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Part three of my collaboration with Wood Rocket was published over the weekend and it includes a ton of photos of April O’Neil. Everyone loves April so you should all be really happy about that. Just to recap: when I went on a west coast road trip this summer I shot five sets for Wood Rocket to help pay for the trip. I shot a sexy road trip web series with them called Road Strip a few years ago so we decided to continue with our on the road partnership. We started with Lily LaBeau and then Lucy Everleigh and now we reach the midway point with April!

These photos from April were all shot on the same day (well the same 24 hours at least) as we drove from LA to San Francisco. The first part of the set was shot along side of the Pacific Coast Highway. I actually thought we were going to have time to stop off at a few places like this but we kinda ran out of time. We did however find a really amazing cliff to shoot on. I actually don’t even remember where exactly it was except that it was somewhere between LA and San Louis Obispo. I know this because SLO is where we spent the first night of our two day road trip.

The legendary Madonna Inn is in San Louis Obispo and I was really excited when I found out it was on the way. We were actually just supposed to to LA to SF in one day until I realized that we could stop there. The place is insane and has tons of weird theme rooms and I really want to spend more time there. I kinda want to just live there actually. We got there pretty late so we didn’t get to explore much but the food was good and there was a hot tub and heated pool so not too mad. We got the Pioneer room which was pretty lame compared to some of the other crazy rooms but I guess that’s what you get when you book the cheapest room on Hotels.com. We did a quick shoot in the morning before we left and bought some souvenirs in the gift shop before heading to San Francisco.

The next day we took a bunch of random 35mm photos that I already posted but we didn’t shoot any proper digital photo sets or anything. We did manage to get locked out of my dominatrix friend’s dungeon that we were sleeping in. April is a wizard and she picked the lock and we actually got a few hours of sleep before we made our separate ways and I made my way up the coast.

I uploaded the public nudity photos to Driven By Boredom just so there would be content and of course they are on Girls of DBB too, but BOTH sets including the Madonna Inn stuff that has way more nudity are available completely for free on Wood Rocket so go look now!

April O'Neil

April O'Neil

April O'Neil

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