Josie Jacobs Naked

I met Josie Jacobs years ago in Vegas and I always wanted to shoot her but she had a boyfriend and wouldn’t get naked. Years later I ran into her in Miami and she still had a boyfriend and still wouldn’t get naked but she did somehow convince me it was a good idea to pull my dick out in a bar for her and her friend to see which was hilarious because the bar was closing and they had turned the lights on and pretty much everyone in the bar saw it including the bar staff who was trying to kick us out. No one even said anything which was probably for the best because I don’t really want to be a registered sex offender.

Eventually Josie broke up with her boyfriend and moved to LA and decided she would get naked on my internets. I appreciate that even though she seems really uncomfortable as a model. I also think we were in a hurry because I feel like the lighting sucks in these photos and there is no real reason for that. Since we took these she has modeled more and I feel like if we had more time in a different location we could do a way better job and that is going to happen sooner or later. Still, Josie is real cute and her boobs rule and everyone on the internet seems to want to see these photos so it’s time to release them into the world.

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Josie Jacobs

Josie Jacobs

Josie Jacobs

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