Veruca James Is Back

Before I get to the sexy lady photos I just wanted to mention that the memorial for DJ Jess is tonight at 7pm at Webster Hall. I hope everyone who should know about it already knows about it but just in case now you know. Hope to see everyone. Also, Shaken & Stirred is doing their final night in celebration of Jess on the 22nd. It’s at the Delancey at 9pm and is free for anyone who wants to see a burlesque show while crying into their ascots. Now on to the nudes…

It is completely insane to me that the last time I posted a full set of Veruca James was in 2011. (Watch the video of that shoot here!) Since then I have taken so many photos of Veruca and she’s become a good friend but we never did a proper photo shoot until last January. And by last January I mean 2014. I shot these photos for a magazine that didn’t end up running them and I totally forgot about them until someone posted a 35mm outtake I shot of Veruca and Janice Griffith right at the end of this shoot. I realized not only had I not posted Veruca’s set but I also didn’t post the photos of Veruca and Janice together or the first set I ever shot of Janice. Clearly I needed to fix that.

So I immediately uploaded a mini app exclusive set to the Girls of Driven By Boredom of Veruca and Janice. It’s only like 15 photos but they are really fun and most of them fairly graphic. It seemed like a perfect thing to save just for the app. I also edited all the photos of Veruca and Janice so they are ready to go.

First up, as you may have guessed from the title of this post, are the pictures of Veruca James. She is responsible for some of my favorite naked photos ever. (Like this print you can buy in my Etsy store!) This shoot was a quick one in her hotel room during the AVN Awards so she is wearing a stupid AVN wristband and let’s just say we didn’t have a hair stylist available. Fortunately Veruca is fucking adorable and you will probably dig on these photos a lot.

Also, since I shot this for an adult magazine there are a bunch of porny shots that I don’t post on this site, but you can see them all on Girls of DBB with the set of her and Janice. The app is super cheap so it’s kinda a win/win. Just saying.

Now click here to see a bunch of NSFW photos of the radical and babely Veruca James!

Veruca James

Veruca James

Veruca James

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  1. lambda5555m
    May 2nd, 2016 | 8:50 am

    I am seriously in love with Veruca James…She brings fun and excitement back to porn. I love the way she is surprised when getting cum on her face or when someone shoves a big cock in her pussy. I would love to marry this woman and get her all the black cock she can handle. She looks like so much fun, I would just love to have her and see how many fun things we can do for her, like a room full of black cock and would love for a breeding party to have babies for me…that would make life complete to have such a sexy little vixen by my side…Wonder if she is interested????

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