Bombshell Brats Photobooth

I totally forgot about these NSFW pictures I took of the lovely Bombshell Brats girls at the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention.  I put one of these pictures on my Tumblr the other day and it got a ton of reblogs so I figured I should actually post this gallery.  Seems like a perfect post for a Friday night.  Get some boobs in your life right before the weekend.

Bombshell Brats were one of the sponsors of the tattoo convention and then threw some crazy parties as you might remember.  But before the parties I took them into a back room and shot topless pictures of a bunch of them with their boobs out. I mean why not right?  The pictures feature an adorable asian babe named Twill who I actually met online via Gods Girls, Roxy Rage who’s Slayer ass tattoo is the most reblogged Tumblr post I have ever had, Scarlett Storm who did a burlesque number for the Rigor Mortis Revue, Mia Rebel who you have of course seen before on DBB, and then a surprise appearance by my home girl and Burning Angel Nova Lox.

The only problem with the gallery is every single picture has boobs out in it so um.. I’m going to have to photoshop something up to post below.  Hope you enjoy it.

Click here to see all the topless Bombshell Brats at the Philly Tattoo Convention.

And then check out Bombshell Brats if you want to see ALOT more of these girls.

Bombshell Brats

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