Rizzo Ford

As I mentioned last week I shot all six of the Chicago Burning Angels at the same time. A couple days later I did real photo shoots with three of the girls, Rizzo Ford, Sidney Scarlett and Felix Berkley. The plan is to get all three Chicago Burning Angel galeries up this week starting with the lovely Rizzo Ford.

All three shoots were rushed and I feel like if I shoot any of these girls again the photos are going to be way more awesome so bare with me. These girls are still babes and you are probably going to be psyched about these shots even if I am not totally in love with them.

Anyway, Rizzo is a babe. She has an awesome Mr. Pink Steve Buscemi tattoo and she dates a party photographer. I support anyone who regularly has sex with party photographers.  We need love.

Speaking of party photographers, this set and both of the other BA Chicago sets were shot at Matt from Darkroom Demons place. He let me crash there my whole Chicago trip. Thanks Matt!

I am way too tired for this post to make sense so I am just going to shut the fuck up now and get to the dirty pictures. NSFW as per always.

Click here to see all my shots of Burning Angel Rizzo Ford.

Rizzo Ford

Rizzo Ford

Rizzo Ford's Steve Buscemi Tattoo!

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  1. October 17th, 2011 | 2:34 pm

    oh yeah…Rizzo is the goods.

  2. Omeezee
    October 20th, 2011 | 5:17 am

    All of the pics are great but I especially like #29. Her playful spirit is captured. Really cool. Plus I like pictures taken on stairwells. They always seem really cool and give a sense of motion or action to a picture I think. As usual though, you seem to shoot the best looking women on the planet. Nice work!

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