Finch Linden Naked In Brooklyn

I love shooting girls in LA because there is amazing light and everyone has great apartments to shoot in and there are tons of porn babes that want to get naked for me for some reason. New York is a bit tougher… everyone lives in shit holes, the big buildings block out all the light and there are less girls who get naked full time. But one thing New York has going for it is that girls can legally be topless in public and there is no better location than the streets of NYC.

I was introduced to Finch Linden on Twitter through mutual friends that I know from Gods Girls. Finch is a model there but she shoots more than your average tattooed cam girl and she knows what she is doing. I was pretty excited to shoot Finch when she came to NYC but I didn’t really have any locations. Being the bad ass motherfucker that she is, she was totally down to just get naked outside. I of course totally supported this idea and we hit the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I have already shot on Canal and Broadway, which is probably the busiest intersection in Manhattan outside of Times Square, so I tried to figure out the ballsiest spot to shoot in Brooklyn. I figured that Bedford and North 7th in Williamsburg would be perfect. It’s right outside the Bedford L train and really the heart of the hipsteriest neighborhood in the world. It was the perfect spot.

I got Finch in to position right on the corner and waited for a moment when I figured a lot of people would be crossing the street and would make it into the shot and Finch took off her dress and threw it to me. What I was not expecting was that she was not wearing any underwear. We just crossed the line from totally legal to sex offender status. This caught me off guard and everyone who was about to cross the street just stopped in their tracks and watched me shoot. I shot off as many photos is I could in 15 seconds and then we got the fuck out of there. I ended up getting some good shots but missing what could have been a truly epic photo.

From there Finch and I walked around the neighborhood trying to find some slightly less arrestable places to shoot, but we had an audience for all the mini shoots. We went to the Williamsburg Waterfront and over to McCarren Park and a few places in between. It was a really bright day so I couldn’t see my camera’s screen so I was relying on the light meeter and bracketing and trying to shoot really quickly. Finch on the other hand was dealing with the wind and the heat and kept trying to keep her hair out of her face. The combination led to missing some really amazing shots and I didn’t even want to look at these photos for a while. Finch is such a good model and was so down to take crazy photos but I just kept missing the shots I wanted. Luckily I took enough photos, and Finch is super babelicious so when I finally got around to looking at the photos it turns out we got some pretty awesome shots anyway. I am pretty sure you guys are going to dig them a lot whatever the case and hopefully one day Finch and I will get to shoot again and make even more awesomeness. But hot girls plus public nudity always wins, so let’s get into it…

Click here for all the crazy uncensored NSFW public nude shots of Finch Linded naked on the streets of Williamsburg Brooklyn.

Finch Linden Naked In Public

Finch Linden Naked In Public

Finch Linden Naked In Public

Finch Linden Naked In Public

Finch Linden Naked In Public

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  1. FrankB
    September 13th, 2012 | 8:07 pm

    A beautiful young woman! Did she cause many accidents? In the 16th photo in the gallery, I momentarily thought the lights behind her were flowers in her hair. Heh.

  2. ralzey
    September 2nd, 2015 | 9:49 am

    a natural beauty. breathtaking and heart stopping.

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