2019 LA Trip In 35mm

I got back from LA a few days ago and my first stop was to my film lab to drop off the 31 rolls of film I have shot over the last month. I was gone four weekends in a row after going upstate with some friends and then a road trip with my friend Olivia and then immediately going to LA for two weeks. As you may have noticed I went like three weeks without updating the site. I didn’t update Girls of DBB in even longer. I just figured I should make up for that and I had a pretty good idea of how to do that. 

On my LA trip I shot more than 20 rolls of film and I figured I would just upload a ton of that stuff. I put together a gallery of over 300 images and aside from having a ton of naked pornstar photos for you to look at as you are wont to do, it’s also an interesting look at the way I shoot. When I am doing a shoot I shoot the stuff for this website on my digital camera, but then I shoot with a bunch of other cameras too and I have something a little different in mind with each camera.

I keep black in white film in my Leica M6 and with that camera I tend to slow down more, partially because the range finder takes a second to focus, but also because I tend to enjoy stiller black and white stuff. I also tend to shoot more documentary style stuff in black an white. I keep my old Nikon SLR filled with high ISO color film. The Fuji Natura/ Superia 1600 has such a great look to it, especially in cool light, and I am so bummed they stopped making it. Fortunately I still have about 15 rolls in my freezer. I also keep just your average 400 speed film in my point & shoot camera that I keep on me at all times. I use this when I don’t want to pull out a bigger camera, or because I want to use the flash on it. I also like capturing the in between moments with it as well. I tend to get frustrated when looking at that stuff side by side with my cameras with nice lenses but I have shot a ton of my favorite photos on p&s cameras so I won’t complain too much. I shoot a bunch of Instax too, but we are talking about 35mm today…

The gallery I uploaded isn’t in chronological order, but the order my film lab scanned them in, so you might see one photo, and then several pages later in the gallery you see almost the identical photo shot on a different type of film. The black and white stuff was scanned first so it’s at the beginning of the gallery but otherwise everything is pretty random. As you go through it you can see my process if you care about any of that. If not you can just look at the nudes. Whatever works.

This gallery also serves as a preview of the 17 girls I photographed in 14 days. Some of these will be exclusive to Girls of DBB, but I also did multiple shoots with Chloe Amour and Ella Nova so it’s more like 20 galleries total. Here’s the list of the other 15 girls in chronological order: My friend Tessa, Jade Baker, Jane Wilde, Audrey Noir, Bunny Colby, Raya Blade (with Jasmine Grey), Charlotte Sartre, Damia, Kasey Warner, Khloe Kapri, Arya Fae, Jennalyn Ponraj (non nude), Chloe Cherry, Ginger Banks and Nikki Hearts (also non nude). Aside from all those shoots there’s a ton of other stuff in here like shots from Jules Jordan’s 4th of July party and just hanging out with people. There’s some real weird stuff of Charlotte, Nikki & Leigh Raven for example. I didn’t shoot anything digital there, but the film photos are way worth lurking. Oh and I shot a bunch of 35mm photos of my neighbor Kirra who happened to be in LA at the same time. 

Anyway, I am gonna end this post and let you look at this truly massive gallery, but I should plug a couple of things real quick. The first one is of course Girls of Driven By Boredom. There are more than a dozen more photos in that gallery than this one, they were posted on there earlier and in way higher resolution. Signing up also keeps me shooting film because film is expensive. Speaking of which, the second thing I need to plug is my “Sponsor a roll” idea. If you pay $25 which is roughly the cost of film and processing for one roll, I will send you a bunch of photos from that roll and you can pick one and I will send you a signed 8″x10″ photo from that roll. I get my film paid for and you get a cheap print. People seem to be really on board and I sold out in one day, but there’s an option of sponsoring 5 rolls and getting a single 16″x”20 print which means once they pick there are still 4 rolls up for grabs. In total I have 9 rolls left in this batch before I start a waiting list for future rolls, so if you want a print and to help me keep shooting film, sponsor a roll now!

Okay, now click here to see a massive gallery of 35mm photos from my recent trip to Los Angeles. 

Jade Baker

Chloe Cherry

Jane Wilde

Leigh Raven Measuring Charlotte Sartre's Butt


Kirra Huges

Chloe Amour

Kasey Warner & Chloe Cherry

Gianna Dior On The 4th Of July

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2019 Girls Of AVN

One of the main reasons I go to Vegas every year for the AVN Awards is because it’s a great place to photograph people and meet new people to photograph. I love doing super quick shoots in model’s messy hotel rooms. It’s very much what I love shooting. I want people in their places just being themselves. If some nudity is involved all the better, everyone is happy. 

So every year I release a “Girls of AVN” gallery and of course this year is no exception. This gallery is both a collection of shots from the mini shoots I did, as well as a preview of some bigger sets that will be posted here in the future. What follows will be an unnecessary breakdown of what I shot while I was in Vegas in order of how they appear in the gallery. Enjoy.

First up we have some photos of cam girls Heidi V and Kristie Bish. This shoot happened because when I got to Vegas my girlfriend had yet to arrive. She had booked the hotel so I couldn’t check in until she got to Vegas so I was looking for a place to put my stuff. Heidi kindly offered and I went up to her room. Meanwhile a girl named Kristie Bish was DMing me on Twitter. She had reached out because her ex was apparently a big fan of my work and she loved my book Instaxxx which he owned. I only mention this so that I can promote both Instaxxx (BUY IT!) and my new book (BACK THE KICKSTARTER), but I told her that we could shoot an Instax of her that she could give to her ex. I mentioned that I was in Heidi’s room and she was apparently just hanging out with Heidi and came up to the room right then. We took some Instax photos and then Heidi jumped in and we took some funny digital photos. I should also mention that I have a whole ass set of Heidi from ages ago that I haven’t published because I shot them with a single LED light and kinda hate them, although Heidi look super cute so I am going to post them eventually. Moving on!

Next up we have like 5 whole photos of Anna De Ville (and a 6th photo of her dog). She was hung over and had no makeup on and her hotel room was way too dark to be taking photos, but she did have a fucking hot tub in the middle of her steps which makes no goddamn sense so I had to take her photo anyway. My guess is the 35mm flash stuff I shot is going to look way better, but the digital stuff was pretty much unuseable. 

Up next we have Bunny Colby, who I met on Twitter ages ago and we finally got to shoot. Unfortunately in the middle of the shoot I realized I had my girlfriend’s rental car keys and she had to put a bunch of stuff in her trunk so I had to leave the shoot in the middle of it. I was super bummed because I have wanted to take Bunny’s photo for longer than she’s been named Bunny, but alas. Hopefully we will get to do a longer shoot soon. All that being said we got some nice stuff and this is actually part of a much longer shoot that will be published sooner or later!

On the second day of the AVN Expo I was walking to the convention when I ran into Khloe Kapri. I stopped to talk to her because she dates my friend Kasey Warner and I got to spend a bunch of time with her last time I was in LA. We took some pretty photos that are coming soon and I think she’s great so clearly I had to talk to her. While we were talking Jane Wilde came to say hi to both of us. She was killing time before she had to have her makeup done, and Khloe was also waiting for a makeup artist so I suggested we take some photos. I ran into the convention real quick and then came up to Jane’s room where they were both waiting and smoking weed. I told them to do exactly what they were doing, but shirtless (I am an artist) and we took photos until Khloe finished rolling another joint and then we all went our separate ways. 

When I got down to the convention again I immediately ran into Jade Baker. I just shot Jade in LA and we took some really nice photos (one of which is going to be in my new book that you should buy right now). I asked her what she was up to and she was headed to her room because she forgot something for her booth. I asked her if I could come with her and we spent literally 4 minutes taking photos. This is exactly why I come to Vegas. Great content in under 5 minutes.

Next up in gallery is another full shoot that I am only giving you guys a preview of for now. These photos are of a cam girl named Scout that I took some really pretty photos of not too long ago. One of the 35mm photos I took during that shoot is both in my new book (*AHEM*) and in the 20th annual Dirty Show in Detroit later this month. Scout is great and I would shoot her anytime, but I should mention that she spent $250 on the socks she is wearing in this shoot and that is truly immoral behavior. When I publish this full set expect a lengthy diatribe on consumerism and wealth inequality. 

Next up are some photos of a girl named Sammie Six, not to be confused with Sammie Sixx. We were supposed to shoot some photos last year at AVN but it didn’t happen. What did happen was that we took a bunch of photos of her this year. Enough that these photos also are getting their own set as well. I should also mention that Sammie told me these photos feel the most “her” of any photo shoot she’s done which is honestly the best compliment I could ever hope for.

Penultimately have a shoot with Leigh Raven. I have wanted to take Leigh’s photo forever and I finally got to shoot her doing her makeup. I also shot some photos of her and her girlfriend Nikki Hearts who I recently photographed after knowing her for many, many years. They look so great together and I hope I can photograph them both again some time when they aren’t getting ready for a party. In this shoot I posted all the photos of Leigh doing her makeup and the photos of her an Nikki, but there are a lot more photos of her being real goofy and throwing Skittles around the room and then she had her friends help her get dressed and all of that is available as a separate bonus set ONLY available on Girls of Driven By Boredom!

Lastly we have a few photos of Evelyn Claire. I shot her for the first time at AVN last year and I randomly saw Black Panther with her and my friend Lucy when she was visiting NYC. I shot Evelyn in the same hotel where I shot Anna De Ville but there was no hot tub in the stairs (no stairs at all sadly). I have a whole set of her too but again those will come later. For now you just get a taste of the set (although there are some bonus dirty pics on Girls of DBB).

In conclusion I have over 100 photos for you from my AVN trip to Vegas. You can see these same photos in high resolution, plus some bonus slightly dirtier shots over on Girls of DBB. It also has that bonus Leigh Raven set and a ton of other photos all in high resolution for you to lurk forever and ever. Oh, and back my Kickstarter before it ends next week. 

Now click here to see the full 2019 Girls of AVN gallery!

Bunny Colby

Leigh Raven

Jade Baker


Evelyn Claire

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Adios 2018

The first post of the new year is about getting rid of a bunch of stuff from the old year. In what is becoming a tradition I am about to dump on you guys a bunch of photos that didn’t quite make it as a full set and then preview some upcoming new stuff. Did I mention all these photos that I’m talking about are nudes? Oh yeah, that’s a thing.

I am gonna go through these photos in the same order that they are in the gallery so you can try and figure out who’s who. First up is of my friend Heidi V. I actually have a full shoot with her that’s still coming, but I haven’t published it because I shot it with these cheap LED lights I bought and I just had one of them with me and they weren’t great. But Heidi is real cute so I am just gonna suck it up and post them at some point, but here’s some random stuff we shot after the shoot was over.

Next up are these pigeon photos that I cannot possibly explain. One of my friends asked me to shoot her topless in Times Square with a pigeon mask on and I wasn’t gonna say no. I should point out that these photos and the ones mentioned above have all been on Girls of Driven By Boredom for a minute now and if you paid for that site you would have seen them in HD by now.

Up next are some random photos from Exxxotica NJ this year of Pouty Kitty and Veda. I shot a ton of 35mm of them but gave up on digital real quickly when I realized the light was useless. Still there were a few photos worth lurking and there’s actually some more explicit shots from the shoot on Girls of DBB — hint hint.

The next group of photos is from my recent trip to LA. They are the photos that didn’t make it into any other sets. The first three are of this girl Lua Saturni. We got stuck in traffic and by the time we got to the place we were going to shoot it was too dark. I managed to get these three shots that look halfway decent if you lighten them in photoshop, but then I totally forgot to do that when I uploaded this gallery so enjoy these aggressively underexposed photos. Sorry. Next in the LA batch is a bunch of photos of Lil Brown Eyes. We just didn’t shoot a ton of stuff and there’s barely any nudity so I tossed them in here instead of doing a seperate post. And lastly in the LA group is a few photos of a girl who DMed me on Instagram at like 4am on my last night in LA and we just met up and shot in the middle of the night on the street. It was a pretty fun story even if we didn’t really get much.

You might have seen a couple of the photos of Syd Vicious that I shot at the Gathering of the Juggalos. I posted a few photos of her with those photos this year (and of course uploaded the full set to Girls of DBB) but now you get to see them all. She got naked in front of a bunch of people and rolled around in the grass. It was fun.

After that we have some non nude photos of Weed Slut that I shot for Playboy at the AVNs in Vegas last year. Not sure why they never ran them but they paid me and I’m not going to complain. I guess it’s still possible that they are going to publish them so I only uploaded a few of them to give you a taste for the set, but at least someone sees a few of theses photos.

Okay, from there we get to the previews of upcoming sets. Gonna go through these super quick because I am gonna publish them and talk about them in full later, but it’s a little taste for what’s coming. A lot of these I have posted on Twitter or whatever so you might have seen them already. 

The set I shot with this girl Sammy just needs to be color corrected but I am so lazy that it’s been like 10 months and I haven’t posted it. Same with the next shots of this girl Dina Michelle. Her and I got locked on a roof which was totally insane but we didn’t take many photos on the roof because we were freaking out about how to get down. The next three preview are of Sabby and a different Sammy and then Sabby and Sammy together with my friend Margot. I shot Sammy and Sabby back to back and they wanted to shoot together so I brought them to Margot’s place and we had a blonde, a brunette and a redhead all together and it was pretty fun. After that are photos of my friend Isabelle who I am going to be shooting again soon. And after that is a shoot I did with my friend Kirra and her friend who just randomly got topless in the middle of it. Kirra is one of my favorite models but this was the first time we ever did a full digital shoot. 

After that we have previews of the full shoots I did in LA with Alex DeLaFlour, my buddy Eddy, Nicki Hearts, Melina Mason’s return to being naked on the internet, and my first of hopefully many with a girl named Jade Baker. In between all that there are photos of Kasey Warner, Khloe Kapri and their friend Damia who isn’t a nude model or porn star or anything, she’s just real cute. Those three girls I shot a ton of content with including Damia and Khloe by themselves, all three of them together and then Kasey and Damia together which I have already uploaded exclusively to Girls of Driven By Boredom. So fucking sign up already.

Finally we have two shoots I did very recently. I shot some photos of Arabelle Raphael who I hadn’t shot in years and some photos of Stoya who I have been friends with for more than a decade and we’ve still really only done one proper shoot. The photos I shot of her the other day were just a test of my new camera, but more on that later… 

Okay that’s all I got. There are over 100 photos in this gallery so please enjoy the photos instead of complaining about the fact that a bunch of them are poorly lit or whatever. I just don’t have it in me to care when none of you care about anything but seeing nipples or whatever it is that keeps you coming back to this damn website.

Click here to see my massive 2018 NSFW photo dump!

Topless In Times Square


Jade Baker

Weed Slut

Melina Mason

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