Syd Vicious

My girlfriend is visiting today which means I am gonna not do anything for a week, so I just wanted to get this last update before I disappeared for a few days. She lives in Detroit so I don’t get to see her too often. I mostly mention Detroit because it’s a good segue into these photos of Syd Vicious who happens to live in Detroit. See? It all makes sense. 

Before I talk more about Sydney that I want to be clear that I tried to get her to go by Sydney instead of her absurd stage name “Syd Vicious” but she wouldn’t have it so here we are. So go look at her Facebook page so she doesn’t get mad at me for making fun of her name. 

I met Sydney at the Gathering of the Juggalos where she was performing with Mike Busey and the Busey Beauties. The first year we met we talked a handful of times, but after the Gathering we made plans to take photos one day. That didn’t happen until the following Gathering where we did this shoot behind a bunch of port-a-potties, which is the ideal Gathering location for any photo shoot.

I am posting these photos now because, hopefully to everyone’s great excitement, I am slowing working on my juggalo book and I found these. I think I had them saved for a pre-2017 Gathering post and then just forgot, but it’s one more old shoot that’s finally up on Driven By Boredom.

Oh, I should mention that because we were at a music festival tons of people were watching our shoot so Syd didn’t quite get fully naked, but I got a few shots that might appeal to people who enjoy such things as vaginas and just to be a dick about it, I put those shots exclusively on Girls of Driven By Boredom. I mean how else am I gonna get you creeps to pay for it?

Okay, time for me to go hang out with my girlfriend and you to enjoy a bunch of naked photos. Let’s do this.

Click here to see the photos of Syd Vicious naked at the Gathering of the Juggalos!

Syd Vicious

Syd Vicious

Syd Vicious

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