Lil Brown Eyes For Wood Rocket

Part four of my five part collaboration with Wood Rocket is here and it’s a fun one! Lil Brown Eyes returns with a pool party shoot shot in Los Angeles and Bryan Gozzling’s place.┬áIf you haven’t been paying attention I shot 5 shoots for Wood Rocket as sort of a continuation of the Road Strip video series for them I did back in 2013. So far we have seen shoots from Lily LaBeau, Lucy Everleigh, April O’Neil and now Lil Brown Eyes. The final one is gonna feature not one but three girls so look for that soon!

This shoot with Lil Brown Eyes isn’t very well photographed. It was super bright out and the light was wildly harsh and I didn’t have anyone standing around with a bounce card or anything because let’s be honest I am barely a professional. That being said, LBE is fucking adorable, the pool is beautiful and how great do her hot pink heels go with that giant inflatable flamingo? Plus at the end of the party she cooked us food and the shots of her grilling corn are kinda fucking amazing thanks to her actually being in the shade a bit. I should also mention that she did her pseudo corpse paint make up like that because she kinda thought it would look hilarious with the sort of 80’s Penthouse vibe of the whole shoot. I wasn’t mad about it.

So all the photos are on Wood Rocket but I uploaded about 15 of them to this site just so there would be something on this site for the archives but clearly go to Wood Rocket instead of looking at them here. They are on Girls of DBB too but no reason to go there when you have them for free on Wood Rocket, BUT I should mention that there is a VERY NSFW shoot of LBE and her “daddy” Bryan Gozzling from the weekend I met them on Girls of DBB that is probably worth checking out if you are a fan of these photos.

Anyway, go look at the Lil Brown Eyes pool party photos on Wood Rocket now!

Lil Brown Eyes

Lil Brown Eyes

Lil Brown Eyes

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