2019 #MetLifeTakeover Video

Since there is no sports going on right now and you have nothing to do but consume content, it seems like a good time to post the video from the 2019 #MetLifeTakeover. Honestly you probably don’t care about this, but you know what? I can’t just post nudity all day long. I might run out. I do have a new girl update coming soon, but you can see it now if you sign up for my pay site. Just saying… Now let’s get into this football tailgate video thing.

Every time I post about Dolfans NYC I have to do a recap explaining it to people who have no idea I run the largest Miami Dolphins fan club in the world. In 2008 my friend Michelle and I started a Facebook group and Twitter account to organize Miami Dolphins fans who live in NYC so that we could watch games together. That turned into this massive club that is actually a non-profit group that donates tons of money to charity including over $10,000 last year. We do weekly watch parties at our bar Slattery’s Midtown Pub but our main event every year is the #MetLifeTakeover a huge group trip to the Dolphins @ Jets game where we charter busses and buy hundreds (sometimes over 1000) seats to the game. We throw a massive tailgate party and have a blast. 

A bunch of former Dolphins players showed up to our tailgate and the Dolphins presented us a framed jersey for our 10th annual group trip. We had a big party featuring Tropic 2.0 DJing, a live performance from Miami rapper Solo D, a massive all you can eat and drink tailgate from Urban Tailgate, a live taping of a Dolphins radio show, four different community service activations and a photobooth from my old friend Nicky Digital’s new company Out Snapped. We also were sponsored by my friends at Sailor Jerry. 

This video was directed and edited by RizeOptix and hosted by comedian Oscar Collazos. 

Lastly, I should mention that we are raising money for the staff of our bar Slattery’s Midtown Pub who are out of work because of the Coronavirus. If you have any interest in helping you can PayPal whatever you like to dolfansnyc@gmail.com. Thanks so much!

Now enjoy this video if you want to see slow motion videos of me walking and screaming! 


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