April O’Neil In NYC

Last week April O’Neil was visiting NYC and she text me and asked me if I wanted to take some photos of her topless in the streets of New York since that’s legal here. She didn’t have to ask twice. I jumped on the train and headed to her hotel and we shot a few photos of her near the Lincoln Tunnel. She grew up in the desert and lives in LA so she is not exactly a fan of the cold so she didn’t last long, so we headed back to her hotel room to finish the shoot.

If you are a long time visitor of this site you are probably pretty aware that I am a big fan of April. I met her nearly a decade ago but we didn’t get around to actually taking photos until 2013, but since then we have taken photos a bunch of times including these epic shots of her at Murphy’s Ranch and this really fun road trip we took up the California coast. She also is in pretty much every project I make including Instaxxx, Not Safe and Fuck LA.

Okay, that’s pretty much all I gotta say about that, except that I should mention that April asked me to shoot some slightly more explicit shots than normal so she would have some content for her OnlyFans site. You can find those photos there as well as on Girls of Driven By Boredom. Both of those sites are well worth spending your money on if you are the type of person who likes pretty ladies. Just saying. Now go look at the free photos…

Click here to see all the photos of April O’Neil’s trip to New York City. 

April O'Neil In NYC

April O'Neil In NYC

April O'Neil In NYC 

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