New Prints Available & A Sale On Everything

As I start to get ready to work on my next book project, I want to try and move on from the last one. I still have three boxes of my book Instaxxx in my living room as well as some prints and other things leftover. I got some books signed by some adult film stars and some limited editions left of my old zines. I even have two hats left. Long story short I want to get some of this stuff out of here. So let’s have a sale! 

Starting today and going through the weekend everything in my store is 10% off. I realize that’s not very much, but honestly my stuff is cheap enough anyway. I am good at making things, terrible at making money on things so my margins are such that all the Sharks in the Shark Tank and that little dude from the Profit would yell at me for. Whatever. I haven’t run out of money quite yet.

The other news is that I found the 9″x”12 Instax prints for the Instaxxx book release parties that I threw in NYC and LA. I only have a couple left of each of the prints that haven’t sold out so they could sell out pretty fast. There’s a print of the Instax from the cover of the book (see below), one of Stoya in Vegas, Marz Lovejoy on her fire escape in Harlem, two friends of mine on my couch, Charlotte Stokely with a giant snake, my friend Ali flashing the J Train and Lil Brown Eyes floating on a watermelon. So many to choose from!

I also put the Bill Murray holding a puppy print back in my store. I had to take it down for a bit for a boring legal reason involving the charity I was fundraising for, so now 100% of the money goes to me and I will use it to buy hundred of Pogs off ebay (or pay off my AMEX). It’s 10% off during the sale and there are only 5 of those left so it seems like a good time to get one if that’s a thing you need in your life.

So go look at my shop and buy some stuff and I will ship it to you and use that money for things and you will have things and we will all win. Go team.

Instaxxx On Sale

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