Three Girls Of DBB Exclusive Photo Shoots

With the end of the world at hand more people are turning to naked internet stuff to make a living and I have several friends that have started OnlyFans accounts to make a living (Mine is coming soon… like this week soon…). Fortunately for you guys that means that you get to see some old shoots I had never published before. Unfortunately for you guys it also means you need to spend some money to see them. I have recently uploaded three shoots that are exclusive to my paysite Girls of Driven By Boredom, for a couple of different reasons. 

First up we have the oldest shoot. I shot a bunch of 35mm photos of my friend Tine, aka Tine Dream, way back in 2011 on a road trip across country. Aside from my zine NOT SAFE and my book Instaxxx none of the NSFW stuff had ever been published. Fast forward to 2020 and Tine is not only doing her OnlyFans but she also wants to start doing actual adult work when this is all over. I, for one, am psyched about. 

Tine Dream

Next up is my friend Eddy. I have shot her before, but only implied nude stuff. Again, the only actual topless stuff we had shot was in the “Mini” edition of Instaxxx. But we did a photo shoot shortly after the fires in California had kicked her out of her home in Malibu. She was sleeping on couches and we had this idea that we would do a shoot to raise money to help the wildfire recovery. Unfortunately we never got around to actually figuring out a good way to do that and since we are both broke right now the charity we are raising money for is ourselves. This shoot is exclusive to my site Girls of Driven By Boredom AND her OnlyFans. She is keeping her OF user name on the downlow though, so you need to follow her on Instagram and DM her to get that info. We shot these photos at her friend Michelle’s shop Spacedust in LA so check them out, they are selling some cool masks during this nightmare.


Lastly we have sort of the opposite situation with Natalie. I was introduced to her by my good friend Carter Cruise who is her roommate. Carter was DJing in Vegas and I went over to their hotel room and took some photos of Nat (and a few of Carter) during AVN Week. I feel like we really hit it off and took a ton of great stuff. I particularly loved the 35mm stuff we shot. Natalie asked me not to post any of the NSFW stuff publicly because she has no idea where she will be career wise after this whole pandemic thing is over and I totally get that. I can’t tell you how many times I have taken down photos because of someone’s work. Always happy to do it, I don’t ever want my photos to fuck up anyone’s life. So yeah, if you want to see all the photos of Natalie there is only one place to see them. But she is so fucking cool and photogenic so I hope I get to take a lot more photos of her when this is all over.




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