Kirra On Governors Island

I have known Kirra for a really long time, and I have taken her photo many, many times. She is one of my favorite models ever. Like Sammy, she lives super close to me so if I need to finish a roll or have some project she’s one of the first people I hit up. But for whatever reason we had never done a proper digital sexy photo shoot until we went to Governors Island together last fall. 

The one proper shoot I did with her was for her friend Joanna’s lookbook for her clothing company Koukla. We got some really nice photos, just none of them happened to be naked. A few months later we got on a ferry to Governors island and Joanna actually came with us to style Kirra. She actually ended up taking off her shirt randomly and got in a couple of photos herself! I am very pro-Joanna. 

On the island we had to sneak around a bit, but there were plenty of opportunities to take photos. There is a high school on the Island so we timed it to get there right after school got out, but we had to wait a bit before most of the kids went home so we started on the opposite end of the Island. We actually snuck into some areas that you technically aren’t supposed to be in where the buildings are abandoned and had some privacy, but there also was a bunch of standing water and as the sun started to go down a little bit we got mauled by mosquitos. 

We had to escape but by this time most of the people were off the island and we had some room to walk around with no one near us. When we were mostly done we had about an hour before the last ferry back so we hit one of the bars while we waited because I wanted to get some sunset shots. Right before the last boat we snuck off and got some shots. There were two people walking towards us in the distance so we were sort of just waiting them out, but when they got closer I realized that it was my buddy Wizard Skull and his friend. We ended up getting those last sunset shots and getting on the boat back to the city right before it took off.

All of the shots on my premium site Girls of Driven By Boredom are also on here, but I always want to give Girls of DBB some exclusive stuff so I went back through the last year and pulled a bonus gallery of 35mm shots just for Girls of DBB. There’s some shots from my new book and some shots from the shoot we did for my insane dental calendar on there plus some new stuff I’m working on and her tiny kitten. Fully worth the pennies per day it costs to join the site. Just saying. 

Okay, now go look at all the photos of Kirra (and a couple of Joanna) at Governors Island!



Kirra & Joanna





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