Blundertown SXSW Day Parties

Blundertown is company that books rad rock and roll shows in LA. They helped book two of the day parties (Friday and Saturday) at the Sailor Jerry takeover of Gypsy Lounge. On Friday they teamed up with the skate clothing company Altamont and thew a party with King Tuff and Hanni El Khatib headlining. There were a lot of great bands (check out their recap) but my personal favorites were White Lung and the bad ass band Hunters who I got to see at CMJ.

On Saturday Blundertown teamed up with LA Record for some punk rock awesomeness. They had NoBunny open the madness and The Spits close it out with a bunch of insane band in between. Cole from the Black Lips DJd and tons of rock and roll fun was had by everyone.

On Friday Keith Underwood tattooed anyone who was willing to throw a dart at a dartboard to pick their tattoo. It was all rad Sailor Jerry flash so you weren’t gonna be screwed but it’s still funny to see people getting a tattoo based on a dart throw. My man Terry Brown did the dart tattoos on Saturday and everybody’s favorite TV reality show host, Inkmaster’s Oliver Peck, tattooed bands and VIPs both days (like my home girl Alysha Nett). Oliver is fucking hilarious and not a bad tattoo artist, so it’s always fun to have him around. Terry tattooed a little bird on me when we were fucking around and I love doing events with him. Good times.

Anyway I have so much more SXSW stuff to get up so we are going to try to speed these right along. Check out the pictures from both parties and get ready for more “SXSJ” stuff tomorrow!

Click here to see all the pictures from the Blundertown/ Altamont party on Friday at Sailor Jerry x Gypsy Lounge!

Click here to see all the pictures from the Blundertown/ LA Record party on Saturday at Sailor Jerry x Gypsy Lounge!

Alysha Nett


Coathangers Get Tattooed By Oliver Peck

The Spits

King Tuff & His New Sailor Jerry Tattoo


Black Lips Dj Set

Tattooed Babes


Keith Underwood Tattoos A Shark On A Babe

Perfect Sailor Jerry Branding

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