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Hey guess what kids! It’s 6am and I just finished turning in my final edits for the Gathering of the Juggalos. Tomorrow evening I head back to NYC and then after 24 hours of sleep to get over any sort of juggalo related illnesses I will start uploading my pictures. There are a fucking ton of them. I have over 1000 images to share with you guys so get fucking excited. We are gonna get juggalo crazy around here for a week or two.

In the mean time you can check my Tumblr and my Instagram for a bunch of photos I have posted over the last few days. Also, you can check out this sweet video from the Superchief art show at Culturefix that I had some photos in. You can see my photos in the background a lot and you can see Rosario Dawson in the video so theoretically she has gazed upon my photos which is great since I have had a crush on her since the mid 90′s.

Anyway, the video is cool and I need to go to sleep. Let’s hope I make it back to Brooklyn alive.

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NSFW Juggalette Gathering Pregame

It’s that time of the year again! I am headed to the Gathering of the Juggalos tomorrow! I tend to have very little internet and very little time while I am there so this might be my last post for a few days (but also maybe not – trying to plan a couple updates before I leave town). You can check my Tumblr for daily updates but to hold you over until then I got a good one for you…

Last year I shot the Gathering for Hustler Magazine as a “Girls of the Gathering of the Juggalos” type of feature. I shot nude portraits of a ton of Juggalettes. I had to wait a while before posting them here because they were for the magazine and then I sort of just forgot about them. So other than the Gypsy Ninjette photos I already posted I have a TON of naked juggalette photos to still post from LAST year.

I went through all the girl shoots I have ready to go and I figured out about five or six posts worth of juggalette nudes still waiting to go up. Most of those are girls I did more involved sets with, but I also have a post featuring a bunch of girls that came to the GOTJ with the band Wolfpac. I will get all that stuff up sooner or later.

But for now, I just have everything else. I put together a gallery of a bunch of girls that I did quick shoots with. The shoot includes two girls in face paint, a girl I shot in “Lake Hepatitis”,  a girl who was selling hamburgers topless aka “Tittyburger”, a girl in a port-a-potty, a girl laying on a “Juggabaygo” and other exciting things like that. Plus, if you have the Girls of DBB app there are some extra bonus photos of Gypsy Ninjette and Chelli of Passed out Juggalos fame!

So wish me good luck at my 5th Gathering of the Juggalos and make sure you check my Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram for up to date Juggalo fun while I am at the Gathering!

Now click here for a bunch of NSFW of Juggalettes from the 2013 Gathering of the Juggalos!

Naked Juggalettes

Naked Juggalettes

Naked Juggalettes

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I Have No Idea What’s Going On

Hey guys. I meant to update yesterday telling you all about the Superchief art show at Culturefix but I have been on a road trip for no reason and I was staying at a random casino in Southern Indiana and I could not even begin to explain why. But anyway, I had two big 20″x30″ photos in the show, as seen below, that you could probably still go look at if you happened to live in NYC and wanted to go see them. Culturefix is a bar too so you could get drunk while looking at them and then get so drunk you buy them. Good plan.

Okay, so yeah I am on this random road trip and right now it’s 1:45am I am in Bowling Green, Kentucky which is something I never thought I would say but there is a Corvette museum here and while normally I wouldn’t care, they had a sink hole open below the museum and I want to see it before they fill in the hole. Seriously, it’s just a giant hole in the middle of a museum. I am gonna check it out tomorrow morning and then from there head to Nashville and then the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Alabama, then hit Atlanta and hang out with a Coathanger or two and then try to make it all the way to South Carolina. Five states in one day isn’t bad. I should be back in NYC sometime Sunday and then I head to the Gathering of the Juggalos on Tuesday. Yup, it’s that time again.

In preparation for Juggalos I have some naked juggalette photos I still need to get up from last year. It’s a long story and I will share that with you Monday (or perhaps from my hotel Tuesday night). I also have some lovely Shay Laren nudes that are ready to go but for a reason I can’t quite explain at this moment I can’t quite post them yet.

Also, today I took some insane photos at the Creation Museum and I can’t wait to share those with everyone but I can’t real with that until I get back but I probably won’t actually have time to deal with that until I get back from the Gathering so just be on the look out.

Long story short, I have no idea what’s going on, but I have a lot of stuff happening and a lot of stuff ready to go up but that won’t actually go up quite yet. In conclusion below are the two photos I have int he Supercheif show, one photo of a juggalette, one photo of  Shay Laren and one from the Creation Museum. Just to make everything weirder I am going to post the photos out of order so you are going to have to use your deductive reasoning skills to figure out what is happening right now. The answer mostly involves lack of sleep mixed with sleeping pills.  See you bastards soon.

Kayvon Vand

Shay Laren

Veruca James

Creation Museum

Gathering Of The Juggalettes

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4Knots Music Festival – 7.12.14

The Village Voice is my oldest client and I got to shoot their 4Knots Festival for them on Saturday. I used to shoot their Siren Festival in Coney Island and I shot the first ever 4Knots Fest but I have been out of town for the last couple of them. Glad I got to get back to the fest this year.

I headed down to the South Street Seaport a bit late and then I got kinda lost. It’s sort of amazing that I have lived in NYC for nearly a decade AND I have a phone with maps on it and I could still get lost. But I did anyway. So that’s a thing. I finally got down there in time to catch Nude Beach on the second stage. I thought they were really good which says a lot considering how “over it” I tend to be about everything.

I headed over to the main stage for Those Darlins and Mac Demarco and then spent some time on the giant pirate ship looking VIP area hanging out with important Instagram influencer Marnie The Dog. I also got to meet Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon and then headed down to shoot the legendary Dinosaur Jr. Then I bonded with some Voice staffers and ate a steak. Over all a pretty good day.

Now click here to see all my Village Voice 4Knots Festival pictures from the South Street Seaport. 

Mac Demarco & Marnie The Dog

4Knots Fest

Dinosaur Jr

Nude Beach

Kim Gordon

Mac Demarco

Those Darlins

Marnie Stern

4Knots Fest

Marnie The Dog

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Start Me Up – 7.9.14

Remember when I shot elaborate film screenings of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Back To The Future? Those really fun events were thrown by BBQ Films and since that TMNT screening I have sort of become part of the team. I really love what they are doing so I offered to help out and last week they asked me if I would shoot a fake tech event that they created to announce their newest film screening. Of course I said yes and last night I attended “Start Me Up: Activating Events in the 21st Century” at the Flavorpill offices in Soho.

From the invite: “We’ve convinced some of the brightest, most badass minds in the biz to share their industry-disrupting secrets in a quickfire pitch slam. You’ll learn why native platforms, gamification, cryptocurrency, augmented reality, the quantified self, and the internet of things may be the cornerstones to your next event.”

The event featured actual talks from actual start ups RebelMouse and Ultravisual as well as a talk from Flavorpill Co-Founder Mark Mangan. The event also featured BJ Lomax the fictional son of Bernie Lomax. He announced his new crypto-currency “Bern Bux” with an absurd video and hilarious talk that involved throwing note card after note card and popping bottles of YA’cuvee 23. At the end he invited everyone to a party on July 25th at Playland Motel in Rockaway, Queens where he would be launching Bern Bux and showing a “documentary” about his father called “Weekend at Bernie’s”.

For a fake event it was still a pretty good tech mixer and I met some pretty interesting people and I am pretty interested in using both RebelMouse and Ultravisual in the future. RebelMouse creates websites that pull from a variety of social networks so that you can quickly create a website around a hashtag or key word. Seems ideal for events or a place to put all your social at once. Ultravisual is a content sharing mobile app that is a lot more advanced than something like Instagram, but from my standpoint it’s really exciting because they allow nudity! As long as you tag your content as adult and aren’t posting actual porn you can get away with a lot more than on Instagram or Facebook.

Anyway, the important thing is that tickets for the BBQ Films screening of Weekend At Bernie’s went on sale today! (Update: They already sold out!) The event should be a really great time and I wish I could go but I will be at the Gathering of the Juggalos… Oh yeah, that’s happening again. Get excited.

Now click here to see all the photos of the BBQ Films/ Flavorpill fake tech event “Start Me Up”!

BJ Lomax




Bern Bux

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Raven Rockette

Raven Rockette is one of my new favorite models. I met her at at a pool party in LA with Catie Parker and then I ran into her again at Exxxotica in NJ and we took some pictures in a car. In April finally we got to shoot! We drove to the abandoned water park Rock-A-Hula in the desert between Vegas and LA and took some truly epic photos. The problem is that I like the photos so much that I don’t want to publish them yet. I am still hoping to find a cool place to publish them. (Any photo editors out there get at me!)

Fortunately Raven just happened to be traveling to LA on the last day that I was in town. I somehow convinced her to shoot with me at 5:30am on the roof of Superchief’s new space in DTLA. (By the way, I have a photo in their next NYC show!) I had just shot a girl at their space two days earlier and we went up on the roof as the sun was setting. I realized that it would be so much better to shoot there during sunrise and Raven was totally up for it! Sadly the day we shot happened to be the one cloudy morning in LA history so not only was the light not as awesome as I was hoping but it was actually pretty cold. Raven was freezing but she was a champ and sucked it up for the most part and we got some rad shots.

When the shoot was over I dropped her back off at our pal Andy San Dimas‘ place and I headed straight to the airport returned to NYC having slept less than four hours in the last 60. I was pretty much a shell of a man, luckily I had planned a mini vacation right when I got back and two weeks later I am back to my only mildly sleep deprived self!

Thanks to Raven and Superchief for the awesome 6am photo shoot! Can’t wait to do more awesome stuff with both of you!

Now click here to see all the NSFW photos of Raven Rockette on the roof of Superchief’s new DTLA art space! 

Ps. As always the high resolution shots from this set are available through the DBB Girls App! There are like 10 app exclusive photos too!

Raven Rockette

Raven Rockette

Raven Rockette

Raven Rockette

Raven Rockette



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Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest – 7.4.14

Once again I spent my 4th of July in Coney Island taking photos of people eating hot dogs. There is nothing more American than that! The Nathan’s Famous hot dog eating contest is now in its 98th year and for the 8th time in a row Joey “Jaws” Chestnut won. At 61 hot dogs he was nowhere near his record of 69 but it was enough to outlast Matt Stoney who had the lead midway through the 10 minutes of hot dog eating. Chestnut won another way too.. before the contest he proposed to his long time girlfriend and fellow eater Neslie Ricasa.

On the women’s side there was a big upset. Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas lost for the first time in the history of the women’s competition. She was beaten by Miki Sudo 34 to 28. Thomas holds the record at 45 but with a crazy storm going on it was apparently bad day for eating hot dogs. Sonya is from my hometown of Alexandria, VA so I have been a fan of hers for many years. I hope she can mount a comeback next year!

The storm was pretty insane and Coney Island was empty on what is normally one of the most packed days of the summer. I was pretty prepared for the weather but it still made my job a lot harder. At some point my lens got fogged up but I couldn’t tell because I was shooting through a plastic waterproof case and I thought it was just my screen that was fogged. Fortunately I shot several hundred photos so I think there is plenty of madness for you guys to look at!

After the contest I ran into my friend Olivia and we rode the ferris wheel in the rain which makes the second time in two weeks I have been on the Wonder Wheel. We also went to the beach which was hilarious to see people trying to vacation in the pouring rain. After leaving Olivia and a slightly too long nap I ended up at the  private hot dog eating after party where I didn’t take any photos but did have corn starch poured down my pants by one of the best eaters in the world. And that’s how I spent my 4th of July…

Now click here to see all my photos from the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island!

Joey Chestnut & Miki Sudo

Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest

Nathan's Mustard Belt

Joey Chestnut Marriage Proposal

Joey Chestnut Marriage Proposal

Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest

Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest

George Shea Gets All The Ladies


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Support, Therapy & Instability LA Book Release – 6.24.14

I am back from vacation! A short fishing trip with old friends bumped up against a week in LA and suddenly I was gone for two weeks and everything in my life has pilled up. But I am in NYC for the next three weeks (theoretically) and I am about to start fucking up my to do list. The #1 thing on that list? Publish some photos from my LA trip that are already a week old!

Remember when I shot Mint & Serf’s release party for their book Support, Therapy & Instability? Well they happened to have the LA release party last Tuesday when I just happened to be in LA. Hanging out with New Yorkers for the few days we were both in town was pretty much the highlight of my LA trip. What does that say?

Anyway, Good Peoples helped them throw a book release party on top of the new Ace Hotel in DTLA. Bunch of graffiti kids were there including my old buddy Shark Toof and they had one of the paintings on display. The owner of the painting showed up to the party as well which was pretty cool. The homie Blu Jemz DJ’d and I flirted with some babes and then I headed off to Nightswim. Meanwhile they got kicked out of their own party because that’s what happens when you throw a party for vandals in a fancy hotel. That’s the pppunk rock shit right there.

So click here to look at all the photos from the LA release party of Support, Therapy & Instability at the Ace Hotel and I am gonna go deal with my life real quick.

Support, Therapy & Instability

Mint & Serf

Support, Therapy & Instability

Support, Therapy & Instability

Dust La Rock & Slutlust

Shark Toof


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New Road Strip W/ Charlotte Stokely!

There’s a new Road Strip episode up on Wood Rocket and it is the first episode to feature Charlotte Stokely! Charlotte is pretty much my favorite model ever and is an amazingly fun person to have on a road trip. I loved all the girls I brought along (or they wouldn’t have been part of this project!) but I booked the trip around Charlotte’s schedule. I picked her up on Saint Louis after my adventure with Theresa Manchester and had her for three days of Route 66 road trip fun! In this first episode you get to see amazing silica mining caves in Missouri and a bunch of gratuitous footage of Stokely taking a shower in a St. Louis motel shitty motel. It’s pretty fun.

I had a bunch of unpublished 35mm pictures of Stokely ready for this update but I am on vacation until Wednesday so I only have time to do a quick update today so you just get the video, BUT I had time to upload the pictures to the Girls of DBB App! So enjoy them over there if you have signed up to my app, but the rest of you cheap bastards will have to wait until the next episode comes out!

Personally I can’t wait for the next episode… I haven’t seen it yet, but Charlotte and I went on some epic adventures an I am sure it’s gonna be amazing.

Now click below to see the newest (Very NSFW!) episode of Road Strip featuring Charlotte Stokely!

Road Strip Charlotte Stokely

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