Jenna Valentine Is Back!

Jenna Valentine is one of my favorite humans and I am glad I got to shoot her again even if it was really quickly and in the middle of nowhere.

I met Jenna though Gods Girls and I got to shoot her at the Gods Girls lair and then again we shot in the back yard of my buddy Tom’s house. This time I had to shoot her at a truck stop in between LA and Vegas.

I happened to be in LA and Vegas a few months ago and I hit Jenna up about shooting again. She was also going to be in LA and Vegas but on opposite days. We realized we would actually be on the road at the exact same time so we made plans to meet at the first exit in Nevada and we shot behind Whiskey Pete’s casino!

It was insanely windy and super sunny out. Jenna has long hair and insanely fair skin. This meant we only had a few minutes to shoot before she would catch on fire and that her hair was going to be everywhere. We also got caught by some people in the parking lot but they seemed to appreciate Jenna as much as I do.

Jenna’s boobs are magical and she is a babe so the photos were easy to bang out really quick and then she bought me a burrito and we continued on with our adventures. It was a great break on a long boring drive.

Click here to see all my new NSFW photos of Jenna Valentine!

Ps. These photos are available in HD on the Girls of DBB App!

Jenna Valentine

Jenna Valentine

Jenna Valentine

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