61 Photos I Don’t Hate Kickstarter

If you are a regular reader of this website you are probably aware that I have been organizing every single photo I have ever taken. It’s taken me so damn long to do it and part of that reason is that I hate everything I do and I just get depressed looking at photos that I have decided I hate for whatever reason. I have been working on a portfolio for months now and figuring out how to make a few dozen photos reflect my entire body of work is the most frustrating thing I have ever done. It’s easy to edit a million photos down to a few hundred that aren’t awful, but almost impossible to get that edit down to a few that I actually love.

While I was doing all that I had this idea to go through all my 35mm work, which is my personal work, and pull every single image that I don’t hate that isn’t in another book or zine. When I was done I had an edit of 61 images and I decided I could make a decent zine out of that stuff, but it was just another folder full of photos in my endless collection of bad ideas I have for books and zines and art shows.

But then I realized the Kickstarter Make 100 project was coming up again. Every January they encourage makers that have used their platform to do a one off, short run project just for the point of creativity. This is the third year they have done it, and I really loved the idea but in 2017 I was in the middle of my Instaxxx book and last year I just didn’t have anything ready to go, but this year I had the perfect thing.

So I am going to make a book of 35mm photos I don’t hate. It’s going to be from the edit of 61 photos (probably much closer to 30 photos) and there are only going to be 100 copies made. Every one of them will be signed and numbered and the book is going to be square which I think will be a fun format to play with. 

There is also a limited edition of 25 books that will come with a 7″x7″ print (5 prints, each signed/numbered out of an edition of 5). It will have a variant cover and will have some additional photos and come in a fancy envelope! 

I just thought this project would be really fun to do, and super easy to execute. Shipping out hundreds of huge books was a nightmare last time I did a Kickstarter, but doing 125 small books will be a lot of fun and really simple to deal with. But don’t worry, I got a much bigger project in the works. My juggalo book is still coming soon!

Lastly, I wanted to give a big thanks to my photographer buddy Steve Prue for helping me film my Kickstarter video. It’s truly terrible, but that’s because I am awful on camera and I gave up editing after 30 minutes and just added ridiculous wipes and absurd sound effects so that my terrible editing would just look like a joke. 

Now go help me fund this book project! Even donating $1 helps my project in Kickstarters algorithm so even if you are broke even a tiny bit helps a lot. Thanks a ton!

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Sailor Jerry’s 108th Birthday – 1.14.19

Yesterday would have been the 108th birthday of Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, the legendary tattoo artist who also happens to have a 92 proof spiced rum named after him. To celebrate the occasion Sailor Jerry (the rum) teamed up with Braven Brewing Company to create a new pineapple IPA called Sailors Beware that would pair perfectly with the rum. They also threw a party at the Brewery in Bushwick that I happened to be taking photos at.

The main attraction of the party (aside from the beer of course) was free Sailor Jerry flash tattoos from Bushwick’s own Allied Tattoo. Allied owner Andy Perez and Noel C were doing tiny tattoos all night. There were a limited number of free tattoos but if you wanted one you had to play a game of plinko to decide your tattoo fate. I actually have two of the tattoos that were options already on me, but I think if I had to pick I would have gotten the pineapple. It proved a popular choice. 

The party was a lot of fun and I got to hang out with my new roommate who was one of the last people to get a tattoo. She got a shark which is always a good choice for a tattoo. There was a cake for Sailor Jerry’s birthday and the french fries at Braven are pretty fucking magical so there’s that. 

Oh, I should also mention that this is the first event I have shot with my new Nikon Z6. I don’t know if it’s going to be my main body going forward but that thing sees in the dark and is way lighter than my normal body. My flash was weird on it and I haven’t quite figured out all the settings yet but so far so good. Now I gotta try and shoot some video on it.

Okay, that’s enough of that, but please come back tomorrow. I am announcing a new Kickstarter here in less than 24 hours!

Now click here to see all the photos from Sailor Jerry’s 108th birthday at Braven Brewery. 

Sailor Jerry X Braven

Sailor Jerry X Braven

Sailor Jerry X Braven

Sailor Jerry X Braven

Sailor Jerry X Braven

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Adios 2018

The first post of the new year is about getting rid of a bunch of stuff from the old year. In what is becoming a tradition I am about to dump on you guys a bunch of photos that didn’t quite make it as a full set and then preview some upcoming new stuff. Did I mention all these photos that I’m talking about are nudes? Oh yeah, that’s a thing.

I am gonna go through these photos in the same order that they are in the gallery so you can try and figure out who’s who. The first batch of photos is this girl Cara who I shot a bunch of 35mm stuff outside, but before we went outside we took some random photos in my kitchen. I think it was because she had never really done any nude modeling and I always know first time people get a lot more comfortable as a shoot goes on so maybe I wanted to shoot some stuff first but it was almost a year ago so I might be making that up.

The second batch is of my friend Heidi V. I actually have a full shoot with her that’s still coming, but I haven’t published it because I shot it with these cheap LED lights I bought and I just had one of them with me and they weren’t great. But Heidi is real cute so I am just gonna suck it up and post them at some point, but here’s some random stuff we shot after the shoot was over.

Next up are these pigeon photos that I cannot possibly explain. One of my friends asked me to shoot her topless in Times Square with a pigeon mask on and I wasn’t gonna say no. I should point out that these photos and the ones mentioned above have all been on Girls of Driven By Boredom for a minute now and if you paid for that site you would have seen them in HD by now.

Up next are some random photos from Exxxotica NJ this year of Pouty Kitty and Veda. I shot a ton of 35mm of them but gave up on digital real quickly when I realized the light was useless. Still there were a few photos worth lurking and there’s actually some more explicit shots from the shoot on Girls of DBB — hint hint.

The next group of photos is from my recent trip to LA. They are the photos that didn’t make it into any other sets. The first three are of this girl Lua Saturni. We got stuck in traffic and by the time we got to the place we were going to shoot it was too dark. I managed to get these three shots that look halfway decent if you lighten them in photoshop, but then I totally forgot to do that when I uploaded this gallery so enjoy these aggressively underexposed photos. Sorry. Next in the LA batch is a bunch of photos of Lil Brown Eyes. We just didn’t shoot a ton of stuff and there’s barely any nudity so I tossed them in here instead of doing a seperate post. And lastly in the LA group is a few photos of a girl who DMed me on Instagram at like 4am on my last night in LA and we just met up and shot in the middle of the night on the street. It was a pretty fun story even if we didn’t really get much.

You might have seen a couple of the photos of Syd Vicious that I shot at the Gathering of the Juggalos. I posted a few photos of her with those photos this year (and of course uploaded the full set to Girls of DBB) but now you get to see them all. She got naked in front of a bunch of people and rolled around in the grass. It was fun.

After that we have some non nude photos of Weed Slut that I shot for Playboy at the AVNs in Vegas last year. Not sure why they never ran them but they paid me and I’m not going to complain. I guess it’s still possible that they are going to publish them so I only uploaded a few of them to give you a taste for the set, but at least someone sees a few of theses photos.

Okay, from there we get to the previews of upcoming sets. Gonna go through these super quick because I am gonna publish them and talk about them in full later, but it’s a little taste for what’s coming. A lot of these I have posted on Twitter or whatever so you might have seen them already. 

The set I shot with this girl Sammy just needs to be color corrected but I am so lazy that it’s been like 10 months and I haven’t posted it. Same with the next shots of this girl Dina Michelle. Her and I got locked on a roof which was totally insane but we didn’t take many photos on the roof because we were freaking out about how to get down. The next three preview are of Sabby and a different Sammy and then Sabby and Sammy together with my friend Margot. I shot Sammy and Sabby back to back and they wanted to shoot together so I brought them to Margot’s place and we had a blonde, a brunette and a redhead all together and it was pretty fun. After that are photos of my friend Isabelle who I am going to be shooting again soon. And after that is a shoot I did with my friend Kirra and her friend who just randomly got topless in the middle of it. Kirra is one of my favorite models but this was the first time we ever did a full digital shoot. 

After that we have previews of the full shoots I did in LA with Alex DeLaFlour, my buddy Eddy, Nicki Hearts, Melina Mason’s return to being naked on the internet, and my first of hopefully many with a girl named Jade Baker. In between all that there are photos of Kasey Warner, Khloe Kapri and their friend Damia who isn’t a nude model or porn star or anything, she’s just real cute. Those three girls I shot a ton of content with including Damia and Khloe by themselves, all three of them together and then Kasey and Damia together which I have already uploaded exclusively to Girls of Driven By Boredom. So fucking sign up already.

Finally we have two shoots I did very recently. I shot some photos of Arabelle Raphael who I hadn’t shot in years and some photos of Stoya who I have been friends with for more than a decade and we’ve still really only done one proper shoot. The photos I shot of her the other day were just a test of my new camera, but more on that later… 

Okay that’s all I got. There are over 100 photos in this gallery so please enjoy the photos instead of complaining about the fact that a bunch of them are poorly lit or whatever. I just don’t have it in me to care when none of you care about anything but seeing nipples or whatever it is that keeps you coming back to this damn website.

Click here to see my massive 2018 NSFW photo dump!

Topless In Times Square


Jade Baker

Weed Slut

Melina Mason

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10 Years Later…

10 years ago today I was laid off from my job at Archive.org. I was digitizing books that were in the public domain so that anyone could read them without having a physical copy. Archive.org is a non-profit and a huge part of their budget came from Microsoft donations. The housing market collapse in 2008 caused a lot of companies to reevaluate their corporate giving and Microsoft massively cut their donation for 2009. 

Two days before we left for the holiday we were told that the late shift was being cut completely and that everyone from both shifts could reapply for their jobs the next day. They would pick the best from both groups for the shift. Unfortunately for me I was working part time as a nightlife photographer and there was no way I could get to a day job at 7am every day when I was getting home at 5am. I took 6 weeks severance, filed for unemployment and took a few weeks to figure out what I was going to do next.

I also ended up benefiting from the market crash because that January I was hired to photograph Sundance for the main liquor sponsor even though I didn’t even have a legit professional camera at the time. I did the job for way less than I should have charged, but it was a ton of money for me and everyone was happy. Right around that same time someone randomly found a photo I took of all my cameras and paid me a few thousand dollars to retake that photo for a poster for a Swiss photo competition.

So suddenly I went from going paycheck to paycheck to having a little money in the bank and enough to buy a better camera and by the time my unemployment ran out I still hadn’t run out of money. 10 years later I have had a lot of ups and downs but I still haven’t had to get a job. Given the state of the industry, I might not make it 11 years, but I made it 10 years as a professional photographer and I am pretty proud of that.

I don’t really have any other new content for you today, but here’s a bunch of links to the best photos I have taken over the last 10 years. I am also uploading a new set exclusive to Girls of Driven By Boredom today so if you want to see some new NSFW photos of Kasey Warner and her friend Damia, go sign up there.

Now here are links to my “Best of” posts from 2009-2017. I will start working on the “Best of 2018” post in January.

Best Of 2009Best Of 2010Best Of 2011 – Best Of 2012

Best Of 2013Best Of 2014Best Of 2015Best Of 2016Best Of 2017

Me In 2009

Me In 2018 



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Meet Ashley

A few months ago Kimberly Kane told me about her friend Ashley who was moving to New York. She was like “Ashley rules and she needs to meet new people in the city.” KK is one of my favorite humans of all time so I took her word for it and got some food with Ashley. She does in fact rule and a week or two later I went over to her place and we took some photos. 

This shoot is like the perfect example of my strengths and weaknesses as a photographer. On the strengths side, after meeting me once Ashley was comfortable enough to want to do a shoot with me. She had only posed nude once before and apparently I am only the second dude to ever see her naked which is a god damned honor. I think I made her comfortable while we were shooting and we got some photos that she was really psyched about.

On the negative side I don’t use lighting so shooting in a fairly dark room was challenging. A studio photographer would have set up a couple lights and wouldn’t have thought twice about it. But that’s where we get back to one of my strengths. I am pretty good at figuring out ways to make shoots work, be it using a TV to light a shoot or in this case a projector and a lamp.

It was a lot of fun to mess with the projector, using both the light it bounced off the wall and the projector directly. She also had some LED smart bulbs so we played with those a bit too as well as the little bit of natural light that was coming through the window. But on the negative side again, we were using very little light and I missed a bunch of shots because they were just slightly out of focus or the projector hit my lens creating less than compelling lens flares.

On the plus side again, I really like shooting in people’s spaces. It feels very real and natural and I like that. But on the negative I tend to do stuff like not notice that there’s something dark hanging on the wall directly behind dark hair and it’s distracting as fuck or just the little things in the background like plugs or trash cans that lead to a messy composition. 

Whatever the case, I ultimately really enjoy these photos and I hope you guys do too. Also Ashley and I have become friends so not only will you probably get more photos of her in the future but she is also becoming a fan of my hockey team and that is incredibly important.

And now it is time to sell you things. 1) Ashley was the very last person I shot for my absurd Driven By Boredom Dental calendar. There are only a few copies left and if you wanna get one my Christmas order now! 2) There are some photos of Ashley fully naked on Girls of Driven By Boredom and as always all the photos from this set are available there in high resolution. Go sign up! Okay, let’s get to the free photos already.

Click here to see the NSFW photos of Ashley!




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2018 #MetLifeTakeover Video

Don’t worry folks, this is going to be my last Dolphins related post of the season. I mean, I guess there is a tremendously small chance that the incredibly subpar Dolphins could somehow win their next 4 regular season games, make the playoffs and then win several more games after that and I would have no choice but to do a post about my trip to the Super Bowl, but let’s just say that’s unlikely. 

As I mentioned a while ago, I organize this big event when the Dolphins play the Jets in New Jersey. We do a pre-party the night before, we do a huge tailgate party on game day and then we sell tickets to the actual game. I have to imagine we do the largest away game event in the country for any football team, we certainly own the largest several group ticket purchases in MetLifeStadium history (and they have two NFL teams playing there). This year we sold 1100 tickets and raised several thousand dollars for charity since we (DolfansNYC) are a non-profit. 

Anyway, the game was way back in September, but the video is finally out now. Go watch it if you want. I am pretty proud of it.

Oh and don’t worry I promise I will post some nudes or something fun next week. 


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The Death Of Tumblr

After Tumblr announced they were banning all adult content from their site I made a Twitter thread of all the absurd images that Tumblr had flagged as adult. After seeing the thread Xeni Jardin asked me if I would like to write a couple hundred words for the site Boing Boing about my experience with Tumblr. I figured I would write something longer for this site and then Boing Boing could just pull from that but they ended really liking the article and running the entire piece. I have been a Boing Boing reader for more than a decade so it means a lot to be published there. Click here to read the copy edited version on Boing Boing or read my unedited draft below.

There was a time when Tumblr was my favorite place to post photos. It was a social network that you could customize in so many ways that you could create a blog or a mood board or hide a secret project behind a password protected gate. It was used by so many people in so many different ways. You could posts .gifs on Tumblr before they worked on Twitter and you could post uncompressed images that looked good on desktop or smartphone without having to know any code. 

I used it as a great place to post images that I could then send to Twitter to get around Twitter’s terrible compression and constantly flowing feed. I used it as a place to organize my images because of Tumblr’s tagging system. I could search for a person or subject or send someone a link to just a specific tag so they could see all my favorite photos of juggalos for example. It was a fantastic tool and my most popular social network until Instagram really exploded.

My career as a photographer took off right around the same time as Twitter and Tumblr and Tumblr really felt like a place where I could post my more personal work alongside my more commercial stuff. I would shoot digitally for my clients and then post my 35mm work to Tumblr’s fantastic film photography community. My road trip photos didn’t feel out of place with my nude work on Tumblr. The band photos I shot for Rolling Stone didn’t feel strange next to the outtakes of work that I shot for Hustler or Playboy. My nightlife work for the Village Voice worked with the snapshots of my friends that I took with a point and shoot camera. The journalism I shot for Vice worked with the terrible Dos and Don’ts I also shot for Vice. 

The photographer Corwin Prescott put it perfectly when he said “I think the saddest part for me is Tumblr was the only place that all my work could be displayed side by side.” His Tweet featured gorgeous photos of a buffalo in the fog and a mountain reflected in an icy pond next to two equally beautiful erotic images. Tumblr was a perfect place for us, photographers who crossed the line between commercial and adult work many times over.

Tumblr had some problems of course; content was constantly posted and reblogged without a source, tags like “#thinspiration” became upsettingly popular and porn was everywhere which was clearly a problem for a social network that had a younger audience. But it was also a place for people to explore their sexuality and gender and find adult materials without blame and find communities of people dealing with issues they were going through. Like Facebook with “Fake News” and Twitter with Nazis Tumblr faced these issues with the grace of a pigeon nubs for feet. 

When Tumblr was sold to Yahoo! for over a billion dollars in 2013 Yahoo! did what they do best, they destroyed the company. I don’t really want to go through the history of Tumblr’s downfall, there’s plenty of stuff you can read about it, but let’s skip to 2017 which is when they lost me.

Last year Tumblr started filtering “adult” blogs. Instead of giving you an option to mark specific content adult or not, they just marked any Tumblr account with nudity as adult and the only way you could view these Tumblrs would be to log into your Tumblr account and turn off “Safe Search”. This meant anyone without a Tumblr account, or without being logged into one, wouldn’t be able to see anything I posted. So that means sharing to Twitter was done and it meant I could no longer send people links to my work via Tumblr. It gutted me. That was the end of Tumblr for me.

A year later I decided that I should maybe go back to Tumblr. I wasn’t going to share that stuff with Twitter anymore, but I had 20,000 people following me on Tumblr and I felt I could post the occasional post for them. I didn’t update a lot after that, but it was actually fun to see feedback from Tumblr because the few people left were actively engaging with my content. I had missed Tumblr.

In March of 2018 a bill called FOSTA-SESTA was passed. The House was called FOSTA (Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act) and the Senate bill was called SESTA (Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act). They passed with wide bipartisan support and were hailed as some great achievement in stopping sex trafficking. In reality what they did was destroy the Internet as we know it

The bills make websites liable for sex trafficking and child pornography on their platforms. Meaning if someone uploaded child porn to Tumblr, then Tumblr could be responsible for that. (This also had major implications for consensual sex work because a platform like Craigslist is liable for escort ads published on their site. I could write a much longer article about that, but for the moment we are talking about Tumblr.) 

In November Tumblr was kicked off the Apple Store because of child porn reports and less than a month later Tumblr decided that they would shut down all adult content on the site (meanwhile Twitter is still filled with Nazis) including “female presenting nipples”. It’s like killing a fly with a rocket launcher. 

I went to my Tumblr today and I found that the majority of my posts over the last couple years had been flagged. They missed some stuff, but more often the flagged things that weren’t adult. They flagged women in underwear, “male presenting” nipples, and even images of alcohol and smoking. Clearly some of these were a mistake like an image of my friend eating ice cream and Tumblr has created a review process, but if click to “Learn More” about the review process it opens up blank browser window. Impressive. 

This has been a disaster for Tumblr and instead of fixing their platform, it’s just putting the final nail in their coffin. I have been wrong about a lot of things in my life, but I would be very surprised if Tumblr is as relevant as MySpace a year from now. 

If you have a Tumblr with adult content (or really any content) make sure you download or export your Tumblr before December 17th.

If you want to enjoy some of the incredibly offensive things that Tumblr flagged please enjoy this Twitter thread at least until Twitter blows itself up a few months from now…


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Driven By Boredom Dental Calendar

Cyber Monday is complete bullshit but maybe I just think that because I am terrible at capitalism. I feel the same way about consumerism as I do Photoshop, I hate it, but like maybe if I was good at it I would be more on board. I honestly have no idea, but I am here to try to sell you some shit anyway. Not at a discount mind you, because I am so bad at making money that my margins suck anyway so I can’t really give you a discount and I am not making enough money for me to care if you buy more shit. I just want you to buy it because I made it and I want people to have the stuff I made and I want to have less boxes in my living room.

So let’s get to it. Recently I mentioned my new zine Fuck LA and this mysterious project that I had created. Well, that project has officially been released and I have honestly sold most of them already (I only made 35) but it’s a callendar of people brushing their teeth because I have no idea why. 

At the end of 2017 someone emailed me about doing a calendar. Calendars seem silly because people have telephones now and because if you don’t sell them all my January first they are trash, but I had been working on my zine NOT SAFE and I realized I had a bunch of photos of girls brushing their teeth and I thought it would be hilarious to do a teeth brushing calendar and use a bunch of absurd anthropomorphic teeth clip art. So I found a place that does print on demand calendars, pulled and edit and found clip art. The problem was I only had 9 photos and I needed 12.

I immediately hit up all my favorite models that live near me and in two days I had shot Sabby, Lucy Everleigh and Sammy for the calendar. I was ready to go so I reached out to my friend Teddy to design the cover and throw some of the teeth clip art on there but he didn’t quite have time and we really ran out of time before Christmas so I put the project on hold for a year.

Last month I started up again. I had 12 photos ready to go, but one I didn’t really love and I happened to be shooting my friend Ashley and I asked her to let me take some of her brushing her teeth just in case and I ended up getting a really pretty black and white photo of her and the calendar was locked. I printed up 35 copies and bought a bunch of toothbrushes in bulk because I am a crazy person and here we are ready for you guys. 

The calendar features the four models I mentioned above plus musician/model Marz Lovejoy, pornstars Riley Reid, Stoya and Alexis Fawx, plus Anya Amsel, Kirra Hughes, Whit, and this girl Taylor who I don’t think I have seen since I took the photo and couldn’t find out how to contact her so she’s the only model who doesn’t have her birthday listed on the calendar. Half of the photos involve some nudity and 5 out of 12 photos are in black and white. They are all 35mm photos. The clip art is adorable. 

If you order a calendar it comes with a free toothbrush and a appointment reminder card because I am an idiot or brilliant I am not quite sure. Whatever the case it’s better than anything you can get from your dentist aside from healthy teeth and a more attractive face. Whatever. I am 100% sending my dentist one of these calendars too and if you have a calendar you can find out when my next dentist appointment is and then ask me how it goes when I show up for the appointment. 

Oh and I shot some digital test shots of Sabby, Lucy, Sammy and Ashley whilst I was shooting the calendar. I was both trying to figure out the best composition and making sure I had something in case the film didn’t come out, but fortunately it didn’t come to that because the digital shots are pretty bad. But if you do want to see the digital outtakes I uploaded them to Girls of Driven By Boredom so if you sign up for that you can see a bunch more of these photos. Also, you should still buy Fuck LA cause Cyber Monday or something. 

Click here to buy the 2019 Driven By Boredom Dental calendar!




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Cultural Traffic LA Arts Fair

If you are reading this I am in Los Angeles. I am in town for a few reasons but the important one is that on the 18th, that’s this Sunday, I am going to be at the Cultural Traffic Art Fair at That That Gallery. I will be selling my new zine Fuck LA (you should buy it!!) as well as Instaxxx, a bunch of other zines and prints and stuff. I am pretty psyched for it. 

That That Gallery is located at 4405 W Jefferson Blvd in Los Angeles and goes from 11am until 8pm. It’s completely free and there should be a ton of amazing stuff for sale there. I am splitting the table with my friends at Wood Rocket and they will have a bunch of weird things for sale like enamel pins, adult coloring books and new posters from vintage porn classics like Debbie Does Dallas and The Devil In Miss Jones. There are a bunch of great exhibitors as well including my friends at Paperwork NYC and rad publishers like Kill Your Idols and Richardson.

I don’t really have much more to mention in this post, but since I might not update again until after Thanksgiving (Gonna try and get some new pictures up this week but no promises) I figured I would give you guys something to hold you off. I took some photos of one of my friends dressed like a topless pigeon for some reason. I am not sure what I just said makes complete sense so let me explain. My friend asked me if I would take photos of her topless wearing a pigeon mask walking around NYC. We went to Times Square but it was raining so we went to Applebee’s like midwestern tourists and then finally took some photos of her topless hanging out with weird people who dress like the Statue of Liberty for money. The photos are real silly but she was happy with them and now you can look at them if you subscribe to Girls of Driven By Boredom. If you don’t then you are out of luck. It’s like $25 a year so I don’t know what you are doing not signing up.

I am gonna go hang out with my girlfriend now because we are celebrating our 1 year anniversary today. That’s pretty adorable right? Maybe you guys could look at the photos we ever took. I posted them right before we started dating officially so that’s extra cute. Sorry.

Okay, that’s enough. Here’s a flyer. See you guys sooner or later. 

Cultural Traffic LA

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