Sammy’s Back

I feel like I have photographed Sammy a million times but this is actually only the third set I have posted of her. People seem to love it whenever I post her photos, and she’s great to photograph so I totally understand it, but one of the best things about Sammy is that she used to live really close to me so if I needed to kill a few photos from a roll I could just get on the train for two stops and take a couple of photos of her for whatever project I was working on (she has a whole spread in my book) and then jump back on the train and go get the film developed. 

But that was way back in 2018 when she lived there. She has since moved and now lives so close to me that I could probably throw a baseball off the roof of my building and hit her building if there weren’t other buildings in the way, but she is so close that we could make plans at 9pm and then I could shower and do some work, get to her place, do a whole shoot and then bullshit for like 15 minutes before I met up with my friend for our 10pm dinner plans. It’s great.

So anyway, I have this set of her that I shot last year for you, but I am always trying to find good reasons for you to pay for Girls of Driven By Boredom and I didn’t have any exclusive images just for Girls of DBB so I hit her up and we shot a bunch of photos on her roof in the snow/sleet situation the other night and then uploaded BOTH sets to Girls of DBB. So you get to see the first set for free (in low resolution) here, but if you want to see the second set on the roof in the cold, cold night, you need to sign up for Girls of DBB. I will stop bugging you about that now.

If you want to see more Sammy you can click to see the first shoot she ever did ever, and a bunch of 35mm public nude stuff we did here. Now for the new set…

Click here to see a bunch of photos of my neighbor Sammy! 




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  1. April 27th, 2019 | 12:42 am

    Damn man, she looks pretty good for an American girl. My pants moved just from these preview pics. A rare event indeed nowadays. Good work.

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