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Tonight the 2017 AVN Awards air on Showtime. Yes, I agree, airing an awards show that happened four months ago does seem strange, but it’s happening tonight nonetheless. It seems like something you’d want to watch if you like award shows or the porn industry or if say you really wanted to see a performance from Flo Rida flanked by dozens of drunk porn stars. I have covered the last 7 or 8 of these things so I have actually never watched them on TV but tonight is special… because I am on it.

Jillian Janson is a fucking babe and I got to shoot her a while ago under the Santa Monica Pier. I just now realized that I have yet to post those photos but I will because they are awesome because Jillian is unreasonably hot.

Jillian was featured as part of Showtime’s AVN coverage and she has her own little segment. I was fortunate enough to be part of that segment. We did a photoshoot in a penthouse of the Hard Rock in Vegas which was pretty fantastic but Showtime wanted something a little more exciting so we went and shot on the roof.

After that we actually tried to sneak into the kitchen of the Joint nightclub to shoot. We made it all the way into the kitchen and were setting up a shot when we got caught by security. We ended up just going around the corner and shooting anyway, but the photos didn’t really come out because I am a mediocre photographer but hopefully the video looks cool.

Anyway, watch the AVN Awards tonight at 11 after you look at all these photos. They are also available in high resolution at Girls of Driven By Boredom.

Now click here to see all the photos I shot of Jillian Janson for Showtime’s AVN Awards.

Jillian Janson AVN Awards

Jillian Janson AVN Awards

Jillian Janson AVN Awards


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