the movie where actors dressed as TMNT characters came out and interacted with the audience. I thought it was amazing and I said so in my write up.

Shortly after Gabriel Rhodes, founder of BBQ Films who put on the screening, contacted me saying how much he loved my photos and the write up. I told him that I loved what BBQ Films was doing and that I would love to be involved in future events. We ended up getting coffee and I got invited to one of the first planning sessions for the next movie: Back To The Future.

On Saturday and Sunday night (I only attended the Sunday screening) BBQ Films brought a few hundred people Back to the Enchantment Under The Sea dance. This dance is where Marty McFly’s parents kiss for the first time so Marty needs to make sure this happens or he will have never been born!

BBQ Films turned St. Patrick’s Gymnasium in Nolita into The Hill Valley High Gym complete with not one but two DeLorians! They had the fantastic Postmodern Jukebox perform before the screening and of course they came back on during the epic moment where George and Lorraine McFly finally kiss. Marty McFly came out and played Johnny B. Goode and then they played the rest of the movie. Finally Doc Brown came out and started a dance party. It was all pretty perfect.

I only made one of the BBQ Films planning meetings because I was out of town for the rest but my one suggestion that made it to the final production was an important one. They ended up raising several thousand dollars for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for parkinson’s research. People were very willing to donate a little extra to help “save the clock tower” and hopefully make a little bit of difference in the world.

Anyway, the whole event was amazing and I hope I can be involved in future BBQ Films events. If nothing else I will keep photographing them! The photos are pretty awesome so click the link below!

Check out all the super fun photos from BBQ Films Back To The Enchantment Under The Sea movie screening and dance party!

Two Marty McFlys!

Postmodern Jukebox

Save The Clock Tower

Principal Skinner

George & Lorraine McFly Kiss!

Johnny B. Goode

Doc Brown!

Dance Party USA

Biff Tannen


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Road Strip With Sidney Scarlet

A new episode of my web series Road Strip is out! It’s my favorite one so far and it really gets into the heart of the Route 66 trip I did last summer. The first episode took place in Detroit with Dixie Comet which wasn’t even part of the Route 66 trip. The second episode took place in Chicago with Caprice Capone. Most of the episode takes place at Navy Pier in Chicago which is unofficially the start of Route 66, but it wasn’t until this most recent issue that we get on the road!

I drove Sidney Scarlet from Chicago to St. Louis. It took three days even though it’s only a four hour drive. On the first day we spent a lot of time dealing with her broken phone and a terrible rain storm but the episode is still full of really fun stuff like a giant chicken, the Gemini Giant and a ton of nudity! The episode ends with a quick photo shoot we did in our hotel room and guess what? You get to see those photos today! (There are even more shots of Sidney of the Girls of DBB app!)

So click here to watch the new episode of Wood Strip with Sidney Scarlet!

And click here to see the mini photo shoot I did with Sidney Scarlet on the first full day of my Route 66 adventure!

Road Strip Episode 3!

Sidney Scarlet

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