Exxxotica New York 2008 – 9.13.08

Exxxotica NYC is not actually in NYC.  It is in NJ.  It was going to be at least somewhere near NYC at the Meadowlands but they got kicked out and they ended up at the NJ Convention center, which was not that far away, but surely not to be confused with New York.  This was an adult industry showcase that featured porn stars by the bushel.  The event was sponsored by HotMovies, Featured my friend Doug’s Strip For Pain and of course Burning Angel showed up… So you know I had to be there.  It was a three day event, but I had to work Friday and watch the Dolphins lose Sunday so I only made it out for Saturday.  I think one day was more than enough though.  Despite all the madness it’s still a convention.  There were a lot of semi nude women roaming about, but they all just smiled and posed with creepy guys all day and signed autographs.  I wanted to hang out with my friends who were there, but they all had to pay attention to the fans and stuff.  I did have some fun though.  I met a girl who knows a bunch of my friends and has a HUG LIFE tattoo which is becoming increasingly common in our neck of the woods.  I spent a lot of time talking to her and the Pillow Fight League kids.  Steve Prue was there shooting and we talked shop a bit.  I found the Bombshell Bratz kids a web designer.  And Doug did his Strip For Pain thing like 10 times while I was there so I shot a lot of that.

Another thing about this convention is that it makes me realize how little I know about porn despite having a lot of porn friends.   I know a lot about “alt porn” but I didn’t recognize anyone.  The only people I knew there who weren’t alt people were Ron Jeremy who I have met several times now, Sasha Grey who is almost an alt girl and Jesse Jane who was on Entourage.

Speaking of Sasha Grey, anyone who mentions Werner Herzog and Monty Hellman among her favorite directors on myspace should be a friend of mine.  She has also worked with two of my porn friends Eon McKai and Joe Gallant.  I wanted to talk to her at the convention but she had a line of fans that seemed never ending. 

After the event I went back to the hotel where the BA kids were staying and hung out with the Pop Porn crew.  Stoya was there and we know like 1,000,000 of the same people and I feel like we bonded… but then again she was pretty drunk.  I also made friends with Lexi Love who seemed very unassuming and adorable until I Googled her.  She was pretty rad.  She lives in NYC so maybe I will have some photos of her naked on here one day.

There are like two hundred photos here, and I am not really excited about any of them.  The light was awful and nipples were completely banned.  It is pretty upsetting when it is more likely to see boobs at a bar than it is a porn convention.  Sigh…  You might dig the photos anyway, I guess there are some pretty funny ones.








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