The Best Thing On The Internet

In my opinion the best thing on the internet is Yacht Rock. It is pretty much old news, and the web show was canceled, but just now I was trying to think of my favorite thing on the entire internet. I just needed something to post, so I decided to post the best. I can never explain how amazing this show is. You just have to see it for your self. Other than the Jethro Tull episode, they are flawless. Make sure to watch at least the first two episodes and the Van Halen episodes, those are my favorites. Anyway, amazing, check it out ASAP. Episode 1 is below.

Oh, also I might be away from the computer for a while. I don’t know when I am going to have time to sleep for two hours, much less edit photos or update this. I should be alseep now, but I can’t. I took some great photos last night though. Thank god for lasers.

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