2016 Exxxotica Chicago

The day before the Exxxotica Chicago adult convention I had no plans on going. I had just returned from my road trip and was just starting to get my life back together (I still haven’t done my taxes) when suddenly I had a trip planned. I was supposed to shoot Charlotte Sartre on my west coast road trip but it didn’t happen so we were making plans for when she came to NYC next. A few minutes later we were talking about Chicago and her extra hotel bed and I realized I could get a super cheap miles ticket and after a quick email to Exxxotica’s press people I was on my way to Chicago.

The weekend was kinda insane and I maybe lost my mind a little bit after not sleeping at all for no reason (pretty sure you guys are familiar with my complete inability to sleep). I spent the better part of Monday sleeping and then slept 12 hours on Tuesday and suddenly I am functional again and realized the trip was a lot of fun if not exactly productive.

I did some pretty nice hotel room shoots with Charlotte and a babe I met on the last day named Jezabel Visser. Basically those shoots were the very first and very last thing I did in Chicago with a little bit of actual Exxxotica coverage in between. The rest of the time was spent moving from hotel room to hotel room in search of the next adventure. I shot three or four rolls of film and filmed a bunch of Snapchats (add me bro!) but my digital camera stayed in my bag most of the time. Should be some weird stuff of Stoya and Sydney Leathers and a few other people when I get my film developed though…

Anyway, the Exxxotica convention itself was pretty chill. I mostly was shooting on Friday night because I knew that would be the least crowded day. I got to shoot a bunch of girls at their booths and then I shoot some of the Chicago Anime Expo crossover (that would have been fun to have shot had I known before hand) and then I called it a day. So the gallery is pretty small but I feel like there is some okay stuff is in here anyway.

Click here to see my (mildly NSFW) photos from 2016 Exxxotica Chicago at the Donald E. Stephens convention center.

Tanya Tate

Adriana Chechik

Exxxotica Chicago

Stoya In My "Public" Zine

Selena Santana

Exxxotica Chicago

Charlotte Sartre

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