Public Release – 2.10.15

Last night my new zine Public came out and we had a party at Leftfield. It was real wild as expected for a party in a basement thrown by myself and Boobs of Bushwick. I hate throwing parties cause I always get annoyed at the people that don’t show up but apparently the people who did show up had a blast cause I keep getting texts and Tweets about it so I guess we did something right.

I think we did make one mistake is that we threw a party in the Lower East Side which is accessible to North Brooklyn by a train that stops running at 11:45 because fuck the MTA. So at 11:30 the party was fucking insane and by midnight it was just pretty chill. As someone who hates putting pants on before midnight it was kinda disappointing but we had several solid hours of total madness so I can’t complain too much.

Huge thanks to Prince Terrence for DJing all night, PopPorn for sponsoring Public and sending us a bunch of weird porn to give away, Kate for selling my zine topless all night, Leftfield and their cute bartenders (you too Brick) and all my friends & supporters who showed up last night. Also thanks to Hannibal Buress who decided he hadn’t partied hard enough at Mardi Gras and came by the party pretty much right after his plane landed. Go watch his new Netflix special already.

I think that’s it. Obviously you should order your copy of Public. I will be here packing them all up tonight and watching hockey. If you pre-ordered one don’t worry they will be shipping tomorrow.

Now click here to see the crazy NSFW photos from the Public zine release party at Leftfield.


Kate & Stephie

Hannibal Buress

Thank God For Lunchbox

Ginger Is In The Zine


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Boobs Of Bushwick Bar Crawl Returns

Holy shit! Just two days until the release of my public nudity zine, Public! I am throwing a crazy party on Wednesday to celebrate and guess what that means? The return of the Boobs of Bushwick bar crawl!

Wednesday’s party is at Leftfield at 9pm. It’s free and it goes all night and Prince Terrence will be DJing and PopPorn will be giving out free stuff and I will be doing live naked photo shoots and everyone will be half naked and drunk and it will be a blast.

But on top of that, and perhaps maybe most importantly, Kate Chip is hosting and bringing with her the Boobs of Bushwick crew. Do you remember the last party Kate, Terry and I threw together? So much madness. And do you remember how we promoted the party? With a Boobs of Bushwick Bar Crawl!

Well guess what motherfuckers, the BoB Bar Crawl is back!

Last week Kate and I met up at Birdy’s in Bushwick and brought a handful of naked babes with us. We got everyone topless for a very competitive game of foosball and then there was some topless pinball and of course a party in the bathroom. After that we headed over to Happy Fun Hideaway for topless Jenga and then we went outside to get wild in the street.

By the time that was over we had taken a ton of photos, everyone was cold as fuck and we had a crew of dudes following us around which was only like 12% uncomfortable but we decided to pack it in after only two bars. Admittedly it wasn’t much of a bar crawl, but we did get some really fun photos from it and Time Out New York wrote about it so mission accomplished.

So yeah, come out to the party, and/or buy the zine and if you feel like it you can hang out topless either for fun or for political reasons or just cause it’s hot in the basement of Leftfield. Oh, and then you should go look at these photos… (which are available in extra high res over on Girls of DBB!)

Now click here to see a ton of NSFW photos from the second Boobs of Bushwick Bar Crawl!

Boobs Of Bushwick Bar Crawl

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Shay Laren At Murphy’s Ranch

First I posted the photos of Shay and April O’Neil at Murphy’s Ranch, and then I posted the photos of April O’Neil by herself at Murphy’s Ranch and now finally the exciting conclusion to one of my favorite photo shoots ever… Shay Laren at Murphy’s Ranch!

Shay is one of my favorite models although she had to run off to some exotic location to have a tiny human with my buddy JM Darling. Luckily I have been hoarding these photos forever so now I still have what is actually my 6th Shay post which has got to be some sort of record. This one, like all the other Murphy’s Ranch sets is great!

Now the reason I have been holding these hostage is so that I can promote my public nudity zine Public! It comes out on Wednesday and you can pre-order it now! There is even a special edition that comes with a VERY limited print of Shay and April from our Murphy’s Ranch shoot! You need it!

If you are in NYC you should come to the party on Wednesday at Leftfield as it will be the most important thing you do in your life. And you might see a nipple and maybe get laid or something. At the very least I will take your damn photo.

Lastly I should mention that all of these photos have been up on the Girls of Driven By Boredom all day and that there are bonus photos on there that are extra sexy and all of them are in double the resolution and all sorts of good important shit like that. Just fucking sign up already…

Now click here to see the NSFW photos of Shay Laren and Murphy’s Ranch!

Shay Laren @ Murphy's Ranch



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April O’Neil At Murphy’s Ranch

After being semi functional for a few days, my website is up and running and should be a lot faster and less likely to crash in the future. Here’s hoping everything goes smoothly. But none of that is important. What is important is April O’Neil.

A while back I posted photos of April O’Neil and Shay Laren at Murphy’s Ranch. You can read that post for more info but essentially Murphy’s Ranch was a pre-WWII nazi camp that was raided by the US the day after Pearl Harbor. It’s been pretty much abandoned since then and it’s only a short drive and a long walk from LA.

On top of shooting Shay and April together I shot them separately and I wanted to save these two updates for the release of my public nudity zine Public which comes out next Wednesday. You can pre-order it here or come to Leftfield Wednesday night at 9 for the release party!

Plus there is a special edition of the zine that comes with a print of Shay and April at Murphy’s Ranch!

Anyway, these photos rule, April is an unreasonable fucking babe and apparently they are finally going to demolish Murphy’s Ranch.

Oh, and lastly, since we shot these for an adult magazine that I stopped working for there are a bunch of gratuitous vagina shots that can now be found exclusively on The Girls Of Driven By Boredom so go lurk those you fucking pervert.

Okay, now click here to see the photos of April O’Neil naked at Murphy’s Ranch!

Ps. There are NO safe for work images in this set so this is the only preview…

April O'Neil


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Public Nudity Zine Pre-Order & Party!

I have another new zine coming out. Seriously… another one. I just keep cranking these things out cause I like flooding my living room with heavy boxes and packing peanuts. I think this one is really good and unlike my Arts zine this one has a bunch of nudity which I just need to accept is the only reason any of you ever come here…

“Public” is a public nudity zine in collaboration with my friends over at PopPorn. It’s 44 pages, 56 photos, and more boobs than I want to count right now, but I recommend you do that when you get your copy. At a mere $10 this thing is a god damn steal! And for $40 you can get a copy PLUS a 5″x7″ print of a really rad photo of April O’Neil and Shay Laren who are total fucking babes. Both the zine and the print will be signed by me and the print is numbered out of 25 as well.

Now, for the important thing! We are throwing a party!

The zine comes out February 10th and we are throwing a rager at Leftfield in the Lower East Side. The party starts at 9 and goes all night. Yeah, it’s on a fucking Wednesday because weekends are for assholes. The party is being thrown by myself, PopPorn and Boobs of Bushwick. Do you remember the last time I threw a party with Boobs of Bushwick? That shit was out of control.

We got Prince Terrence DJing, live naked photo shoots, topless girls selling books, a clothing optional dress code and fucking total madness all night. Plus you can come by a zine so that’s important. PopPorn is gonna be giving out free porn and I even have some hats to give away from my Vegas trip. Nothing puts an outfit together like a hat advertising your love for interracial porn!

The party is free, the zine is $10 and the booze will be priced at a cost dictated by what the market will bare given that we live in a capitalist system governed by the principals of the free market. Party forever.

Oh, and one more thing. Since I am promoting a public nude zine that means you will get a bunch of public nude photos over the next two weeks so even if you are a cheap fucking bastard and don’t live in NYC you can still enjoy the zine release anyway. Check back next week for some really good sets!

Now go and pre-order Public already! You need it in your life!

Public Nudity Zine

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2016 AVN Awards – 1.23.16

Another year another AVN Awards… The so called “Oscars of porn” returned to the Hard Rock in Vegas and I was there to take pictures for the millionth time in a row. This year I was covering the awards for the Village Voice & LA Weekly as well as Vice and even AVN themselves. I had to take a massive amount of photos to take so that I could make all my clients happy. I shot stage shots for AVN, crowd shots for the Voice & LA Weekly and then I shot 35mm film for Vice. So far everyone seemed pretty happy except that my film isn’t ready for pick up until tomorrow.

I also was shooting the AVN Week for Greg Lansky who runs Blacked and Tushy. Greg won best director and between him, Blacked and Tushy they won 16 awards! Like, that is fucking insane. Plus Riley Reid won female performer of the year and Abella Danger won best new starlet, both of which probably would not have happened without Blacked and Tushy. So it was pretty awesome to see Greg and company clean up after hanging out with them all week. I felt real psyched for them despite not having anything to do with any of it.

Other stuff of note…

My exgirlfriend Kimberly Kane was elected into the porn Hall Of Fame! My first porn friend Joanna Angel was in her HOF class too (she also hosted the damn thing!) as were Dana DeArmond and Nikki Benz so it was pretty awesome to see a bunch of people I like a lot go in together. They showed one of my photos of KK on the big screen when they announced her too. My buddy Hannibal Buress came to Vegas that weekend so I got him a ticket to the awards. They set him right by Ron Jeremy which was kinda hilarious. And there was a super emotional moment when one of my favorite porn humans Carter Cruise handed off her best new starlet crown to Abella Danger who is one of her best friends. I was kinda tearing up a bit which I didn’t expect from a porn award show.

Also, Waka Flocka Flame performed which was kinda great. He put on one of the best shows I have ever seen at the Gathering of the Juggalos and while this wasn’t on that level it was great to see him do his thing with a bunch of porn girls and strippers running around. Plus he followed me on Twitter so I gotta give him some extra props to justify mentioning that he follows me on Twitter right? Did I mention he follows me on Twitter? You should follow me on Twitter too.

Lastly thanks to all the porn people, especially the hot ones, that came up to me out of nowhere to tell me that they were fans of my photography. The best part about photographing the porn scene is that it’s one of the only places people think I am a good photographer. I am a fairly mediocre photographer but in an industry filled with lazy uninspired creeps a slightly less lazy uninspired creep really shines. Thanks guys!

Now click here to see all my photos from the 2016 AVN Awards at the Join at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas!

Ps. If you haven’t already make sure you check out my photos from the 2016 Adult Entertainment Expo.

Riley Reid Female Performer Of The Year

Anikka Albrite & Joanna Angel Host The 2016 AVN Awards

Waka Flocka Flame @ AVN Awards

Carter Cruise & Abella Danger Best New Starlet

Hannibal Buress @ AVN Awards

Jesse Jane, Nikki Benz & Jules Jordan @ AVN

Anikka Albrite & Mick Blue

Aidra Fox & August Ames

Jessie Andrews & Cobrasnake

Juanito Blanco!

April O'Neil & Doug Benson


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2016 Adult Entertainment Expo

Hi guys. I am back from west coast and I bring you a lot of photos from one of my favorite subcultures — pornography. Sometimes people act like I am in the porn industry but as I told someone this weekend I am “porn adjacent”. Like, I am not a juggalo but I am “juggalo adjacent“. I love to document subcultures and porn is a good one to document. Not only do you get a lot of photos that get a lot of page views and retweets and stuff but on occasion you also a blowjob or five.   ?\_(?)_/ ?

Anyway, today I bring you my first of several Vegas updates. This one from the Adult Entertainment Expo which is the trade show that is the processor to the AVN Award Show. There is a lot of selling of products (including weird ones that have nothing to do with porn like dentistry) but mostly it’s a chance for fans to meet porn stars and for porn stars to get their boobs grabbed by strangers that don’t know how to treat women like humans.

I shot a lot of 35mm film at the AEE for the Vice article I am working on and I hung out at the Jules Jordan booth a lot because that’s where the Blacked/Tushy crew hung out and I was working for them too all week. I am gonna have some good stuff of their girls coming soon but in the mean time you can lurk them at their booth.

I don’t really have anything else to say so you should probably just look at this huge gallery of porn girls, porn fans and a lot of stuff that isn’t a dick but is, for whatever reason, shaped like a dick.

Click here to see all the NSFW photos from the 2016 Adult Entertainment Expo at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas, NV!

Riley Reid & Abella Danger

Mia Malkova

Baby Fetish

Evan Stone

Adult Entertainment Expo

Charlotte Stokely



Cadence Lux

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Anya Amsel

Tomorrow I head to LA for a few days to celebrate the wedding of Driven By Boredom’s own Thadd. I would tell you his full name but I can’t imagine he wants this coming up in his Google search results. Thadd is the only Driven By Boredom employee and by employee I mean he has done countless hours of work over the last decade for probably a grand total of like $3000. More on Thadd later…

Anyway, after the LA trip I head to Vegas for the AVN Awards. It should be one of the better AVN Award weekends in recent memory mostly because I have a bunch of clients. Will be working for Vice, AVN, Village Voice, LA Weekly, AVN and I am going to be shooting PG-13 stuff for’s social networks which seems like it will be a lot of fun.

So given that I am gonna be out of town and slacking on updates, I figured I should leave you with some photos and then we can throw things over to the Road Trip Blog where I post micro updates while I am gone.

I picked these photos of Anya Amsel because I met her at AVN last year and it seemed appropriate to post them as the pre-AVN update. I met Anya through Lucy Everleigh and instantly had a crush on her. So much so that when I was at the Gathering of the Juggalos last year I booked my fight a day later and drove a few hours to Indianapolis to shoot Anya in a tremendously ugly hotel room.

Wrapping this post up I should mention that 1) Anya looks so fucking rad naked it’s almost unfair and 2) there are a bunch of extra dirty high res photos of Anya over on the Girls of DBB.

Now click here to see all the NSFW photos of Anya Amsel!

And now click here to check out the Road Trip blog while I am out of town!

Anya Amsel

Anya Amsel

Anya Amsel

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Leesa Squyres

I photographed Lez Zeppelin’s drummer Leesa Harrington-Squyres for the Village Voice last week. It’s in print this week’s issue as illustration for an interview with her. When not touring with the infamous all girl Lez Zeppelin tribute band she works as a bouncer so the Vocie asked her about how (not) to smuggle drugs into a NYC nightclub… It’s an entertaining article and you should read it.

We shot these photos in about 7 minutes outside of Slattery’s Midtown Pub where I was throwing my weekly Dolfans NYC events. The Dolphins lost for their final time this season and the light was getting low so we had to shoot these real quick. Oh, I also hadn’t slept in 30 hours so that was fun too. No idea why I am telling you any of this, but I need to write something whenever I do a post right?

Leesa is super interesting and I dig this mini-gallery so I figured I would post it for you guys. I needed to get something up after the holidays. It’s been a minute since I posted anything and all I have ready to go is a bunch more nudity so I figured I would give you guys a break from all that. I know how much you hate naked photos…

Okay, I have filled enough space. Click here to see all the portraits of Lez Zeppelin drummer Leesa Harrington-Squyres!

Leesa Squyres

Leesa Squyres

Leesa Squyres

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