New Instax Scans

A couple of years ago I published my largest book to date, Instaxxx, a collection of instant film nudes. It mostly was made up of Instax Wide photos but also included a number of Polaroid 600 and Spectra photos that I have been shooting since the late 90s. The first nudes I ever shot were on Polaroid and the 120 page book represented nearly 20 years of work with over 200 photographs. 

Of course when I finished the book I didn’t stop shooting instant film. I have spent the last two years filling up box after box of new Instax and I plan on eventually publishing an update to Instaxxx, most likely in a smaller zine form. I recently started scanning some of the stuff I had shot recently and ended up scanning nearly 100 photos and I figured I would share some with you. 

Theis gallery features more than 75 images, and there are a handful of extras on my paysite Girls of Driven By Boredom if you want to see some more stuff (in twice the resolution). It also features a massive amount of models so I can’t run through the whole list but there are a few people that show up in multiple images so I will list some of the models featured:  Bunny Colby, Khloe Kapri, Alex DeLaFlour, Rose Ryan, Kirra, Jane Wilde, Chloe Cherry, Jade Baker, Scout, April O’Neil, Karlee Grey, Abella Danger, Veronica Rose and many more. 

You can get your copy of Instaxxx in the Driven By Boredom shop, including versions signed by some of the models listed above. Also, if you are interested in purchasing actual Instax from me I often have outtakes. Feel free to contact me if interested. Prices start at $50. 

Now click here to see a bunch of new NSFW Instax scans.

Abella Danger Instax

Hope Instax

Eddy Segal Instax

Jane Wilde Instax

Claudia Cho Instax

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New Prints Available & A Sale On Everything

As I start to get ready to work on my next book project, I want to try and move on from the last one. I still have three boxes of my book Instaxxx in my living room as well as some prints and other things leftover. I got some books signed by some adult film stars and some limited editions left of my old zines. I even have two hats left. Long story short I want to get some of this stuff out of here. So let’s have a sale! 

Starting today and going through the weekend everything in my store is 10% off. I realize that’s not very much, but honestly my stuff is cheap enough anyway. I am good at making things, terrible at making money on things so my margins are such that all the Sharks in the Shark Tank and that little dude from the Profit would yell at me for. Whatever. I haven’t run out of money quite yet.

The other news is that I found the 9″x”12 Instax prints for the Instaxxx book release parties that I threw in NYC and LA. I only have a couple left of each of the prints that haven’t sold out so they could sell out pretty fast. There’s a print of the Instax from the cover of the book (see below), one of Stoya in Vegas, Marz Lovejoy on her fire escape in Harlem, two friends of mine on my couch, Charlotte Stokely with a giant snake, my friend Ali flashing the J Train and Lil Brown Eyes floating on a watermelon. So many to choose from!

I also put the Bill Murray holding a puppy print back in my store. I had to take it down for a bit for a boring legal reason involving the charity I was fundraising for, so now 100% of the money goes to me and I will use it to buy hundred of Pogs off ebay (or pay off my AMEX). It’s 10% off during the sale and there are only 5 of those left so it seems like a good time to get one if that’s a thing you need in your life.

So go look at my shop and buy some stuff and I will ship it to you and use that money for things and you will have things and we will all win. Go team.

Instaxxx On Sale

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Fleet Week & Playoff Hockey – 5.23.18

When I used to shoot dance parties every day of my life I would bounce around from club to club and I would occasionally do theses “Random Night Out” posts where I would combine all the shots I took in a night when I didn’t want to do a bunch of posts or didn’t shoot enough photos to really justify their own gallery. Wednesday night was a little bit different, but I felt like the galleries make sense together anyway even if they don’t really have anything to do with each other.

On Wednesday night the Washington Capitals played the biggest game in their history. The Caps went to the Stanley Cup in 1998 but no one really gave them a chance against the Red Wings and they got swept in four games. 20 years later the Caps were on the brink of their first trip to the finals since 1998, but they had to beat the Tampa Bay Lightning in a terrifying game 7. The Caps were big underdogs in the series and no one expected them to take it to 7 games much less win.

I had made plans to watch the game with my NYC Caps Crew family so when I got a call from Harley-Davidson asking me at the very last minute to shoot the Fleet Week opening night party I almost had to turn them down, but they only needed me until 9 and the game started at 8. I asked them if I could go at 8:30pm and they were fine with that so I threw my Caps jersey and my camera in my bag and got my ass up to Times Square to shoot the Fleet Week kick off at the Hard Rock Cafe.

My second roommate in NYC worked at the Hard Rock Cafe but I haven’t actually been there before. I loved Hard Rock’s as a kid but as an adult the only Hard Rock’s I’ve been to are the casino in Vegas and the Dolphins stadium in Miami which is, as of last year, Hard Rock Stadium. I ended up getting there pretty early so I shot the Harley on stage and took some photos outside. I didn’t want to bug the sailors while they were eating the pretty serious buffet they had available for them, but I got some decent crowd shots before the USO entertainment began. 

The entertainment consisted of Broadway style versions of pop songs mostly, but you would be really surprised how well Katy Perry goes over in a room full of sailors and Marines. It was honestly pretty amazing. They were a few songs into the country music part of the set when I had to escape to go watch hockey, but the crowd was loving it. Personally I was loving the fact that Alex Ovechkin scored 1 minutes and 2 seconds into the game to put the Caps up 1-0 before I got to our bar Jojo’s Philosophy.

When I got to Jojo’s the bar was completely packed. The bouncer whispered to me to go around and sneak in the back because he couldn’t let me just walk in when there was a huge line. It was pretty funny cause that’s the exact type of shit I pulled in my nightlife days except this time it was a sports bar. I somehow made my way up to my friends near the front, threw my camera bag over one of the bar stools and put on my Caps jersey even though it was 100 degrees in the bar at this point.

When the Caps scored their second goal after the Lightning had been really dominating play I almost started crying. In so many past seasons the exact opposite would happen to us. We would be killing a team but they would get the lucky breaks and the Caps would somehow lose. This felt so different and after the Caps scored again I could see the expression in the Lightning’s faces that I had seen so many times before in the Caps faces. With twenty minutes still left in the game they knew it was over.

When the Caps scored their fourth and final goal with only a few minutes to go in the game Jojo’s completely exploded. Suddenly I realized I still had my camera on me and dove into the crowd to pull it out of my camera bag. I just started blindly shooting and as the bartenders sprayed us with wine and water I just kept shooting. As the clock ticked down we all began hugging and high fiving and just losing our minds knowing we were finally going back to the Stanley Cup Finals. If you don’t give a shit about sports you can probably never understand this moment, but 20 years of pain was wiped out in 60 minutes of hockey. 

Again, if you don’t care about sports, or hockey or the Caps you might not care about any of this, but the faces of jubilation are worth looking at if nothing else. Sports provides the highest highs and the lowest lows and even if you can’t understand that, you can still appreciate the emotions so I recommend you checking out these photos even if it’s not something you’d normally care about.

Anyway, I have broken this up into two different galleries but it’s all one night and all one post. 

Click here to see all the photos from the Harley-Davidson sponsored Fleet Week kick off party at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Click here to see all the photos from the NYC Caps Crew’s Eastern Conference Finals winning celebration at Jojo’s Philosophy.

Harley Davidson Fleet Week

NYC Caps Crew

Harley Davidson Fleet Week

NYC Caps Crew

Harley Davidson Fleet Week

NYC Caps Crew

Harley Davidson Fleet Week

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Instaxxx LA Release Party

Just figured I would do a post about the LA book release party. It’s essentially just the email I sent to my book’s Kickstarter backers but I got shit to do so sorry for being repetitive…

The party is on Friday at Superchief LA. 7-10pm although we will probably go a bit late. Should be a hell of a party.

Once again all three DJs are in the book. Porn babes Carter Cruise and Joseline Kelly probably make more music than they do porn and my friend Ivy Diamond is gonna be opening the night. I actually once shot her at the very location we’re having the party.

We also have a special set from Kate Mo$$ which should probably be insane. Just google them and look at the pictures and be prepared from some wild shit.

We are once again doing an Instax photo booth and I got Charlotte Sartre and Riley Nixon there to take naked photos with. Oddly I haven’t figured out a photographer yet but that should be pretty easy.

The party is free and there is free beer and it should be a lot of fun. Hope to see some of you soon! Here’s the flyer. The end.

Instaxxx LA Flyer

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Off To The Galápagos…

So amazingly I am headed to the Galápagos Islands tomorrow. My parents have been talking about taking a family vacation there since my brother and I were little kids and now that they have retired they are finally actually doing it. I think the last time I went on a family vacation was when I was 14. Around 15 I got way too punk rock to be hanging out with my family and they were probably too embarrassed to be seen with me in public anyway. Whatever the case I get to spend 10 days with them and I feel like it’s going to be pretty amazing.

I am going to be on a boat for most of that time and only have access to what I assume is going to be wildly expensive satellite internet. I am going to try and get online at least once a day to update Twitter/Instagram & check emails but I am fairly certain I am not going to be updating this site again until after I return on the 24th.

With that in mind I wanted to update you guys on my new book and give you guys something to look at while I am gone.

I have laid out 150 pages of my Instaxxx book and scanned over 500 photos for it. The plan is for the book to be somewhere between 170 – 200 pages and I have a lot of work to do still. I am going to lay out probably 250 pages and then start editing down. After that I am going to take some of my favorites and add them to the zine I am working on that is going to accompany the book. It’s going to be about 40 pages and feature 35mm and polaroid nudes with $1 from each zine going to help marginalized sex workers.

So aside from just laying out both the book and the zine I also have to write intros to these things which is by far my least favorite part. I need to get someone to photoshop the dust off a bunch of the Instax scans and we need to design some covers which is probably the most fun part. Whatever the case there’s a lot of work to be done and leaving town for 10 days right now is not ideal. That being said, I hope to have the book at least laid out by the end of April so that I can get this thing out by mid June.

Pre-order Instaxxx here!

Now I wanted to leave you guys with some content and I also wanted to promote Girls of Driven By Boredom since I am not going to be working for the next 10 days.  If you haven’t signed up already there is a massive amount of content on there. It’s really cheap and has tons of exclusive and uncensored stuff on there. The images are all high resolution too.

Anyway, already uploaded over 100 Instax scans to Girls of DBB and today I just uploaded another 200! Don’t worry there’s still going to be a lot of surprises in the book but if you wanna see a bunch of Instax photos that no one has seen here’s your chance. Lot of fun stuff here that will never make the book too. A big chunk of this stuff will never see the light of day outside of Girls of DBB. So go sign up already!

Anyway, I am gonna go watch hockey playoffs before heading to the god damn Galápagos tomorrow! Here’s a couple mildly safe for work Instax for you to look at in the meantime.




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Instaxxx Kickstarter Ends Today!

The Kickstarter for my new book of nude instant film ends in a few hours! At 4:45pm EST (1:45 PST) the Kickstarter will end and while you will still be able to pre-order the book you will no longer get any of the fun rewards like the signed print that comes with all Kickstarter versions!

Kickstarter backers get more stuff too like a secret bonus zine for the price of shipping, a super cheap Kickstarter exclusive enamel pin and access to a behind the scenes blog and probably a solid discount coupon for Girls of Driven By Boredom.

Even if you can’t afford/ don’t want/ don’t want your wife to see the book you can still help out a bunch by just throwing in $1. Right now Instaxxx is the 57th most backed photo book in Kickstarter history and about 25 backers short of cracking the top 50. Would love to hit that in the last few hours. Seems a bit out of reach but raising $19,000 did too!

There are still a few Instax signed by porn stars left too. Missy Martinez (see below) and Jillian Janson both have a couple of signed Instax left. The ones of Jillian are kinda extra special because I shot them while being filmed by Showtime for their AVN Awards program so you might see one of your Instax on TV if you get one…

Anyway, that’s it I got no more promotion left in me. Just a few hours left and it’s over!

Back Instaxxx on Kickstarter now!


Missy Martinez Instaxxx

Also, just FYI tomorrow I am in a Valentine’s Day art show called “Dirty” at Tender Trap. It’s the third annual one but the first one I have had art in. I have a photo of Heather Vahn in it and will be taking some photos because I haven’t really shot any parties in a while and why the fuck not? Maybe I can take some dirty photos, make out with a stranger or two and celebrate my new book. Seems like a reasonable way to spend Valentine’s Day right?

Dirty @ Tender Trap

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Introducing My Third Book: Instaxxx

When I was 19 my girlfriend gave me a Polaroid camera and let me take naked photos of her. They were some of the first naked photos I ever took and 17 years later I am still photographing friends, lovers and of course naked models and porn stars on instant film.

I have spent the last 6 months or so working my ass off on my third book “Instaxxx” and the Kickstarter just launched.  This is probably the biggest project I have ever worked on and I hope at the end it’s the best thing I have ever put my name on.

If you have ever been a fan of anything I’ve ever done this is the best possible way to support my work. The early bird reward for the book is only $20 and there’s so many other things you can get like prints and discounts of my zines and even my actual Instax Wide camera. Even donating $5 will help.

Still looking to shoot more for it and I am gonna be working on it through February. Going out to Vegas and LA at this month to work on it as well. I have spent so much time on this book and I have so much left to do but this is the biggest step.

The video for it is pretty amazing as well. It features 20 topless babes talking about the project. My friend Ronen V helped me a ton with it so thanks to him for that and of course thanks to all the girls for helping too!

Oh, and I uploaded over 100 of the photos I have scanned so far to Girls of Driven By Boredom if you wanna check out more of the work.

Now please click here and back Instaxxx: A Book Of Nude Instant Photography!

Instaxxx: The Photo Book!

Instaxxx: The Photo Book!

Instaxxx: The Photo Book!


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Parties & Polaroids

Just a quick update today before I run out to watch more hockey. Playoffs are fucking exhausting. I mostly wanted to make sure I let you know about the party I am hosting on Thursday. It’s been a long time since I hosted a party that I didn’t actually throw but my buddy Carol Sharks asked me to do it and I couldn’t say no.

Her party Baewatch is joining forces with an LA party called Candy to form some sort of Voltronesque super party at Sway (305 Spring St). By the way, I can’t tell if Baewatch is the worst name for a party ever or a really good one. Come to the party and let me know how you feel about it. It’s all lady DJs and the other host is my home girl Pebbles so it’s gonna be me and a bunch of ladies and one of the ladies boyfriends who is providing candy which seems insane but I do tattoos at parties so I guess it makes more sense than that.

I haven’t decided if I am taking photos or not but I will at least be brining my camera so if you really feel like showing me your boobs or balls or something I can at least hook you up with a quick snap or two. I mean that’s just the kinda guy I am.

On a totally different topic I uploaded a bunch of naked Polaroids to the Driven By Boredom Etsy store. Well, technically they are Fuji Instax Wide but you get the idea. I got shots of  Krysa Kaos, Ashlee Graham and polaroids of Ash Hollywood and Sasha Pain together. Two babes in one!

All the Polaroids are signed by the girls and myself and are numbered out of five. First come first served! Get on it!

If you want to see more of my naked Polaroids you can do so over on the Girls of DBB. Just saying.

See you guys tomorrow?

Baewatch Vs Candy

Ash Hollywood & Sasha Pain

Krysta Kaos

Ashlee Graham



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Yesenia On 35mm

I shot Yesenia Linares for the first time years ago. I was really sick and ended up shooting her in the corner of my living room as I died on a couch. We really hit it off and became pretty good friends but for some reason we never took photos again. I think she likes me more than my photography and she has sort of blown up as a model so I get it but I finally convinced her to take some photos with me again.

I went over to her place in Brooklyn and I decided I would shoot three rolls of black and white film. I had seven rolls ready to drop off and my photo lab gives me a discount for 10 rolls or more so it seemed like a great reason to shoot some film. I try and make an effort to shoot a few rolls of black and white every month but it doesn’t always happen.

When I got to Yesenia’s place we sort of shot the shit for a while and she made us coffee and by the time we started shooting it was already getting darker in her place. By the time I had finished the second roll it was too dark even with my very fast lens. I had taken a couple of photos of her with my point and shoot camera loaded with color film and it gave me an idea.

Yesenia laughs more than any person I have ever met. It’s one of the reasons she is so much fun to hang out with. I had an idea to finish the color roll of her in front of a white wall but every photo I took would be while she was laughing. My point and shoot camera has a flash the lack of light wouldn’t matter.

So in this gallery you have the results of two rolls of black and white film and one roll of color. The black and white images are soft and pretty and the color ones are harsh with flash and really kind of lovely. I think you are going to enjoy them.

As always there are a few exclusive images saved just for the Girls of Driven By Boredom App. They are in higher resolution too. I put the app on sale for Christmas and it did so well that I am extending the 20% off sale until New Years Day. Use code “dbb” for the discount and get a ton of exclusive high res content like the app only Andy San Dimas set I just posted!

Now click here to see the NSFW 35mm images of the lovely Yesenia Linares!

Ps. Yesenia is in my new book eating fried chicken. You should buy it. It ships next week.

Yesenia Linares

Yesenia Linares

Yesenia Linares

Yesenia Linares

Yesenia Linares



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