LA Part 1

I have been in LA all week and I have shot a bunch of babes and a ton of instant film for my new book and it’s been a pretty good time. Last night I went to the AVN Nomination party and shot that for the LA Weekly, but more on that later. I have four more days in LA and a few more shoots planned so hopefully Part 2 of my LA Road Trip blog will be as filled with babes.

Let’s do a quick run down of the shoots…

I shot Riley Nixon with her dog Pig. She’s a fantastic model and her dog is my new best friend now. You are gonna dig these photos.

I shot Daisy Ducati in my rental car. I got this huge SUV for some reason even though I wanted a compact so I figured I should shoot it. Glad I shot in it right away because on Wednesday I opened my car door and a woman drove right into it.

I shot Cassidy Klein and Melissa Moore in this shitty hotel room I was staying in for a couple days. The light was hideous but I took a bunch of good flash stuff using film but I shot almost no digital so you won’t be seeing a set of this but probably a bunch on my Tumblr.

I shot Heather Vahn at the place she rents in Beverly Hills when she’s in LA. I really like these photos. Heather is a great model but we have never done a proper shoot before. It’s always just been us taking random shots in her hotel room. Glad we did a proper shoot.

Lastly I shot Joseline Kelly at my friend Dave’s house and unfortunately I got stuck in horrible traffic so by the time I got there we had lost all the light and then Joseline got way too stoned. I got some decent photos and some really good Polaroid stuff but I feel like her and I can do much better at some point.

But yeah, so far so good and hopefully I got a bunch more to shoot so keep checking back!

Riley Nixon & Pig

Daisy Ducati

Melissa Moore & Cassidy Klein

Heather Vahn

Joseline Kelly

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