2016 Girls Of AVN

This post is gonna solve a lot of problems at once so let’s get into it.

The first issue is that Driven By Boredom turned 15 yesterday and I totally forgot. That’s not really a problem that needs fixing but I figured I should at least mention it. I started this madness in 2001 and it’s amazing that not only is this website part of my life, but really the main part of my life. I started it because I went to a party school for college as a straight edge punk kid. There was no punk scene and all the social shit was based around bros drinking. I left after two years and went to art school but the two years that I spent hanging out in my dorm room in front of my computer  bored out of my mind paid off I guess.

Next up is that I have a bunch of random naked girl photos from my trip to Vegas for AVN I don’t really know what to do with. I did all that worked for Blacked and Tushy and didn’t have time to shoot a lot of other girls, but I did shoot a few things here and there. I decided to put together a small gallery of random photos from the week that didn’t really stand on their own.

The first day I was in Vegas for AVN I shot this girl named Yvonne in exchange for a ride to my hotel from the airport because I am a genius so we have a few of those shots. I took a few photos my friends Jenna Valentine and Josie Jacobs because they are the best and I was hanging out with them a bunch over the weekend. Josie’s pictures exist because there was a humidifier in Claire Robbins’ room and I thought I should take a photo or two using that for fun. Then Jenna wanted me to shoot a couple photos of her using her beauty light (she was doing make up for porn babes all weekend). I ran into Jesabella Marie from the Suicide Sirens in the casino and she was with Leya Falcon and another friend and I took a couple photos of the three of them and then shot Jesabella in the shower for a couple of shots. All of this was just random bullshit and not an actual shoot but it was fun. There’s also one photo of this girl Hunny Bearr cause she was with me when I ran up to my room to get new batteries or something so we took like three photos of her boobs cause why wouldn’t we? We meant to shoot again, but we never did.

Now on top of all that I also threw in a couple of photos that preview upcoming full shoots I did. I shot Samantha Bentley as per AVN tradition. Sam is the best and I will have a full shoot of her up one of these days. I shot Romance (who I have known forever but never really photographed) and her friend Phoebe Phelpz the last night I was in Vegas. They basically rolled around my hotel room while I half assedly took photos while watching the NFL Playoffs. It was pretty fun though cause I basically ended up getting a double lap dance while taking photos which is not the worst way to spend a Sunday afternoon. That shoot will be up one of these days too. And lastly I met this girl “Lil Brown Eyes” in LA right before I went to Vegas. She dates a porn dude named Bryan Gozzling and I hung out with them a lot at AVN. Bryan is a good dude and Lil Brown Eyes is really great to photograph. They are also in some sort of wild fetish relationship that involves a lot of pissing and vomiting and all sorts of stuff that I can’t really understand but is worth taking photos of. I shot a normal set of her and then I shot him torturing her (in a good way). I added a few photos of them, but you will be hearing a lot a more about all that soon.

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, Girls of Driven By Boredom is working again. I was having problems updating it for two weeks but it seems to be functional now. To make that up to subscribers I have uploaded a LOT of new high resolution content.

  • I added all the Blacked & Tushy photos including a bunch of extra explicit shots.
  • I added a full set of Yvonne’s photos.
  • I added a full set of Jesabella Marie’s photos.
  • And I added some actual porn! Leya Falcon blew her boyfriend while we were all hanging out and I took photos. Normally I wouldn’t post those shots but they are pretty fucking wild and I want people to spend money on Girls of DBB so fucking sign up to see this shit. It’s probably worth it. Just saying.

Okay, this post is way too long but I had a lot to see. Go sign up for Girls of DBB and then click the link below.

Click here to see a gallery of left over NSFW photos from my 2016 AVN Awards trip!

Jenna Valentine

Leya Falcon

Lil Brown Eyes

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2016 Girls of AVN

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Girls Of The 2015 AVN Awards

Now I realize posting a massive gallery of over 100 images of naked porn stars on a Friday evening seems like bad timing but their is a method to my madness. I am headed to LA in two weeks and I plan on taking a massive amount of naked photos while I am there and I realized I have a TON of old naked content that hasn’t seen the light of day. That means I need to dump a bunch of it on you guys in what I like to call NSFW Week.

NSFW Weeks have happened from time to time on this site when I realize that I have way too much content that I have been holding onto, but this one is extra special. Not only are you going to get five posts every day next week, but there is going to be some really good stuff AND you get a discount to Girls Of Driven By Boredom so you can see all the bonus stuff at a discount. Use the code nsfwweek for 20% off!

So this whole party starts with a Friday night dump of a ton of the stuff I shot while I was in Vegas in January for the AVN Awards. The crazy thing is that most of this gallery (plus a bunch more dirtier stuff) has been on Girls Of Driven By Boredom SINCE January but I am just now giving you guys this stuff for free. Starting on Sunday I will be releasing a new girl gallery to Girls of DBB one day before it shows up on this site. That means if you sign up for Girls of DBB you will get to see every set a day in advance AND you will get higher resolution images and more importantly for most of you creeps all the spread leg shots and extra dirty photos that are too offensive to put on such a high brow website as this one.

Now let’s get to these photos. To star with I shot my old pal (and two different prostitutes on Game of Thrones!) Samantha Bentley. We were just fucking around with my camera in her hotel room when Dahlia Sky came up to the room so I shot the two of them together. The photos were mostly just for fun but it made for a great photo of me… In the mix are some photos of Adriana Chechik doing weird shit like she do, Lily LaBeau looking like a fashion model like she do, and some shots of Burning Angels Taurus and Veronica Rose.

Continuing with the Vegas madness I shot BBW babe Marilyn Mayson in the back of my rental car and the insane Ashlee Graham on a total strangers shoulders. I was racing the sun as I made it to British porn star Jasmine Jae’s hotel room and I didn’t think I was going to make it but I realized if I shot her between her curtains in the window there was just enough light to shoot a mini set of her. After that I grabbed British porn girls Amarna Miller and Silvia Rubi and took them up to the roof with a cam girl I met named Jane and a random lady she met at a swingers party the night before. Jane’s friend was just there to make sure Jane didn’t get murdered but she ended up getting naked too!

Let’s see what else… I shot Lucy Everleigh and Anya Amsel on the roof too. I had been trying to shoot Lucy FOREVER and finally got to meet her. Apparently she lives in wherever she lives and just cams and never actually does photoshoot. I took her photo shoot virginity and you will get to see a full set of her (in a bathtub) next week! By the way Anya Amsel is such a babe and one of these days I am going to hopefully do a shoot with her. I didn’t know who she was until Lucy introduced us but now I am kinda in love.

Lastly I did a shoot with a reporter named Rachel Rabbit White who was writing about AVN for Thought Catalog and decided getting naked in a bathroom would be good for the story. I highly supported her decision.

Okay, so here is a gallery full of over 100 naked photos and there’s even more on Girls of DBB (discount code nsfwweek!) Go enjoy these photos alone at home on Friday night and then come back next week for a new babe every day!

Click here to see all the photos of naked babes in Vegas during the 2014 AVN Awards!

PS. Now would be an ideal time to get a copy of my super rare print collection, What Happens In Vegas!

Lily LaBeau

Samantha Bentley & Dahlia Sky

Jasmine Jae

Rachel Rabbit White

Veronica Rose & Taurus Angel

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Girls Of 2015 AVN Awards

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AVN Parking Lot Photo Shoots

Back when the AVN Awards were at the Hard Rock Hotel I did so many mini photo shoots on the parking deck roof or in my rental car in the parking lot or wherever I could find a place to spend five minutes shooting photos with a model when she had a quick break from signing autographs or partying or whatever else people do in Vegas during a porn convention. The AVNs recently have moved to Resort World and I didn’t know any of the good hiding spots yet, but when I parked my rental car near a stairwell I realized it was the perfect place to shoot. 

I tried to shoot several people in that stairwell but it was in a lot that was adjacent to the hotel and you had to go outside to get there which means a) they had to go outside in the cold wearing skimpy clothing b) they had a ten minute round trip walk in high heels. So pretty much everyone flaked, which happens at lot at AVN anyway.

On Friday night I ran into Dylan Moore, who I recently shot in New York. (I have two NYC shoots with her to publish already.) The convention was about to end when I ran into her and she mentioned she had a hotel with a great room we could shoot in, so we drove over there, but before we did, I finally got to shoot someone in that stairwell because I had once again parked my rental car right next to it. Dylan immediately hung herself over the 4th floor railing which scared the absolute shit out of me given that I once was sued by Larry Flynt and an Instagram famous douchebag over a girl breaking her foot “falling” off a roof on a shoot I did for Hustler. Once I got her to stop that we shot a bunch of film and Instax and didn’t really shoot much digital, but I still have a handful of photos for you. (Plus a full hotel shoot with her still to come.)

One of the people I talked to about shooting in that stairwell was a model I met at the convention named Michelle Masque. I had tried to shoot her during the day on Friday and it didn’t happen so on Saturday when we finally met up I figured we could just go to the main parking garage and shoot on the roof. The problem was it was so bright out and the shadows were so harsh. I took some daylight flash stuff with my point and shoot 35mm camera so that might end up being cool, but a lot of the stuff we shot was pretty harsh. Still, we got some nice stuff I think. Plus she got to try on an outfit she had just bought and found out it was a little too big, so she was able to return it right after the shoot and so it worked out for everyone.

Shortly after my shoot with Michelle I went to the hotel Starbucks to get a coffee and I ran into my buddy CJ and his wife Sania Mallory who I really wanted to photograph. They were just going home so I said why don’t we do something quick on the parking garage before they bounced. Fortunately, in just the half hour between my shoot with Michelle and my shoot with Sania, the sun had gone down enough and the light was absolutely perfect. I photographed her and her and then her and CJ together and then I ended up shooting her with this dude Tiny Smallz who was staying with them. And then finally I shot them all with their other friend David for a nice family portrait.

Lastly, a few hours later I ran into my old pal Goldie Fawn. She was one half of what was maybe my favorite AVN shoot of all time and is in my new zine Off The Hook. I don’t think I seen her since we shot back in 2018, and I really wanted to take her photo this year but it hadn’t happened yet. Fortunately when I ran into her in the hotel lobby she had just finished walking the AVN red carpet and she had a few minutes before she had to go back into the awards show, so once again we went to the parking garage. I had to get some cameras out of my rental car so we ended up just shooting her on my rental car in her incredible gold red carpet dress. This shoot was so quick and we got so many fun shots. Goldie rules and I am so glad we got to do this quick shoot right only an hour before I went to the airport to head back home. 

Lastly, before I leave you with links, I should mention that my book Instaxxx which has NSFW instant film photos from hundreds of photo shoots is on sale right now. I am moving at the end of the month and trying to get rid of some stuff before I go. It’s 25% off right now. Just saying. 

Okay, so a bunch of these photos are tame enough to post on Flicker but like, it doesn’t make a great gallery so I am pay walling everything. Sorry. All these photos are exclusive to Girls of Driven By Boredom, but just a reminder that there are tens of thousands of high res nude photos on there all for one low price, so like, get it together and throw in a few $ and go look at the 100 parking lot photos and then go look at everything I have shot for decades. 

Now click here to see all four shoots I did in the Resort World parking garage during the 2024 AVN Awards week in Las Vegas.

Sania Mallory

Michelle Masque

Sania Mallory, CJ Linde, Tiny Smallz & David Hener

Goldie Fawn

Dylan Moore

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Assholes Live Forever AVN Party – 1.24.24

If you aren’t familiar with Assholes Live Forever, you’ve still probably seen one of their t-shirts in some viral post. The “edgy” clothing company has blown up in the last few years and I see it everywhere. Normally I am probably a little too woke to be associating myself with a company that posts sexist memes as a marketing strategy but the company happens to be run by my buddy Kirill, the former party photographer Kirill Was Here, who I have known since our nightlife days in NYC fifteen years ago. Kirill took what we were doing in nightlife and turned it into a TV show, a Vegas residency and now a hugely successful fashion brand and I am proud as hell of the dude, even if I would probably hate his internet persona if I didn’t know him. 

When I knew I was heading to the AVN Awards I hit him up and he told me he was not only gonna be in town but he was throwing a party. When he sent the link it was being thrown by Jardin, a cannabis company in Vegas. Last time I went to one of their parties they had mermaids in the pool and super cars parked in the driveway and was like the cheesy mansion  party vibe you only really see in movies. That last party you could pay to get in, so it was like 20% hot girls and 80% rich bros so it was not where I wanted to be, but I knew and ALF party thrown by Kirill and adult film star Damon Dice would be a lot more fun and I was right. 

I took a party bus to the party with another edgelord friend of mine, Charlie Classic and when we got there it was already popping off. The party was as expected, mansion, pool, step and repeat, backyard yurt filled with pillows, you get the idea. They had a chef cooking up waffles that looked like dicks and Flava Flav was hanging out. The party was mostly porn stars and I had a bunch of friends there so it was a lot of fun, but maybe the best part was Kirill walking around introducing me to girls as the “photographer who inspired my career” which is only a little true but shows you what a good dude Kirill is, and of course it lead to way better pictures. 

Now speaking of pictures, about 1/3 of these photos are too NSFW for this site and are behind a paywall. That’s mostly Kirill’s fault so blame him, but between the girls flashing me, a mini photo shoot on a basketball court and Sabrina Nichole walking around mostly topless all night, I had to post a ton of this site exclusively to Girls of Driven By Boredom. But if you go over there, not only does it have the 20 extra NSFW photos, but they are in a slightly higher resolution AND you will have access to nearly every nude photo I have ever taken which is an absolutely enormous amount, hundreds of galleries, tens of thousands of photos. 

Anyway the party was fun, I took a lot of photos (can’t wait to see the 35mm stuff when it gets developed) and thanks a ton to Kirill for having me. So proud of you man.

Click here to see all the tame photos from the Assholes Live Forever AVN Slumber Party in Las Vegas.

Click here to see all the NSFW photos from the Assholes Live Forever AVN Slumber Party in Las Vegas.

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2024 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo

I covered every AVN Awards week from 2008-2020. It was the last big event I did before the world ended. In 2021 they didn’t have the event and 2022 I had just hurt my back and I couldn’t make it. In 2023 I was going to attend but the event was in early January for the first time instead of late January and by the time I realized it, it was too late. But I returned and took a bunch of photos.

I will probably have three galleries from this week that are specific to this week and then two proper photo shoots that you will see eventually, but for now I am gonna hit you guys with the photos from the convention that leads up to the AVN Awards. The event was held in some sort of tent at the Resort World casino. It was a lot smaller than it had been pre-pandemic, but I heard it was even smaller last year so maybe things are headed in the right direction. This was my first time ever covering it without a client and I don’t really need to be losing money on work trips, so maybe I should have gone out on top. I guess we will see if I can find a proper job for it next year.

The convention is just people standing around in line waiting to meet porn stars and I have covered so many conventions and adult conventions and honestly I have nothing to say about it other than I gotta drive to North Carolina tomorrow and I have way too much to do right now to write a whole post. Just enjoy the photos on this one okay?

I didn’t shoot a tremendous amount because I wasn’t working for anyone so I was kinda just wondering around talking to friends and gettin shots here and there, but there’s still 110 photos in this gallery and then another 40 photos that are just on Girls of Driven By Boredom. Ever since I have started hosting my galleries on Flickr I have had to keep my NSFW shots behind a paywall which is tricky for a gallery like this, but we tried our best.

Also, I should mention that at the end there are a few random photos of people waiting for the AVN Awards to start. I was hanging out with a friend in the lobby before the awards and I took a handful of photos while we were hanging out. He took some photos too. I didn’t shoot the actual awards because I had to leave for my flight during them and they don’t let people shoot inside the awards anymore, just red carpet which is the worst so yeah. 

Anyway click here to see my 2024 AVN Expo photos.

And click here to see the uncensored AVN Expo photos!

AVN Adult Entertainment Expo

Buy My Zine!

AVN Adult Entertainment Expo

AVN Adult Entertainment Expo

AVN Adult Entertainment Expo

AVN Adult Entertainment Expo

AVN Adult Entertainment Expo

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Three Girls Of DBB Exclusive Photo Shoots

With the end of the world at hand more people are turning to naked internet stuff to make a living and I have several friends that have started OnlyFans accounts to make a living (Mine is coming soon… like this week soon…). Fortunately for you guys that means that you get to see some old shoots I had never published before. Unfortunately for you guys it also means you need to spend some money to see them. I have recently uploaded three shoots that are exclusive to my paysite Girls of Driven By Boredom, for a couple of different reasons. 

First up we have the oldest shoot. I shot a bunch of 35mm photos of my friend Tine, aka Tine Dream, way back in 2011 on a road trip across country. Aside from my zine NOT SAFE and my book Instaxxx none of the NSFW stuff had ever been published. Fast forward to 2020 and Tine is not only doing her OnlyFans but she also wants to start doing actual adult work when this is all over. I, for one, am psyched about. 

Tine Dream

Next up is my friend Eddy. I have shot her before, but only implied nude stuff. Again, the only actual topless stuff we had shot was in the “Mini” edition of Instaxxx. But we did a photo shoot shortly after the fires in California had kicked her out of her home in Malibu. She was sleeping on couches and we had this idea that we would do a shoot to raise money to help the wildfire recovery. Unfortunately we never got around to actually figuring out a good way to do that and since we are both broke right now the charity we are raising money for is ourselves. This shoot is exclusive to my site Girls of Driven By Boredom AND her OnlyFans. She is keeping her OF user name on the downlow though, so you need to follow her on Instagram and DM her to get that info. We shot these photos at her friend Michelle’s shop Spacedust in LA so check them out, they are selling some cool masks during this nightmare.


Lastly we have sort of the opposite situation with Natalie. I was introduced to her by my good friend Carter Cruise who is her roommate. Carter was DJing in Vegas and I went over to their hotel room and took some photos of Nat (and a few of Carter) during AVN Week. I feel like we really hit it off and took a ton of great stuff. I particularly loved the 35mm stuff we shot. Natalie asked me not to post any of the NSFW stuff publicly because she has no idea where she will be career wise after this whole pandemic thing is over and I totally get that. I can’t tell you how many times I have taken down photos because of someone’s work. Always happy to do it, I don’t ever want my photos to fuck up anyone’s life. So yeah, if you want to see all the photos of Natalie there is only one place to see them. But she is so fucking cool and photogenic so I hope I get to take a lot more photos of her when this is all over.




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2020 AVN After Hours

I am a little behind with these AVN updates, but I had a busy weekend, and by busy I mean I had a severe allergy attack and spent most of the weekend in bed trying and failing at sleeping. Not super conducive to productivity but here we are.

When I was working on my AVN article for the Daily Beast, I wanted to focus on a lot of the behind the scenes stuff and so I shot a handful of people getting ready, hanging out at night after the convention was over and of course it wouldn’t be proper Driven By Boredom coverage if I didn’t get a few shots of porn stars eating. In the end the Daily Beast didn’t end up using most of this stuff and instead focused on the convention and the Awards but I love this stuff and wanted to post it here.

Aside from the BTS stuff there are a few things in here that got some extra attention. The first was the “Most Epic Ass” press conference which was filmed for the Showtime airing of the AVN Awards, that thing isn’t for months but they set up a press conference where they pretended to mic pornstar butts and it was super weird. The director of the show asked me to ask a question so you might see me on Showtime (for the second time) asking a question about playoffs, hoping to get an answer that I sadly did not receive.  By the way, my friend Abella Danger, won Most Epic Ass for the second year in a row so that was cool.

The second thing I should mention was the Wood Rocket Brunch. My friends at Wood Rocket hosted a post-AVN brunch on Sunday at their super weird studio that now has a ball pit and a rideable dinosaur. They specifically asked press not to cover it because they wanted people to be able to relax so I didn’t really, but I did take a handful of pictures of people in the ball pit plus a couple extra shots. Kool Keith was there and I didn’t get a shot of him or the dinosaur (well digitally at least) but fun was had by all.

Lastly, I should mention that there are a few photos in here that you are just going to see again tomorrow when I put up my Girls of AVN gallery (they should be on Girls of DBB tonight!). Consider this a preview because there are shots of a bunch of girls that I did longer shoots with that will be up ASAP. These shots were in my edit for the Daily Beast so they ended up in here when I pulled them. It wasn’t really intentional but here we are. Okay, see you tomorrow!

Click here to see all the after hours shots of the 2020 AVN week in Las Vegas.

Adriana Chechik

Gia DiMarco & Paige Owens

Siouxsie Q & Michael Vegas

Most Epic Ass


Alex Grey

Sucklord In The Ball Pit


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