Introducing My Third Book: Instaxxx

When I was 19 my girlfriend gave me a Polaroid camera and let me take naked photos of her. They were some of the first naked photos I ever took and 17 years later I am still photographing friends, lovers and of course naked models and porn stars on instant film.

I have spent the last 6 months or so working my ass off on my third book “Instaxxx” and the Kickstarter just launched.  This is probably the biggest project I have ever worked on and I hope at the end it’s the best thing I have ever put my name on.

If you have ever been a fan of anything I’ve ever done this is the best possible way to support my work. The early bird reward for the book is only $20 and there’s so many other things you can get like prints and discounts of my zines and even my actual Instax Wide camera. Even donating $5 will help.

Still looking to shoot more for it and I am gonna be working on it through February. Going out to Vegas and LA at this month to work on it as well. I have spent so much time on this book and I have so much left to do but this is the biggest step.

The video for it is pretty amazing as well. It features 20 topless babes talking about the project. My friend Ronen V helped me a ton with it so thanks to him for that and of course thanks to all the girls for helping too!

Oh, and I uploaded over 100 of the photos I have scanned so far to Girls of Driven By Boredom if you wanna check out more of the work.

Now please click here and back Instaxxx: A Book Of Nude Instant Photography!

Instaxxx: The Photo Book!

Instaxxx: The Photo Book!

Instaxxx: The Photo Book!


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Punk Rock & Christmas Cards

1) My punk band is playing our second show ever on Saturday at Otto’s Shrunken Head. Okay, technically that is not even close to true… they have been around for a decade but this is only their second show with me in the band. Okay, that’s not really true either because they played a show when I was in LA last month without me but whatever… it’s only the second show I have played since my last band broke up in like 2012 or something so I am excited about it.

The show is free and we play at 10. It’s the 28th anniversary party for a band called Iconicide. Not sure why a 28th anniversary party is a thing but that’s a long fucking time to be in a band. The last time I played a show with them I gave the singer the mic to do a Black Flag cover with me and he kinda screamed all over it and I was wildly drunk so I decided to flip him over and he hit his head into a cinderblock that was keeping the drums from moving. He was a good sport about it and I am real excited to play with them again. That show was fun as hell.

2) The Driven By Boredom Christmas Card is almost here. You can get on the list for one American dollar. In the past I haven’t charged but if I do it through Etsy it’s super fucking easy for me to deal with it. After the fees and price of the cards and postage and shit I am not making any money I assure you, this is just the easiest way for me to deal with it.

If you aren’t familiar with my christmas cards they are pretty epic. I did make a half assed one a couple years ago but the first two were real solid. The most recent one is pretty great although I must admit they weren’t printed very well. That being said if you want to horrify your friends and loved ones there’s nothing like having one of my Christmas cards on your refrigerator. Also it says Happy Holidays on it instead of Merry Christmas because I am doing my part in the war on Christmas.

Plus if you have all three you can watch my life fall apart in front of your very eyes! Who is that nearly tattoo free babe with the incredible ass? Look at that long luxurious hair looking so slender (in comparison to the Fat Jew)? Oh god, who is that 30 something on the new card? What has become of his life?


Oh, and I got some new postcards made at the same time as the Christmas cards that are for sale now if you care about that sort of thing…

Christmas Is Coming...

Christmas With The Fat Jew

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Back On The Road

Leaving town tomorrow morning for the rest of the month and I am breaking open the Road Trip Blog again. Over there I post daily updates from my travels as it’s a lot easier doing that than clogging up the main page.

I am headed to LA for five days to see my family, friends and of course take photos of some babes. My parents are out there visiting my brother and they offered a free plane ticket if I came with them. I doubled down on the free plane ticket and picked up some work and turning my parents weekend trip into a two week road trip.

I will be Instagraming, Tweeting and Snapchating a lot. I have no idea how to link my Snapchat because I barely understand how it works but my name is drivenbyboredom on there like on every fucking thing.

Now to find out more about the trip and check out my daily updates…

Head on over to the DBB Road Trip Blog!


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T-Shirts, Turtles & Takeovers!

Hi there. I have some stuff for you guys and I figured I could throw all of it in one post and use alliteration in the title to make it seem more like this post has a real purpose and not just a thinly disguised attempt to sell you more shit you don’t need. Let’s begin.

First up, I found 17 old Driven By Boredom t-shirts under my couch. These shirts were for DBB’s 8th anniversary back in 2009. Apparently I forgot they were there. I threw them up on Etsy last night and now there are only 12 left and honestly I might keep a couple of them so if you want one, you should do it soon. Just saying. ORDER NOW!

Damon James In The DBB T-Shirt


Next up… Remember my Arts zine? I am really proud of that thing. It features really lovely black and white portraits of some amazing artist friends of mine and a selection of their art work. It’s printed well, inexpensive and fairly collectable given it’s small edition and great collection of artist… but because it doesn’t have any nudity in it, no one bought it. Seriously, I have sold like 30 of them. All of my other zines have done great, but this one? Not so much. I have learned my lesson… Fuck art, more tits.

Anyway, at the Zine Friends release party for Arts I traded amazingly talented human Penelope Gazin a print of a tiny puppy on a giant butt for a bunch of 5″x7″ drawings of the art school test turtle on the cover of Arts. (Side note – that turtle has an actual name and that name is Tippy.) I am keeping one of the drawings because it was a drawing of a turtle vomiting at the site of my genitals which seemed important. But the other four turtles are now for sale with the zine! So get your own Penelope Gazin drawing now! Do it!

Art School Turtle By Penelope Gazin

Lastly, tonight my Dolphins are playing in their first and only Monday Night Football game of the year. Seemed like a perfect occasion to debut the video from the 2015 #MetLifeTakeover. The Takeover is a massive tailgate party/group trip that my club Dolfans NYC organizes to MetLife Stadium when the Dolphins come up to play the Jets.

The game went very poorly for the Dolphins but we threw a hell of a party! We had  nearly 1000 people go with us and had a huge tailgate with live music, catered food and free drinks thanks to Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, Sailor Jerry rum and AquaHydrate water. We had the CEO and Vice-President of the Dolphins stop by the tailgate and even Ace Ventura showed up! Check out the video!


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Back In Brooklyn

I am home after two weeks away so let’s do a second straight contentless post featuring another video that I had nothing to do with. Really I just wanna update you on some stuff and try and hit you up for some cash cause that’s how I manage to pay my rent which is coincidentally due today. Let’s go.

So yeah, I am back which means I gotta deal with an unreasonable amount of shit I ignored for the last two weeks. That includes a few hundred unread emails and some real fun stuff like trying to fix/ buy a new air conditioner. Party forever. Long story short is that I probably will spend the next three days in front of my computer screen in a slightly too hot living room/ office. Once again, party forever.

So while all this really fun stuff is happening I wanted to hit you guys with some photos from my trip. I have a full exclusive set of Raven Rockette that I uploaded to Girls of Driven By Boredom. Raven is one of my favorite models and so fucking hot. I shot her on top of the Superchief LA roof once and we also shot one of my favorite sets of all time at an abandoned waterpark. When I was in LA we were supposed to shoot on the last night I was in town but we had to deal with an insanely drunk girl neither of us had ever met before and by the time we started shooting it was 2am and Raven was super tired and fairly stoned. So instead of taking good photos Raven just showed me her apartment and we spent about 15 minutes shooting photos of her hanging out on her bed naked. The photos aren’t very good, but they are really fucking hot and amateurish looking which is extra hot. So instead of posting them on my site I decided to post them all on the Girls of DBB

Now that that’s settled DBB Etsy. I shot The Extra Ones I Shot Before I Left… while I was in LA and it costs about $300 to develop and scan them all so go buy some stuff cause I don’t really make any money off my analog work so if you like all the film stuff I put on DBB Tumblr you should go buy a zine or something.

Also in my Etsy store I now have a cheap option as far as buying Instant film for me. For $20 you can now get a random nude Polaroid from me. Actually, you could get a non nude one too, but come on. We know why you are here… Anyway, I have a ton of Fuji Instax laying around and if you order one I will sign that shit on the back and send it out to you ASAP. Everyone wins or something.

Lastly let’s promote some shit I have nothing to do with. The first feature length movie Benjamin Moses Smith edited is Two Step On iTunes. It’s called Two Step and it’s an insane thriller that I really think is going to go down as a classic cult film. It’s honestly fucking amazing and I am only being slightly biased. If you like really fucked up movies, you need to watch Two Step. It’s also way better than the trailer.

Okay, back to work. See you guys soon.

YouTube Preview Image

Raven Rockette App Exclusive

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LA Tanlines

Normally when leaving town for two weeks I would throw mini updates on the DBB Road Trip blog and not update the main page but my motel’s internet sucks and other than Ho99o9’s release party I didn’t shoot a ton of photos the first few days I was here. So I decided I would just throw up a little update on life and a music video that people I like a lot made. Seems reasonable…

So far in LA I have photographed Ava Dalush who you guys just met, an old favorite Ivy Diamond and the insanely babetastic Chanel Preston. I also shot a babe that was roommates with my friend Juanito Blanco named Jade Nile. I took some weird 35mm shots of her and her boyfriend which might see the light of day eventually. They are all having a party on Wednesday so hopefully I can get some more weirdness. I also got to see Kimberly Kane (and her dog!) who I hadn’t seen in over a year. I think the only photo I took of her was at a diner but perhaps we will shoot something before I leave town.

Now on to this music video. My friend Teddy Blanks directed his first music video. He is a graphic designer who has designed all my books and zines and he did the design work for the band Tanlines new album Highlights. During the design phase they had a conversation about how Teddy’s friend and actor Alex Karpovsky looks a lot like one of the guys from Tanlines. A few months later Alex and Teddy were directing a video for the song Palace starring Alex and Natasha Lyonne with cameos from Leo Fitzpatrick and that dude from High Maintenance. On my first night in LA Teddy showed me the video and it finally came out yesterday. It’s pretty rad.

Also my brother, who is a tremendous editor, cut the video so it is extra amazing. But then again he’s letting me sleep on his couch this weekend so I guess I would have to say that. Seriously, go watch this video because anything that Teddy and my brother do together has got to be awesome. Plus Alex and Teddy hired me to shoot the poster for Alex’s movie Red Flag which Teddy designed and art directed. So everyone rules.

Okay, I need to go photograph some babes now and enjoy LA for the week I have left. Talk to you guys soon. Check my Tumblr for daily updates.

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#MetLifeTakeover Videos

You can file this under stuff you don’t care about.

I have done so much weird shit in my life that you probably wouldn’t expect based on everything else about me. I was thinking recently about creating a resume featuring just the stuff I have done that isn’t related to photography. The #1 thing on that list is founding the world’s largest Miami Dolphins fan club: Dolfans NYC.

Today Dolfans NYC released two videos from the events we through around the NY Jets/Miami Dolphins Monday Night Football game in December. My Dolphins won and we through one hell of a tailgate so I was happy even though our season was all downhill from there.

It took us a while to get the videos together but they are finally out. The first one is from the Dolfans NYC pre-party we through the Sunday before the game. A ton of people were in town from all over the country so we wanted to show them our bar Slattery’s and have some fun. It was a pretty good time.

The second video is the tailgate and footage from the actual game. We had 1200 people sitting together and it was a pretty amazing time even though it was fucking freezing. A ton of Dolphins players shouted us out after the game. It’s a pretty great feeling knowing that you impacted the game in some small way.

I know 99% of you don’t but if you want to know more you can read my post about it over on Dolfans NYC or go back and look at the original write up I did on DBB with my photos from the events.

Now even if you don’t care about this shit you should watch the second video. It’s a pretty impressive thing we have built. Enjoy, or something.

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The End Of The Road W/ Miss Crash

This is it – the last episode of Road Strip! It’s been over a year since I returned from my 18 day Route 66 road trip and over a year since the book of my adventures came out. But the web series created from my journey kept the fun alive for more than a dozen episodes. That ends today. The 13th and final episode is finally out!

If you haven’t seen all (or any) of the very NSFW Road Strip web series, start at the beginning and watch the whole insane journey from Detroit to LA. (Route 66 actually starts in Chicago but it was way cheaper to rent a car in the Motor City.)

Thanks to all the models… Dixie Comet, Caprice Capone, Sidney Scarlett, Theresa Manchester, Charlotte Stokely, Annalee Belle, Ash Hollywood, Angel Beau, Coco Velvett and Miss Crash! And an even bigger thanks to Leeroy Meyers and the Wood Rocket crew for helping me fund this insane adventure and buying this super amateur web series from me. It’s pretty clear that I have no idea what I am doing video-wise but I think in the end these things came out pretty well.

The final episode features a day at the beach with Miss Crash. We drove down to the technical ending of Route 66 which is not at all marked before heading down to the ceremonial ending, the Santa Monica Pier. We got her naked in a Ferris Wheel (for the third time on my trip!) and then took her under the board walk for a few more photos. After I went back to her place and we shot a mini set that is available exclusively on the Girls of DBB app.

It was a pretty great day and a great end to my Route 66 trip and a nice ending to the Road Strip series!

Watch the final episode of Road Strip here and check out these three fun unpublished 35mm outtakes below from our trip to the end of the road!

Miss Crash Route 66

Miss Crash Route 66

Miss Crash Route 66

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Road Strip With Coco Velvett

The penultimate episode of my Route 66 web series Road Strip came out yesterday almost exactly a year after I released my Route 66 book Get Your Kicks. It stars Coco Velvett and Angel Beau. After the last episode I had to drop Ash Hollywood off in Vegas, which isn’t on Route 66 but only a few hours north. I had been staying in terrible motels for the last two weeks so I decided I would take a quick break at a nice hotel in Vegas and hang out in the pool for two days.

I hit up my pal Angel and she happened to be hanging out with Coco who I had been trying to photograph for years but shit kept not working out. I shot both of them in my hotel room and then we hung out at the pool all night. It was a pretty good time. I didn’t have a model planned for my last leg of Route 66 and Coco needed a ride to LA so it worked out and I took her with me.

The drive to LA is only four hours from Vegas but once we hit Barstow and got back on Route 66 the trip took a lot longer than that. We hit some cool spots like the Bottle Tree Ranch and the Wigwam Motel in San Bernardino and I also shot her at the World’s Tallest Thermometer in Baker which while not on Route 66 is still one of my favorite roadside attractions.

The shoot I did with Coco I decided to make exclusively available on the Girls of Driven By Boredom app. It’s a small set to begin with and some of the images are a bit graphic for this site, so I just uploaded everything in high resolution to the app. So you need it if you want to see the pictures. Also, there are a bunch of unpublished photos of Coco and Angel in the super limited What Happens in Vegas photo album print series I did.

Lastly, I should mention that my Kickstarter hit $2500 yesterday passing its second stretch goal. That means everyone who orders a copy of Dinner With Igor will get a free 5″x7″ print from the book! I still have a long way to go before I make money on this book, so please get your preorders in! Both Angel and Coco are in the book!

Now go look at the second to last episode of Road Strip starring Coco Velvett! NSFW!

Coco Velvett

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