Off The Hook

I can’t believe it’s been four year since I released a new zine.

At the end of 2019 I started getting ready to launch not just one zine, but a collection of zines. I actually finished the entire Kickstarter for the project but still needed to shoot a video for it. I was going out to LA in January 2020, and I figured that would be a good time to shoot the video. I did shoot it, but when I got back I got really sick and then I got really busy and right as I was about to launch it, the pandemic happened and it seemed like an absolutely terrible time to ask people for money. 

The first zine in my series of zines was called Off The Hook and it was going to just be a fun zine of photos of people on their phone. It wasn’t deep, it had some fun photos and some nudity and some famous people and I figured it was a perfect way to kick off the zine series. I had the edit done and had started laying it out, but with Covid and BLM protests and an election and everything that came along with that, it just seemed like a uniquely terrible time to release a fun zine. 

As the years went on I kept opening the InDesign file and I would work on the zine a little bit. I was still shooting new stuff for it, and I would pull those images off to the side somewhere, but I just kept putting it off. About a year ago I started working on a new project, a new idea, a new art show, but I just couldn’t commit to it, because I couldn’t get Off The Hook out of my head.  Finally I just had to finish it. 

Off The Hook is not the zine it would have been in 2020, but when I finally got it in my hands the other day  I was so happy with how it turned out. It’s my biggest zine to date and even though it’s just photos of people on their phone, there are a lot of great shots in it and when you lay them out together, they work really well together. I am pretty proud of it and I hope you guys dig it. I also have a second zine that I published as a companion to it, but we will get to that in a minute…

Off The Hook is available in two editions. The regular edition is 44 pages and from an edition of 200 and features the iPhone lock screen style cover above designed by Barbie movie font/ titles designer Teddy Blanks.  The special edition zine features four extra pages and a wrap around variant cover, also designed by Teddy based on a sketch I made years ago when I first came up with the idea for Off The Hook. The special edition is signed and hand numbered out of 50 and comes with a signed 5″x7″ mini print of the image on the cover. The whole thing is polybagged and looks so clean. There is also a special edition bundle that comes with both the special edition AND an actual Instax signed by me and one of three adult film stars, Carter Cruise, Phoenix Marie or April O’Neil.

On top of the two different versions of Off The Hook, I also published my first zine from another artist. I have wanted to publish zines for other people for a long time. I wanted to focus on a mix of photographers I liked with other people who I thought really had something, even if they weren’t traditionally photographers. The fun of being a curator is trying to organize work so that it is greater than the sum of the parts, and I love the idea of taking work from someone who isn’t an “Artist” and trying to turn that into something special.

So when my girlfriend, Shannon McNair, started texting me photos of her nails next to things that happened to be the same color as her nails, I knew we were on to something. These photos were so much fun, and as she sent me more and more I knew I could make something fun out of them. I started saving them in a folder on my desktop because I knew they would make a good zine one day.

I wasn’t planning on releasing her nail zine at the same time as Off The Hook until I got around to picking the cover. I wanted to make the cover of Off The Hook about the concept and not about a specific person, so I was looking for an image all about the phone. I realized I had just the shot and it happened to be a photo of Shannon when we were on a vacation in Palm Springs. Her green hair and bikini matched her green phone case and was obscuring her face making it a perfect cover shot. 

Strangely enough when we were working on her future phone zine I realized the perfect cover for that was the only selfie in the collection when she was showing how her nails matched her phone and her hair. Suddenly the two zines worked perfectly together. I couldn’t believe it. I immediately laid out Nailed It in and afternoon. All we needed was an inside cover, which I shot myself, and I don’t want to give away, but I am really happy with the way it turned out. 

You can buy Nailed It on its own, or in a bundle with Off The Hook. But if you want one, hurry because we only made 50 and she took half of them to work to sell to her clients. 

Finally, I know how people feel about NFTs, so please feel free to ignore this part. I know a ton of people think they are stupid or a scam, before Ethereum moved to proof of stake people had environmental concerns and of course since the market crashed even people who were interested in the idea have decided they were Beanie Babies and moved on. 

As I have probably mentioned before, when I heard about NFTs I immediately got it. I thought the hype was silly and a lot of the art sucked but I am a collector at heart and I totally got the idea of paying for digital collectables. But more importantly I thought it was a great way to support artists. I love supporting my friends and artists and I love getting something in return. So when I heard about NFTs I immediately thought of them as a way to crowdfund and to support artists. In the process I found some amazing groups of people who deeply cared about art and photography. I have been to great events and art shows and had my work on two billboards, multiple group shows and a book through NFTs. I made some money which I then immediately spent on other artists. Now that things have all crashed down to earth I still have some JPGs I love, was able to support a bunch of artists and made some great friendships and I am not giving up on any of it just because things aren’t worth the money I didn’t think they were worth in the beginning. 

So long story short, you can get a copy of Off The Hook with an NFT.  I made an NFT edition of the cover. There are 20 of them, they are .0333 ETH and if you buy one I will send you a zine in the mail with free US postage. I also made a collection of 20 1/1 images from the zine which are more expensive, but come with the special edition as well as an 8″x12″ print of that photo. I don’t expect these to sell well, and I am totally fine with that. But if you are one of the few people who still care about digital collectibles just know that if you buy one, I promise to pay it forward and buy something from another artist. 

My motto is forever, Make Art, Sell Art, Buy Art. Thanks for your past and continued support.

Click here to buy Off The Hook. 

Off The Hook

Off The Hook Special Edition

Nailed It

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Sailor Jerry Road Trip

It has been way too long since I have updated this site. I had big one planned announcing my new zine but life got in the way and then I had to leave town on this big trip that I am about to talk about. I figured I would have time to work on it on the road but I never did so I am just going to do a big update about it when it’s available for sale, but in the meantime you can preorder it here now! Now, let’s get in to what I have been doing the last two weeks…

I started taking photos for Sailor Jerry back in 2011 and they had were one of my best clients for nearly a decade, but then came the pandemic and my back injury and suddenly it had been about four years since I had worked for them. Fortunately we are once again working together. You may have already seen the trip I did with them to Sturgis Buffalo Chip, but now we are back with not one, but two music festivals, and a handful of stuff in between. In total I was on the road for twelve days, four in Louisville, KY for Bourbon & Beyond, three in Nashville and then four more days in Louisville for the Louder Than Life festival. It was a ton of work, but also a ton of fun. I am going to have separate posts about the two music festivals by themselves, but I wanted a post to give you a highlight of all the Sailor Jerry activations, which primarily included giving out Sailor Jerry flash tattoos.

The first festival, Bourbon & Beyond was an eclectic mix of music with other events centered around food and drink. The crowd was equally eclectic and we tattooed a TON of people. Tattooer Justin Smith was in town from Dallas, TX and cranked out some great tattoos all weekend. One of the highlights was that Bruno Mars was playing and my buddy Shaun is Bruno’s tour manager, so I got to hang out with him a bit and his girlfriend signed up for her first ever tattoo while he was off working. 

After B&B I jumped in my rental car and drove to Nashville where we had a series of small events mostly catered to people who work in the alcohol industry there. I spent the week hanging with bartenders and bar managers which are of course my kinda people after working in nightlife as long as I have. The first event we did was a collaboration with a clothing designer named Travis Austin who helped everyone customize their own hat that he is going to make for everyone. Now, I pretty much only wear baseball caps, but I got a chance to design one too and I am pretty excited to see how it turns out. Perhaps “Retirement Igor” can pull it off. I have a handful of photos in here from the bar stops we made at Honky Tonk Central and Tootsie’s and a couple from the Nashville Sounds baseball game we attended but those aren’t really very interesting photographically so I only posted a couple from each. The final event we did in Nashville was another tattoo event, this time for local bartenders. We had Bradley Delay tattooing who happened to be in town from Portland. He tattooed a bunch of bartenders and VIP and was still tattooing when I left to go eat lunch at an Aquarium themed restaurant in a mall. I should also mention that my girlfriend came to Nashville for a couple of days as well which was amazing. 

After that it was back to Louisville for Louder Than Life which was a kinda nostalgia festival, but one for bands that were huge when I was a kid so that’s perfect. I got to see Rancid and Weezer and a bunch of other bands I listened to as a teenager, but more on that in a future post. This post is about Sailor Jerry. The SJ booth seemed like the place to be at the second festival. We had local artist Christopher M. Waugh tattooing all weekend. We had a ton of media come by, a lot of cute goth girls and our friends The Bronx did a meet and greet there after their show. Brad from the Bronx is a friend of mine and Matt their frontman does the Sailor Jerry Podcast so it was cool to be able to do something with them. Oh, also my buddy Buff Monster was there all weekend because his long time girlfriend is my SJ boss! The festival was a lot of fun and I shot a bunch of the bands so be on the lookout for that post. 

Okay, that’s it for now, but I will be back soon with seperate updates for Bourbon & Beyond and Louder Than Life. I also have a couple other shoots coming soon and more info about my new zine so maybe check back more often than normal for a couple weeks. See you guys soon!

Now click here to see some highlights from my Sailor Jerry road trip!

Sailor Jerry Tattoos

Sailor Jerry @ Bourbon & Beyond

True Love

Travis Austin

Tattoo Event In Nashville

It's A Party

Matt From The Bronx

Sailor Jerry @ Louder Than Life

Sailor Jerry @ Louder Than Life


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New Unrealized Project Zines

Back in 2016 I released Unrealized Projects, a set of black and white photocopied zines that were a little bit of a departure from the full color highly produced zines and books I had been doing up until that point. The New York Art Book Fair was coming up and I wanted something a little rougher around the edges and get back to my roots of doing black and white punk zines when I was in high school. The idea was to take some projects I had in mind that never really made it and make them into shorter zines and package them all together as part of a limited edition run. I was really happy with how they turned out.

Earlier this year I had some big plans for some color zines that I wanted to put out and I had started working on a Kickstarter to fund them and was all ready to launch but I had to film a video for it. I started working on it on my trip to LA in late January but I never finished it and I kept putting it off… and then coronavirus hit. I didn’t think I should be doing a Kickstarter when millions of people were out of work. A few months later the Black Lives Matter protests exploded and suddenly my ideas for zines just felt so pointless and I decided I wanted to something very slightly more meaningful.

During the quarantine I would still bring my camera with me every time I left the house to get groceries or whatever and I started documenting all the signs on shop windows about Covid. I just thought it was important to have a record of that stuff for myself. Once the protests started I was documenting as well. I also started shooting all the street art that came out of both events and decided maybe I could put all that stuff together and make something. That’s when I realized it was time for an Unrealized Projects Part 2.

The new edition is three more black and white photo copied zines, plus an insert that features a photograph on one side and information about the zines on the back. The insert is also signed and numbered out of just 50 copies. All four items are packaged together in an envelope with a sticker. Oh, did I mention it’s all just $15? It’s a pretty cool package. 

The three zines are as follows:

Sign Of The Times: This is the zine I described above which features a collection of images of litteral signs. Signs about Covid, graffiti/ street art and of course protest signs. A lot of these are just snapshots, but there are some nice portraits and things in there as well.

Mirror Mirror: This zine is a collection of nudes that I have shot using mirrors. Any time I am shooting in a place with mirrors I try to use them in shots. It’s honestly just an easy way to get a more interesting composition. I shoot a lot of behind the scenes stuff when I am shooting as well and girls doing their makeup in front of mirrors makes for good shots as well. Plus if one of these zines didn’t have nudity in it, most of you wouldn’t buy it. I know what you want.

We Are The Champions: This one is just for me (and maybe some of my friends), but I wanted to do something with all the photos I had from the 2018 Washington Capitals Stanley Cup winning championship season. I watch hockey with a bunch of people called the NYC Caps Crew and we do these huge watch parties during the playoffs and I took a ton of photos of us celebrating. After the Caps won I went to DC for the parade so it includes photos from that as well. It also includes other photos from meet ups through the year as well as the time I got to meet a couple of the players backstage at Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and the back cover had to be my Stanley Cup tattoo. I realize you guys probably don’t care about this one but it means a lot to me and there are some fun photos in it, so you are just gonna have to deal with it.

To convince you guys to pick up the zines I have uploaded two galleries of images from the zines. The first one is about 80% of the nudes in Mirror Mirror. You can see those exclusively on Girls of DBB. The second gallery is 5 images from each zine you can check out all of those for free here!

And now, finally please click here to buy Unrealized Projects Volumes 4-6!

Sign Of The Times

Mirror Mirror

We Are The Champions

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New Project: Vacation Photos Album

More than a month ago I had this idea. I wanted to go to Vegas to photograph a few models there and I couldn’t really afford the trip. I remembered a few years ago I made this “What Happens in Vegas” photo album to pay for a trip to Vegas and I thought maybe I should do a second edition of it. And then I started thinking about other ideas and I ended up with the idea of doing a “Vacation Photos” photo album, but we will get to that in a second. I organized a good edit of photos, put it for sale in my Etsy store, and was getting ready to release it when my life fell apart. If you don’t want to be guilt tripped into buying stuff, feel free to skip a paragraph. 

First my website got hacked and I was dealing with that for weeks. People suggested I should do a GoFundMe to pay for fixing it, but I always want people to get more than they pay for, even when just trying to support my work, and so I figured this Vacation Album would be a perfect way to pay for my website fees, so the project was still a go, and maybe I could just go to AVN in January a few days early. I was all ready to post about this when my roommate died. Aside from the trauma and depression from all of that I currently don’t have a roommate and the place is nowhere near ready to show. All her stuff is still here. Long story short, is that for all the people who wanted to help out with my website being fucked, or help with my other horrible situation, this is your chance. This album is fairly expensive, but buying anything from my store right now (or signing up for Girls of DBB) would help a lot. 

Anyway, let’s talk about the “Vacation Photos” album. The album will be an actual old school photo album, one of the cheap corny looking ones that you would get at a 1 Hour Photo lab. I bought 10 of them already and they are a mix of different colors so each color will be super rare. Each album will contain 64 actual 4″x6″ prints of my 35mm road trip work. It will be a good mix of nudity and roadside attractions and landscapes. The idea is that you would put it on your coffee table and people would pick it up thinking it’s an actual photo album from a vacation, only it will have a bunch of porn stars getting naked in public in it. Each album will be hand titled and signed on the inside back cover. There will be a VERY limited number of these. The Vegas album ended up being an edition of only 15 and my plan is to do 10 of these unless I sell a bunch this week, but at $150 each I cannot imagine I am going to sell a ton. But they make one hell of an Xmas present. Oh, and they come with a free postcard!

Speaking of Christmas, my plan was to get these to people before Christmas and I am still going to try but it somewhat depends on my photo lab. I am going to finish the edit this weekend and send them to print Monday, so hopefully they will all go out on the 20th, but if not I will ship them on the 30th when I get back from seeing my family for the holidays.

Below I am going to post some examples of the type of photos you will see in this photo album, but keep in mind this isn’t the final edit. I would imagine most of these will make it in the album, but I haven’t made any decisions yet. There are a few more on Girls of DBB too. 

So click here to buy a copy of Vacation Photos.

And click here to see a gallery of examples of photos that will end up in my Vacation Photos album.

Kimberly Kane

Charlotte Stokely


Dana DeArmond

April O'Neil



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Same Old City Zine Release

This Sunday I am going to be part of Cultural Traffic NY at the Hester Street Fair. Cultural Traffic is an art fair that takes place in a bunch of cities including London, Miami and the LA fair that I was part of late last year. There are a bunch of great exhibitors and you can come out and get books and zines and art prints and all sorts of stuff. Dashwood Books, my favorite book store in NYC, will be there as will Richardson, my buddy Seth Olenick and a ton of other vendors. 

I will be selling a bunch of my books, zines and prints including some sold out stuff, rare items and special editions and random merch that I don’t sell in my online store like DBB shot glasses that are too expensive to be worth shipping. Oh, and there will be a postcard rack with a ton of postcards because I bought one as decoration in my living room so I had to fill it.  I will also of course sign anything you want.

Specially for the fair I re-released my NYC photo zine Same Old City. It’s probably my favorite zine and it’s one of my craziest. Tons of sex and violence and street photography and general mayhem. It’s been long sold out so it seemed like a good time to bring it back. The new zine has four extra pages (and 5 new photos because I swapped one out), a slightly new cover and is limited to justy 100 copies. You can order it online now, but if you grab it at the fair it will be $10 instead of $12.

Okay, that’s all I got for now. Just wanted to tell you guys about the artfair and the new (?) zine. Hope to see a bunch of you guys Sunday. Online orders will ship Monday. 

Same Old City

Cultural Traffic New York


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54 Photos I Don’t Hate

A few months ago I posted on here about a Kickstarter I did for a book of photos I don’t hate. I wanted to do a small project for Kickstarter’s Make 100 project where you create an edition of just 100 copies of something. It’s basically a creative prompt they do every year and I thought it would be a fun thing to do using photos I had already shot so it wouldn’t be a ton of work. It was still a bunch of work but I shipped it on time and made a little money and created something I am proud of so it all worked out.

I finally shipped the last of the books this week. I did a special edition of 25 that came with one of 5 prints and they came in some special packaging that I couldn’t silkscreen until I made sure the books and prints fit inside the envelopes. They ended up looking really great and hopefully everyone who spent the extra money on the special edition feels like it was worth it. The special edition also had 4 extra pages and even a different name

Since the book has come out, a ton of people have asked me about getting a copy but since I only made 125 copies it’s all sold out (well almost, I have a few extras but not selling them in case anyone’s book gets lost in the mail). I still want people to see this thing so I decided just to upload a gallery of all 54 photos in the special edition.  If you have the regular edition you can try and figure out which 4 photos you don’t have. You could then print them out and glue them into the book like some sort of maniac. 

In related news, I just printed a dozen new postcards and probably half of them are from this book. If you want to get a set of 13 postcards you can do so here. They ship after May 17th. 

Okay, so that’s a wrap on this project. If you got a book I hope you love it and if not I hope you dig the photos. Check out the gallery of 54 images below.

Click here to see all the photos from my very limited edition book 54 Photos I Don’t Hate. 

Photos I Don't Hate

Photos I Don't Hate

Photos I Don't Hate

Photos I Don't Hate

Photos I Don't Hate

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61 Photos I Don’t Hate Kickstarter

If you are a regular reader of this website you are probably aware that I have been organizing every single photo I have ever taken. It’s taken me so damn long to do it and part of that reason is that I hate everything I do and I just get depressed looking at photos that I have decided I hate for whatever reason. I have been working on a portfolio for months now and figuring out how to make a few dozen photos reflect my entire body of work is the most frustrating thing I have ever done. It’s easy to edit a million photos down to a few hundred that aren’t awful, but almost impossible to get that edit down to a few that I actually love.

While I was doing all that I had this idea to go through all my 35mm work, which is my personal work, and pull every single image that I don’t hate that isn’t in another book or zine. When I was done I had an edit of 61 images and I decided I could make a decent zine out of that stuff, but it was just another folder full of photos in my endless collection of bad ideas I have for books and zines and art shows.

But then I realized the Kickstarter Make 100 project was coming up again. Every January they encourage makers that have used their platform to do a one off, short run project just for the point of creativity. This is the third year they have done it, and I really loved the idea but in 2017 I was in the middle of my Instaxxx book and last year I just didn’t have anything ready to go, but this year I had the perfect thing.

So I am going to make a book of 35mm photos I don’t hate. It’s going to be from the edit of 61 photos (probably much closer to 30 photos) and there are only going to be 100 copies made. Every one of them will be signed and numbered and the book is going to be square which I think will be a fun format to play with. 

There is also a limited edition of 25 books that will come with a 7″x7″ print (5 prints, each signed/numbered out of an edition of 5). It will have a variant cover and will have some additional photos and come in a fancy envelope! 

I just thought this project would be really fun to do, and super easy to execute. Shipping out hundreds of huge books was a nightmare last time I did a Kickstarter, but doing 125 small books will be a lot of fun and really simple to deal with. But don’t worry, I got a much bigger project in the works. My juggalo book is still coming soon!

Lastly, I wanted to give a big thanks to my photographer buddy Steve Prue for helping me film my Kickstarter video. It’s truly terrible, but that’s because I am awful on camera and I gave up editing after 30 minutes and just added ridiculous wipes and absurd sound effects so that my terrible editing would just look like a joke. 

Now go help me fund this book project! Even donating $1 helps my project in Kickstarters algorithm so even if you are broke even a tiny bit helps a lot. Thanks a ton!

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Fuck LA

I recently got invited to be part of the Cultural Traffic art fair on the 18th in LA and it seemed like the perfect excuse to get out to LA for the first time in over a year. It also just so happens that my girlfriend is going to be there right before the fair and today is our one year anniversary so the timing was perfect for me to actually see her this month. My brother lives in LA so my parents are gonna come out too and we are gonna spend Thanksgiving together outside of DC for the first time in my life I think. But the important thing (for the purposes of this post) is that I have some new stuff coming out and you should buy it.

The first thing I have coming out has nothing to do with the LA trip. Over a year ago I had a really dumb idea and the timing wasn’t quite right but I held on to this idea until it was finally ready. I just got a box of 35 copies of whatever this dumb idea is. I have already sold about a dozen of them without telling anyone what it is and I only need to sell about 5 or 6 more to break even so I feel like this dumb idea was worth it. Everyone I have shown it to seemed to really enjoy it so maybe you will too. If you order it before I announce what it is (on November 18th), you get a free copy of my new zine as well, plus I will ship it to you before I leave for LA and you will get it and the zine in your hands before anyone else.

Speaking of the zine, this whole post is about the 2nd edition of my zine Fuck LA

Fuck LA was a special edition zine that I only made 50 copies of for the LA Art Book Fair a few years ago. It sold out really quickly and was hand numbered and came with a print. I was pretty proud of the zine and when this new book fair came out it seemed like a great reason to republish the zine.

I figured I would maybe remove a few photos and add a few more, but when I looked at it again I realized that a bunch of the photos were reused in my zine NOT SAFE and there were some photos I didn’t love or ones I didn’t really feel like I wanted to republish. Even so, I left in some of the crazier shit that is way more graphic than any of the stuff I post on here. So let’s just say it is very not safe for work.

The new edition ended up being more than 50% new photos and I even added 4 pages. Fuck LA was my largest zine to begin with and now it’s 56 pages! I actually have to charge $12 for it instead of $10 because it’s so long. It has a ton of new work and I added some black and white spreads which weren’t in the original. It’s still all 35mm and it still has some of my favorite photos from all my trips to LA over the years. It’s got a bunch of nude stuff but it also has a bunch of just crazy fucked up LA stuff like the time I saw a bunch of people get arrested at gunpoint while I was eating at a diner. It’s a really fun zine and even people who own the first edition will enjoy the new one. It’s not signed or numbered and it doesn’t come with a print but there’s only 100 copies and I don’t plan on publishing it again. Plus if you pre-order the zine I will sign it anyway.

So if you order Fuck LA now I will sign it and ship it as soon as I get back from LA. If you order the mystery item you will get it and the signed zine BEFORE I leave for LA. Plus I will include some weird shit with it because I love you.

Click here to pre-order the mystery item and the zine.

And click here to pre-order Fuck LA by itself.

Fuck LA


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Random Update #482

I haven’t updated the site in a minute and I got some stuff to sell you and some stuff to tell you and maybe a couple photos and figured we could do it all in some random update with all the things. Where should we start?

My band is playing at Lucky 13 tomorrow night at 9pm and right after it’s over I am somehow driving to DC for the Juggalo March on Washington. I don’t know if you saw but I had a Twitter Moment about it and it went crazy viral and that was a whole thing so now I am photographing it for Playboy and LA Weekly and a bunch of other alt-weeklies and a documentary filmmaker is gonna follow me around for part of it which is a whole thing. As soon as that’s over I gotta drive right back so I can throw a Miami Dolphins watch party and help raise money for people affected by Hurricane Irma. I probably won’t sleep at all but it should be interesting if nothing else.

Next up let me sell you guys some stuff really quickly. I finally shipped out all the Instaxxx books to the people who donated to my Kickstarter. I had to create a smaller international edition so that I could ship it for a reasonable price and it still cost me $8 more shipping than I charged so that was fun. The good news is I made about 75 extra copies so that if you live outside the US you can get the smaller version of the book.  Plus on top of that I also created a bundle with the companion zine NOT SAFE so you can buy them both together and save some money.

Speaking of Instaxxx and selling you things I had wonderful human and famous porn babe Stoya sign copies of Instaxxx so if you want one signed by her (and me!) you should buy one ASAP since I sold a few of them before I even made them available to the public. They will sell out quickly.

The last thing I have to try and sell you is a t-shirt of Giselle Palmer. I made Instaxxx shirts through TeeSpring of Charlotte Sartre and people seemed to really like that so I wanted to make another one. I had people vote on Twitter and they picked Giselle Palmer. She is such a babe and I have a feeling she’s gonna be one of the biggest names in the adult industry soon but I am pretty sure people voted for it because of her sweet X-Files poster.

Giselle Palmer T-Shirt

Continuing on with this insane post I recently updated my blog 2000 Words. I told the story about the time I was in Philly and some drunk guy was passed out in my car when I came back from watching a movie. It was inexplicably weird. I need to remind myself to update 2000 Words more often. If you don’t know about it, the idea is that I pick a photo (or photos) from my archives and write a story about it. If a picture is worth 1000 words, here’s 2000. You get it right? Check out out already. Oh, and here’s the photo I wrote about this time. What the hell man?

How Did You Get In My Car?

And lastly here’s some photos for you to look at. I shot a corporate happy hour thing for my friend Fatou who was working for an internet advertising company called SintecMedia. It was actually her last day amazingly. I didn’t want to do a whole update about it because no one comes here to look at corporate events but it was on the roof of the Arlo NoMad hotel at this new bar called The Heights. It was an amazing view and  they have this insane overlook that you can walk out on and look down at the city. I recently developed a fear of heights that I am trying to rid myself of so it was really something to just stand there. Plus I actually love shooting events like this so I figured I would at least put a few of them on the site. I seriously do love shooting corporate stuff like this, so hey hire me already.

Click here to see the photos from the SintecMedia happy hour and I am gonna go do something else now. See you guys when I get back from DC…


The Heights & Arlo NoMad

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