AVN Parking Lot Photo Shoots

Back when the AVN Awards were at the Hard Rock Hotel I did so many mini photo shoots on the parking deck roof or in my rental car in the parking lot or wherever I could find a place to spend five minutes shooting photos with a model when she had a quick break from signing autographs or partying or whatever else people do in Vegas during a porn convention. The AVNs recently have moved to Resort World and I didn’t know any of the good hiding spots yet, but when I parked my rental car near a stairwell I realized it was the perfect place to shoot. 

I tried to shoot several people in that stairwell but it was in a lot that was adjacent to the hotel and you had to go outside to get there which means a) they had to go outside in the cold wearing skimpy clothing b) they had a ten minute round trip walk in high heels. So pretty much everyone flaked, which happens at lot at AVN anyway.

On Friday night I ran into Dylan Moore, who I recently shot in New York. (I have two NYC shoots with her to publish already.) The convention was about to end when I ran into her and she mentioned she had a hotel with a great room we could shoot in, so we drove over there, but before we did, I finally got to shoot someone in that stairwell because I had once again parked my rental car right next to it. Dylan immediately hung herself over the 4th floor railing which scared the absolute shit out of me given that I once was sued by Larry Flynt and an Instagram famous douchebag over a girl breaking her foot “falling” off a roof on a shoot I did for Hustler. Once I got her to stop that we shot a bunch of film and Instax and didn’t really shoot much digital, but I still have a handful of photos for you. (Plus a full hotel shoot with her still to come.)

One of the people I talked to about shooting in that stairwell was a model I met at the convention named Michelle Masque. I had tried to shoot her during the day on Friday and it didn’t happen so on Saturday when we finally met up I figured we could just go to the main parking garage and shoot on the roof. The problem was it was so bright out and the shadows were so harsh. I took some daylight flash stuff with my point and shoot 35mm camera so that might end up being cool, but a lot of the stuff we shot was pretty harsh. Still, we got some nice stuff I think. Plus she got to try on an outfit she had just bought and found out it was a little too big, so she was able to return it right after the shoot and so it worked out for everyone.

Shortly after my shoot with Michelle I went to the hotel Starbucks to get a coffee and I ran into my buddy CJ and his wife Sania Mallory who I really wanted to photograph. They were just going home so I said why don’t we do something quick on the parking garage before they bounced. Fortunately, in just the half hour between my shoot with Michelle and my shoot with Sania, the sun had gone down enough and the light was absolutely perfect. I photographed her and her and then her and CJ together and then I ended up shooting her with this dude Tiny Smallz who was staying with them. And then finally I shot them all with their other friend David for a nice family portrait.

Lastly, a few hours later I ran into my old pal Goldie Fawn. She was one half of what was maybe my favorite AVN shoot of all time and is in my new zine Off The Hook. I don’t think I seen her since we shot back in 2018, and I really wanted to take her photo this year but it hadn’t happened yet. Fortunately when I ran into her in the hotel lobby she had just finished walking the AVN red carpet and she had a few minutes before she had to go back into the awards show, so once again we went to the parking garage. I had to get some cameras out of my rental car so we ended up just shooting her on my rental car in her incredible gold red carpet dress. This shoot was so quick and we got so many fun shots. Goldie rules and I am so glad we got to do this quick shoot right only an hour before I went to the airport to head back home. 

Lastly, before I leave you with links, I should mention that my book Instaxxx which has NSFW instant film photos from hundreds of photo shoots is on sale right now. I am moving at the end of the month and trying to get rid of some stuff before I go. It’s 25% off right now. Just saying. 

Okay, so a bunch of these photos are tame enough to post on Flicker but like, it doesn’t make a great gallery so I am pay walling everything. Sorry. All these photos are exclusive to Girls of Driven By Boredom, but just a reminder that there are tens of thousands of high res nude photos on there all for one low price, so like, get it together and throw in a few $ and go look at the 100 parking lot photos and then go look at everything I have shot for decades. 

Now click here to see all four shoots I did in the Resort World parking garage during the 2024 AVN Awards week in Las Vegas.

Sania Mallory

Michelle Masque

Sania Mallory, CJ Linde, Tiny Smallz & David Hener

Goldie Fawn

Dylan Moore

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