Lucy Everleigh For Wood Rocket

The second part of my collaboration with Wood Rocket came out over the weekend. I did five shoots for them over my two week west coast road trip last summer and while I am uploading highlights from the sets, the full sets are available exclusively on Wood Rocket. The first set featured Lily LaBeau shot on Mt. Rainier in Washington state and the second set features two different quick shoots with Lucy Everleigh.

Lucy traveled with me for more than a week on my road trip so I took a ton of photos of her. You may have seen the 35mm shots I posted from the trip but I did several digital shoots with her. The first shoot we did was in a rose garden in Portland. My friend Chelsea took us there and fortunately it was raining so there weren’t a ton of people around. I am fairly certain we got caught but no one said anything. We did the whole shoot in 10 minutes so that was fun. The second shoot was in Hunny Daniels’ back yard in Washington. It wasn’t actually supposed to be a shoot. Lucy just wanted to climb a tree. I came outside and she was up there so I grabbed my camera and made her take off her shirt and we got some great photos.

I shot a number of other photos with Lucy along the way including a set with Hunny and another girl for Wood Rocket and one with three other girls in Portland. I also have two other Wood Rocket sets that you will probably get to see very soon. In the mean time, go look at the Lucy photos over there already!

As I said I uploaded a small gallery of my favorite shots here and of course I put them up on Girls of DBB but everything can be seen for free on Wood Rocket. Go now!

Lucy Everleigh

Lucy Everleigh

Lucy Everleigh

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