Jade Baker, Florida Woman

A couple of months ago Jade Baker was in NYC and hit me up about taking some photos. Obviously I was down since the previous times we have taken photos have been really great. The only problem is, my back is endlessly fucked and I was between the giant injections I get in my spine so that I can walk.

Because I couldn’t move, she came over to my apartment. It was in the evening so there was no natural light and honestly I don’t really have any place to shoot so we just took some photos on a white wall. Jade is hot so it’s fine, but they weren’t that great. I figured I could salvage it using the harsh flash on my 35mm SLR and shooting some black and white photos since black and white is cheating and even ugly light looks good. Unfortunately the 20+ year old SLR broke and all the film got exposed to light and the black and white film got fucked up because I am an idiot. This is the price you pay when shooting film, and I have had many rolls ruined over the year, but never twice in the same week. Like that is just insanely bad luck.

We did have some good luck though which is that I recently got another spine shot (it’s actually three shots) and then I went to Miami for 24 hours to see my Caps lose to the Florida Panthers in the playoffs and my flight got in about six hours before I had to be at the game. Jade also just happens to live not too far from the Ft. Lauderdale airport where I flew in. I grabbed a rental car and drove straight to her place. We managed to eat at Margaritaville because I thought that would be hilarious, but it was actually terrible, and then we drove out to some sort of park on a swamp. 

For whatever reason there was no one at the park. I am not sure if it was because of how hot it was or because it was in the middle of the day or what but I think we only saw two people the whole time we were there. That allowed her just to get completely naked in the middle of the park and we shot a bunch of photos. A runner did catch us shooting, but I am pretty sure he didn’t care. It is Florida and all, I am sure he’s seen a lot crazier shit running through a swamp. 

Anyway, TL;DR is that I have not one, but TWO shoots with Jade. The inside shoot is photographically worse, but it’s actually a bigger set and is a bit more graphic, but the out door shoot is really pretty and a lot more fun. So what that mean is that you get the outdoor shoot for free, but you gotta sign up for Girls of DBB for the indoor photos. It’s a fair trade I think. There’s also a couple videos from both shoots on my OnlyFans. Listen, while I can’t walk I gotta make a living somehow. It’s either that or buy my damn NFTs. Oh, just FYI, there are a few photos from the first shoot in this gallery as a preview.

Click here to see a bunch of NSFW photos of Jade Baker in some sort of south Florida swamp!

Jade Baker

Jade Baker

Jade Baker


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Jade Baker III

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In The Wild With Jade Baker

If you actually read this madness that I write with all the photos I post you will be familiar with this lost folder of photos from a 2019 trip to LA. I even mentioned it in my last post. Well, today we get one step closer to clearing out that folder, but I think there is still three more shoots left. I would bust them out all in one week or something but I am averaging like one photoshoot a month right now so having unpublished stuff is probably a good idea for now…

Anyway, this shoot was probably the most fun of that whole trip. I reached out to the amazing Corwin Prescott who always shoots in the most beautiful places to ask him if he had any ideas for places to shoot in LA and he recommended Malibu Creek State Park. I googled it and was very excited about this swimming hole that is pretty deep in the park and I reached out to Jade Baker about going with me. I love taking her photo and she seemed like the perfect person to bring on a mini adventure.

Our plan was to find the first place to shoot that we could and get a bunch of digital stuff and then hike to the swimming hole and try and shoot photos there if we could manage it without people seeing or we would just go swimming and still have the first shoot. Perfect plan.

We realized we could hike down a hill to the creek and there wouldn’t be anyone who could see us from the main trail. I shot her climbing a burnt tree and then we took some shots in the creek itself but it was such a sunny day that it was hard to get anything well exposed. I could give you a little explanation of the Zone System here but I won’t because I’m not a monster. So we found a fallen tree in the shade near the creek and did the rest of our digital shoot there. She had burnt tree all over her at this point but it actually made for some cool photos.

From there we hiked into the park and took some 35mm photos along the way. She actually climbed a water tower or something because she is an incredible bad ass. (There is a video of that and a couple other clips on my OnlyFans today!) We took a bunch of other pictures in the park including a few shots in this rock formation that I really loved. 

When we finally reached the swimming hole it was predictably crowded and we couldn’t shoot any nudes or anything, but the water was wonderful and we swam a bunch and took some more 35mm photos of her on the rocks and things like that. I got to jump off a giant rock myself which was real fun and there were a bunch of people cliff diving which was also entertaining to watch. 

After our swim we hiked back to our cars and said our goodbyes and I couldn’t wait to get the film developed. I got so much good 35mm on that trip that I published it all on Girls of Driven By Boredom. (That’s a direct link to the gallery since it was posted over a year ago.) So if you want to see all the photos we shot after the creek, or the creek photos in high resolution (plus some bonus explicit shots) make sure you check out that site. It will also give you a good idea of what shoots I still have left to publish! 

Okay, now let’s look at some damn photos.

Click here to see the NSFW photos of Jade Baker at Malibu State Park!

Ps. I just realized that none of these except for a couple of her climbing a tree are safe enough to post on the main page so make sure you click through because this one image below is not going to give you any sort of idea to what these photos actually look like. Even the one below has a nipple in it if you look real carefully. My bad.

Jade Baker


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Jade Baker II

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Jade Baker

I met Jade Baker on Twitter because I kept seeing her liking my Tweets and then I would go lurk her profile and I did this like 5 times before I realized that I had lurked the exact same person 5 times and clearly she was someone I should be following because if just her Twitter avatar got my attention, clearly she had something going for her.

A few months later I was in LA and she was one of the first people I hit up. I had to shoot her and I am super glad I did because we took a ton of great photos. She ended up in my last book and then I randomly ran into her in Vegas and we took some nice photos in all of 5 minutes while she was going to grab something from her hotel room.

Long story short is that she is real pretty and I am psyched she exists because we keep taking good photos and hopefully we will continue to do so in the future. I got a big list of people to bother next time I am in LA and she is real high on it. 

Oh, I should probably mention that there are a number of extra explicit photos of her on Girls of Driven By Boredom that you could look at if you were inclined. All the photos are in much higher resolution and they’ve been on there for more than 24 hours. Girls of DBB always gets the photos first. Go sign up. It’s cheap and keeps me from having to get a real job. 

Now click here to look at a bunch of NSFW photos of Jade Baker!

Jade Baker

Jade Baker

Jade Baker


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Jade Baker

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Introducing Rosie Jones

Jade Baker was one of my absolutely favorite models to photograph. I say was because she is no longer Jade Baker, she has rebranded and is now going by Rosie Jones. As someone who has had the same online identity since 2001, I totally get it. Clearly I am not the same person I was 20 something years ago and I know that Rosie is a much different person from who she was when Jade Baker was born. 

Rosie was visiting NYC and decided to book the room Dylan Thomas was living in when he died at the infamous Chelsea Hotel. Weirdly enough I had never taken photos at the Chelsea and obviously I couldn’t pass the opportunity to shoot there or to photograph Rosie so of course we made it happen. The balcony of the roof has a great view of the sign so most of the shots we took out there. Honestly I took so many of nearly the exact same photo of her on the balcony. I just wanted to nail it and I think I did. We shot it in her bra, topless, nude, during the day and at night. We shot some stuff in the actual room as well, but clearly it’s not quite as fun as that incredible balcony. I’m sure we were spotted by people outside, but it’s the Chelsea, I am sure that kinda thing is expected. 

After the shoot I went home and pulled all my favorites from the digital photos and was pretty much ready to post but I wanted to wait for Jade to become Rosie so I held off for a while. Before she made the announcement I got the 35mm photos we shot back and I was so psyched about them. The daylight flash looked great, the flash stuff in the hotel looked great, the low light stuff as the sun went down looked great and we even got a few decent black and white shots. They just blew away the digital photos and there was more than 50 of them so guess what, you guys get the 35mm shoot instead of the digitals. It had to be done. Eventually I will probably post the digital stuff, but it’s just not as good so who knows when that will be. 

I should mention once again, that my new nude stuff is paywalled because frankly I can’t afford to fix my broken website and I haven’t found a better solution than using Flickr for my galleries. One of these days I will figure out a better solution but for now just give me a few dollars and you will have access to nearly ever nude I have ever taken… on and there’s also some BTS video from this shoot on my OnlyFans. Just saying.

Now click here to see all the 35mm photos of Rosie Jones at the Chelsea Hotel!

Jade Baker Is Rosie Jones

Jade Baker Is Rosie Jones

Jade Baker Is Rosie Jones

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Best Of 2018

While in quarantine I have been trying to be productive. I have mostly been eating garbage and watching documentaries about libertarian gay polygamist tiger breeding attempted murderers but I did manage to finally organize all the photos I took in 2018. I actually had to do most of it twice because I accidentally threw away most of the edit but I started over again and here we are. In January I started working on organizing 2019 and then I realized I hadn’t done 2018 yet so at least that’s done and I guess it’s time to work on 2019 now, but let’s be honest, if Netflix drops another true crime series I will immediately drop whatever I was doing. 

Speaking of pandemics, normally I wouldn’t drop nearly 300 photos on a Saturday, but since everyone is stuck at home bored as hell this seems like a perfect time to give you a million photos to click through. I will also go through some of my favorite moments of the year and drop you some links of the highlights so you can go look at more photos or read about some more of my bullshit or whatever.

Let’s start with my favorite photo shoot of all time: I got to shoot the cast of the Wes Anderson movie Isle of Dogs with puppies for Vulture and then puppies dressed up as Wes Anderson characters for BuzzFeed. It was amazing. Some of the bigger events I shot in 2018 were AVN Week, SXSW and of course the Gathering of the Juggalos. I also shot Exxxotica NJ, The March For Our Lives, Elm St. Music & Tattoo Fest and the NFL Draft. Speaking of sports, a personal highlight of 2018 (and my life) was the Washington Capitals winning the Stanley Cup. I didn’t get to go to any of the games but I did get to go to the victory parade in DC. I got to travel overseas a couple of times, getting to photograph a Transylvanian rave, and going to the Galapagos Islands, the latter of which was an absolutely life changing experience. I should also mention that I shot a halloween dog parade and really loved shooting some behind the scenes photos on the TV show Cake.

I know I also gotta run down a few of my favorite naked women photos because that’s why most of you creeps come here. Probably my favorite shoot of the year was of my my friend Scout. There was such bad light in her hotel room that we shot almost the entire thing using just light from the TV. I finally got to shoot with Nikki Hearts after knowing her for years and years. Kasey Warner introduced me to Damia and Khloe, and I photographed both of them for the first time. I have shot them both again since. I got to shoot Rose Ryan for the second time and she is unreasonably attractive so that is worth a gander. I shot Jade Baker for the first time and our second shoot from 2019 is one of my favorites ever. I have no idea why I haven’t posted it yet.  Speaking of galleries I haven’t posted yet, there are a few more previews in here of those including one with Alex De La Flour that is coming real soon. I got some good public nude stuff as well with my shoot with Jane Wilde and my trip to Governors Island with my friend Kirra. Oh, and my shoot with Raya and Goldie was amazing too.

Okay, I think that’s it for now. There’s a ton of other stuff in here too but I am not gonna list it all because I have work to do, and by work I mean I have to go watch some videos of rich teenage YouTubers pulling pranks on their slightly less successful successful YouTuber friends.

Click here to see nearly 300 of my favorite (digital) photos from 2018!

Untold Fest

Bill Murray

Raya Blade & Goldie Fawn

Gathering Of The Juggalos

2018 NFL Draft

The Galapagos Islands


Cake BTS: Oh, Jerome No

Halloween Dog Parade


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New Instax Scans

A couple of years ago I published my largest book to date, Instaxxx, a collection of instant film nudes. It mostly was made up of Instax Wide photos but also included a number of Polaroid 600 and Spectra photos that I have been shooting since the late 90s. The first nudes I ever shot were on Polaroid and the 120 page book represented nearly 20 years of work with over 200 photographs. 

Of course when I finished the book I didn’t stop shooting instant film. I have spent the last two years filling up box after box of new Instax and I plan on eventually publishing an update to Instaxxx, most likely in a smaller zine form. I recently started scanning some of the stuff I had shot recently and ended up scanning nearly 100 photos and I figured I would share some with you. 

Theis gallery features more than 75 images, and there are a handful of extras on my paysite Girls of Driven By Boredom if you want to see some more stuff (in twice the resolution). It also features a massive amount of models so I can’t run through the whole list but there are a few people that show up in multiple images so I will list some of the models featured:  Bunny Colby, Khloe Kapri, Alex DeLaFlour, Rose Ryan, Kirra, Jane Wilde, Chloe Cherry, Jade Baker, Scout, April O’Neil, Karlee Grey, Abella Danger, Veronica Rose and many more. 

You can get your copy of Instaxxx in the Driven By Boredom shop, including versions signed by some of the models listed above. Also, if you are interested in purchasing actual Instax from me I often have outtakes. Feel free to contact me if interested. Prices start at $50. 

Now click here to see a bunch of new NSFW Instax scans.

Abella Danger Instax

Hope Instax

Eddy Segal Instax

Jane Wilde Instax

Claudia Cho Instax

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