West Coast Road Trip Part 1: April O’Neil

So this has been a weird week for me. I got back from vacation and I was slowly getting my life together between getting ready for my band’s second show and a couple Tinder dates. But then the show got canceled and I managed to get unreasonably sick. I haven’t really left my apartment since Sunday. It’s been great. On top of that I dropped off my camera to get fixed (the top screen cracked) and they told me it would be 3-5 days and now it’s going to be a month cause of parts they need. I am going to get my camera back but I haven’t done it yet cause I am slowly dying.

Long story short is I haven’t even taken a photo a week and I haven’t put on pants in nearly as long. I am sick of being useless so I figured it was time to get some damn photos up and what better than the road trip stuff I shot at the beginning of all my trips that no doubt contributed to my downfall.

My west coast road trip started with five days in LA but that is sort of cheating so we are going just going to focus on the LA to Seattle and back part of the trip. Part one features the two days I spent with the amazing April O’Neil. She’s both one of my favorite models to shoot and really fun to hang out with so she seemed perfect for this sort of thing. I actually tried to get her involved in my epic Route 66 trip but it didn’t work out, but we did go on a pretty epic day trip with Shay Laren to Murphy’s Ranch.

April and I left LA and headed towards San Francisco. The plan was to make it to San Louis Obispo and the epic Madonna Inn via the Pacific Coast Highway. It didn’t seem like it was going to take very long but when you are road tripping and taking photos and buying amazing coats it takes a lot longer than expected and we got to the Madonna Inn pretty late. Still, the Madonna Inn was so fucking epic and we got to hot tub and watch people take line dancing classes and hang out with really loud frogs. We also did a pretty great photo shoot that is gonna one day end up on WoodRocket.

The next day we woke up made our trek to San Francisco which is a much longer drive. We unfortunately didn’t get to spend quite as much time on the PCH but we did get to do stuff like hang out on a giant fucking artichoke and see a huge patriotic clam and two different whales. Oh and there was some sort of egg vending machine and we hung out a bunch in Santa Cruz and April made me play pinball for an hour which I thought was a lot but then once we got to SF she made me play pinball for maybe 4 more hours and now I want to dedicate my life to the sport which should clearly be in the fucking Olympics. WHY IS PINBALL NOT IN THE OLYMPICS?

The second, and sadly final, night of our trip was spent sleeping in January Seraph’s dungeon. It was not nearly as scary as that sounds and it was honestly quite cozy, but she didn’t tell us that we only had a key to the top lock and I managed to lock the bottom lock and we got locked out at 4am and January was asleep so we got stuck and I thought I was going to go insane but then April picked the god damn lock because she’s the best human and we got a few hours of sleep before I had to go pick up Lucy Everleigh at the airport so she could join me for part two of this adventure coming soon!

So in this gallery that you are about to look at is a bunch of 35mm shots of April and the stuff we saw. There isn’t that much nudity actually but there is some. Hopefully you will dig it anyway. Sadly an entire roll of black and white film was lost and half of that was of April and that kinda kills me. But I also shot some digital stuff that is not in this gallery. Half of that digital stuff is the Madonna Inn shoot that will be up on Wood Rocket, the other half is going to be an exclusive set just on Girls of Driven By Boredom. It just seemed like the move to make. There are also a few (3) 35mm shots that are exclusive to Girls of DBB too. So like get on that shit.

Now click here to see the 35mm photos from part one of my West Coast Road Trip featuring April O’neil!

April O'Neil

Pacific Coast Highway

April O'Neil

April O'Neil

World's Largest Artichoke

April O'Neil

April O'Neil

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