A Different Sammy

Very recently I posted some photos of my friend Sammy. I have shot her a bunch and she lives really close to me so I will probably shoot her a million more times, but I shot a totally different girl named Sammy over a year ago, and then proceeded to lose the photos. I saw one of her photos on Instagram today and I realized, oh hey, I should post those photos. It’s just pretty funny that I have two Sammys nearly back to back.

I was introduced to Sammy #2, who goes by @strawberrykiwiemoji on Instagram, from a friend of a friend and I went over to her place and shot her all over her apartment. We shot some stuff in her room and then we hit the kitchen and then finally we shot some on just a white wall in her place and then back in her room once it was pretty much dark.

These photos needed to be color balanced and if you know anything about me, I am terrible at doing absolutely anything to photographs so I just put it off. I honestly thought I had done a pretty good job doing it, but then I looked at them all in a row and realized I hadn’t. Whatever, sue me. 

Okay, I don’t remember much else since this shoot was forever ago, but Sammy seemed rad and hopefully she doesn’t hate me for forgetting about her photos and maybe we will take some new photos one day. End of blog!

Click here to see the photos of Sammy Stawberrykiwiemoji…

PS. See them in high resolution here.

Sammy Strawberrykiwiemoji

Sammy Strawberrykiwiemoji

Sammy Strawberrykiwiemoji

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