2023 Exxxotica NJ Part One – 11.3.23

Exxxotica Expo New Jersey just celebrated their 15th anniversary. The company does events all over the place but the very first one was in NJ and I was there so of course I had to show up for the big anniversary. My plan originally was just to go for a few hours but they actually reached out to me and asked me to shoot the first two days for them and I was more than happy to take their money. My buddy Steve Prue is their staff photographer and every few years he spends the weekend shooting portraits and they ask me to fill in for him. So glad it worked out.

Over the weekend I shot nearly 2000 photos which edited down to nearly 500, so I figured we should break this up in to two posts. The first one you are looking at right now and the second post should be up Wednesday. I got too much to do tomorrow. Also, a lot of these photos will be exclusive to Girls of Driven By Boredom, but we will get to that in a minute.

This is the first adult event I have photographed since AVN in 2020 just a couple months before the world ended. I missed Exxxotica last year because my girlfriend’s car was in the shop and I missed AVN because I got the dates wrong and when I started looking at flights and hotels it wasn’t worth it. Between that and my LA trips recently being more about my 1 year old nephew than photographing sex workers I feel a little bit out of the adult world. I knew only a handful of the girls so it felt less like a family reunion than normal, but I still got a bunch of good shots. Plus it was great to see my friends who were there. 

After the show ended I hit the after party for a bit. I shot two burlesque performances including one from Vonka Romanov who I actually photographed way back in 2015. But my bad back was killing me so I wasn’t there long and went up to my hotel room to get a jump start on editing these photos. It’s so wild how old I have gotten in just a few short years. I guess a global pandemic, a severe back injury and getting wifed up will do that to a person. Hey, we had a good run. 

Okay, so let’s get to that other thing… If you are a regular here you will know that my website is broken and I cannot fix it. I have been using Flickr to host my galleries which has a lot of drawbacks, but the main one is that if you post adult content the photos will get marked as such and you can’t see them without having a Flickr account and then updating your settings to be able to see adult content. Because of this over 100 of the photos I shot on Friday are only going to be posted on Girls of Driven By Boredom. I realize that sucks, but maybe a few of you will actually sign up which will help my life since OnlyFans disabled my account last week. That being said, if I took your photo at the convention and you don’t see it in the free gallery, contact me, and I will try and find your photo for you. 

Okay, here are a ton of photos and there will be a ton more in a couple of days. Thanks so much to everyone at Exxxotica for having me out. Can’t wait to photograph the 20th anniversary!

Click here to see all of the vaguely safe for work photos from day 1 of the 2023 Exxxotica NJ Expo!

Click here to see all of the uncensored photos from day 1 of the 2023 Exxxotica NJ Expo!

Exxxotica Ribbon Cutting

Exxxotica 15th Anniversary

Alexis Texas Twerk Contest

Exxxotica Seminars

Exxxotica 15th Anniversary

Exxxotica 15th Anniversary


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