Same Old City Zine Release

This Sunday I am going to be part of Cultural Traffic NY at the Hester Street Fair. Cultural Traffic is an art fair that takes place in a bunch of cities including London, Miami and the LA fair that I was part of late last year. There are a bunch of great exhibitors and you can come out and get books and zines and art prints and all sorts of stuff. Dashwood Books, my favorite book store in NYC, will be there as will Richardson, my buddy Seth Olenick and a ton of other vendors. 

I will be selling a bunch of my books, zines and prints including some sold out stuff, rare items and special editions and random merch that I don’t sell in my online store like DBB shot glasses that are too expensive to be worth shipping. Oh, and there will be a postcard rack with a ton of postcards because I bought one as decoration in my living room so I had to fill it.  I will also of course sign anything you want.

Specially for the fair I re-released my NYC photo zine Same Old City. It’s probably my favorite zine and it’s one of my craziest. Tons of sex and violence and street photography and general mayhem. It’s been long sold out so it seemed like a good time to bring it back. The new zine has four extra pages (and 5 new photos because I swapped one out), a slightly new cover and is limited to justy 100 copies. You can order it online now, but if you grab it at the fair it will be $10 instead of $12.

Okay, that’s all I got for now. Just wanted to tell you guys about the artfair and the new (?) zine. Hope to see a bunch of you guys Sunday. Online orders will ship Monday. 

Same Old City

Cultural Traffic New York


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