Kaya Lin & Vonka Romanov

The case of the missing photos keeps getting larger. Going through photos from 2015 and so far I have found three unpublished shoots. The first one was a shoot I did with Heather Vahn in an unreasonably dark hotel room. The 35mm stuff I shot was actually really great so I forgot about the incredibly mediocre digital photos we shot. Heather is still really pretty so I figured people might want to see these photos so I threw it up on Girls of Driven By Boredom as an app exclusive set. 

The second set I found was a shoot I did with Jenna J. Ross. I actually have no idea how this one got lost. It’s a fun shoot that we shot in some sort of park in LA. She gets fully naked in public so I feel like that’s one I would have wanted to get up, but yet I never did. I edited it already and I will be getting it up sooner rather than later.

The third shoot I lost was the one you are looking at now. I shot Kaya Lin (who was Lea Hart at the time) with her real life girlfriend (at the time) Vonka Romanov for a book submission. They unfortunately didn’t make it in the book but it was months before I found out they didn’t make it and I think between the time I shot these and the time I found out they didn’t make it I just totally forgot I had never published them. Whoops.

I shot these photos in the back of my friend Tod Seelie’s place before he went and moved to LA. Tod is one of my favorite event photographers and you should probably know who he is if you don’t already. I actually have a photo of his hanging on my bedroom wall between a Tim Barber and a Ed Templeton photo. Pretty good company. 

The other thing I should mention is that Kaya and I have been talking about shooting again soon and I actually found these photos between texts with her. I texted her about a date to shoot and then I started organizing my 2015 photos and I found these before she even had time to respond. Weird coincidence.

Okay, I’ve rambled enough. Time to look at some photos. Oh, and just to plug Girls of DBB again, this set has been up there for a few day already and there’s a handful of extra photos on there that are slightly more overtly sexual than these cause you know we like to keep it classy on the main page. Right.

Click here to see a bunch of NSFW photos of Kaya Lin & Vonka Romanov.

Kaya Lin & Vonka Romanov

Kaya Lin & Vonka Romanov

Kaya Lin & Vonka Romanov


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