Instaxxx LA Release Party – 7.14.17

Last night I threw the second and last Instaxxx release party. The NYC one was fun, the LA version was fucking insane. I am always stressed out when I throw parties and there was plenty of shit to get stressed out over but the party was actually really good and I would have had a ton of fun if I wasn’t the one throwing it.

Superchief Gallery LA is such a great space in DTLA and I am really glad I threw the party there. That being said they don’t really have a DJ set up and apparently I either borrowed the wrong stuff or not enough stuff so Carter Cruise had to DJ off iTunes. It was pretty hilarious but she kinda killed it anyway. When her set was over she was laughing about how she only had the music on her Itunes cloud and so she ran out of music “at some point I just played an A-Trak mix for 2o minutes.”  Sorry Carter!

By the time Kate Mo$$ played it was already after 10 and the party was supposed to end at 10. It did not. Kate Mo$$ played a short insane set that was pretty perfect for the party. I unfortunately missed half of it cause I was doing shit but I am really glad they came out. It was total madness.

Joseline Kelly played after that and then I took photo of her in a bathroom cause the bathrooms at Superchief are grimy and cool looking so clearly I had to shoot some photos in there.

Speaking of girls in bathrooms, huge thanks to Charlotte Sartre and Riley Nixon for hanging out topless on a couch all night. Not sure the photo booth worked exactly how we planned it but it made the party a lot more fun.

I think that’s it. Thanks to everyone who came out and partied with me and thanks to everyone who bought a book. If you are in LA and still want one get at me quick cause I have about 10 more books than I want to take home with me.

Buy a book here.

Oh, and also I should mention that these photos have an unreasonable amount of nudity in them. Enjoy.

Click here to see the NSFW photos from the Instaxxx LA release party at Superchief Gallery LA.

Instaxxx LA Release PartyInstaxxx LA Release PartyInstaxxx LA Release PartyInstaxxx LA Release PartyInstaxxx LA Release PartyInstaxxx LA Release PartyInstaxxx LA Release Party

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Instaxxx LA Release Party

Just figured I would do a post about the LA book release party. It’s essentially just the email I sent to my book’s Kickstarter backers but I got shit to do so sorry for being repetitive…

The party is on Friday at Superchief LA. 7-10pm although we will probably go a bit late. Should be a hell of a party.

Once again all three DJs are in the book. Porn babes Carter Cruise and Joseline Kelly probably make more music than they do porn and my friend Ivy Diamond is gonna be opening the night. I actually once shot her at the very location we’re having the party.

We also have a special set from Kate Mo$$ which should probably be insane. Just google them and look at the pictures and be prepared from some wild shit.

We are once again doing an Instax photo booth and I got Charlotte Sartre and Riley Nixon there to take naked photos with. Oddly I haven’t figured out a photographer yet but that should be pretty easy.

The party is free and there is free beer and it should be a lot of fun. Hope to see some of you soon! Here’s the flyer. The end.

Instaxxx LA Flyer

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Instaxxx Release Party – 6.29.17

Last night my book Instaxxx finally was born into the world. It was pretty exciting because this is by far the biggest project I have done. My last two books were about a third of the size of Instaxxx and every part of this required way more time, money and effort than all of my other books or art shows and I still have a lot to do. I am starting to ship books out today but I have nearly 500 packages to send out. Plus there’s the release party in LA on July 14th. Should be an interesting couple of weeks…

Anyway, last night was a blast. The night started off slow but by 9pm Superchief NY was popping. It’s a massive space in Ridgewood, Queens but it actually filled up pretty nicely. I sold some books, took some photos and we ran out of beer 30 minutes before the party ended which is honestly pretty well timed. Huge thanks to Pabst Blue Ribbon for all the cases!

I of course have to thank the DJs OHAILEIGH, Cat Lady and Francesca Darling for not only DJing the party but for posing for the book. I assume it’s gotta have been the first time any of you guys DJed with naked photos of yourselves projected on the wall in front of you right? Thanks a ton!

Also thanks a bunch to Mel and her friend (and my buddy Sucklord’s girlfriend) Meg for running an insane photobooth. The idea was for Mel to take photos of people topless with Meg but they both ended up topless all night and no one seemed to mind. I feel like it was a solid idea and hopefully the LA version will work out even better. Naked friends in LA let me know if anyone wants to volunteer…

It’s at this point I should mention that I get so fucking stressed out at events like this that I do a completely terrible job of taking photos. I meant to like Instagram live and like Tweet out photos and things and I did none of that. I also took some of the worst party photos I have ever taken. If I had hired someone to shoot a party for me and they came back with these I would fire myself. Still, at least you get some sort of idea of what the party was like and you can see people drinking that cold refreshing PBR…. Gotta get those sponsor shots!

Lastly, thanks to everyone who came out and helped out with this book and this party especially everyone at Superchief. I just hope that the party at Superchief LA goes as well as last night!

Now go check out these photos and given that more than a dozen people who were in the book showed up this gallery is fairly NSFW even if the photos are not very good.

Click here to see all the photos from the NYC Instaxxx book release party at Superchief NY!

Ps. Get your copy of Instaxxx here! Oh and you can get my new zine NOT SAFE here.

Instaxxx Release Party

Instaxxx Release Party

Instaxxx Release Party

Instaxxx Release Party

Instaxxx Release Party

Instaxxx Release Party

Instaxxx Release Party

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Instaxxx Release Party!

My book Instaxxx is finally here! I start shipping it on Friday which is going to be a fucking insane undertaking given that I have 450 packages to send out but before I even get there I have to throw a big party.

If you live in NYC come out! We are going to be at the new Superchief spot in Ridgewood. It’s 1628 Jefferson Ave – right by the Myrtle-Wyckoff L and M trains. The party is from 8-11 and it’s gonna be a good time.

All three DJs spinning modeled in the book and my friend Mel is doing an Instax photo booth which should be interesting even though I am not 100% sure I have models locked down for it. But fuck it. Let’s party.

The event is free and the book will be on sale for the $30 pre-order price. We will have my new zine Not Safe on sell as well. Speaking of pre-orders, you have until the time I wake up tomorrow to get Instaxxx for the pre-order price before it goes up to $40.

Lastly I should mention that I am doing an LA release party as well. That will be July 14th at the Superchief LA space. Details to come soon!

Instaxxx Release Party


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I have talked a ton about my new book Instaxxx that will be out at the end of the month, but what I haven’t really talked about is the companion zine “NOT SAFE“. When I raised over $20,000 on Kickstarter I wanted to do something to give back to the people who backed by book and also to the women who have shot with me over the years.

I decided to do a zine that served several purposes. The first goal was to create a bonus for my Kickstarter backers. Everyone who bought Instaxxx via Kickstarter had the ability to buy NOT SAFE for $5 including US shipping. The second goal was just to create a zine with some of my favorite photos from some of my favorite models. I wasn’t trying to create a portfolio or anything but I thought it would be good to have something I could hand to a model or a client and say “hey this is what I like to do”.

But this zine had a greater purpose and that was to thank the women who have shot with me over the years and give a message to my fans who enjoy looking at my work but don’t really have any respect for the women who I photograph.

The title NOT SAFE refers to both the puritanical idea that nudity is somehow offensive and is “Not Safe For Work” and the sexist culture that has created a world where women can’t go online or walk down the street without being harassed. The cover features my friend Kate wearing some adorable double entendre kitty underwear that in this case is meant to invoke Trump’s horrifying “Grab her by the Pussy” line.

I see my “fans” posting awful comments on the blog and on my Instagrams and via Twitter. You can say any negative comment about me and I will leave it up but I delete and/or defend every negative comment about the model. They are putting themselves out there, often just because they want to work with me and it drives me crazy to see people attack them.

Women get harassed just for existing and when a woman puts herself out there and poses nude that stuff is taken to another level. I started out taking naked photos just because I liked looking at naked women. I didn’t even consider what the women would go through. The last decade of doing it professionally has made me think about that shit constantly. Seeing what women have to deal with just for taking a sexy photo is so fucking upsetting.

So this zine is a thank you to those women who put up with that shit every day, it’s about how nudity shouldn’t be considered offensive and it is a message to you guys to think about how you treat women both online and in real life. Plus it has a bunch of pretty photos of pretty women in it.

You can pre-order NOT SAFE as part of the Instaxxx pre-order here.

One dollar from every zine sold will be donated to Safe Horizon a charity that helps victims of violence including rape, sexual assault and domestic abuse.

Both Instaxxx and NOT SAFE start shipping June 30th.


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Ellen Stagg Dirty Girl Collection Release Party – 3.2.17

Last week my friend and fellow naked lady photographer Ellen Stagg did a book signing for her new book “Dirty Girl Collection” at the Museum of Sex. Ellen asked me to shoot the party and given that I have had a mild crush on her for the decade that I have known her it seemed like I had to come shoot. Plus wherever she goes babes show up and she gave me a copy of her rad book so I as pumped.

The signing was a lot of fun. I ran into a ton of friends and there was a cake made by my pal Ashley Holt who made cupcakes for my Dinner With Igor book release. Clearly she is a big fan of baking for art book parties.

Ellen also had my old friend Penny Wren and another burlesque babe Gigi Bonbon flanking her to help sell books and serve booze which was not the worst thing photographically.

I had a great time with everyone, took some fun photos and came home with a lovely book to add to my absurd photo book collection so all in all it was  great night.

Click here to buy Ellen’s new book “Dirty Girl Collection”.

And click here to see all the photos from the Dirty Girl book signing at Museum of Sex!

Ellen Stagg Dirty Girl Collection Book Release Party

Ellen Stagg Dirty Girl Collection Book Release Party

Ellen Stagg Dirty Girl Collection Book Release Party

Ellen Stagg Dirty Girl Collection Book Release Party

Ellen Stagg Dirty Girl Collection Book Release Party

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Instaxxx Kickstarter Ends Today!

The Kickstarter for my new book of nude instant film ends in a few hours! At 4:45pm EST (1:45 PST) the Kickstarter will end and while you will still be able to pre-order the book you will no longer get any of the fun rewards like the signed print that comes with all Kickstarter versions!

Kickstarter backers get more stuff too like a secret bonus zine for the price of shipping, a super cheap Kickstarter exclusive enamel pin and access to a behind the scenes blog and probably a solid discount coupon for Girls of Driven By Boredom.

Even if you can’t afford/ don’t want/ don’t want your wife to see the book you can still help out a bunch by just throwing in $1. Right now Instaxxx is the 57th most backed photo book in Kickstarter history and about 25 backers short of cracking the top 50. Would love to hit that in the last few hours. Seems a bit out of reach but raising $19,000 did too!

There are still a few Instax signed by porn stars left too. Missy Martinez (see below) and Jillian Janson both have a couple of signed Instax left. The ones of Jillian are kinda extra special because I shot them while being filmed by Showtime for their AVN Awards program so you might see one of your Instax on TV if you get one…

Anyway, that’s it I got no more promotion left in me. Just a few hours left and it’s over!

Back Instaxxx on Kickstarter now!


Missy Martinez Instaxxx

Also, just FYI tomorrow I am in a Valentine’s Day art show called “Dirty” at Tender Trap. It’s the third annual one but the first one I have had art in. I have a photo of Heather Vahn in it and will be taking some photos because I haven’t really shot any parties in a while and why the fuck not? Maybe I can take some dirty photos, make out with a stranger or two and celebrate my new book. Seems like a reasonable way to spend Valentine’s Day right?

Dirty @ Tender Trap

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Introducing My Third Book: Instaxxx

When I was 19 my girlfriend gave me a Polaroid camera and let me take naked photos of her. They were some of the first naked photos I ever took and 17 years later I am still photographing friends, lovers and of course naked models and porn stars on instant film.

I have spent the last 6 months or so working my ass off on my third book “Instaxxx” and the Kickstarter just launched.  This is probably the biggest project I have ever worked on and I hope at the end it’s the best thing I have ever put my name on.

If you have ever been a fan of anything I’ve ever done this is the best possible way to support my work. The early bird reward for the book is only $20 and there’s so many other things you can get like prints and discounts of my zines and even my actual Instax Wide camera. Even donating $5 will help.

Still looking to shoot more for it and I am gonna be working on it through February. Going out to Vegas and LA at this month to work on it as well. I have spent so much time on this book and I have so much left to do but this is the biggest step.

The video for it is pretty amazing as well. It features 20 topless babes talking about the project. My friend Ronen V helped me a ton with it so thanks to him for that and of course thanks to all the girls for helping too!

Oh, and I uploaded over 100 of the photos I have scanned so far to Girls of Driven By Boredom if you wanna check out more of the work.

Now please click here and back Instaxxx: A Book Of Nude Instant Photography!

Instaxxx: The Photo Book!

Instaxxx: The Photo Book!

Instaxxx: The Photo Book!


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Clearing Out Inventory Sale

Sometime in the next week or two I should be launching a Kickstarter for my next book. I am going to be doing a nude Polaroid book (technically Instax Wide) and I am pretty excited about it because the rough edit I made is really solid. After publishing my recent zine and getting for the next book I decided it was time to organize all my old books and zines and get a good inventory of everything. I found out I am nearly out of a few items and have way too many of a few more. So here’s your last chance to get a few things and a chance to get a few other things cheap. Let’s go through everything!

  • Get Your Kicks – GYK was my first book and it sold out in a month. It’s been long gone and has sold for $100. If you had donated to it’s crowd funding it would have been yours for $20.
  • Dinner With Igor – My second book is all but sold out. There are 18 copies left and I am pulling a few of those for the Kickstarter so get yours now while you have the chance.
  • Food Tattoos – Food Tattoos was a stretch goal for the Dinner With Igor Kickstarter. Everyone who funded that Kickstarter got a copy for free. I only have 6 copies left so get yours now!
  • Fuck LA – I only made 50 copies for the LA Art Book Fair and it’s long gone. Although I do have one slightly damaged copy that April O’Neil signed if anyone is interested…
  • Same Old City – I made this NYC themed zine for the NY Art Book Fair last year and there are only 5 copies left. This is probably my favorite zine and the best thing I have done since Get Your Kicks. I would get it while you still have a chance.
  • Arts – Arts is a collection of black and white portraits of artists with their art on the opposite page. It includes a ton of amazing artists like Molly Crabapple, Buff Monster, Lamour Supreme, Nick & Penelope Gazin and a ton of others. But (I assume because of the lack of nudity) it didn’t sell very well. I was really disappointed because I am very happy with the zine. You can now get it 25% off.
  • Public  – My public nudity zine has sold pretty well but it’s fairly new so I have plenty of copies left. So no rush getting one of the last copies and no sale either. It’s a pretty fun zine though.
  • Unrealized Projects – This is my newest effort. Three black and white zines, limited to 50 copies, with a signed/numbered insert packaged in a black envelope for just $12. I have about half of these left after the NY Art Book Fair.
  • Limited Editions On Sale! 

So yeah! Go buy some stuff and help me get ready for the launch of my new book. I want these zines out of my office!

Zine Babes


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