St. Louis Part One

My St. Louis adventure isn’t over yet, but I had a few hours to get some stuff up so I wanted to take that chance to update you guys. I arrived in St. Louis yesterday with Sidney Scarlet and we immediately hit the pool. It was an airport Econo Lodge pool so it was pretty ghetto, but it was like 100 degrees out so it was pretty fucking awesome. We hit a BBQ spot for dinner and I took her to the bus station and she went back to Chicago.

At 5am Theresa Manchester showed up at my hotel door. She is from St. Louis and was home for her grandmother’s 85th birthday. We had planned on taking photos super early in the morning and my hotel was right by the airport so when her flight got delayed she just came straight to my hotel and napped for a few hours before our shoot.

We had a pretty epic day. She took me to some gross/delicious breakfast diner and then we hit the fantastic St. Louis City museum. That place is one of the coolest places I have ever been and I have no idea how to begin to explain it. It’s a massive building that was taken over by artists who turned the whole thing into a giant jungle gym/ art project. You should probably just google it. There were summer camp kids everywhere crawling on everything. We went on the roof and checked out the Ferris Wheel. She flashed me when we were at the top for pictures and evidently someone saw us because we seemed to have a guy following us around for the rest of the day.

We went on a bunch of slides including a 10 story one and Theresa cut her butt on one of them. It was pretty brutal. We took a few more topless photos in the museum but we got pulled aside and asked nicely to stop doing it. They were really cool about it, but I felt bad because the last thing I wanted was kids to see that and if somebody complained, clearly at least a parent saw it. We checked out the sideshow exhibit and the human hamster wheel after that and then headed to the St. Louis Arch.

Clearly I couldn’t go on some sort of crazy, getting people naked in public, road trip without getting someone naked in front of the arch. It didn’t make any sense to do it right under the arch but we found a park a few hundred feet in front of it with a perfect view of the whole thing and I set up my camera and whenever people would walk past us she would give me a quick flash, I would take a few photos and then we would go back to regular photos. Eventually we got some nice shots and no one was the wiser.

After that I photographed her fully naked in front of a giant Vess soda bottle while cars on the highway honked at us. They could see us but not get to us. We were in some industrial neighborhood. Somehow the video I took of that got fucked up but there are some awesome photos.

Finally she took me to Ted Drewes Frozen Custard for desert. It’s a Route 66 classic and the perfect last stop in St. Louis. It was delicious and decidedly wholesome compared to the rest of the day. I dropped her off at her grandmother’s house and came back to my hotel and took a nap and did some much needed work on my website.

I might go hang out with Theresa and her local friends later tonight so there could be some additional adventures and I am meeting Charlotte Stokely here tomorrow and we are going to try to go to the St. Louis zoo so I am sure this time tomorrow night I will have some new stuff to show you guys. Until then check out a couple NSFW shots of Theresa Manchester from the arch and the Vess soda bottle. They are pretty funny…

Theresa Manchester St Louis Arch

Theresa Manchester Giant Vess Bottle

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