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posts! My very last post was Chloe Cherry and now we have part two of my shoot with Chloe Amour, so it’s part two of Chloe week and part two of this shoot so it’s like Chloe to the third power or something. I don’t know but I have a bunch of photos of a very attractive human for you to look at so let’s all do that together, but first look at the first part of the shoot we did

I shot these photos at my friend Eddy’s place and it reminds me that I have a bunch of photos of her I never posted as well as the third part of this Chloe Amour series plus another Chloe (who spells her name Khloe) as well. I shot all those photos in the same week and here we are months later and we are just sitting on content and I don’t really know what to do about that except to keep posting stuff, so yeah, let’s do that.

Chloe Amour is so hot and we took so many photos that we did three complete shoots so pretty glad that happened and my hope is I get to shoot her again before I even have a chance to post part three, but who knows? Honestly this is a very weird write up and I am just trying to be productive because Alex Ovechkin is only two goals away from 700 so I have to watch every Caps game and he keeps not doing it so I have to go meet up with some friends in a bit and I just want to get these photos up before I do that. 

So yeah, let’s move on and just be really excited about these photos because damn Chloe Amour is hot. Also, as per always there are some extra bonus photos on Girls of Driven By Boredom that are exclusive to that site. They are also twice the resolution and were posted a day early. Just saying. 

Okay, now click here to see part two of three of my amazing shoot with Chloe Amour!

Chloe Amour

Chloe Amour

Chloe AmourBack to back Chloe

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Chloe Cherry

Hi. It’s time to put up some new photos that are not new at all, but they aren’t quite a year old so that’s gotta count for something? This continues a recent trend on this site from posting stuff I shot in early July 2019 which was in a folder called LA Trip June 2019 which I totally misplaced and sort of forgot about but which has a ton of stuff in it including sets by two girls named Chloe and one named Khloe which I shot three days in a row. I got up one set from Chloe Amour up a while ago  and I got more of her coming (we shot way more that day), but today we gotta get up some photos of Chloe Cherry.

Chloe is super iconic looking and was god damn wonderful to shoot. She’s got real giant eyeballs and showed up in sweatpants with no makeup on and I love that shit. I wanna shoot people how they look and she looks amazing. The 35mm stuff we shot from this shoot was so good. The digital isn’t as good because I don’t know, it just doesn’t, but like Chloe is so easy to shoot it doesn’t matter. You are still gonna love them.

We were shooting at Kasey Warner’s place in LA and the room we were in doesn’t have much light so we had to shoot with the door open. Kasey’s neighbors could easily see in so we spent half the shoot looking outside to make sure no one was lurking about. You could see in from the street too, but it’s down a path so I can’t imagine too many people noticed, but who knows. Thanks again to Kasey for letting me use her place and introducing me to Chloe who again, big fan of. 

There are more explicit shots from this shoot than normal just because of the way she was sitting on the counter. Some of my favorite shots from this shoot actually show a little too much to be on this site, so if you want to see all of that make sure you sign up for Girls of Driven By Boredom where you can see all of this stuff in twice the resolution. 

Okay, go look at all these NSFW shots of Chloe Cherry!

Chloe Cherry

Chloe Cherry

Chloe Cherry



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2020 Girls Of AVN

I have not been able to consume enough caffeine today to write this post, but I keep trying. My brain is just not functioning because I haven’t had a good night of sleep in a week. Hopefully these photos will speak for themselves, but I know this is a post people look forward to every year so I gotta get this published. Instead of writing something thoughtful I am just gonna go through the gallery in order and tell you who everyone is and give you whatever info I think you might need and hopefully my 5th cup of coffee will kick in by the time I’m done. Let’s go.

First up is Keira Croft. I ended up going down to AVN a day earlier than planned and didn’t have a hotel booked. Coincidentally she had an extra bed in her room and she heroically let me crash. We of course had to shoot as well even though the light was pretty gross in her room. I shot some other photos of her for another project as well, but keeping that a secret for now. 

Next up is my buddy April O’Neil. She’s one of my favorite people to shoot and there is a whole gallery of this shoot coming soon, but for now you just get a little teaser. We shot on the balcony of her hotel which had a great view nut I am pretty sure the neighbors had an even better view.

Next is Kyaa. I met her in the casino at like 3am and she pretty much demanded that I take her number and take her photo. I wasn’t going to say no. She is very intimidating. Also coincidentally she’s super cool looking and we took some really fun photos in the courtyard of my hotel so it worked out very well. 

The second night I was in Vegas I ran into Aiden Ashley. We had just done a really amazing shoot in LA, probably the best thing I have shot in months, and she introduced me to her friend Lucid. She was like “you should shoot with Igor” and Lucid said “okay”, and so I said “let’s get you guys naked in the parking garage right now” and so that’s what we did. Aiden got stuck in a trash can and they took a bunch of extra NSFW photos you can only see on the Girls of Driven By Boredom.

Later that same night, at like 4am, my friend Claudia Cho texted me to see what was going on. I didn’t even know she was in town until I saw on the internets that she was in Vegas. She came over to my hotel room and we took like 15 photos in 8 minutes. I’m just glad I got to take some photos using the mirrors in my room.

The next day I went to take photos of a girl named Natalie that Carter Cruise introduced me too. I had eaten dinner with them sometime between the parking garage photos and the Claudia shots and we made plans for the morning. Natalie is a designer and not a naked person, she was just hanging with Carter but was down to take some photos. We shot a ton and it’s going to be a full set later so this is just a little preview. Super glad I met her and I hope to shoot her again soon!

Later that day I shot Siri who is someone I wanted to photograph a long time ago, but she briefly retired from the industry… for 5 years. Well she is back and had a pretty nice room at the Hard Rock so we shot her on the bed. This is another full set so enjoy the preview and I will be back eventually with all her photos. 

The next day was the actual AVN Awards and I was trying to find someone to let me photograph them getting ready. I had just met Paige Owens and she was down but then realized she had fucked up her booking and had to stay with a friend that night. I went with her to drop off her bags and we ran into Gia DiMarco who is another person I had wanted to shoot and so we brought her with us back to my hotel to shoot. On the way I took two photos of Nadia White flashing me in her onsie and then did a quick shoot with Gia and Paige which is a really weird thing to write given that my ex-girlfriend is named Gia Paige. Anyway, we only had like 15 min before Gia had to leave and I think we got some really nice stuff considering. Paige stuck around and did her hair naked and so I took photos of that because I am a goddamn professional. 

After that I had a bunch of shoots cancel and the awards were over and I was real grumpy about being in town for two extra days without shooting. The Wood Rocket Brunch on Sunday was fun and I hung out with those guys on Monday too, but I had 3 rolls of film to finish before I got on a plane and no one to shoot. Fortunately Aiden Ashley had introduced me to another friend this week, and that was Alex Grey. I had wanted to take Alex’s photo forever but I had only once met her and it was very briefly. I had tried taking her photo all week but she was very busy with AVN stuff. On Monday she wanted to shoot but her car got a flat tire and it was taking her all day to deal with it. I figured she was just blowing me off but she finally texted me and I met up with her at the actual tire shop. Her friend was with her and we all got in his pick up truck and drove about 100 yards from the tire shop into a gravel pit and did a photoshoot in 10 minutes as the sun went down. I finished off all three rolls and we took some great photos considering the time. She also let me shoot her without make up and her hair totally crazy which I very much appreciated. So glad we shot and I can’t wait to do it again. We actually got so many photos between film and digital that I am gonna make this a separate set as well. So enjoy the preview and look forward to that.

Apparently the caffeine finally hit because this is over 1100 words and still need to plug Girls of Driven By Boredom. These photos have been on Girls of DBB since yesterday and there are more than 25 bonus shots that are too extra to be posted on here. This gallery is massive to begin with so you probably want to see these in high resolution with “hands free navigation”. Just saying. Sign up already.

Okay, so let’s end this and be done with AVN for another year! 

Click here to see the huge gallery of NSFW photos of girls of from the 20200 AVN Awards week.


 Lucid & Aiden Ashely

Keira Croft

Claudia Cho



Alex Grey

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2020 AVN After Hours

I am a little behind with these AVN updates, but I had a busy weekend, and by busy I mean I had a severe allergy attack and spent most of the weekend in bed trying and failing at sleeping. Not super conducive to productivity but here we are.

When I was working on my AVN article for the Daily Beast, I wanted to focus on a lot of the behind the scenes stuff and so I shot a handful of people getting ready, hanging out at night after the convention was over and of course it wouldn’t be proper Driven By Boredom coverage if I didn’t get a few shots of porn stars eating. In the end the Daily Beast didn’t end up using most of this stuff and instead focused on the convention and the Awards but I love this stuff and wanted to post it here.

Aside from the BTS stuff there are a few things in here that got some extra attention. The first was the “Most Epic Ass” press conference which was filmed for the Showtime airing of the AVN Awards, that thing isn’t for months but they set up a press conference where they pretended to mic pornstar butts and it was super weird. The director of the show asked me to ask a question so you might see me on Showtime (for the second time) asking a question about playoffs, hoping to get an answer that I sadly did not receive.  By the way, my friend Abella Danger, won Most Epic Ass for the second year in a row so that was cool.

The second thing I should mention was the Wood Rocket Brunch. My friends at Wood Rocket hosted a post-AVN brunch on Sunday at their super weird studio that now has a ball pit and a rideable dinosaur. They specifically asked press not to cover it because they wanted people to be able to relax so I didn’t really, but I did take a handful of pictures of people in the ball pit plus a couple extra shots. Kool Keith was there and I didn’t get a shot of him or the dinosaur (well digitally at least) but fun was had by all.

Lastly, I should mention that there are a few photos in here that you are just going to see again tomorrow when I put up my Girls of AVN gallery (they should be on Girls of DBB tonight!). Consider this a preview because there are shots of a bunch of girls that I did longer shoots with that will be up ASAP. These shots were in my edit for the Daily Beast so they ended up in here when I pulled them. It wasn’t really intentional but here we are. Okay, see you tomorrow!

Click here to see all the after hours shots of the 2020 AVN week in Las Vegas.

Adriana Chechik

Gia DiMarco & Paige Owens

Siouxsie Q & Michael Vegas

Most Epic Ass


Alex Grey

Sucklord In The Ball Pit


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2020 Adult Entertainment Expo

So yesterday I got all the photos up from the 2020 AVN Awards, so today you get the photos from the four day convention that leads up to the awards. The Adult Entertainment Expo is like any other convention or trade show except like with way more pasties. Fans line up to take photos with and get autographs from adult film stars and go buy all sorts of sex toys and robotic women and whatever weird shit you are probably imagining anyway. It’s my 13th one of these things and I have shot it in the past for the Village Voice, LA Weekly, Playboy, Hustler, Vice and many, many more. This year I was shooting it for The Daily Beast and you can read that story here.

I honestly can’t think of what else to say about it. I shot it with a mix of natural light and flash and I took a bunch of photos since it was 4 days long. There are like 160 photos in the gallery so lots to look at. There is no actual nudity in here because that is apparently against some sort of dumb rules but the gallery is still significantly NSFW. This is the last year at the Hard Rock which is closing down on Monday. AVN Week is still happening there next year it’s just going to be at the ironically rebranded hotel, The Virgin.

I should also mention that these photos have been up for days over on Girls of DBB and in higher resolution. I also have all the other random photos I took during the week up there as well. I will get that post up sometime this weekend, but if you don’t want to wait, sign up

Now click here to see the huge gallery from the 2020 Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas.


Riley Reid

Tommy Pistol

Abigail Mac

Charlotte Sartre

Don't Touch The Turtle Dick

Spinnin' Shea

Joseline Kavaski

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2020 AVN Awards – 1.25.20

The AVN Awards took place way back on Saturday night and I haven’t posted any photos until now because I was waiting for the story I did for the Daily Beast to come out, and it came out this morning. Not only is the Daily Beast an awesome client (and my mom’s favorite website) but they asked me to write for them which is always fun for me. I have written for the Daily Beast, Playboy, Vice, Noisey, Boing Boing and a bunch of others and I feel like at this point I could build a portfolio that tricks people into thinking I am an actual writer, but I will not.

Anyway, the 2020 AVN Awards makes the 13th time I have covered the AVN Awards week. I thought it was 12 all week, but I just counted to be sure. The first year I went, I went just to party and ended up selling a bunch of the photos, but I didn’t cover the actual awards. The next year I did the red carpet but that was so boring so the next year I hid at the end of the red carpet and shot people off the red carpet. AVN liked my photos so much they started giving me access to the awards and I covered the awards for years. The last two years I was dating Gia Paige so I went as her guest instead of shooting the awards. This year I tried to get back inside the awards and apparently they now have a contract with Showtime that prohibits anyone who isn’t working for AVN from shooting the awards despite me having a massive client like the Daily Beast. They did give me red carpet access, but that is fucking boring so I decided against it.

I decided to shoot people waiting for the red carpet instead of actually on the carpet. It was kinda a risky move and I got a lot of random people in the background and I kept having to switch from flash to natural light back and forth because I don’t want to shoot flash when I don’t have it. I ended up missing some shots because of it, but I think ultimately it’s a lot more interesting to look at these than another set of red carpet photos. Right?

After the show started I went back to my hotel and just relaxed for the first time all week. I came back a couple hours later and took some photos of people coming out of the awards before heading to an absurd party at a mansion that looked like someone just googled “crazy party” and threw everything they could at it. There were fancy cars parked outside and a mermaid in the swimming pool and fire performers and sexy cops and it was just so silly, but I am glad I went because it was very weird, but I only took like 3 photos so sorry about that. 

Anyway, congrats to all of the winners, especially my friends. Angela White won her 3rd Female Performer of the Year award and Small Hands won Male Performer of the Year and I really like both of those people so that was great. My friend Abella Danger won best ass, but we will get to that in a future post… 

Speaking of, this is the first of four AVN Week posts. Next up will be the Adult Entertainment Expo, followed by a post with just a bunch of random left over shots, and then finally, probably Monday, I will post the “Girls of AVN” post that everyone likes so much every year. All the photos, except the Girls of AVN stuff, is already up on Girls of DBB so go check that out now if you are a subscriber.

Now click here to see my off the red carpet shots from the 2020 AVN Awards in Las Vegas.

Little Caprice

Angela White & Jules Jordan


AVN Awards

AVN Awards Protesters

Ginger Banks & Blair Williams

Joanna Angel & Small Hands


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Ginger Banks

Almost exactly a year ago I met Ginger Banks in Vegas. It just so happens that tomorrow I am flying to Vegas so it only makes sense that I put her photos up today. We shot these last time I was in LA, the last photos I posted, and now I am headed back to LA this week, so once again it just all makes sense to post these today.

There isn’t a ton to say about these photos. They are pretty normal hot girl in her underwear and then out of her underwear photos but Ginger is really rad and you should probably know about her if you didn’t already. She also makes a bunch of really dumb faces and I mean that in the best possible way, so you are gonna enjoy that a lot in these photos. Oh, and her butt fucking rules, so there’s that. 

Speaking of her butt, if you would like to see some more photos of it you should sign up for Girls of Driven By Boredom because there are some extra high res photos of it on there. You need that in your life.

Lastly, normally when I go out of town for two weeks I just tell you to go follow me on Twitter and Instagram and stuff, but I still have another post coming soon I hope. It’s a secret but my plan is to post it while I am on this trip, be on the lookout for that. Now go look at Ginger already.

Click here to see a bunch of NSFW photos of Ginger Banks.

Ginger Banks

Ginger Banks

Ginger Banks


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Kasey Warner Is Back

I have shot Kasey Warner many, many times. She is one of my favorite people and pretty much anytime I go to LA we shoot something even if it’s just something random. I have shot her in Vegas and NYC as well. I have done a bunch of shoots with her with other girls as well. I have an upcoming shoot that I haven’t published with Chloe Cherry that I shot at her place for example. She isn’t in the actual shoot, but I took a bunch of 35mm shots of the two of them together. The point of all this is that this is only the second actual shoot I have ever done with her. You can see the first one here.

These photos we shot last time I was in LA and I realized that I am about to go to LA again and so I should get some of those photos up. I have a bunch of stuff from that trip that I haven’t looked at other than to pull a few photos for the models. (Tip for photographers, get models a few images right away so they don’t get pissed that you don’t do anything with the full shoot for months.) We went on a hike in Griffith Park shot a bunch of photos in this little dead end area we found. We could have been seen by a bunch of people, but I think we managed to pull it off without getting caught. That’s always fun.

After the shoot we went to get some food at a diner called Brite Spot and while we were eating there was a 7.1 earthquake. I had briefly been awakened by an earthquake the day before, but this was the first time in my life I had really been aware of what was happening. All the chandelier’s in the restaurant were shaking and people were completely freaking out. I have lived in Brooklyn too long and my immediate thought was that I would look “uncool” if I tried to run for cover so I just sort of sat there and took it in. I didn’t really realize how big it was and looked outside and noticed the traffic light poles were swinging about 3 feet in either direction. In the end everything was fine and honestly it was really fun.

Okay, that’s all I got. I have one post coming  before I leave town on Thursday for LA and Vegas for the AVN Awards and to shoot a bunch. I am actually covering the awards for the Daily Beast which should be fun. So see you guys soon.

Oh, and of course there are some extra very NSFW images from this shoot on Girls of Driven By Boredom. These pics are also in high res over there and have been up for days. So go sign up.

And now click here to see photos of Kasey Warner hiking naked in LA. 

Kasey Warner

Kasey Warner

Kasey Warner


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Karlee Grey

Happy 2020 guys. I got some cool stuff coming this month including a new Kickstarter 100 project, my yearly trip to the AVN Awards and my “Best of 2019” update which means I need to get to my “Best of 2018” update because apparently it doesn’t exist. Hopefully blogging about this will keep me accountable or something. Anyway it’s been a minute since my last update with the Christmas and New Years break so let’s get you guys some photos.

Back in August I was at the Gathering of the Juggalos, but I had to be in Miami the following Thursday so I decided I would just fly straight to Florida to save money. I had to be in Florida for a few extra days but I figured I could take advantage of it. I flew into Orlando and rented a car and photographed my friend Veronica Rose (aka Ay Dubz) on this river somewhere. I grabbed my digital camera but I left the charged battery in the car and we had to canoe to the shoot so I only got a few photos in before it died. I mostly wanted to shoot film though so it wasn’t a big deal. 

The next day I drove down to Miami and stayed with Abella Danger for the night. I helped her put her new bed together and we were supposed to shoot the next morning but we woke up late so once again I just shot film of her really quickly. I did get some nice stuff out of it though. 

From there I drove north to meet my friend Michelle to go to a Dolphins game and on the way I stopped off at Karlee Grey’s place and we did a shoot on a beach. IIt was really bright and there were a bunch of people on the beach and we didn’t have much time, but I shot plenty of digital stuff and she is unreasonably attractive so you got some great photos to look at.

I ended up being really late meeting Michelle for the game because right as we were finishing shooting someone walked past us and then walked about 100 yards and turned around and she got stuck in the water completely naked while we waited for them to very walk by us again. Anyway, Karlee rules and hopefully one day we get to do a shoot under more ideal situations.

Anyway, I uploaded all the shots for you guys here, but I also uploaded the ones of Veronica to Girls of Driven By Boredom, and as always the ones of Karlee ar available in high resolution on Girls of DBB. So sign up now!

Now click here to see all the photos of Karlee Grey naked on the beach in South Florida!

Karlee Grey

Karlee Grey

Karlee Grey

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