Meet Lil’ Brown Eyes

Back in January I was in LA for my friend’s wedding. When it ended I drove across town to some house party to see the band Ho99o9 play. I was still wearing a suit and pretty much destroyed the only pair of dress shoes I own in the mosh pit. It was a good time.

After the show I met a girl named Skuzi aka Lil’ Brown Eyes. It came up that I was going to the AVN Awards and she happened to be going too. She was doing make up for a bunch of the girls and she asked me if I knew who Ryan Gosling was. “Yes, I am aware of Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling.” “No, not Ryan Gosling… Bryan Gozzling!” I had no idea what the fuck she was talking about but apparently she was in some sort of wild daddy/baby relationship with a new male porn dude named Bryan Gozzling. She then proceeded to show me all sorts of insanely fucked up photos of them on her Twitter.

A couple days later as I was checking into the Hard Rock in Vegas I saw them again. I sort of pointed over to them and showed the people I was with the crazy shit that they were all about on their Twitter. Even porn people thought it was nuts. Most of the weekend Bryan walked her around on a leash and they were sort of all anyone could talk about.

I ended up hanging out with them a lot that week and I am sort of a huge fan of  both of them and am totally intrigued by their next level relationship. Psyched for the next time that I get to hang out with these two…

The night before the AVN Awards I ended up photographing Lil’ Brown Eyes in their hotel bathroom and then afterwards I took some insane photos of Bryan tying her up and basically torturing her until she squirted all over the floor. It was both horrifying and completely adorable. I really only planned on posting the set of Skuzi and I just sent them the other photos but I decided maybe I should put up as an exclusive Girls of Driven By Boredom gallery. I figured maybe some people would pay $5.99 or however much Girls of DBB costs to see them.

So yeah, there are two sets. One terribly light balanced but pretty awesome set of Lil’ Brown Eyes in her hotel bathroom and then another, much larger set of her getting tied up on Girls of DBB. There’s also a handful of extras from the bathroom set on Girls of DBB too. I gotta keep my subscribers happy somehow…

So click here to see the NSFW bathroom photos of Lil’ Brown Eyes and then go to Girls of DBB for the insane set of her and Bryan Gozzling!

Lil' Brown Eyes

Lil' Brown Eyes

Lil' Brown Eyes

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