Raya Blade & Goldie Fawn

Back in January I was on the floor of the Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas and I was looking at this girl trying to figure out how I knew her. She recognized me from the logo on my hat and introduced herself as Whiskey Kitten a cam girl I knew from Twitter. I was excited to meet her because we had talked about taking photos and she asked me if I had some time to shoot and I honestly didn’t but I found some time anyway and met up with her and her friend Goldie Fawn at the AirBNB they had rented. 

We took a ton of photos and there’s pretty much an entire set of them that I published already but we took to many photos that I have this second set which is totally different from the first photos. But before I get any further in this, we need to address the title of the post: Raya Blade & Goldie Fawn.

Who is Raya Blade you ask? Well apparently that’s Whiskey Kitten’s new name. Her name is constantly changing on Instagram too and I can never find her when I am trying to tag her in something. It’s really a branding nightmare and I really don’t know how to deal with any of it, but I promised her I would complain about it in the post so here we are.

Anyway, getting back to the pictures…  after we shot that first set I mentioned above, they asked me if I would take some photos of them out on the balcony that overlooked the city. I don’t usually use lights but it was pretty impossible to get both them and the skyline to show up without a little bit of light on them. They had a small light that they use for camming and that was all I needed. I cranked my ISO and put this little bit of light on them and we were good to go. I even was able to get some pretty cool shots of them in the reflection of the sliding glass door that looked out onto the balcony. It ended up being a really good shoot and I hope I get to shoot both of these girls again.

And as always make sure to sign up for Girls of Driven By Boredom to see these photos in high resolution and a ton of other exclusive content that only exists over there. With the death of media in this country I am running out of clients so I need Girls of DBB to make some more damn money so I can keep doing this shit for a living. Thanks. 

In other news I am going out of town for Labor Day so I will see you guys next week. Have fun with your holiday or whatever. 

Click here to see all the photos of Raya Blade & Whiskey Kitten in Las Vegas.

Raya Blade & Goldie Fawn

Raya Blade & Goldie Fawn

Raya Blade & Goldie Fawn


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