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Back in 2016 I released Unrealized Projects, a set of black and white photocopied zines that were a little bit of a departure from the full color highly produced zines and books I had been doing up until that point. The New York Art Book Fair was coming up and I wanted something a little rougher around the edges and get back to my roots of doing black and white punk zines when I was in high school. The idea was to take some projects I had in mind that never really made it and make them into shorter zines and package them all together as part of a limited edition run. I was really happy with how they turned out.

Earlier this year I had some big plans for some color zines that I wanted to put out and I had started working on a Kickstarter to fund them and was all ready to launch but I had to film a video for it. I started working on it on my trip to LA in late January but I never finished it and I kept putting it off… and then coronavirus hit. I didn’t think I should be doing a Kickstarter when millions of people were out of work. A few months later the Black Lives Matter protests exploded and suddenly my ideas for zines just felt so pointless and I decided I wanted to something very slightly more meaningful.

During the quarantine I would still bring my camera with me every time I left the house to get groceries or whatever and I started documenting all the signs on shop windows about Covid. I just thought it was important to have a record of that stuff for myself. Once the protests started I was documenting as well. I also started shooting all the street art that came out of both events and decided maybe I could put all that stuff together and make something. That’s when I realized it was time for an Unrealized Projects Part 2.

The new edition is three more black and white photo copied zines, plus an insert that features a photograph on one side and information about the zines on the back. The insert is also signed and numbered out of just 50 copies. All four items are packaged together in an envelope with a sticker. Oh, did I mention it’s all just $15? It’s a pretty cool package. 

The three zines are as follows:

Sign Of The Times: This is the zine I described above which features a collection of images of litteral signs. Signs about Covid, graffiti/ street art and of course protest signs. A lot of these are just snapshots, but there are some nice portraits and things in there as well.

Mirror Mirror: This zine is a collection of nudes that I have shot using mirrors. Any time I am shooting in a place with mirrors I try to use them in shots. It’s honestly just an easy way to get a more interesting composition. I shoot a lot of behind the scenes stuff when I am shooting as well and girls doing their makeup in front of mirrors makes for good shots as well. Plus if one of these zines didn’t have nudity in it, most of you wouldn’t buy it. I know what you want.

We Are The Champions: This one is just for me (and maybe some of my friends), but I wanted to do something with all the photos I had from the 2018 Washington Capitals Stanley Cup winning championship season. I watch hockey with a bunch of people called the NYC Caps Crew and we do these huge watch parties during the playoffs and I took a ton of photos of us celebrating. After the Caps won I went to DC for the parade so it includes photos from that as well. It also includes other photos from meet ups through the year as well as the time I got to meet a couple of the players backstage at Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and the back cover had to be my Stanley Cup tattoo. I realize you guys probably don’t care about this one but it means a lot to me and there are some fun photos in it, so you are just gonna have to deal with it.

To convince you guys to pick up the zines I have uploaded two galleries of images from the zines. The first one is about 80% of the nudes in Mirror Mirror. You can see those exclusively on Girls of DBB. The second gallery is 5 images from each zine you can check out all of those for free here!

And now, finally please click here to buy Unrealized Projects Volumes 4-6!

Sign Of The Times

Mirror Mirror

We Are The Champions

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