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Hey, so you may or may not have noticed that my website was totally fucked up and was redirecting to spam. It turns out that another site on my server had an out of date version of WordPress on it that had some exploit and some shitty humans got in and fucked up every site on my server. All because of a site I forgot about in 2015. Fun.

I reached out to my old webmaster Thadd, who no longer does web stuff for a living, he is now the director of programing for a real fun & nerdy YouTube channel called Collider, and he thought he could help. Unfortunately after a week of trying we realize that he wasn’t going to be able to to it by himself so I had to spend a ton of money hiring some people to clean all the malware off my site. 

So currently the malware is gone from this site, and all of my sites except for one. For whatever reason they haven’t been able to get access to that part of my server and I am not even going to try to explain it but hopefully by this time tomorrow that will be cleaned too. 

Once all the sites are cleaned, we are moving everything onto a brand new server that isn’t 10 years old. Apparently once we start that process it’s going to take another two business days and I still don’t know what that is going to cost so please buy some shit from me, or pay for my pay site. Anything helps!

So whatever the case we should be back to normal by Monday, and in the meantime Thadd cleaned up some stuff on my site so things should actually look better going forward. At some point I am going to have to pay for a proper redesign of the entire website but in the meantime I can’t afford that so keep enjoying this design from 2008.

Meanwhile I have updated Girls of Driven By Boredom with an upcoming shoot so you can get a preview of what’s coming whenever my website is once again fully functioning. 

Lastly here’s the trailer to Hackers just because I want some sort of content down here and Hackers rules, the movie, not the motherfuckers who fucked up my life this month. Be back soon…



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