Vegas Update #1

Day one and two of my trip to Vegas are in the books and I feel like I have taken a million photos and not sure I like any of them because that’s just how I roll. I have been mostly focused on my assignments for LA Weekly, Mass Appeal and Vice and of course taking photos for my book so I have only really done one full set of babe photos.

I shot a few digital photos of Abigail Mac, Stefanie Joy, and Melissa Moore but I was mostly focused on my other work that aside from one or two pictures the digital stuff is fairly useless. I did a quick set with Bobbi Dylan in a stairwell but we didn’t wanna get caught so it was really fast and then last night as I was leaving to head back to my hotel I shot a few photos of Ramona Flour in the parking garage. All this stuff will probably end up in a Girls of AVN 2016 gallery pretty soon.

The one shoot I did for real was of Jillian Janson. I actually shot her for the Showtime AVN broadcast. I guess they put in little features between the awards and apparently I am going to be in one of them. We shot in this amazing penthouse suite and then went on the roof and finally snuck into a kitchen where we immediately got caught. I took 300 photos so there’s gotta be one good one.

So while I was updating this my friend Taurus just showed up and we took some photos in my hotel room so I guess I will add that to this update too! Not sure if there’s a full set in there either but we got some nice stuff. She’s so fucking pretty.

I should also mention that my Instaxxx photo book Kickstarter hit $11,000 today which is fucking insane and Abigail Mac and Jillian Janson signed some Instax for the Kickstarter so if you haven’t donated or want to raise your pledge you can get one of the signed outtakes. Wow that was a long sentence.

Anyway, I am headed back to the AEE and I am sure I will have plenty of that stuff for you soon.

Jillian Janson

Abigail Mac

Bobbi Dylan

Ramona Flour

Taurus Angel

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