Meet Mel

I met Mel around 5am one New Years in a bar that no longer exists. She gave me her number but I think when I texted her a few days later I don’t think she had any idea who I was. We became friends anyway and I found out she was a photographer too. This would come in handy later…

When I started working on my Instaxxx book she seemed like she was interested in being in it but we didn’t really make an effort to shoot anything. On Halloween we ended up going out together and I took a topless photo of her on my couch before we went out but she was covered in fake blood and it wasn’t exactly an image I wanted in my book. Fortunately a few months later she would come up with something.

Mel had been scouting locations for a shoot of her own and she found this Motor Lodge in Queens we wanted to shoot at. Unfortunately the day we had to shoot I got hired for an event that night so we didn’t have a lot of time. We ended up renting a room at another location she had scouted, the Liberty Inn, one of the last hourly rate hotels in Manhattan. Of course an hour in a Chelsea hotel costs as much as all night in most places but we still ended up with a pretty great location for under $100.

I took a great instax of Mel that ended in my new book and she let me shoot a whole digital set with her which was awesome. Mel had never done a real nude photo shoot before so it was awesome that she trusted me enough to let me shoot her and publish the photos.

Mel is also going to be doing an Instax photo booth at the Intaxxx release party at the Superchief NY space on the 29th of June! Come get your photo taken by a babe with a babe and buy my damn book!

Now click here to see all the NSFW photos of Mel at a creepy hourly rate motel!

Ps. These pics are in high resolution at Girls of DBB!




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