My Ever First Shoot With Janice Griffith

I spent 5 days in LA followed by a 9 day road trip. When I got back I almost immediately left again for Chicago Exxxotica. A few days after that I took off for the Gathering of the Juggalos and then right away I went on a much needed four day vacation in exotic Delaware. In total I have spent about 11 days in NYC in the last six weeks. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on my mood) I am back in town for a while.

August is a notoriously slow month for me so hopefully I can tackle some new projects and maybe get a new zine ready for the NY Art Book Fair in September. I just dropped off my camera to get it repaired, cleaned and regripped and gonna take the time without a camera to finally unpack from the last few trips, do my god damn taxes and maybe finally build some really stupid websites I have in mind. But all of this is boring and you came here for the nudity so let’s get into it.

The first time I ever shot with Janice Griffith was in January of 2014. She has just joined the adult industry and I shot her for a magazine that (for reasons I will not get into) probably doesn’t want much to do with either Janice or I. I published some photos I shot of Veruca James from the same day and posted some (fairly graphic) shots I took of her and Janice together on Girls of Driven By Boredom but I never posted the Janice ones.

A few months later I shot Janice again and I ended up posting those, but then some shit happened and I couldn’t really post these older photos but they have been edited for well over a year. Well all the bullshit is over and I just remembered I had these and I figured you guys could see them. Plus I miss Janice so it’s nice to look at her rad boobs and I feel like you guys will feel the same way.

Also, I should mention that the set I posted on Girls of DBB is much larger because I shot these for  an adult magazine that is a lot more interested in the inside of vaginas than I am. So yeah, if you like that sort of thing you should probably sign up. God knows I could use the money…

Now click here to see the first ever naked photos I shot of Janice Griffith!

Janice Griffith

Janice Griffith

Janice Griffith

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