Janice Griffith

I have known Janice Griffith for while now and we have been though a lot. I actually met her before she ever did any porn or nude modeling or anything like that. She was only 17 but somehow had snuck into the last Is Anyone Up party and was wearing a Pokeball bra. Let’s just say I am very glad I didn’t try and get her out of it. A year later someone Tweeted a photo of her and I thought she was a babe so I followed her on Twitter. She immediately followed me back and DMed me that we had met before and sent me a link to that Pokeball photo.

A year ago when was in Vegas for the AVN Awards we met for the second time. I ended up photographing her with Veruca James but I have yet to publish the photos for some reason. A few months later I was in LA and we took photos again. Then a few days later we both had one of the worst days of our life together which for both legal and emotional reasons I won’t mention. After that horrible bonding experience we became pretty close friends and I have hung out and taken her photograph a ton of times since then.

Despite the amount of times she has been in front of my camera we have only done two proper shoots. One in Vegas and one in a hotel in LA. The Vegas one I will get to one of these days but for now I have the second set we did shot in LA maybe 9 months ago. Janice is such a babe so I know you are going to dig these. Also, we shot these with the idea that they might end up in a certain men’s magazine which would required a lot more graphic photos than what I normally shoot so if you want to see those photos I put them all on Girls of Driven By Boredom. Go lurk them there.

Now click here to see all my NSFW photos of Janice Griffith!

Ps. Janice is in Fuck LA and my Vegas album.

Janice Griffith

Janice Griffith

Janice Griffith

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