You may recognize Magdalene from the road trip I went on in Florida a few months ago. I started the trip in Clearwater, FL and then Magda drove me to the insane Sausage Castle near Orlando and then from there I took a train down to Miami for some Miami Dolphins related madness. It was a pretty fun trip and I actually shot two full photo shoots of Magda on that trip… HOWEVER, this is not one of those shoots!

These photos are actually from a couple months BEFORE the trip. I met Magda at the Gathering of the Juggalos where we ended up collaborating on an article for Brooklyn Vegan.  Shortly after the Gathering I noticed after we met that she had a bunch of like sexy selfies on her Instagram so I mentioned if she ever wanted to take some photos I would be down. She told me that she had never done any professional photos, much less professional naked photos but was really into the idea.

She happened to be in NYC a few weeks later and she did her very first photo shoot. She killed it honestly and I really love a bunch these photos and I hate 90% of my photos.

I don’t really have much else to say about the shoot, but I will have more whenever I get around to publish the stuff we shot in Florida. The second shoot we did was in an actual movie theater!

Lastly, I should mention that these photos have been on Girls of Driven By Boredom for a few days now. They are twice the resolution on there and there are about 10 bonus images that you probably should see for yourself if you are a Magda fan.

Okay, now go look at the photos from Magdalene’s first ever nude photoshoot!






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Zoe AKA Weed Slut

Hey! I have had these photos forever and you need to look at them! I sort of in the back of my mind thought I had already put them up but it turns out I had not. I think you will like them. I like them and I hate everything!

This is Zoe aka Weed Slut. She is great and you should get to know her. I went over to her cool loft space where she lives with a bunch of cool artists and she designs underwear during the day and does stripper things at night which is pretty much the ideal jobs for model I met on Instagram. When she followed me I lurked her and I was like “oh, I need to photograph her” and then I did and now you get to look at the photos.

Basically I just took photos of her hanging out at home and smoking weed in her underwear which is pretty much a requirement for someone represented by the brand Weed Slut. She even gave me some Weed Slut rolling papers which are still sitting on my coffee table because I don’t actually smoke weed. Still they look cool on my coffee table.

Also this shoot was RIGHT before my Instaxxx book was sent to the printer. I had a couple holes missing in my layout and we actually shot two photos that ended up in the book based on the pre existing design. If you have the book see if you can find them and you can see how my brain works graphically.

Okay, I have filled enough space with text. Let’s get to the photos!

Click here to see a bunch of NSFW photos of Zoe aka Weed Slut.

Weed Slut

Weed Slut

Weed Slut 

Weed Slut

Weed Slut

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The Rest Of 2017

After a long holiday break I am mostly back. I am sick as hell but that won’t stop me from uploading photos and given that I set up a photo shoot for tomorrow afternoon in a snow storm it’s not gonna stop me from taking photos either. I was hanging out with my girlfriend for the last week but unfortunately with said snow storm approaching she had to escape back to Detroit and I am left to my own devices again and it’s time to post some damn photos.

At the beginning of 2017 I went through all the photos I took in 2016 and created a photo dump gallery with all the random photos that didn’t quite fit in any update. I was working on my Instaxxx book at the end of 2016 so I had a ton of shoots where I mostly shot Instax film  but took a handful of digital photos. The same thing happened at the beginning of 2017 too and then I had a few other random things that didn’t really fit in any gallery… so here we are with another photo dump.

Keep in mind these are mostly random test photos and quick digital snaps for fun so this is not exactly my best work but some of you might wanna take a look anyway. If nothing else there’s a bunch of cute babes in here.

I am gonna go through everything in the order that they are in the gallery and try and give you a tiny bit of info about each shoot. Let’s do this.

The first shots are of my friend Kirra. I shot her in the snow on the roof of her old apartment and I took a handful of non nude snaps of her in her bed before we watched Suicide Squad for some insane reason. It was really too dark to take anything good. There’s more shots of Kirra later from her new apartment when I came over to check out her new space. I think we are going to do a proper shoot in there soon so be on the look out for that. She’s one of my favorite people to shoot and we still haven’t done a proper photo shoot.

Next up is a few random photos this girl Bella. She was hanging out with my friend Michelle when I shot her for my Instaxxx book so I shot them both together. I took a few random, poorly lit photos of Bella with my digital camera including an awkward selfie. I have pretty much spent the last year trying to shoot them both one on one and I finally shot Michelle. Hopefully Bella is next!

Next up are some shots I took of Holly Beth for APN Magazine. I put these up on Girls of Driven By Boredom already and they are non nude but here they are anyway. If you wanna see actual nudes of her look at this gallery. Oh and there’s another gallery of her and Giselle Palmer coming soon.

Next up are shots of my friend Emily the first time we met. I actually have some really nice photos of her that I will  be publishing soon but we just took film photos the first time we shot. I actually don’t even remember why we took these digital photos. Super random.

Jumping over the second batch of Kirra photos we have shots of Stevie Foxx aka Nicolette and American Cassidy. I had like 10 minutes to shoot photos of them so I mostly focused on Instax for my book and some film stuff but they wanted some specific shots of them so I took some random digital shots. I posted more of these on Girls of DBB, but here are some of the tamer ones.

Speaking of photos that are already on Girls of DBB, I shot mini set of Alexis Fawx in her hotel a few months ago. We shot some great 35mm stuff on the streets of NYC but then we shot some digital stuff in her hotel room really quickly. I already put the full mini set on Girls of DBB, but here are some of my favorite (less explicit) shots. Alexis is hilarious. I can’t wait to shoot her again.

The next photos are of Cassidy Klein. I shot her for personal promotional reasons in exchange for some Instax stuff for my book. She actually might be in my book more than anyone and for some reason I always shoot her with other girls. This set is also up on Girls of DBB, but again, I felt like you cheap bastards deserved a few shots too.

Mixed up with Cassidy’s shots are a few of Little Brown Eyes and her roommate Bambi. I shot these right before my Instaxxx LA book release where LBE performed with her band Kate Mo$$. The light just sucked in their apartment and I sort of gave up on doing a proper shoot but we took some film and we took an Instax shot that ended up in the International Edition of Instaxxx. There are also some more explicit photos from this shoot up on Girls of DBB because these girls are fun.

Up next is this girl Liv that I actually met on OkCupid weirdly enough. I saw her profile and I wasn’t trying to hit on her. I just thought she looked so fucking cool so I hit her up and asked her if she wanted to take photos sometime. We got lunch at some diner and she said she was totally down to shoot even though she had never done nudes before. We had planned on shooting one night because she was going to be in my neighborhood but she ended up blowing me off (or so I thought) I had taken my sleeping pills and was in bed when she showed up so I took some random photos of her in my room with these purple lights that I am sure I thought looked really cool when I was out of my head. Fortunately we did some way better photos that ended up in my Instaxxx book later.

Lastly we have Miracle. I shot a few photos of her with my pal Eddy when I shot a bunch of Eddy and her art. I put the bonus Miracle stuff on Girls of DBB back then, but here are a few shots for this site. This was actually a great day. I photographed my girlfriend for the first time that day and I got to shoot Eddy for the first time after years of trying and got to shoot some photos of her friend too. Plus there was a new Game of Thrones episode so that ruled and then I went and met up with my now girlfriend again and that was a pretty fucking awesome night.

Okay, enough of this sentimentality, go look at some photos.

Click here to see a huge photo dump of random digital photos from 2017!


Holly Beth



Cassidy Klein


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Anna de Ville

Since we are nearing the end of 2017 I decided to take a look back on all the stuff I shot this year and I made a list of all the galleries I haven’t published yet. I actually have about a dozen full shoots that I haven’t published as well as a bunch of random outtakes and shots that don’t really merit their own gallery. I am gonna shove those all into one post around the 1st of the year like I did last year, but in the meantime let me hit you with a gallery I particularly enjoyed.

Way back in February I was in LA for the LA Art Book Fair and on my last night in town I booked a hotel because I had been crashing with friends all week and I felt they needed a break and I figured it would be a good location. I had a couple people left on my list of people I wanted to shoot but I actually couldn’t find anyone to take photos of that night. Fortunately for me, Anna de Ville was able to come by the next morning before I went to the airport.

I don’t actually remember how I met Anna but I remember thinking she was super photogenic for a long time. I was glad to get to take her photo and I had a specific shot in mind for my Instaxxx book. My room was right next to the hot tub and I wanted to shoot her in the tub topless while I was still in my room. Apparently one of the hotel employees caught her flashing me but we got the shot and it’s in my book. You should buy it.

I didn’t shoot that photo digitally so it’s not part of this gallery but we did shoot some photos of her in the bathtub which is always fun and Anna is real pretty so you are probably gonna enjoy the photos.

Also, I should point out that there are a handful of more explicit shots that I saved for the Girls of Driven By Boredom site. Usually I just shoot that stuff because it’s a reason to get people to sign up for Girls of DBB but I actually think they are pretty good photos for a change so take that for whatever it’s worth.

I am headed to DC tomorrow for Christmas and then I am headed to Detroit to visit my girlfriend so I might not update again until 2017 but I might come up with some reason to post on Christmas or something. Who knows? Just go look at the pictures of Anna and happy holidays or whatever phrase would trigger Sean Hannity the most.

Click here to see all the NSFW photos of Anna de Ville in a motel room in LA. 

Anna de Ville

Anna de Ville

Anna de Ville


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Meet Franki

My friend Ana introduced me to her friend Franki over the summer and we talked about doing a photo shoot. She is a dominatrix and needed some new photos for work and I thought she was super cool looking so I wanted to take her photo a bunch. The idea was that we would shoot some domme stuff for her work but I would get to shoot some pretty nude stuff to in exchange. Seemed like a fair trade…

So when I got to her place she wasn’t done doing her make up so I took a bunch of photos of her doing it. Let’s just say it took a while… After that she got out her latex domme stuff and put that on and lubed it up (which is a thing you do with latex) and by the time we went into the living room to shoot it was like completely dark in there. The light was fine in her room but the windows in the living room were on the opposite side of the apartment and I took one photo and knew our plan wasn’t going to work. We went back in her room and shot some stuff on her bed but it honestly wasn’t great. We kinda decided quickly that we would have to do the dominatrix stuff another day.

Still, the light outside was beautiful and we went into her back yard and shot a handful more photos. Unfortunately there were a bunch of people around so the topless stuff we did was pretty quick because we didn’t want to piss off the neighbors. Also there were a bunch of fucking mosquitos out and by my fifth bite in five minutes I ran inside like a coward.

In the end we got some nice stuff, just maybe not anything that was super useful to her. But maybe one of these days we will actually shoot the photos we had planned in the first place.

I should mention that I shot a bunch of 35mm photos of her, some of which are really nice, but I decided to save them for Girls of Driven By Boredom. You should just sign up for it already. It’s super cheap and I need the money. All the photos are in high resolution and there’s so much exclusive stuff on there. Do it.

Speaking of me needing the money, you still have time to get some of my books or zines or a DBB hat or something fun like that before Chirstmas. I know your mom wants a copy of my nude polaroid book signed by a bunch of porn stars. Make your mom happy this Christmas.

Now click here to see all the NSFW photos of my friend Franki.







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GOP Tax Scam Protest – 12.2.17

On Friday night I went to a midnight movie and when I got out I found out that at two in the morning the Senate had passed a 500 page tax plan that had been made public just hours before the vote. No one had time to read it and there were notes scribbled in the margins and yet it still passed on a near party line vote. The bill still needs to go back to the House because their tax bill was significantly different than the Senate bill but it’s a big step towards the bill passing. I woke up bright and early the next morning and went down to Foley Square in lower Manhattan to protest.

Before I get into this post let’s address the fact that this is not a normal Driven By Boredom post. I tend to post photos of naked women and parties and fun things like that and I am sure the last thing you want to do is read about tax policy from me. But the reality is this bill could fundamentally shape the American economy and expand the already huge gap in wealth inequality in America. It was also passed in such an unbelievable shady way and contains all sorts of bullshit that has nothing really to do with taxes like oil drilling in Alaska, pro-life language, and most importantly repealing the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act. That’s a big deal because not only does it mean millions less people will have health insurance but it means that everyone else’s premiums will go up because there won’t be enough healthy young people in the system.

On top of all that the bill gives massive tax breaks to corporations (which they will use to pay CEOs bonuses as always), ends the estate tax, and gives all sorts of shady tax breaks to the richest people in this country all at the expense of people making under $100,00 a year while adding trillions to the debt. Over the next few years most people will see tax breaks but by 2027 those breaks will actually become tax INCREASES and for millions of people. The GOP will try and argue that they will make these permanent like what happened with the Bush tax cuts, but that would add even more money to the deficit despite the GOP screaming about the deficit for the last 8 years. Next up will be cutting social security and medicaid under the guise of reducing the deficit.

Despite the political polarization in this country this bill is massively unpopular. Only 25% of people support it which is nearly 10% lower than Trump’s abysmal rating. So why are the GOP doing it? To please their donors. The GOP needs money for 2018 and 2020 and they know they won’t be able to get it if the rich assholes who put them in power don’t get their tax cuts.

But the important thing to remember is that this bill has not passed. It has to go back to the House for a vote and if they change it it has to go back to the Senate. So it’s too late to stop it. Call your representatives and senators right away. Here’s some more info on what you can do. You can also donate money to Doug Jones who is running against Roy Moore in a special election in Alabama. Getting a Democrat in that seat would not only keep a pedophile out of office but would make it a lot harder for the GOP to ram stuff like this down our throats.

Anyway, I haven’t even talked about the actual march yet… We met up in Foley Square and then marched through the financial district until we reached the NY Stock Exchange where a bunch of people spoke to the crowd including Mayor Bill De Blasio, activists, teachers and politicians. I took off a little bit early so I didn’t catch all of the speakers but I was on a few hours of sleep and got enough photos for a solid post where I rant at you guys about tax policy instead of just posting naked photos.

Now click here to see my coverage of the GOP Tax Scam Protest on Wall Street.

Bill de Blasio

GOP Tax Scam Protest

GOP Tax Scam Protest

GOP Tax Scam Protest

GOP Tax Scam Protest

GOP Tax Scam Protest

GOP Tax Scam Protest

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Kristen Scott

I have a truly awful headache. I am not sure why you need to know that, but it’s really all I can think about right now. Fortunately everyone of us I am sucking it up and posting a bunch of photos of Kristen Scott.  I shot Kristen months ago and realized yesterday that I hadn’t actually posted these. I feel like that happens a lot. Please remind me if I took your photo like a year ago and just let the set vanish on a hard drive somewhere. Moving on…

This day was a fun one. I was staying with my bff Kasey Warner in LA. I was there for the LA Art Book Fair and to work on my book Instaxxx. This trip was actually one of the stretch goals for my Instaxxx Kickstarter. Because of the fair and some other stuff I didn’t have a ton of time to shoot or find locations. Kasey was nice enough to let me shoot at her place so I invited Kristen over. I also had a shoot scheduled with Cassidy Klein and someone was running late so they ended up showing up at the exact same time. It’s kinda funny because the first time Cassidy and I had a shoot the exact same thing happened and I ended up shooting her and Melissa Moore together.

Anyway, so Kristen and Cassidy show up at pretty much the exact time and Kasey’s friend Ember Stone was also staying there so I suddenly had four adult actresses in a living room together. After I shot Cassidy and Kristen one at a time in the back yard I convinced everyone to get naked on Kasey’s couch. They just wanted to eat tacos and smoke weed and I was totally fine with that. It made for a couple of great photos that ended up in Instaxxx and some pretty epic 35mm shots one of which ended up in my zine Not Safe as well.

So yeah I got tons of content that day for my personal art projects but I also have a bunch of digital shots for you to lurk. Kristen is super cool looking and I really want to shoot her again. I feel like if I had an hour to shoot her instead of the like 15 minutes we spent shooting we could get some great stuff. I think I was too focused on my book and the digital stuff was sort of secondary. That being said there are a bunch of rad photos for you to lurk AND there are even more, dirtier, photos Girls of Driven By Boredom subscribers. Speaking of Girls of DBB, that Cassidy set I shot at Kasey’s house is an exclusive set just for Girls of DBB so maybe you need to sign up already.  Now let’s look at some damn photos.

Click here to see all the NSFW photos of Kirsten Scott.

Kristen Scott

Kristen Scott

Kristen Scott

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Florida Road Trip In 35mm

Last month I did a mini Florida road trip and I shot a bunch of rolls of film and I figured it was a good idea to post a bunch of the shots from the trip. I used to post all my 35mm stuff on Tumblr but since they changed their NSFW settings so that you have to be logged into Tumblr to view my photos I abandoned my Tumblr. I post some 35mm stuff on Twitter but honestly it looks like shit with their compression so I don’t post much.

So about the trip… I had to be in Miami for a Miami Dolphins event. My fan club/ non profit Dolfans NYC was up for some awards at a thing called Web Weekend that the Dolphins throw every year and we make a big donation to the Miami Dolphins Foundation at the same time. We ended up winning Best Community Oriented Site and Best Use Of Social Media and donated $7000 to the MDF and another $1000 to RISE. If I ever have to get a real job maybe this will look good on a resume?

Anyway, since I had to be in Florida anyway I thought it would be a perfect excuse to visit the Sausage Castle, this weird compound near Orlando run by Mike Busey. I met Mike at the Gathering of the Juggalos years ago and he had given me an open invite to visit the castle. Tragically it burned down but they ended up moving to a way better space and now have this mansion with like a hundred acres of land and all this bat shit crazy stuff like a tattoo studio, batting cage and a female pig named Richard Porkins. Mike also told me they might get a giraffe.

Now I could have flown into Orlando and then just taken a train down to Miami but I knew that this girl Magdalene lived not too far from Tampa so I hit her up about doing a little road trip. She seemed like she was down to do a whole week of Florida madness but it ended up just being two days because she is in college and had to do actual things. Still, I decided to fly into Tampa.

I ended up getting a hotel in Clearwater, FL because I am kinda obsessed with Scientology and their headquarters is in Clearwater and I wanted to check it out. The night before we left for our road trip Magda met me at my weird aqua colored motel and we did a photoshoot there before heading over to the Scientology HQ. Unfortunately there was way too much security to shoot some nudes in front of it but at least I got to lurk. After that we got some food and waited for a movie theater to close. Wait, what?

When I posted on Instagram that I was in Clearwater I had a fan reach out to me and offer her movie theater as a shoot location! Seriously. I thought it was going to be a tiny indie theater but it was this massive multiplex. I am not gonna mention the girl’s name or where exactly the theater is just incase she gets in trouble with her new owners, but let’s just she is my hero. We did a quick shoot there but we had to be up super early the next AM so I Ubered back to my hotel and slept for a few hours until Magda picked me up again.

We had this whole plan of shooting on the way to the Sausage Castle but unfortunately it was raining nearly the whole drive. Luckily it let up right about the time we got to the Castle and because it’s Florida immediately got super sunny and gave me incredibly harsh lighting for my photos. Whatever.

The Castle itself was fucking incredible. I talked about it already, but I can’t even explain how insane it is. I only got a few hours there before we went to Universal Studios for their Halloween haunted house madness so I really didn’t get to shoot enough. Mike set up a few shots of him and the Busey Beauties and I did a mini shoot with Kris Kannibal and Sir Richard Porkins the pig. It was cool but honestly I want to spend like a week at the Castle just documenting the weirdness that goes on behind the scenes. I just need to find a client to pay me to do it. It really is fucking nuts.

So right as the sun went down we jumped in a few cars and drove to Universal. They have a ton of haunted houses set up and everyone wanted to go. I kinda hate haunted houses because they aren’t scary and I don’t like being startled but Mike bought my ticket so I wasn’t gonna complain. It seemed like a good chance to get more candid stuff of everyone anyway.

At Universal we met up with WWE wrestler Mojo Rawly and a bunch of his friends for some reason. He is sponsored by Zubaz which is fucking amazing, I own multiple pairs vintage of Miami Dolphins Zubaz so that’s pretty much all I wanted to talk to him about. (Although later I found out we both grew up in the same town and went to the same high school as my first girlfriend and a ton of my good friends.) He had a big crew so we were rolling like 20 people deep through haunted house after haunted house.

Universal closed at like 1am or something like that and it took forever to assemble everyone, get food and get back to the Castle. By the time we made it pretty much everyone was passed out. Unfortunately the keys to Magda’s car were missing (we found them the next day fortunately) and all of my shit was in the car. By the time I realized that her trunk was unlocked it was like 4am and I had to get to the train early the next morning so I ended up sleeping like 3 hours in a bunk bed in a closet (seriously, they have 6 bunk beds for guests built into walk in closet). So unfortunately I didn’t get to shoot any crazy partying or any of the weird giant playground they have on the property.

I took a train to Del Ray, FL where my Dolfans NYC partner lives with her husband Alex. Two of my friends also happen to live close by so I thought I would get to see them but unfortunately one was in Tampa and the other one just straight up blew me off so aside from dinner with Michelle and fam I just hung out in the hotel room. Whatever. The next day Michelle picked me up and we headed to Miami for our Miami Dolphins weekend.

This post is already too long and I know you don’t care about the Dolphins so I will just let you look at the pictures now. I should mention that aside from the normal point and shoot 35mm film I shot there’s also a roll of black and white I shot on my Leica and a roll of 1600 film that expired in the 90’s. That stuff didn’t come out great but it’s still kinda interesting to look at.

And lastly, there’s a gallery of about 30 digital images from the Sausage Castle that I uploaded exclusively to Girls of Driven By Boredom. You can see those and a billion other exclusive high resolution images for like $18 a year or whatever the fuck it costs. Help me pay off my credit card. Now go look at photos already…

Click here to see all the 35mm photos from my weird Florida road trip! NSFW as per usual!

Sausage Castle

Mike Busey

Florida Road Trip 35mm

Mojo Rawley

Mike Busey's Sausage Castle

Florida Road Trip 35mm

Miami Dolphins Take A Knee

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2017 Exxxotica New Jersey

This weekend was the 10th annual New Jersey Exxxotica. I actually went to the very first one back when it was supposed to be Exxxotica New York but it got moved at the last moment. I met Stoya there who has let me crash with her at a couple Exxxoticas and was the inspiration for my Dinner With Igor book (and she signed some copies of my new book if you want one). The first one was really one of my first introductions to the adult industry aside from shooting Burning Angel parties. It’s cool to see where it’s gone in 10 years.

Also a big difference is that this time I was actually working for Exxxotica. My buddy Steve Prue is their main shooter and he wanted to do some portraits last year so they had me shoot for a few hours last year while he was doing that. I guess they dug my stuff because this year they brought me back to be a second shooter on Friday and Saturday. I had to be back in NYC to watch the Dolphins lose last night so I missed Sunday but I am sure it was a good time.

Usually when I cover a convention I am turning in 50 photos for a gallery on a website somewhere so I can hang out and fuck around and bang out a gallery in a couple hours. Shooting for Exxxotica I was pretty much going non stop and took a million photos which I edited down into a gallery of nearly 400! Fortunately for me my girlfriend Gia Paige was signing autographs all weekend so I got to hang out with her every couple of laps around the convention. Not the worst thing ever.

Not sure what else to mention (Ton Loc was there?!) but there’s a massive gallery for you to look through. If you want more info on some of my favorite pictures I did a pretty long Twitter thread yesterday. I also uploaded all the pictures to Girls of Driven By Boredom in high res and the gallery is way easier to navigate if you want to look through them all quickly. Really I just want to sell you stuff.

Speaking of selling you stuff, I got a bunch of girls to sign the mini edition of Instaxxx while I was walking around the convention. I got 5 copies signed by Gia, Abella Danger, Jojo Kiss, Charlotte Sartre, Jillian Janson, Joanna Angel, and Bobbi Dylan. I haven’t put em up for sale but I think I am gonna charge like $100 so if you want one email me now at and we can work something out before they go up. And speaking of selling you stuff and Charlotte Sartre, a guy showed up wearing this shirt I made and had her sign it. I thought that was pretty great.

Okay, that’s enough of this. Gia is here and I gotta hang out with her instead of my computer. Go look at all these damn photos and congrats to Exxxotica on 10 years. Hope you guys have me back for a bunch more.

Click here to see all the photos from the 10th Exxxotica New Jersey in Edison, NJ.

Riley Reid 

Adriana Chechik

Katie Morgan

Jade Creates, Charlie Classic & Hooker Problemz

Exxxotica NJ

Sexxy Clowns

Tone Loc

Exxxotica Babe

Leigh Raven & Nikki Hearts





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